Cybertron's VGC 2012 RI Regional Warstory!


I did my best, I have no regrets!
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things of the past, the ways of ha are becoming old and archaic

a new emperor will be crowned: and he'll be a user of 100% accurate moves

arise, emperor brendan of the zheng dynasty
deaglebeagle new world champ you heard it here first folks
I know chuupa he's my best friend and he won the regionals. I still beat him though, but he changed his team and the only thing he kept was the rieniculus
U know we havnt even played doubles in a loooong time, New Reuniclus, new Ev set, improved Iv's since tht SINGLE BATTLE, Magic mewtwo's Amoonguss showed U how it's done last time we had a double.