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Do you prefer newer or older games?

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Jean mi, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Satisfaction


    Dec 20, 2012
    Gen 3 was best, even though I did play gold and silver when they came out, I think it's mostly because of XD which was probably the best storyline until gen 5, as well as the conception of shadow pokemon, abilities, doubles, choice band and no stealth rock, it was the perfect meta and had the best games
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  2. jmorris


    Dec 29, 2012
    I actually find it quite hard to play through the 3rd Gen games. Once you get to mauvill (not sure how it's spelt) there's a huge lack of pokemon to catch or train against. In nearly all of my playthroughs the only decent thing to catch in that area is Electrike, and even then you have to make do with Tackle for the longest time. Up until that point the choice of mons to catch is excellent. Also I've never liked the huge amounts of water you have to travel across. It's really not fun.

    I like all the gens, there's really nothing terrible about each game. Although, Gen 1 had the tiny back pack, Gen 2 had very little to train against, Gen 3 had the two things I just mentioned, Gen 4 had the horrible lag in battle along with very little to catch and Gen 5 didn't have much replay value, you got nothing for doing the theater and there wasn't much else to do.

    Despite that rant I love all gens, they all have their faults but at the same time they're all a lot of fun to play.
  3. Basileus


    Dec 31, 2012
    I love ampharos, I play the trumpet in my schools marching band, I have a mutual respect for Sinnoh and love Hoeen, I even remember completely failing at fire red because I didn't know how to play. You sir I award this:

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    Even I have no idea what you are...
  4. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Let's just call Cloverleaf a weirdgenner. Y/N?
  5. Focus

    Focus Ubers Tester Extraordinaire

    May 27, 2010
    The games are all fantastic, and the series has done nothing but improve since the days of Red/Green. Each game's mechanics are better than the last with VERY few exceptions. Gen 1 started it all and is my favorite to play through in a weekend, just because it is relatively short and limited. Gen 2 unbroke the Psychic type, and gave us a really long and satisfying experience (complete with going back to Kanto and even fighting Red and Blue, and the introduction of shinies). Gen 3 made competitive play more interesting by reworking EVs and IVs, it gave us 2 interesting villainous teams, and it perfected the Battle Frontier concept. Gen 4 gave us the Physical-Special split, giving us new incentive to use previously-terrible favorites, there was a big new post-game area, and backwards-compatibility was restored. HGSS vastly improved the gen 2 experience overall (and gave us this). Gen 5 stepped up the writing standards, made battles more dynamic and less tedious, introduced a record number of new Pokémon, and really upped the deluxe version standard with sequels.

    Now as personal preferences go, I must say that I am totally biased toward gens 1 and 3, for personal reasons. I've played through those games more times than I can count (well, about >40 or so for gen 1 and >15 for gen 3). Those games have the biggest dose of nostalgia, even though I recognize their flaws compared to later games. In the end, I'd say I am all of the above. A genwunner, newgenner, Hoenn baby, and truegenner all rolled up into one. I recognize the games are all great, they are getting better (slowly), and I have nostalgia for the older titles. Neither gen 1 or gen 3 is the "best" by a long shot, but they are what I would be the most eager to pick up and play again. I have huge respect for gen 2, gen 4, and gen 5, but in different ways. What annoys me the most are the people who argue that Pokémon is going downhill since Gen 1/3. That's simply not the case. There are more than enough new Pokémon in each generation for me to find ones that I love, and alternatively ones I love beating up when I get the chance! In the end, the flaws are drowned out by the legendary variety in gameplay options. A few subpar Pokémon each generation does not make for a subpar game, and any "bad" Pokémon design is met by at least 10 great ones anyway. There's way too much about the series to love to get bogged down by nitpicks or minor differences in opinion.

    Does that answer the question?
  6. Shiny Magikarp

    Shiny Magikarp

    Sep 9, 2012
    I prefer Generation III games. They were my first games and basically that is all. My least favorite games were GSC. They feel to much like the Kanto and the Leveling is out of whack. (It also felt like 8 Gyms were squished into half a region.) In my opinion, games only get better with every Generation.
  7. Nyara


    Nov 5, 2012
    I started with Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow before Silver/Gold was released.

