Diplomacy - BACKSTAB Edition [Post War News]

Hello Earthworm and Bass- I mean everyone! This is the Diplomacy: BACKSTAB Edition post game!

To start things off I think I should remind everyone how the game ended.

Fall 1905

1. Führer Adolfworm Hitler - Germany (Alive)
2. Prime Minister Billy Churchmills - England (Alive)
3. Archduke Bass Ferdinand - Austria
4. Duce Benito Askamussolini - Italy
5. Milli Şef Mustafa Lonely Ness - Turkey (Gave up like Serenity)
6. Brigadier General Serenity de Gaulle- France
(Gave up like Moot)
7. General Secretary Joseph Moot - Russia (Gave up like a sissy)

This was a much shorter game than I had hoped, and I believe I am partially to blame for that with how I played previously, but we will get to that later! Now is the official Outlaw America rankings of the players.

Player Rankings:

7. General Secretary Joseph Moot the Russian Sensation.

Now moot did have some sort of personal issues midway through this short game, but they do not affect this last place finish. Overall he left himself way to vulnerable to Turkey. Even with a Juggernaut alliance I would not let the Black Sea or my Fleet in Sev get disbanded. That is just begging for a stab which was likely to happen. I will give him credit for taking advantage of Austria and completely decimating him but instead of using his new units to push into Germany, he decided to attack Britain which was like inviting Germany to come plunder his home turf. Bad play all around for the most part and forfeiting is icing on the cake. The Motherland is ashamed.

6. Archduke Bass Ferdinand of Austria

Alas, poor Austria, you were so used and abused. Even though you toughed it out till the end like Turkey did in the previous game, you let yourself fall into pit trap after pit trap. First you trust moot which admittedly was the logical thing to do, but then going and trusting LN after Russia stabbed you didn't tip you off to the Juggernaut alliance? What a folly. If it weren't for Germany, and to a lesser extent Italy you would have, and should have been the first to go. I hope you have learned your lesson.

5. Brigadier General Serenity de Gaulle of France

Gah, why did you do the things you did partner? D: You made a critical mistake in attacking Germany head on so early which eliminated the possibility of a alliance outright instead of just blocking him in Bel which would have been neutral and you could have used your 2 builds to start a stronger more organized campaign against him! And then you went on to stab your only other available allies in Britain and Italy. By units alone you started strong but you were always heavily outnumbered. You could have won twice if only you weren't so quick to go for the jugular. You also were quite aware of the big baddies in the game and tried to make everyone else aware of it as well, its too bad their allies did not seem to care. I also want to congratulate you on your forecasts! They were almost always spot on.

4. Milli Şef Mustafa Lonely Ness the Turk

Ah, Turkey! You played well and you thought ahead. It wasn't anything you did either that caused your downfall, it was more of relying on other people to do things for you. Russia failed you big time and there was nothing you could do besides scramble for a piece or two, likewise during this time Italy enacted a butchered version the famous Lepanto opening. With 2 Fleets coming out of Italy I would have been cautious and guarded your EAS underbelly instead of using Austria..well against Austria. After that you were being stalled by Austria and attacked by Italy which gave you no time to get some Russian land. You played the game though.

3. Duce Benito Askamussolini of Italy

The dark horse. I don't know if any of the players knew, but apparently Askaninjask was not a Diplomacy newb and it shows. Italy is the hardest country to play and you really got into the swing of things late game. Your early game was alittle off to me though. You did what Italy was supposed to do and that was hang back for a year or two while getting Tun and then strike, and strike you did. You effectively neutralized the stalled Turkish threat which really helped the last two players on this list.

2. Prime Minister Billy Churchmills the yelling hooligan.

Billymills you were a great sport and player. Like every Britain player you started out slow but with your trusted alliance with Germany things definitely went your way on the eastern front, and with Germany big enough to tackle France with only armies kept your rear end safe. It was fool hearty to let France have the English Channel though, and I would go so far to say that it was your only mistake. You had told me that you were thinking of stabbing Germany, and I really wish the game had lasted long enough for you to be able to. It would have made the game alot more interesting. Most of all, I enjoyed your newscasts, they were the heart of the game and always funny.

