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Current Project: Xerneas - Watercolour.

Making Of The Artwork:

Previous Projects

Mewtwo: Ace of Clubs (still a WIP)

Lineart: Literally, scribbled down a really simplistic pose using reference images, then fleshed it out a little and erased what wasn't needed.

Block Colours: Fill out the lineart with some base tones, then overlay the lineart over the top.

Head: Removed colour from the rest of the body so I can focus on one area. Build up from the base tone, starting with the shadows and building into a harsh highlight. I'm planning to have some kind of 'energy ball' in his left hand - hence the really harsh light.

Hand and Chest: The hand was tough, I had to try and get the lighting right for something which I've always struggled to draw. The fact that he only has 3 fingers helps a bit, as there's more open space to shade rather than a tangle of fingers. Lighting for the chest was tricky too because of the little concave V in the middle, I'm reasonably happy with how it looks now though.

Arm and Hand: Shoulder was a real pain to work with, don't know why but I'm really not happy with it so I'm going to go back and fix it up some other time - it just doesn't look naturally rounded, y'know? Looks flat and stuck on. Might try adding some darker shading to the ridge of it. Also got a bit lazy with the hand, made one digit - C&P'd it, then slightly altered the lighting on the others to make them look different. Hopefully you can see the Clubs Suit starting to show now though, with the digits coloured in.

Landorus Therian
Process of making the artwork:

Original: Lineart

WIP 2: Think I'm probably gonna make this my biggest project to date, I was gonna go make it for the FB cover photo but I doubt I'll make the deadline, oh well. Was also thinking of turning it into a story board to show how I construct an image. I know some of the colours run outside the lineart but I just layed down the base colours to start with, and I'm gonna experiment with ditching the lineart before the piece is complete, just using it as a template atm.

WIP 3: SO now I've taken out the lineart and polished up the edges of the image, still unsure what I'm going to do for a background, if I even do one. Also filled in the last splashes of block colours. I'm going with a semi-realistic look for this picture, and I imagine a real Landorus to have mottled fur, not quite sure what I'll do about the red patches yet. So yeah, I've just laid down some colours with an airbrush and smudged them to the same effect. Down the right you can see my current palette which will probably quadruple in size by the end. Also decided I'll change the light source to be above and infront of Landorus.

WIP 4: Finished covering the body in rough patterns on which I plan to try and paint a furry texture, although depending on how difficult and tedious that turns out to be I may not. No shading on the lower forearm because clouds need to be added later. Also, I've tried to work in those magenta hues on the arms to fit the appropriate places from the Sugimori art. Also, I laid down a really rough light source just to help me when I'm drawing. I don't plan for it to stay like that for the final picture.

WIP 5: Ok, so now I've started adding the furry texture to the whole body of Landorus, I'm just working my way up the left arm now. I've also tweaked some of the edges mainly around the head and added some basic detail to the eye - proving really hard to get that eye-shine right.

WIP 6: Latest Update on Landorus T: Ok, so now the fury texture across the body is pretty much complete. I've also laid down some pretty rudimentary lighting across the head crest and 'beak' which I've started to develop a bit more. i really want to get the texture right - I kind of picture it as an ivory material - but I'm really struggling to get it right, so if anyone has any ideas- help would be much appreciated. Also, probably most noticeable is the addition of the clouds!
Still yet to begin any work on the tail...

WIP 7: Now I've added Shading to the tail, mouth, head horns, hands and claws. Most of this is small detail and pretty simple shading was used for the hands, mouth and horns. The tail was tricky, and I'm still not happy with it but just cannot get it to work - this will have to do. I almost picture it being a kind of really hard (almost rock-like) skin. Anyway, yeah I used a variety of brushes on it to try and create that texture. Didn't really succeed.

WIP 8: Ok, so the Landorus is done. Now I edit in the background, nothing fancy, just some shading and swirls because I'm lazy. Then I play around with some hues and contrast, add in a couple of gradient maps and BOOM. 160 layers later... It's done.

I also played around with the colours again, since somebody asked me to make this a header for Smogon FB I gave it more Smogony colours.


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Request List:

Ludicolo - Eagle4
Preview of my potential submission for the Smogon Card Deck.

Edit: Coloured in, no shading.

Is the clubs suit evident enough without the corner pieces?
Removed the colour - decided to experiment with colouring techniques.
So far I've only coloured in the head, but again I'm trying to make it look semi-realistic. How's it looking so far?
Also decided not to change the pose -despite some very good advice- because I cannot get it to look right in the way it was suggested.
Added in my palette and labelled as well, just so you can see where I'm working from.

Dude this mewtwo card art is really coming along! I really love the design and the art of it! Plus your landorus therian art was incredible! Keep up the good work!