    Without Spin-Off's or non-portatile games:

    Generation II > Generation I > Generation IV > Generation III

    Why? Simple, the Generation II had just a single problem: Kanto's level curve is awful, but even then, Kanto is just a bonus that you pass on just some hours, the main game is beat the Elite Four and pass Jotho; this region is the best, no one can discuss that, its spread of Pokémon is quite nice, too, and had the best overall of simple/complex curve, and was the better generation to fill up the Pokédex, too, a really enjoyable journey. The best and more loved Pokémon did born here.

    The Generation I just had problems of type balance and some bugs, but that stuff don't disturb your main play, so, it's problem was just to being too old on some stuff, making it a bit-too-simple, but even then, Kanto is a great region, with also pretty good Pokémon.

    The Generation IV was a mixed feeling, by one hand, it's a kinda small region, by other hand, it does have some great places like the Snowplace and Mt. Coronet (I don't give a tuna, they were great, not like the Eterna Forest or almost any place of Hoenn), the Pokémon were pretty good, some great evolutions and new ones. The problem? Diamond/Pearl sucked, a lot, on distribution and stuff, as hell, Diamond/Pearl weren't great games at all, but, know what? Platinum fixed every problem on an almost flawless degree, Sinnoh's region is great, but it's original versions nope.

    And talking about the difference of the fixed and original versions, the same goes with Hoenn, Ruby/Sapphire were any thing less great, double battles? Yay! I just fight about 2-3 times on the entire game on doubles. Pokémon distribution and stuff? lol derp. The region? LET'S BE ORIGINAL, LET'S SURF THE 75% OF THE GAME!, yeah, ugly, and what to do post-game? Oh, yeah, nothing!, and filling the Pokédex here doesn't feel to great with the half of the Pokémon not available on the region and no ways to get some of them. The new Pokémon? Well, we have some good things like Ludicolo, and some awful things like Castform or Blaziken. Yeah, I din't really liked too much Hoenn, Emerald did improve it a bit, the Battle Frontier was pure win, but apart from it, changes weren't made at all.

    I din't played Generation V games.

    Without Spin-Off's but with non-portatile games:

    Generation II > Generation III > Generation I > Generation IV

    Pokémon Stadium 2 is just awesome, even hidden information of the Pokémon were available! Just amazing, the best Battle Simulator of Pokémon ever made, and taking in account how awesome were the second generation, it leaves it at the top, again. Pokémon Colosseum/XD were awesome, too, even more awesome than Pokémon Stadium 2, so, that was pure win, the bad part? Kinda shorts, and Ruby/Sapphire were kinda lame, making it just the second best generation for me. Pokémon Stadium for the first generation were good, too, but the IV generation... nope, not good game at all outside from the remakes and Platinum.

    With Spin-Off's and non-portatile games:

    Generation II > Generation I > Generation III > Generation IV

    Let's see, apart from Stadium 2, we don't have too many other games for the second generation, talking about spin-offs, of course. The first generation had the best spin-offs ever, Pokémon Snap, Pinball and stuff! The Generation III did a decent job with the spin-offs, but nothing too awesome. And Pokémon Rumble is nice, but that by alone can't do too much for the IV generation.

    Note: Yeah, I understand people feels Nostalgia + STAB when people talk about it's first Pokémon game, but people, we need to be objective! The news game were also good/great, and your first generation is maybe not the best as your nostalgia is making you feel, you even may enjoyed more other generation, but your nostalgia is blinding a bit your eyes. Oh, yeah, and I'm not talking about competitive scenary, what is more simple:

    Gen. III > Gen. II >>>>> Gen. I/V >> Gen. IV

    I don't care about other opinions about this last, for me: better generation = more balanced/viable variety/strategy wise, and the Gen.'s III is the best under that criteria, followed by the Gen. II if we forgot about Snorlax, and later by Generation I and V, who were kinda balanced. The Gen. IV just screwed everything, and of proof of that were the number of bans needed to make a minimal (still almost non-existent) variety or different viability os other tactics, and I'm not saying the Generation I or V were great, but at least more things are viable (considering the total number of Pokémon), and more styles can be played with good results.
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  8. Golden Gyarados

