Programming Covered Pokemon V0.1

Covered Pokemon V0.1 is a spreadsheet that mass calculates a pokemons "surviability" in a tier. What this basically means is that it tests the Def, Sdef or Def and Sdef of a given pokemon against the attacks of a whole tier (in this case UU). As an easy example just imagine that you wanted to see how much damage your probopass would take if it had 252 hp/252 Sdef against all (top150) special attacks in UU. Well, what this spreadsheet does is just that, given a pokemon stat, it runs damage calcs against all pokemon in the tier (UU), giving you the average damage your poke would take and the average weighted damage, this just means that it takes usage into account.

The pokemon Evs that i used to make this were based on the July 2009 stats, i imagine that these stats will be valid up to 2 months.
This takes the 4 most used moves for that poke, hence some pokes having no attacking moves, like clefable and chansey.
Some pokes are missing stats due to me not having the base stats for those pokes; kadabra and something else but theyre not even in the top 100 so they dont matter a lot.
This doesnt take abilities into account, thats something im planning on fixing
I took out explosion since just a handful of pokes can take an explosion.
I replaced grass knot with energy ball but its not big deal since only ludicolo had it in all of the top 150
File is unlocked so you can see how the calculations are done, any questions you can ask

You can also see how registeel is a beast and how with a 252/252 spread just 3 pokes in the whole tier can OHKO it and i now know why i rage so much wnever someone switches it in.
Well first things first, I can't seem to download it from that link (At least I couldn't figure out how to download; sorry, I've never used Media Fire before). Oh and the image is broken in the OP.

Edit: Nevermind, figured it out.

Well, may as well use this post for helping out.


You spelled biggest wrong a couple of times in hoja2.


More pokemon, but I figure you're going to implement more soon.

Also, maybe a way so the EV's cap out a 510, just so people don't make any mistakes.