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Why have you only got one comment?? This stuff is really good, dude! That Landorus-Therian is amazing! Do you do requests?
Glad somebody took an interest ^^;

Yes, I take requests. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to put as much energy into them as I do my projects, but I can give it a go anyway.
Hehe, I just don't know why you made a new art thread :P
Your art is great, and your Therian project, as the others said, was amazing. The texture and lighting just shows how great an artist you are now. There is still room for improvement on that piece; the paws, for instance, look slightly too curled up, but of course, that is only a minor nitpick. Your Mewto is coming on nicely, and the shading is superb. I'd like to make a request if that's okay? A style of yours which I really love is the simple-line, block colour style, which has been used in your bers Hub Logo, which is excellent, and your Walkthrough Tournament logo, which somehow wasn't accepted. Would you be so kind as to do a Ludicolo in the same style as the Walkthrough Tournament Logo, for my avatar? Thanks!
Well I thought the old one kinda died, not really sure what forum policy is on reviving dead threads.

Ludicolo in the same style as the Walkthrough Tournament Logo

Got a bit carried away with my own ideas about it.. hope it's ok.


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Well I thought the old one kinda died, not really sure what forum policy is on reviving dead threads.
You post in them. Obviously, people who are just looking through old town and decide to shake life into threads will most likely be met with frowns. But as the original author, there should be no issues with it, as long as you have something new art to put up.

As for your Mewtwo card, it already seems that it will be several bars higher than most contributions in terms of detail. However, as of now, it seems like the light source is directly beside its face. So unless you're going to put some sort of aura sphere there (or any other light source), you may want to reconsider the lighting on either his chest or hand.

Eager to see where you'll end up with it. Mewtwo is a perfect pick for clubs.
However, as of now, it seems like the light source is directly beside its face. So unless you're going to put some sort of aura sphere there (or any other light source), you may want to reconsider the lighting on either his chest or hand.

Eager to see where you'll end up with it. Mewtwo is a perfect pick for clubs.
Exactly what I'm planning to do ^^;
I mentioned it in my step-by-step in the first post but yeah that's the plan, I've never really experimented that much with an unnatural light source before, so I'm giving it a go.

Thanks! Although you might have to wait a while to see it finished, so much I want to draw so little time ;-; I hope there isn't a deadline for this Smeargle Card project as I will almost definitely fail to meet it
That looks great; what software do you use, if I may ask?
Photoshop Cs5 for everything, linework, colouring - the lot.

Update: My entry for the MAC

Theme was minimalism, which I've never actually done before, and so didn't really have any idea of what I was doing. I'm not terribly happy with it, but since I don't really know how to expand on it it's staying like this I guess!

Still working on an update of mewtwo for anyone who still gives a fuck :')


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Oh nice, I really like your mac entry, the scribbly texture gives a nice, almost childish mood, and the extra uncropped space surrounding the drifloon but not pikachu really adds to the drifting-off-to-elsewhere feeling. Only thing about it that I could criticize, is that pikachu's belly seems strange, rather than a pleasant, healthy plump it looks more like, I dunno, bloated? maybe it's just the lack of thighs on pikachu's legs, though, giving that feeling. Either way, a very darling piece and good luck in the competition!

Also, keep chugging along on that mewtwo, I want to see how it ends up! One note on it, though, is that as you have it now, the shading on the facing-us fingers isn't quite following the way light and shadows normally fall on a round object, resulting in them looking rather flat. Hold a ball up to a lamp in a dark room and you can see how the shadows curve in circles, where your value changes are more in bars. Either way the use of color and light is lovely, I can't wait to see the finished piece.
Looking at the minimalist picture (driflooneliness haha), my first thought is that it reminds me of winnie-the-pooh (I suspect that this is because of pikachu's very round belly and the yellow coloring). I think this could contribute to the childish mood Kadew mentioned. Anyway, it's great! I especially like the "fuzzy" coloring, it just seems to fit with drifloon.
2 WIPS for you guys. Yeah more WIPS, I know, I'll post a finished piece someday - promise!

Mewto Update: No, it's still not finished. Is it ever going to be? I honestly don't know, losing interest in it a bit tbh. But yeah, I've redone the hand to try and make it look more 3D. I'm not happy with it, but I can't see what needs to be improved myself so I'd really appreciate some feedback on this one. Oh, and the torso isn't finished yet so don't lay into my shading on it too much ^^;

ESO Fanart: Painted using the complete oposite technique to mewtwo. I'm painting it fully in grayscale first, then I'm going to overlay colour once I'm happy with the base shading. Also yes the linework is very scrappy, I'm doing this as a kind of speed-paint - kind of. It's still going to take me a while because I'm crap, but yeah I'm just gonna work on my lighting and colour on this. To hell with neatness.

@Kadew Thanks a lot for pointing out the hands, I'm really struggling with them but I've tried to work on it slightly ^^; Glad you like my MAC piece too.

@TooMuchSugar Funny you should mention that, I actually drew from one of the really old Winnie The Pooh pictures as a reference, I really liked the messy line style and so tried to emulate that.
oh. my. god. how do you draw so well?
Practice. Practice. Practice.

Oh, and buy a tablet.

I'm not even that good.

WIP: Xerneas Watercolour, painted in photoshop.

Dropping my mewtwo project for now, since I've lsot motivation to finish it. Besides I like this watercolour style, its more fun.
dude the mewtwo is looking good! though i've kinda lost motivation on my card project as well...dunno why...but that watercolor style is pretty sick, if you carried it to the horns and lost some of the sketchiness on the xerneas it would be even more ba
edit: nm I just saw it's a wip, keep up the good work!