    Golden Gyarados
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Sep 17, 2011
    I think you missed a grouping, although I guess I'm not sure how many people besides me fit into it - and that's those people who love Gen I and Gen II as a single package, and aren't too into the games that came after. Gen I was amazing, but as Nyara mentions above, it had its glitches and horrible imbalances. Gen II came along and took what didn't work in Gen I and made it work - balancing the typings, and adding just enough new Pokemon and moves to make you feel like any type was finally viable.

    I've played every generation since then, but to me Gen II completed the package and everything since then just detracted from what made Pokemon great. In-game, it became virtually impossible to complete the Pokedex, at least on your own (oh, how my mind was blown when I learned you really COULD get yourself a Mew in Gen I). On the competitive side, natures, abilities, EV training limitations, etc all felt like "too much noise" to me. And of course, the never-ending debate about Pokemon designs - because so many Gen IIers were designed closely around Gen I, that Pokedex felt "complete," whereas new additions deviated from the "these are [largely] wild animals" theme and stopped looking like a cohesive unit. I liked some new moves, and ideas like double battles, and I *really* wish the physical/special moves split had been in place since day one, but to me when the data structure changed between II and III, Pokemon just became a different thing that I didn't love as much.

    Now I feel really old, ha!
  9. Charro


    Mar 6, 2011
    Apparently I'm only one who thinks that RSE is only decent and DPPt is total crap. Platinum being the only game that I couldn't finish twice. And I have played Red and Silver like 10 times and Ruby 3 times. Black twice (could only afford that since I traded all my shit to Black 2)

    What I "hate" most about the third gen is, first the story, yeah, I know Pokémon never was LotR-level in story but for that time, I really felt that the story was dumb, expanding the seas/continents was a cool idea, but Archie and the other guy were total retards, oh no! I'm so scared of your all powerful Mightyena! D<, and besides they got the wrong orb, the BLUE orb is for Kyogre and the RED orb for Groudon, is not that hard guys!. And second the graphics, yes again, pokémon was never too good in that regard but, I felt that the grapx were outdated at the time, they just didn't appeal to me, and let me say that even to this day I freaking love the Red sprites.
    Also, why I don't exactly count FR/LG as part of the 3rd gen (I mean, I do, but when I say 3rd gen I always mean RSE only), I really hated those remakes, Red is still awesome to me, and I play my old cartridge again every 2-3 years, Fire Red is...ehhh, boring, sorry, maybe just the first games weren't that good, but what make them work for me it's the nostalgic factor (the crappy sprites, the graphics, the music, the retarded amount of glitches, the odd mechanics, the extremely badass attack animations), it's just make it work, in a strange way. Even tho, Ruby was the only game in which I actually completed the dex.

    Gen IV, I don't know what to say about this, the special/physical split was great, and finally most mons started having good movesets, but still, I dislike most of the monsters that appear until very late, also the game feels too slow for me, way, way way too slow, in-battle animations makes you rage, and no, I cannot simply disable them, that's dumb. Speaking of stupid things, Team Galaxy, Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, what the hell is wrong with those guys? overall the designs in 4th gen were pretty bad IMO (not talking about the mons here, even if they're my least favorites, I still love a lot of them), Galaxy, the Gym leaders, the protagonists (Dawn is kind of cute), Barry (hate his Hipster), no no and no. Hey, at least Cynthia was incredibly badass, and Cyrus, had an awesome theme song. G/S remake was pretty good tho.

    Gen II is my favorite, is fun, is balanced (eh kind of, good enough for me), the dex was incredibly sweet (best designs ever), damn, I haven't even played Crystal which is supposedly better, I just need Silver to tell everyone that this gen was the best.

