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Desert Storm 2.0

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by STAR POWER, Jun 10, 2012.



    Jul 17, 2011
    I've been looking to use a Sandstorm team for a while now but haven't really taken much interest in one until a few days ago. I noticed that I ended up having a Volt-Turn offense as well which has been pretty effective. The basic goal of this team is to force the opponent to switch out by gaining favorable matchups via U-Turn and Volt Switch. Here's the team.

    Tyranitar, the Lead
    Sassy Nature
    Sand Stream
    EVs: 252HP/64Sp.Atk/192 Sp. Def
    @Chople Berry
    -Stealth Rock
    -Fire Blast
    -Ice Beam

    Primary Function: Weather Summoner, Mixed Attacker and Stealth Rocker.
    Fire Blast is for hitting opposing leadoffs Ferrothorn, Scizor, and Skarmory. Ice Beam is for coverage against Gliscor and Landorus. The bulky spread is so that it can sponge special attacks if necessary. Not many EVs are given to Sp. Atk due to the fact that Tyranitar's attacking prowess is still decent without much investment. Chople Berry combined with this spread is to survive a Focus Blast from Reuniclus or Virizion. Stealth Rock really helps get the other team members the entry hazard damage they need for their KOs.

    Scizor, the Banded
    Adamant Nature
    EVs: 248HP/252Atk/8Sp.Def
    @Choice Band
    -Bullet Punch

    Primary Function: Come in and scout around with U-Turn for a better matchup if necessary.
    Superpower does massive damage to potential counters such as Heatran and Magnezone. Bullet Punch gets a nice Technician boost for hitting Terrakion and Gengar. Pursuit is for hitting Choice locked Pokemon, generally Latios, who are trying to get away. Has good typing synergy with Heatran's Flash Fire.

    Heatran, the Offense
    Modest Nature
    Flash Fire
    EVs: 252Sp.Atk/252Speed/4Sp.Def
    @Air Balloon
    -Lava Plume
    -Earth Power
    -HP Ice
    -Stealth Rock

    Primary Function: Switch in on Fire attacks aimed at Scizor.
    Stealth Rock is used again here to help set up in case of a forced switch. Air Balloon is used to take an Earthquake and counterhit with HP Grass (or some scenario like that). Lava Plume is used over Flamethrower because of the 30% burn chance that can possibly be used to cripple physical sweepers.

    Reuniclus, the Setup
    Bold Nature
    Magic Guard
    EVs: 252HP/252Def/4Sp.Atk
    -Calm Mind
    -Focus Blast

    Primary Function: Switch in for Tyranitar and begin setting up with Calm Mind. Calm Mind boosts Sp. Atk to an even greater level, and also gives some help in the hit taking department. The layout is used to give Reuniclus all around defense, and let it blast holes in the opponent's team after setting up. Additionally, no sandstorm damage is taken due to Magic Guard.

    Rotom-W, the Sweeper
    Timid Nature
    EVs: 252 Sp.Atk/252Speed/4HP
    @Choice Specs
    -Volt Switch
    -Hydro Pump
    -Hidden Power Ice

    Primary Function: Create better matchups if neccesary via Volt Switch.
    Hydro Pump is to destroy opposing Ground types attempting to come in, HP Ice is for stat boosting Dragonite who can give some trouble. Trick cripples any walls, for example Blissey. Rotom-W's resistances to Water, Fire, Electric, and its immunity to Ground allow it to switch in to many attacks that would otherwise destroy other team members.

