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Double Battle Tiers and rules

Discussion in 'Other Metagames' started by Professor Herb, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Professor Herb

    Professor Herb

    Oct 18, 2012
    Here we go, I haven't seen any posts on this yet, and if their are they don't call it what it is. I'm going to be one to step up to the plate and bite the bullet and say, I Love doubles and Hate Singles. I do not like Singles and that isn't going to change, I have been a huge fan of double battle since the 3rd gen, which I would have likely fallen out of pokemon fandom if it were not for double battles.

    But enough about me, We want to talk Double Battles! I am of course not going to be saying my word is final and I want to state this is an open discussion about what should be going where and why. Since I'm the going to be hosting this however I will start with what I feel should be some Guild lines.

    First lets start with the generally excepted Clauses to Smogon, clauses found here,

    None of these really need to be changed but one, The Sleep Clause, Assuming you have an ubers tier, you can't ban Dark void all together or cause someone to lose because he did he both pokemon, but since It's only one a max of 2 pokemon, I'm going to say the sleep clause will be bumped from 2 pokemon to 3 or more pokemon out of fairness, and only if done knowing it would put 3 to sleep, IE, 1 of the pokemon avoids dark void, the sleeping pokemon is swapped out and the new one and the one that avoided are now put to sleep by it, does not mean the user of dark void "Knowingly" tried to put 3 pokemon to sleep, however if a turn between went by and there were 2 awake out and 1 benched and he knowingly put them to sleep, this would break the rule. Wording of this clause will be refined through discussion.

    As for the Tier lists, They would marginally stay the same but I do have some requests to change. I'd move mew to Uber or atleast OU for support alone. I'd move Regigigas and slaking up to at least UU if not higher due to being able to remove their bad ability with an ally pokemon (ever seen a slaking or regigigas with pure power?) this would likely also raise the tier of medicham to at least UU. These are just the tip of the Iceberg and will grow over time as this thread grows, Please tell me what you all think and how you all feel.

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