    Gen V is my second favorite, maybe BW wasn't THAT good, and the starters were total crap, but I liked it, Touko is the best designed trainer ever :V, love that truck driver girl.
    And BW 2 was just like the Gold and Silver of the newest gens, it fixed everything "wrong" with the first game, it's freaking awesome, good mons from the very start (and since this is gen 5, they can actually have good movesets!), nice story, great graphics (for Pokémon), tons of options for EV training your mons (after you beat it), great post-E4 longevity, good, very good GF. I'll put it at the same level as GSC.

    I already said what I think about gen 1, but I'll like to add this, Yellow can go die in Hell, making the game more like the anime? yeah, fuck no.

    PS: My first game was Red when I was 8 yo.
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  10. chunx93


    Nov 26, 2009
    GenI: Yellow version was the first pokemon game i played. I loved it as a little kid because you could get all 3 starters within the game(which was the boss thing to do back in the day). I never liked blue or red because of the missingo hacks in it(which when i battled friends i always thought they were cheating) also missingo hacks made the games waaaay to easy.

    GenII: Me and my brother went the day Silver and gold was released and i got silver while he got gold. Silver to this day is still my favorite version. Alot of the convienant mechanics in the game were added in this gen.(show exp in battle, hit A on something to use the corresponding HM, ect)
    Also Going to Kanto after you beat the E4 was the bomb!!!! i still wish newer games went to different regions! The fight with Red is epic!!

    For me the First 2 gens are the classics and even though RBY have out dated graphics and outdated mechanics.. you just cannot beat the classics.

    GenIII: Hoen games were the worst in my opinion.. With access to 0 good pokemon(unless you level grinded abra) it made the game less fun.. Although i liked exploring and find the Regi's by myself(i did not use guides to catch them at all!!). Hoen did bring the best starters though and the only reason i still pick ruby up from time to time is because of swampert<3 and Groudon was awesome too!
    If i feel like playing through the old RBY story line i play LeafGreen or FireRed because as i stated above, RBY mechanics are out dated and makes game play more of a chore.

    GenIV: I loved DPPl's map and the ability to catch alot of different pokemon within the game! But the graphics and boring gym battles/E4 get on my nerves and i cant stomach to play them anymore.
    Soulsilver i thought was a great remake but the graphics were really cartoony and they get on my nerves a little too! But since they follow the old games story(which is my favorite!!!) i play them.. If i still had a working copy of Gold/silver i would play them instead of HG/SS. I still loved HG/SS.

    GenV: I was impressed with how good BW really was. At this point i thought GameFreak was running out of ideas and the next games were going to get worse! I enjoyed the new battle graphics as well as most of the new pokemon. B2W2 were pretty good as well because you could get older pokemon(not to mention Riolu early in the game!!) and the newer ones. I felt that B2W2 was an unneccesary sequal and wouldve enjoyed a Remake or a new story line instead.

    all that being said heres how the games add up to me:
    the only pokemon games i have hated were RSE
    So i have no idea what tht makes me haha
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  11. Basileus


    Dec 31, 2012

    A nostalgisist? I think you would love /vp/ on 4Chan. About 80% of people there agree with you.
  12. The Zororoaster

    The Zororoaster

    May 1, 2012
    Older! But I really like the remakes.

    -RBY are awesome, though I'm pretty sure I just feel this for nostalgic purposes, they are fun to run through super fast, totally flawed, totally awesome.
    -GSC are my favorite, I just feel so immersed in the world, playing it again though, it is very easy. Level 50 in the Elite 4? Lame. I still like exploring everything though.
    -RSE is pretty sweet. Cool little world to see,lots of hidden alcoves and items, charming graphics. For some reason I find these the most fun to Nuzlocke, but the least fun to run through normally just because of how the mechanics work.
    -DPP gave so much to use competetive-wise, but was by far the most boring and formulatic of all games, really put me off Pokemon for awhile, until I learned about competetive battling. It has the same stuff as all the gens before it, but it just feels so calculate, not enough new stuff was added I guess, and Sinnoh is a pretty lame region as a whole to explore. I love the island that you visit post-E4 though.
    -BW are pretty good as a whole, though I'm not a big fan of all the new Pokemon in BW, and I can definitely tell I'm getting older, because these games are way too easy. I have never beaten all of Black, but it is definitely not bad.

