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Create-a-Pokémon: Inside Scoop Version #2

Discussion in 'Inside Poop - April Fool's Day 2011' started by Kevin Garrett, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. Kevin Garrett

    Kevin Garrett is a competitor
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    Jan 5, 2008
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Creation Process (open)
    [16:35:25] <Kevin_Garrett> lol jrrrrrr we could come up with something good for
    [16:35:38] <BANTERSAURUS> haha
    [16:35:57] <GreatSage> hmm, i don't know what type jrrrrr would be
    [16:36:06] <BANTERSAURUS> poison type
    [16:36:09] <BANTERSAURUS> its the worst one...
    [16:36:09] <Kevin_Garrett> Fire
    [16:36:12] <Kevin_Garrett> jr is fire
    [16:36:15] <Vader> he can have contrarian
    [16:36:17] <GreatSage> fire/poison!
    [16:36:19] <BANTERSAURUS> lol
    [16:36:20] <Kevin_Garrett> lol
    [16:36:29] <GreatSage> oh, and he can't get overheat
    [16:36:59] <Kevin_Garrett> the name has to have angry or grrrrr in it
    [16:37:58] <Kevin_Garrett> jrrrr could be fighting type too
    [16:38:11] <Kevin_Garrett> fighting or fire / poison?
    [16:38:22] <GreatSage> fire/poison
    [16:38:26] <GreatSage> fighting is actually a decent type
    [16:38:29] <Kevin_Garrett> lol
    [16:38:38] <Vader> fighting is funnier tho
    [16:39:01] <Kevin_Garrett> it cant be fire fighting
    [16:39:04] <Kevin_Garrett> thats too generic
    [16:39:12] <GreatSage> fire/poison would be weak to uhh water groundx4 psychic rock
    [16:39:36] <GreatSage> and resistant to bugx4 grassx4 fighting fire steel ice
    [16:39:51] <BANTERSAURUS> jrrrrrr is not resistant to burns
    [16:40:11] <GreatSage> ok, he's definitely part poison, though
    [16:40:23] <GreatSage> bug/poison?
    [16:40:29] <Kevin_Garrett> fighting poison
    [16:40:41] <Vader> fighting poison works

    [16:51:59] <Kevin_Garrett> grrrrrrrizion
    [16:52:03] <Kevin_Garrett> fighting poison
    [16:52:06] <Kevin_Garrett> based on virizion
    [16:52:07] <GreatSage> the image fits too
    [16:52:11] <GreatSage> expensive boots
    [16:52:14] <Kevin_Garrett> lol
    [16:52:16] <Kevin_Garrett> yeah
    [16:53:11] <Vader> what is virizion
    [16:54:20] <GreatSage> grass/fighting
    [16:54:28] <Vader> o
    [16:54:37] <GreatSage> the feminine legendary

    [17:35:53] <Alchemator> something to do with a skuntank
    [17:35:59] <Alchemator> I'm desperately trying to get the joke :(
    [17:36:07] <GreatSage> it's jrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    [17:36:28] <Alchemator> jrrr farts to use flamethrower?
    [17:36:44] <Kevin_Garrett> yeah
    [17:36:47] <Kevin_Garrett> on every thread
    [17:37:01] <Alchemator> heh

    [18:39:36] <mingot> why is jrrrr mon not named:
    [18:39:39] <mingot> jrrrrrama
    [18:39:43] <LonelyNess> lol
    [18:40:44] <Kevin_Garrett> jrrrrrrrama
    [18:40:45] <Kevin_Garrett> hmmm
    [18:40:52] <Kevin_Garrett> you make a compelling case for me to change it
    [18:42:17] <GreatSage> jrrrrrrrrrama is also a fine name
    [18:42:26] <GreatSage> but before we settle on any name at all
    [18:42:32] <GreatSage> we need to vote on how many r's we want in the name
    [18:42:36] <LonelyNess> 7
    [18:42:39] <LonelyNess> obv
    [18:42:39] <Cmax> i vote twenty
    [18:43:38] <Kevin_Garrett> 7 or more i think

    Stats? Ability? Moves? It's up to you! Reply with what you want.
  2. jrrrrrrr

    jrrrrrrr wubwubwub
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    May 23, 2006
    I'm like poison in the same way that a vaccine is like a virus

    Maybe we should have made a Great Sage pokemon, a Ghost type that disappears when it's time to take responsibility
  3. az

    az greyscale superhero
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    Jan 8, 2008
    jesus, every time we do this must it end in bickering?
  4. Bad Ass

    Bad Ass Serious as a heart attack!!
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    Jan 5, 2009
    going down the exact same path as the chris is me cap:is with all of this fighting
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