Create-A-Pokemon Website and Relaunch: We have lift-off!

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Incredible work guys; it was well worth the wait.

Not only have you incorporated Smogon's basic design and function into the Pokemon sections, making the cap site seem like a natural segue from the U, but as Coronis suggested, you may have even set the bar higher in terms of ease of use for new users wanting to get a gist of the Pokemon at a glance.
It certainly makes it easier for new users to get into CAP. The information is much more streamlined and it's just fun to read everything that goes on.
This is amazing, especially for people like me who have no idea what goes on here in CAP. Now I really want to participate in CAP9 ^_^

It's nice to see how much CAP has grown by looking at the art Gallery.
I like how each time you go to the Gallery the thumbnail pictures change.
Also the dex pages are way more intuitive than before. Way to go.

So is it necessary to have the EnCAPlopedia anymore since there's now a site that has everything?
Man I thought I already posted here ;-; lol. This is a great sway to start the relaunch! Great job everybody who worked on the site! I already said this before on IRC, but grats on the badge Wyv.

(If you need a grammar checker and semi-decent speller I'm here).
Fantastic, I love it! Well done everyone who worked on this, it was really well done.

My only disappointment was the art gallery. I thought that it will be including every art submission, not just the top 5 or 6 or whatever. I mean, lots of people worked hard on their art yet don't get anything back, at least putting it up on site will be a little nice. I understand that it will be a hassle and whatnot, but it will be fun to gaze through every submission that has been posted in all of the CAP projects.
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