    Note:All remakes are better than originals.
  13. Reshiram89


    Mar 24, 2011
    Well as someone who was born in 1989 I've played all of the handheld main series games, and although I took a break during gen 3 I picked up Sapphire again last year and I realized that it was the best game in the series. However I must stress that I've enjoyed playing each generation of the games including the old and the new, since I started with pokemon Red and I've always been able to find something that I like about each generation. So I'm a Hoenn baby b.
  14. Lord Jesseus

    Lord Jesseus

    Jul 2, 2009
    I hated Gen 3 personally...

    GSC and their remakes are my favourites. I think overall though I lean towards newer games than older ones. The classics have their charm but I like the improved graphics, wider variety of stuff, and most importantly (for me) improved game mechanics. Pokemon Storage is much better now, special-physical split, stuff like that.
  15. voltianqueen


    Feb 5, 2010
    I suppose I'd be a mix between a Newgenner and a Truegenner... I love all the gens, whether due to memories of playing or my favorite Pokemon. Silver was my first game, so GSC (and HGSS) make me feel happy playing them. RBY are the only games I constantly come back to, so I obviously like them quite a bit. RSE holds a lot of great memories for me since it came out during one of the most fun times of my life, and I love the music and the region as well. Also, Manectric. DP I really love due to all the memories of playing against my best friend ALL the time. I like the region a lot, too, and the route music is good. BW is fun because I like all the new features like moving sprites and triple/rotation battles, and everything looks lovely!

    I love all the past gens for some reason or other, but as far as gameplay and battling go, I always prefer the newest games, because...they're just better!
  16. wynaut bidoof

    wynaut bidoof

    Aug 23, 2012
    Well, to be honest I'd be a Hoenn baby B. I absolutely adored Hoenn since it was my first game ang it is, was and always will be the best in my opinion , but that doesn't mean I hate other gens. I love them all equally except for Hoenn which is the absolute best.
  17. Catchems


    Feb 24, 2013
    I'm defiantly both a TrueGenner and a Newgenner.

    I do love all Pokemon games equally, but at the same time I do believe that as Pokemon gets older they start improving the games such as adding random Wi-Fi battle matches, creating exterior game play such as the DreamWorld, and of course adding new ablities for Pokemon. In fact, the only real older feature I miss is that Pokemon no longer follow you like they did in HG and SS.

    Over all though, I'm most certainly not a Genwunner, because my favorite gen when I first started was always gen 2. So yeah, I'd say I'm slightly more of a Truegenner than a Newgenner, but I still do have more respect for the newer games in some cases.
  18. Dre89


    Apr 14, 2009
    I agree with most of this, except that after playing RBY (both in-game and competitively) GSC just seems too slow to me.

    I also prefer the simpler mechanics of RBY, and that one pokemon clearly dominated everything else. I actually prefer the lack of special split, hyper beam mechanics, crits rate based on speed, wrap preventing attacking etc. (I do wish focus energy worked properly though).

    The hax is really only a problem in competitive play or on Stadium. . I think competitve RBY battles have a good balance. Nothing is OHKOd so there is a lot of tactics involved with switching etc. but the hax stops it from degeneraing into complete stall.

    I want to like in-game GSC more, but I find it too slow compared to RBY. The one thing I like about GSC is breeding, basically because it allows you to playthrough the game from the start with nearly any level pokemon.
  19. lucariojr

    lucariojr MS State Pokemon!!!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 2, 2009
    Gen 3 will always have a soft spot in my heart; it was my first game that I didn't have to share with a big sister (red/crystal) and that wasn't immediately lost forever (yellow). Hell, my Emerald version is starting to show signs of wear and tear I've been playing it for so long and probably dropped it dozens of times, so much so that the little connector thingies at the bottom don't always match up with my SP's, prompting me to give it a blow (oh emerdood, u kno i luv u). My Pancake save file has been in use for, I dunno, 5 years now, and now that I can RNG on it, it suffers more abuse, but hopefully it'll keep on truck'n. ;v;

    Gen 1 has some fond memories, but my sister told me spooky stories about Lavender Town and to this day its theme disturbs me a little. Also, I wasted a fair few of my turns on it level grinding on Magikarp because I didn't want my mons to get hurt, much to the annoyance of my sister. We admittedly didn't play much of Crystal, and I still haven't played it much because it lost its battery.