1. Führer Adolfworm Hitler the Nazi.

There is not much to say really, you were the dominating force on the board after Russia forfeited and you got your land back from France. With no threats on the table other than Italy and your ally Britain, you were free to annihilate everyone else. I'm not sure if it was your plan or if the other countries were just blind till mid-endgame but you flew under the radar to sweep up the most supply centers. You never broke your word to an ally either which amounts to alot in a game about back stabbing. But your overall land domination and stealthy play gets you the nod for Most Valuable Nation and my pick for the true winner (tied with billy really).

Well that does it for that, lets move on to the last thing on the agenda, words of advice for future hosts and players.

  • The newscast idea is a good idea and is more inline of the real board game play, but let the players vote on it first or else it could be quite dull.
  • I know me and rev did it first and billy and ew did the same, but I propose you only let one nation be able to win the game. No ties of any sort to stop teams from being so bloody strong and hopefully make them dissolve quicker. Its apparent that in Smogon play that teams can and will dominate the game, so take measures against it!
  • Don't put players who were previously next to each other in a previous game next to each other again. It was a bad mistake on my part to do it, and I hope you are able to avoid it in the future.
  • Try to mix it up next time, 4 new guys if you can with 3 returning players would be the most superb option.
  • DON'T FORFEIT! IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IF A SMALLER NATION HAS JUST YOUR ONE UNIT SUPPORT! And if the player your helping is letting you get some rewards then those units can be used to stab the very same player down the line for even bigger rewards!
  • Don't trust everyone, always have measures in place to prevent stabs.
  • Get those bloody orders in on time! They are so simple to write. No one likes to wait forever on one person.
  • If you are gonna be gone, let the host know so you both can figure something out to make sure the game is not stalled for others.
And with that, so long space cowboy.

I feel that part of the reason that I lost and Earthworm/billymills won was that my plan since the beginning of the game was to attack Turkey and become a naval power in the south. Then, once I got enough supply centers, I would definitely be able to survive the game, and depending on how well France did, I could even get out of the Mediterranean. Since I had committed so early in the game to one single enemy, I couldn't apply any pressure whatsoever on Earthworm.

I don't know if Earthworm saw what I was doing or not, but by the time he became a major power in the center of the board, extending everywhere, I couldn't turn back from Turkey at that point, or I wouldn't survive the game. At the time when LonelyNess came to me and asked me to get out of his homeland, it was already too late to go back, and there was no way we could have stopped Earthworm at that point. My only hope was to survive the game and try to be one of the last 3 remaining, to try to force a three way tie.


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I think you misunderstood me a bit, Outlaw. I NEVER trusted moot. The problem was that Serenity kept telling me that askaninjask was forming an alliance with moot to wipe me out from the very beginning. I honestly wasn't sure what to do. At that point, an alliance with Turkey would have been my only hope, not realizing that Serenity's information was wrong (she was only trying to put Italy and I against each other so she could take it for herself) and that a moot and LonelyNess alliance, just as in the previous game, was out to get me from the very start. So, I felt the only possible opening move that could work was to hold in Vienna as a way to determine whether askaninjask could really be trusted. I did however make some last minute negotiations with him and he ultimately kept his end of the bargain, I should have changed my move to A Vie - Gal the moment that happened.

Once Vienna fell, I was pretty devastated and thus fell for a lot of traps that I shouldn't have fallen for, the fact that moot disbanded after LN's attack and that moot didn't worry about his southern end should have been a hint, but I guess that happens when you get flustered like I do.

Still, I ended up surviving because a) Earthworm, the dominating player, had no intentions of harming me, and b) I managed to convince askaninjask to make a lot of the moves he did as a means of getting back at Turkey, which were all successful for the most part. Unlike last game, where I came in as a noob that didn't know what moves to make independently, I read all of the resources posted in the OP through and thought out all of my moves non stop. Perhaps I over-thought them, if anything.

Overall, I hope we can get another one of these going again, and whoever hosts next should take your advice, especially about putting the same people next to each other!
Thanks for hosting, Outlaw! It was a very enjoyable game and I thoroughly enjoyed planning and predicting with billymills and Bass. I also agree with your suggestions to future hosts. I think I only made one mistake, and that was thinking Serenity wouldn't be so aggressive as to take one of my home provinces during 1901. That mistake was quite costly but evidently I managed to bring things back with the help of my alliance with billymills and Bass, and with the help of our later correct predictions, our alliance ended up dominating and winning the game.