Defense of The Ancients Mafia: Game over! Carries win!

Player's List (5)
5. Fishin
12. Shananiganeer
14. RaRe555
16. billymills
21. Dogfish44

11. kakth/Goblin Techies/GFT/Death By Giant Hook on Day 2
10. Popolovic/Goblin Techies/GFT/Death By Giant Hook on Day 2
23. Class/Goblin Techies/GFT/Death By Giant Hook on Day 2
15. E.A./Abbadon/GFT/Death by blood loss and broken bones on Night 2
3. Galahad/Rylai/GFT/Death by magic burns on Night 2
4. Thorns/Vengeful Spirit/Death by magic burns and blinding on Night 2
18. KnightOfTheWind/Doombringer/Gangbanged on Day 3
17. Coronis/Altair/Puck/Sliced in half on Night 3
9. Accent/Tiny/Turned into rubble on Day 4
6. Seven Deadly Sins/S2 Games/Skewered by a hook at the end of Day 4
7. Lightwolf/Rooftrellen/Chopped in half during Night 4
20. UncleSam/Reyscarface/Ominknight/Impaled to death on Night 4
8. Agape/Axe/Had Beard Shaven Off on Night 5
13. mmartin/Spectre/Lynched on Day 6
24. Kharozz/Dazzle/Cut in half on Night 6
19. -Mind-/Ezalor/Dismembered on Night 6
22. Alchemator/Alchemist/Lynched on Day 7
1. Zorbees/Dazzle/Cleaved in two on Night 7
2. RB Golbat/Pudge/Chopped up on Night 7

It was right after the SMM Tournament, the greatest DotA players in the world gathered in Asia for the biggest tournament in recent memory. Afterwards everyone left with a bad taste in their mouth as the Asian Dota Scene completely dominated all other competitors. Their style of drafting 3 carries on each team and turning games into hour long farm fests, completely changed the metagame. Bewildered by the audacity of these Asians, Icefrog (current designer for DotA) decided that he must change the game before yet another E-sport has its balls gripped by the Yellow Hand. Tired and high on a variety of possibly non-clean pharmaceuticals, Icefrog went into a deep sleep and he began to dream, in this dream the very characters that he has helped design and mold have come to life to battle in his head. The winner of this battle would get all the marbles, full reign of the metagame to wreck havoc until the next patch, and so the dream began as such....

It all started with a drunken bar fight between the Priestess of the Moon, Dwarven Sniper, and Phantom Lancer. Being a typical drunken dwarf, Sniper grabbed one of the Priestess' Boobs, which led to the Priestess shooting an arrow at his head. However, as Sniper laid slain on the ground, the Priestess realizes that it was the Phantom Lancer that had actually done the sexual assault and proceeded to use her starfall technique which ensued a massive firefight in the bar as every single hero in the bar was struck painfully by a shooting star from the heavens. In the wreckage of the attack, 3 were found dead on the ground. Angry that their brethren had been slain 3 factions began to rise from the ranks. The most numerous faction, The Good, The Feeders, and Tidehunter, were composed of a variety of heroes from support, noob fodder, and the ugly ass Tidehunter. However, still running hot from their dominance of SMM, The Carries, thought they lacked the numbers they made up for it in raw power. The last faction still butthurt from being overshadowed by the Carries, The Gankers, decided that they must prove once and for all that they are what a DotA metagame should be revolved around. The great IceFrog decided that a contest should be held, during the Day when vision was the clearest so assassinations were least common they would vote on one person everyday to be slain until the only faction remained. Unfortunately, some factions will not play fairly....

Sample Role PM:
Dear User,
You are Kardel Sharpeye, the Dwarven Sniper.

Though you have recently come into the spotlight as a great carry, you will always be in the eyes of most others as a hero that noobs pick and use terribly. You don't have many good abilities, but your main selling points are your super fast attack animation, longest range of any hero if upgraded, and range mini-stuns. You also have a very decent farming tool in your Shrapnel ability, though all of this is overshadowed by your low base damage, slow movement speed, and low health point pool and because of this you are a Class A feeder.