    Gen 4 was kind of 'eh'. I didn't care about the lack of fire types because I kind of liked Rapidash, but relying on Ember until Veilstone (?) is ass. I also started competitive battling (and a stint with discovering the wonders of AR) in this gen, but it wasn't particularly exciting. I like the Pokemon in it, but the games are... 'eh'.
  20. Vashimus


    Feb 26, 2013
    I'm probably a Hoenn baby, though I was a fan of Pokemon before I even got my first games, which were Emerald that I bought, and LeafGreen that a friend traded me for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Because of those two games, Gen 3 is easily my favorite. Hoenn was a pretty fun region, and I didn't really mind all the water there. My only gripe is that whenever I go back to it, it's PISS EASY unless you Nuzlocke it. Starting a new playthrough, Swampert, Swellow, and Magneton are literally all I needed to get through the game, with a couple HM slaves and death fodder thrown in. Marshtomp/Swampert takes care of Roxanne, rapes Wattson, destroys Flannery and takes electric attacks for Swellow, Swellow/Crobat deals with Brawly and takes care of the grass types Swampert hates, and Magnemite you catch at New Mauville the first time you visit there, get Thunderbolt from Wattson immediately after you catch him, easily train him on the water routes till he evolves, then destroy Winona and Juan.

    The Elite Four are a joke too, and more annoying than difficult. Hell, that can go for the majority of the trainers in the game, and it doesn't help that everyone and their dog carries Double Team on their pokes (Thank god for Shock Wave and Aerial Ace). If they ever decide to remake these games, they really need to up the diffulty and lengthen the game a bit.

    Other than that, as a kid, I picked Blaziken anyway, so it was a fun region, catching legendaries was epic, the music is some of the best in the series to date, rebattling gym leaders was sweet, Battle Frontier was nice (even though hax fucks you over) and overall, it was an awesome experience.

    Kanto was pretty dang awesome, and has my favorite Elite Four, simply because they're the ones I lost to the most. I couldn't get through the game with just three strong pokes either, I needed at least 5, making it harder since I was a bit underleved at times. Overall, I like the difficulty as well as the Sevii islands that can be explored afterward. Oh yeah, and the Elite Four actually toughens up after you beat them and doesn't just stagnate like they do in RSE. A friend sold me the original Red so I can see the comparison. Played like 30 minutes of it before I said "These graphics suck" and went back to LG (I was 10 alright?). Even playing it right now, I consider the remakes to be superior. A lot of things were fixed for the better, but it still kept most things in tact. Psychic was still powerful (no Dark types and only 2 steel types, which weren't even that common) and the physical/special split didn't happen yet, so it still felt the same more or less. I like it a lot more than Emerald. I lost my LG a while back though, and bought FR to replace, which I also lost, but just found yesterday. I forget what my team was since it was years ago since I lost it, but it's gonna feel awesome when I turn it back on again once I head back home and find my SP.

    Gen 2, I thought was amazing. Mostly because I hadn't played it and there was no remake at the time, but I so wanted to. When I heard you could get 16 Gym badges and go back to Kanto, I was like holy shit. Also, there were a lot of Johto Pokemon I wanted but couldn't get. HGSS came out and made that a reality luckily, and I'm playing regular Silver right now. I really start to miss the 3rd gen movesets and TMs though. Magneton being forced to use Thundershock for STAB the entire game REALLY sucks.

