Congratulations to our new moderators!

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We've been going through a bit of staffing turmoil the last couple of months with the departure of Rising_Dusk for personal reasons and differences of vision with tennisace, but I am happy to report we now have two stellar new moderators on board.

capefeather and Elevator Music will now be assisting us in making the CAP Metagame a reality, getting our Analysis Workshop standards and rules together, and supporting us during CAP 3 and beyond in our basic duties.

capefeather has been an excellent influence in the community for the last several CAPs and we're glad to have his interest as well as his tiering and analysis talents.

Elevator Music has been a CAP regular for a long time and brings with him experience in moderating Little Cup, which may be very helpful in the near future - ;) as well as his long list of contributions to the CAP Server and elsewhere on the site.

Please give them a warm welcome!


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Hup hup huzzah and all that

Very well deserved, hope you stay around / don't go mad with power, etc etc

In all seriousness congratulations on richly deserved promotions.

EDIT: Help I never post in congratulatory threads what am I supposed to say


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Alphabet Soup... all grown up.

As for capefeather, hopefully he doesn't become the next Palpatine.

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