CooltrainerAlan's Art

Well, I've been wanting to post stuff here for a while, so here it goes:

Pixel Art

Garchomp Gen 2 Devamp

Manectric Gen 2 Devamp

Colors! 3D artwork
Umbreon (Neo card for refrence.)

Casshern from Casshern Sins

Alakazam Comic

Venusaur/Green Version

VGC team members

Drifloon (CREEPY)

Shiny Metagross

Shiny Zapdos (its really weak so i still use my regular one)

Rotom Wash

Scarf Cloyster, Destroyer of the VGC meta

Art Academy Second Semester Artwork
Ho-Oh (PCNY Promo refrence)


Other Stuff
Sora (Flipnote Studio)

Rotom and Neptr (MS PAINT!)

More coming soon!
Hey, welcome to Smeargle's Studio!
Nice art, it's got a lot of character, which is great. On quite a few pieces the lineart is quite scribbly, which while it works mostly on some pieces it looks slightly messy and overused. I like the Umbreon though, the lineart you have for that is really nice! On most pics there isn't much shading, so maybe experimenting with shading is something you could work on?
Overall nice art man, keep practising and you'll be great :)