Congratulations to the Arnold Family on their Guinness World Record!


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From Smogon Home Page:
We'd like to congratulate HagridTwin, WaterPokemonTrainer, and the rest of their family on being awarded the title of "most successful family of videogame Pokemon players" by Guinness World Records due to their consistent success in officially sanctioned Pokemon tournaments. There is a two-page spread about them in the 2012 version of the Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition which is on sale starting today. For those unfamiliar with the Arnold family, their impressive history is as follows:

  • Grace: Qualified for Worlds '08, '09, '10, '11, 1st Place Regionals '10
  • Ryan: Qualified for Worlds '10, '11, 1st Place Regionals '12
  • David: Qualified for Worlds '09, '11, 1st Place Regionals '09, 1st Place Regionals '10, 2nd Place Nationals '11
  • Linda: Qualified for Worlds '10
  • Glenn: Qualified for Worlds '09, '10, 2nd Place Regionals '10
That's right! All five members of the family have played at the Worlds level and Grace is the only person in the world to have played in every Worlds competition. They'll be out in full force this year with one member already with a regional win under his belt so watch out!
Thanks Cybertron for the full listing of their accomplishments btw.

Edit: Guinness Article and Video:
Forgot to mention that David won the 2009 Regionals AS WELL, talented kid :)

Also, Grace is actually a Senior this year so they will be competing in two divisions this year. Regardless, I'm really happy for them as this is a really cool accomplishment! Great job, Arnolds. You always give the Zhengs a run for their money. See you guys in Indy! :heart:
Thank you all so much. We have been keeping this rather quiet until the official release date of the book which is today. We actually did the photo shoot for the picture in the book at worlds last year in San Diego. They contacted us all the way back in June.

Our time playing together as a family has been amazing, and we never expected to make so many great friends over the years.

Special thanks to Rushan and Aaron. You guys are great.


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Hahahaha I love it Glenn and family. Pretty sure I get to avoid you guys in April but watch out for Indy!
Hah, it's really awesome Guinness included something like this. The inclusion is kind of a nice nod to Pokemon and it couldn't have happened to more deserving people, heck of a run they've had so far!