    Flygon, the one that got stuck in here cause Garchomp got banned AGAIN.
    Adamant Nature
    @Choice Band
    EVs: 252Atk/252Speed/4Def
    -Stone Edge

    Primary Function: Work together with Rotom-W in the hit-and run department. Adamant over Jolly here to get the extra needed power.
    EVs are pretty straightforward as Flygon needs all the power it can get. Fire Blast can be an alternative to Stone Edge

    In general, I was going for a shifty, switch based offensive team. It would be nice if you guys could give me any sort of feedback at all.
  2. LUST

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Improve your descriptions otherwise I would have to lock this thread.
  3. Escavalier


    Jun 10, 2012
    There honestly aren't a lot of things wrong with the typing in your team, as one deadly weakness is usually covered by a resistance or an immunity.
    However, there are a few nitpicks I'd like to make. First of all, Volt Switch does not "force switches". Volt Switch is to be used when predicting an enemy switch to gain momentum, like U-turn. I'm hoping you knew that and it was just a mistake but nonetheless.
    It doesn't look like entry hazards are much of a threat to this team (besides the rare Toxic Spikes) so it's at least good to know that you're safe from rocks. The only little thing is that I'd change Rankurusu's EV spread a little, giving it a bit more special attacking potential by switching some of the EVs from SpDef and HP (just a few!) to Special Attack otherwise the blob is going to be very unthreatening and will be shut down easily. On a Calm Mind set I don't understand the need for Special Defense EVs.
    Also, I'd suggest changing HP Grass on Heatran to Ice just to hit dragons harder as they wall your Heatran set, making Salamence or Dragonite a pain in the ass.
    One more thing. Your Tyranitar doesn't need Stealth Rock too much, as Heatran causes plenty of switches anyhow. I understand your anxiety for a back up plan but Heatran is a top threat in the metagame and causes plenty of switches enabling you free rocks. Personally, I'd move a few SpD EVs into Atk and give you Pursuit > SR or something but that's opinionated.
    Looks like a solid team anyhow!
  4. ss234

    ss234 bop.

    Jun 2, 2012
    You have a massive SubSD Terrakion weakness. If it comes in on Tyranitar, it will Sub up, then kill Reuniclus with Rock Gem boosted Stone Edge. The only 'counter' is Scizor, and he will take a lot of damage from Close Combat. Then Terrakion can switch out, and possibly switch to it's helping sweeper-Landorus, Lucario or SubSD Gliscor. Any of these would spell the end for the team.

    Also, SubDD Gyarados would destroy the team. Rotom-W doesn't even outspeed. So many set up sweepers would take out 3 or 4 members.

    I suggest using a Skarmory on there somewhere. Maybe over Flygon, as he doesn't do much for the team and is pretty weak. He doesn't get hurt by sandstorm either.

    You also have a massive weakness to rain teams. Only Rotom-W can defend you, and it isn't the bulky variant so will be worn down very quickly. Starmie destroys the team once Tar is down, hitting Heatran with Surf/Hydro Pump, Flygon with Ice Beam, Scizor with Hydro Pump/Surf while Scizor can't kill with Bullet Punch unless heavily weakned. Try a grass type like Celebi, Virizion or Shaymin. Not sure who to put him over though. Sorry.

    Skarmory set: Impish, 252hp, 224def, 32spe
    Item: Leftovers/Shed Shell
    Ability: Sturdy
    Brave Bird

    I second HP Ice on Heatran. Rotom-W is the only main one, and he'll probably survive anyway and kill with Hydro Pump. Gastrodon is the only one you would be doing damage to, while Dragonite, who Heatran would be an excellent check for otherwise, will just set up and kill your team.


    Jul 17, 2011
    Thanks for the input both of you. I do understand the concept of Volt Switch, it was a misstype.
    The spread I have on Reuniclus works pretty well, the only things I have trouble with are Tyranitar and bulky Scizor, both of which can be dispatched by either a +2 Focus Blast or Rotom-W/Heatran. I guess the 4 Sp. Def EVs can be moved to Sp. Atk but I have been having no problems as it is.
    As for Heatran, I now realize that HP Ice would do a much better job on the set.

    About the SubDancing Terrakion, I've never run into that but it would completely wreck the entire team. The only thing is that I cannot think of a definite counter besides Scizor.
    EDIT: A Scarfed Jirachi spread would do the team well over Flygon. It would provide a check to the rain teams. It would go something like this:
    Jirachi @Choice Scarf
    Jolly Nature
    -Iron Head
    -Ice Punch
    -Fire Punch
    -Thunder Punch
    This provides a Starmie check, and is also able to revenge kill Terrakion. Any thoughts?

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