Could Someone Help me Make the Perfect Moveset for These Pokemon?

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O.K, so I'm planning on making a team out of these Pokemon:







As you can see, all my Pokemon are part Dark type, to show some sort of similarity between my team. I tried to stay away from powerhouses like Shiftrys and Spiritomb because I want my team o give the other a sporting chance.

But also, all my pokemon have TWO types, each having a different one. So that way, I can use a variety of moves.

But this is where I need help.

I'm stupid when it comes to movesets and E.V points for each Pokemon.

So know that you know the main idea for my team, could someone please help me create a moveset and E.V expectations for each pokemon, please and thank you.

I would just like to add I will not be "taking out" any of these Pokemon because i know these are the Pokemon I want to use.



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Hey, welcome to Smogon!
But this isn't the right place to post something such as this. You would have done fine asking in the thread in Stark. Try and read the rules before you make something like this and you'll be alright in the future though.
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