    Gen 4 really stepped things up. It's where I started competitively, so of course I look fondly on it. The physical/special split was fucking genius, and I explored EVs and natures more, which were also in Gen 3 but I really didn't give a shit as a kid. My Careful Blaziken was still awesome to me. Nowadays, that nature would've pissed me off. Sinnoh is indeed my least favorite region though, but I will admit it's the most difficult. Replaying Platinum (fuck DP, they're garbage in comparison and I can't go back) is tough. Compared to older gens, where it's slim pickings for good and viable pokes in game, there are so many useful pokes that could work for my team in Platinum I end up trying to train them all, and as a result, end up underleveled and the game becomes a grind to get through.

    The Elite Four was okayish, but Cynthia was a bitch. Easily the hardest and sexiest champion. She's surprised me on too many occasions (Heh, I'll Thunderbolt her Milotic. Easy 2HKO. Then you realize the fucker has Mirror Coat). The Battle Zone was pretty cool, but 4th gen also brought us the GTS and wireless wifi battles and trading. In the GTS, legendaries and past gen starters were in super high demand back then. Got a Lv. 100 Kingdra, Heracross, Milotic, and Shiny Ho-oh from just breeding Torchics. Aside from the douchebags who like to ask for Lv. 9 or under Zapdos (Seriously WTF?), the GTS was very innovative.

    As I said before, HGSS were a dream come true, and I love everything about the game and it's probably my second favorite. I gotta admit though, the new abilities and physical/special split make things a lot easier. I mean, you get Shadow Ball super early. Teach it to Gastly and it pretty much one-shots anything that doesn't resist it, and once you fully evolve it and teach it Sludge Bomb, it can carry you through most of the game. Scyther with his Technician Wing Attack and Heracross with his Close Combat are the same way. Not to mention the Red Gyarados outclasses your Feraligatr when you catch it. But still, I like it a helluva lot more than DPPt But the best thing, the greatest thing about 4th gen, was the Pal Park. Remember that Lv. 100 Venusaur from LG? Well bring him on over into 4th gen and just fuck everything up with its Quirky nature and super pro moveset of Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Frenzy Plant -- just like the old days! God that was fun.

    5th gen, I gotta say, I wasn't super impressed. I admire GF for trying to take a deep approach to storytelling. Good effort, but you know, nothing special. Evil team, summon legendary, blah blah, seen it twice already. Wasn't expecting that much anyway. Just liked having the new pokes and battling competitively again, since after the Elite Four, there really wasn't much to do besides fuck around in Battle Subway, which allows Excadrill so it's not that much of a challenge. I haven't bought Black 2 or White 2 though and people really seem to love that game.

    All in all, I like every gen, simply because I like Pokemon period. I respect the newer ones just as much as 3rd gen, since they still stay true to the formula. I'll categorize myself since in everyone of Basileus' categories, he paints them in a negative light. There's no middle ground, you're either one thing or the other.

    And Basileus, you say you're afraid of there being fights in this thread, yet you're picking apart every person's opinion you don't agree with. Just respect it. If you're gonna disagree, at least be civil about it.

    God damn that was a lot of text.
  21. Jean mi

    Jean mi

    Dec 1, 2012
    ^ The difficulty is a problem in all games though. They're too easy because they're made for kids. If you want more difficulty, it's best to do a nuzlock challenge, play a rom hack or something.

    I hope that in 6th game, they will make difficulty modes like in B2W2 but normally unlock and with higher difficulty.
  22. Sæglópur


    Aug 19, 2009
    I'd probably classify myself as a truegenner, though I have a soft spot for Gold/Silver (being my "first" game). Even though I always wanted Red/Blue/Yellow my parents would never get it for me, so by the time Gold/Silver came out, I saved up my own money to buy it. (I had to play it on one of those N64 gameboy extensions for Pokemon Stadium, haha)

    Anyways, here's what I have to say on each gen...

    Gen 1: To be honest, I think I played FireRed before I played the original. (Which I really enjoyed). I loved that it was just you versus Team Rocket, then the Elite Four, then Mewtwo. I picked up Blue later on and played through that on Pokemon Stadium, which was fun. Though these games are really old and so different from the newer ones, they are still fun to play through every once and a while. I definitely wouldn't call them the best generation. Just like The Beatles isn't the best band, though still highly appreciated.

