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Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by reyscarface, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. reyscarface

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    Dec 9, 2008


    Status: Done, needs feedback.


    • Pure Water type leaves it with only 2 weaknesses, great STAB, and a good amount of resistances, coupled with decent bulk and above average offensive stats, Daikenki is a Pokemon to take account of.
    • Can attack from both sides of the spectrum.
    • Interesting support movepool, as well as offensive one.
    • Being so slow hurts it badly when trying to do a complete sweep, as well as its low Special Defense.
    name: Special Attacker
    move 1: Hydro Pump / Surf
    move 2: Grass Knot
    move 3: Ice Beam
    move 4: Substitute / Megahorn / Taunt
    item: Life Orb
    nature: Timid
    evs: 32 HP / 252 SpA / 224 Spe

    Set Description:
    • Good Special Attack stat coupled with excellent coverage.
    • Can take a hit or two and hit back with powerful STAB Hydro Pump or Super Effectively with coverage moves.
    • Can be walled pretty easily by Special Walls like Blissey, Nattorei, and Burungeru.
    Additional Comments:
    • The 3 first moves get awesome coverage, letting it hit basically everything in the game. Hydro Pump for power, Surf for reliability.
    • Taunt is an interesting option to stop Status and other non attacking moves, while Megahorn lets you hit Celebi, something that likes to switch in, very hard. Substitute is like Taunt, except it helps against faster Pokemon and revenge killers, but it wont stop stuff like set uppers.
    • Enough Speed to beat everything that tries to reach 248, which is a "magic speed number".
    • Wont sweep due to its very slow Speed.
    Teammates & Counters:
    • As Daikenki can beat most Water types easily, its useful to pair it with things like Fire and Rock types, which need Water types gone. Tyranitar, Heatran, Infernape, all enjoy being with Daikenki.
    • As this has problems with Special Walls, things that like to lure them like Shandera, Sazandora, and Lucario are good teammates.
    • Kyogre also works by providing rain to boost its STAB moves.
    • Countered by Blissey, Nattorei, Vaporeon, and Snorlax with ease.
    • Borutorosu, Celebi (watch out for Megahorn), Jolteon, can switch in and theaten with an OHKO.
    name: Swords Dance
    move 1: Swords Dance
    move 2: Waterfall / Shell Blade / Aqua Tail
    move 3: Aqua Jet
    move 4: Megahorn
    item: Life Orb
    nature: Joll
    evs: 32 HP / 252 Atk / 224 Spe

    Set Description:
    • Swords Dance, Water STAB, and Priority are scary on a Pokemon with decent Attack like Daikenki.
    • Can hurt Stall badly, due to the low amount of stuff that can take it on at +2.
    • Easy to set up with.
    • Easily revenge killed by things that resist Water and can hit it with a Super Effective move.
    Additional Comments:
    • Alternatives to Waterfall are Aqua Tail and Shell Blade. The first one offers a bit more power at expense of some accuracy, while the latter gives you a bit less power with a bit less accuracy, but the effect of lowering Defense on the opponent.
    • Aqua Jet is used for things like Gengar, Deoxys, Infernape, and other frail but powerful Pokemon that may try to revenge you.
    • Water + Bug gives pretty good coverage.
    Teammates & Counters:
    • Can be paired with other Swords Dancers like Scizor, Lucario, Rayquaza, and Infernape, as they share common counters and will eventually break them together.
    • Appreciates Pokemon that can beat Bulky Waters, like Manaphy, Garchomp, the Lati twins, and other Dragons.
    • Physical walls like Skarmory, and Gyarados, and type resisting walls like Nattorei and Burungeru will crush Daikenki.
    [Team Options]
    • Kyogre is an option to boost its Water attacks, but as they share weaknesses its good to pair them with Dragon types like Latias and Garchomp, too.
    • Daikenki has trouble with either Physical or Special Walls, therefore Wallbreakers like Salamence, Rayquaza, Palkia, Lucario, and company can easily aid Daikenki.
    • Paralysis is very important, as it will let Daikenki have an easier time outspeeding stuff.
    [Optional Changes]
    • Encore is an option to aid set up, but you will rarely use it effectively as most things just try to KO Daikenki, instead of setting up on it.
    • Modest and Adamant respectively can also be used for a boost in power, although Daikenki really needs all the Speed it can get.
    • Can go mixed, and although it will not sweep, it can work around both Blissey and Skarmory at the time.
    • Blissey, Nattorei, bulky Grass types like Celebi can fare well versus Daikenki, as well as Waters that dont fear Grass Knot, such as Empoleon and Vaporeon.
    • Physical set has trouble with Skarmory (though be careful, in Rain, a +2 Life Orb Aqua Tail can OHKO Skarmory after Stealth Rock). Both sets have problems with Gyarados, too.
    • Very prone to getting revenge killed, fast stuff will usually come in on a predicted move and force you to switch.
    [Dream World]
    • Daikenki gets Shell Armor as its Dream World ability.
    • Pretty unusable unless you really dont want to get crit, although Daikenki's defenses mean it wont be standing much damage any time soon.
    • Torrent is always the superior option, as it gives it a little boost when low on HP, which Daikenki needs.
  2. Rising_Dusk

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Marked as done after some small spacing fixes on my part.
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