You have an ultimate that is great for killstealing. One time in the game you may send a pm to blue_light stating 'Night X - Assassinate User'. At the beginning of the next day, your target will receive a notice that they have a target on their head. After 3 day/night cycles, you will fire a bullet at your target's head and kill him/her. You may send a pm to blue_light during the channel at any time to cancel the Assassination.

You have in your possession an Energy Booster.

You are allied with The Good, The Feeders, and Tidehunter. You win if The Good, The Feeders, and Tidehunter win.
Rules List
1. Deadtalking will be allowed to some extent. Conversations between a dead player and his teammate (only if specified in your role pm) is allowed, but only if they are discussing strategies and moves. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player. All talking with the dead when they are not on your team is therefore ill-advised.
2. The game will start on Day 1. On Day 1 you cannot post any role pms to other players (unless you are mafia and on the same team) until Day 1 is over.
3. Days will last either 48 hours or 24 hours after the first lynch vote is cast.
4. Nights will last either 48 hours or until all pms are received.
5. All pms should be sent to blue_light.
6. There will be max inventory of 6 items on each person, most starting items will have no purpose other than to be used in recipes to make better items.
7. No screenshots of any kind may be distributed at all (use your common sense on this, no pulling a gmax).
8. You may c/p anything that I say to you, which means you can fake conversations with me.
9. I should be notified of all channels, spreadsheets, google docs, paste bins, etc that you create.
10. Items are given away at the very end of the day or night after everything has transpired and received at the beginning of the next day or night. To give away an item, send a pm to blue_light stating "Day/Night X - Giving 'Item' to User". (There are a lot of items in this game)
11. There will be Roshan the Immortal in the game, for The Good, The Feeders, and Tidehunter during the night if Roshan is still alive they may vote to send a 5 man party to attack Roshan. The Carries and the The Gankers may also opt to send a 3 man party to attack Roshan. If more than one faction attacks Roshan, all attempts on Roshan will fail. In the event Roshan is slain, the members of the 5 or 3 man party will privately vote on who shall receive the Aegis of The Immortal (only a member of the party may receive the Aegis of The Immortal). In addition, if The Good, The Feeders, and Tidehunter send a person that is not a part of their faction in the 5 man party their attempt will fail. Any person attempting to attack Roshan will forfeit their ability to use any night abilities (Unless you are a part of The Good, The Feeders, and Tidehunter's Roshan party, but not a part of their faction). The Aegis of The Immortal cannot be stolen and will protect the holder from one lynch or one kill. 5 day/night cycles after Roshan is slain, if the Aegis of The Immortal has not yet been used up, Roshan will resurrect and retake the Aegis Of The Immortal and will be up for attacking once again.
12. You can target dead bodies with your abilities, but it does not mean that anything will happen.
13. If you wish to change your vote during lynch you must edit the post containing your initial vote.

It is now Day 1, Day 1 will end in 48 hours, period.


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Sigh...I WANT BLOOD! O well, no one is talking so we have no targets...Vote No Lynch.

Edit: By the way, what happens in the case of a tie lynch vote? I did not see anything in the OP about that. Sorry if I missed it.


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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No Lynch.

A bit of research tells me that I would like Leragas the Vile to contact me please, I have something important of yours apparently.

EDIT: My fail, looks like you buy these items for Leragas the Vile. Nevertheless, I'm sure we would have an interesting conversation if you were to contact me ;D
*grunt* When I was a DotA noob, I played Sniper with Scatter Shot, and I ENJOYED IT! These newfangled abilities like Shrapnel, hell, youngsters are spoiled these days.

Anyway, sensible logic in voting for no lynch.
okay so far, the targets are no vote and no lynch with no vote standing at 1 and no lynch standing at 4. If we don't do something soon, it may be mandatory to vote in the near future O_O