    Gen 2: Probably my favorite, just for nostalgic reasons. I liked the story since they kept it pretty simple, and loved that you got to visit Kanto after you beat the Elite Four in Johto. I loved the Pokemon designs too, and of course the dark type. I really can't say anything negative about this gen!

    Gen 3: To be honest, generation 3 grew on me a little bit. It had a different style to it, unlike the previous games, that was a little difficult to get used to. I really can't complain about the new pokemon, even though I felt this gen was really strange in the designs. One thing I didn't really like was the "story", though when do you ever play a pokemon game for the story? Still, I really didn't like Team Magma/Aqua. From here on out I feel that the enemy wants goals that are really "out there".

    Gen 4: I was REALLY stoked for this generation. I finally managed to get a DS, and bought Diamond after it had been out for a little bit. I was blown away by the new graphics, and loved the new pokemon. I think they did a lot of things right in this generation. I didn't care too much for team galactic, but battling Cyrus was awesome. The only complaint in the games is how slow Diamond/Pearl is compared to Platinum! Of course I didn't notice when I first had the games, but the time it took for an attack to land took forever! It makes it hard for me to go back and re-play those games, since I'm so used to the fast pace of the newer versions.

    Gen 5: While I was extremely hopeful for this generation, I felt let down by some of the pokemon designs. I love a lot of them, but dislike more than I should. I honestly could care less for the new rotation/triple battles. (But I'm not much of a battler anyway). I hated the female main character, but refuse to play anything other than my own gender, haha. And it's getting old with the Team "X" thing. I miss Team Rocket. :( I really liked N, but so far in BW2 he doesn't play much of a part in it. I mean, he shows up now and then but that's about it. One thing I really appreciate in BW2 is the bag changes. I like that you can move certain items to the "free space".

    Overall, I think the games are always improving, but they do lack in the story department. I know they are made for kiddos, but their audience is quite a few older people too! I hope the gen 6 pokemon designs are better than gen 5, and I hope they keep making improvements to little things in the game, (like finally getting rid of HM slaves...) I can only hope, haha.
  23. PichuPlayer


    Oct 18, 2012
    Personally, I like all of them. I especially liked HeartGold and Black 2. I thought Black was a little too easy, and after only about 50 hours turned back to Heartgold to play though again :P But I did enjoy every generation. I also found Gen 3 to be particularly good, i just liked the pokemon introduced. Especially Flygon and Altaria. they made Dragons no longer only for the post-game! And although I haven't played DPP yet, I am looking for a used platinum every time i go into a Gamestop :P
  24. Lork


    Dec 22, 2010
    i'm not going to entertain defining myself with one of those labels because they're a load of bollocks.

    anyway my favourite gen will always be RBY for nostalgic reasons mainly, but let's remember they were also sensationally innovative, much more so than any pokemon game since. i spent so much time on red and pokemon stadium you wouldn't believe. an era of innocence since lost for me, and no other game - red was my first - will ever capture that.
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  25. Jirachi6


    Dec 24, 2011
    My favorite generation was the third. A lot of pokemon that I like were from Gen 3. The region is great, and the music is better. I found the water routes to be a bit annoying, but the addition of diving and fast currents was great, especially for diving. Post game was mostly the Battle Frontier, but it was fun. The plot was pretty good too.
    I don't dislike the other gens, though. Gen 5 gave some of the best music and a lot of pokemon I also like, such as Reuniclus. Gen 2 had very few pokemon added and two long regions, but the graphics are quite good, especially attack animations. Gen 4 had some good music, but the lack of pokemon of some types was disappointing. Gen 1 had many pokemon, and it included the first game I played, but only some pokemon such as Chansey and Kabutops stuck out much. However, the glitches are fun.
    My preferences are as follows: 3>5>2>4>1. But that doesn't mean I don't love Gen 1. I guess I am a truegenner, with some attributes of a Hoenn baby.

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