dans art

Yay, so Trogdor-y! The style makes it look hilarious. I wonder what Zekrom would look like in that style? *hint hint*
Only advice is that the tail is a bit too big
yeah whats up guys, still practicing cuz most of you guys like it, lets see what we have...
lugia sketch

scrafty sketch

darmanitan sketch
I have to agree on ritter on that one. It just shows so much more emotion/expression than the others. Also, scrafty's (our) right leg looks a bit off. But still, your stuff is really good! :3
Ohai, Danmire. I just opened a trading thread. I wondered whether, whenever you're bored, you could draw me some other pictures for it. I actually 'need' pictures for everything between stars . You're already on the whitelist for the Dragonite picture, though. :D.
My thread.
Heres a comic I made...
it does look a little bit like Bummer's comics, no one owns a style. But I'm not ripping him off, so don't worry.

it's a dumb joke with an obvious dumb ending.
Yay you're back!
I have to say I'm loving the attitude on Gengar and Exca, they're looking really clean and have loads of expression.
Glad you're back, and hope you stay for ages!
Here's a Drowzee I tried to do with the same "style" I used for Gengar and Excadrill, but it didn't come out like I wanted. Will remake it once I'm home,(not uploading till Sunday night, because I'm at a hotel.)