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Down But Not Out- BHAM VGC Warstory

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by Pokemafia, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Pokemafia


    Jul 19, 2010
    So, I decided to write up a warstory on my experience at my first ever VGC.


    I tried to enter my first VGC last year, but I came too late and their were no spaces left, I didn't just stop there, I was determined to go the next year.
    After having a little break from Pokemon, I made my return pretty much as soon as the English names had been released, even though I was lurking around for sometime before hand, and after learning just what VGC is, and p-rusing the new pokes, I got to work making up rough sketches for a team.

    I later started to use PO, and was on regularly, mainly on the Skarmbliss server, testing out my ideas, eventually coming to a rough outline of my team, with constant modifications and changing along the way. I started to get pretty decent at this metagame, if I may say so, and my confidence got better by alot.

    I then under took the task of rnging, this was a long and complicated process that I understood perfectly well, it just never seemed to work for me. More testing and rnging continued for many weeks to come.

    3 Weeks before:

    I had my team planned out, and I was now asking myself, "Do I risk using clones?". Me, being paranoid, said no, so I decided to learn how to rng fully, again to no avail.

    2 Weeks before:

    muffinhead had kindly donated my team minus 1 poke, so now all I had to do was to breed my own versions.

    1 Week before:

    I FINALLY MANAGED TO RNG MY POKES!!!!!! From Saturday to Wednesday I rnged my team, and also managed to obtain my last poke and rng it.
    The main problem now was eving, which kind JRank took care of for me, already having done 2 pokes. At this point I decided, I have no choice, I must use clones, and then realised, they had all passed hack checks :S
    Getting my 4 pokes back from JRank on Thursday, I thought to myself, you wont level them up in time. So I focused on the Scraggy to level up, and used muffinhead's origional parents and JRanks two other pokes in my team, I finished leveling up Sraggy (Or Scrafty I should say) on the Thursday, my team was now ready.

    I was sooooooooooo excited. I left for the NEC at about 3pm ish, arriving at about 4:15, after stopping off at TESCOS for food, and swearing at the SatNav (Garmin actually) for taking us the wrong way. Checked into Premier Inn at about 4:30, and left for the Halls at about 5pm, after making dinner reservations.

    I timed my self 17 minutes to get there from the hotel, and after finding Hall 8, and seeing the boffins setting up, I waled around for a while, going to Subway too. I returned to the hotel after jumping several fences I wasn't meant to jump, and getting stern looks off the people who worked there.
    I returned to the hotel, where I chilled in the lobby whilst watching the tennis, then went back to my room, and then went down to dinner at 7:30pm

    Mmmmm burger nom nom nom. Hey, who's that at the other table, I could have sworn they were from Smogon. And the elderly man sitting near to me had a few people come and say hello to him, he turned out to be a famous Football/Soccer/Sports Psychologist, here for an event tommorow.
    I went back up stairs, to find that the people I thought were from Smogon were staying opposite my room. I watched some telly, got all 3 of my DSs charged, and went to bed at about 12am ish (Midnight), with alot of noise coming from the Smogon people.

    I had the worst night ever, the nerves and the excess of Coca-Cola really got to me, and I stayed up all night, maybe catching 30 minutes of sleep.

    After getting no sleep, but still being high from Coca-Cola, I woke up at about 5:30am, got ready, and had my breakfast, leaving for the venue at about 6am.

    I arrived at the enterance to the NEC, but had to go around another way as the door was locked. I arrived at the line for the VGC, with about 35ish people ahead of me.

    Whilst my mom went to Starbucks, I tried to calm my nerves abit, and trolled around in the game, so that atleast I looked like I was doing what everyone else was doing, and later trolled and battled some random people in the union room, and beating some random with gen 4 pokes :)

    I kinda made friends with a random kid in the line next to me, and explained some things to him, and chatted about the VGC for a while, while our parents just looked on without a clue what we were talking about. I also put on my nae tag, so that someone may recognise who I was.

    7:30am, they start coming around giving out ristbands, I was #27 I think.
    The doors then opened at about 7:45, and after going "WOW THIS LOOKS AWESOME :)" I stormed the rish of people, suing my rugby skills to my advantage, and grabbed myself a place near the front on the Seniors line, along with my random friend. Annoying commentators, who used the term "Pokemons", (Which I made sure the grumble about) kept blarting out contradictary rules and what to do's whilst people walked up and down the line telling us what screens to have our DSs on. I had't heard, but thankfully the guy behind me told me what screen to display. The guy turned out to be my friend from the Skarmbliss PO server, Samuel_996, who I didn't recognise ironically until a few days after the tournament. My good friend Plusle (Who I thought was DL13 As I was being nagged by the random in the line about random VGC and Pokemon questions) came over and said hi, recognisng ym username on my name tag, 1-0 to the name tags .Finally I got registered, and after quickly switching to the right DS Display, I made my way to the line for the tables, again grumbling at the foolish commentator.

    I finally got seated, down at a table who's number I forget now, thankfully, I could chose where I sat at, either the easy looking kid, or the Teengagers with glases who looked pro. I chose the kid :)
    After waiting some more time and asking him do you ev train, getting a reply on no, and do you know what IVs are, again getting a reply of no, we were finally allowed to open our DS, as for some reason we weren't before, after countdown. I tried to plug my DS charger in, but for Health and Saftey reasons I had to let an official do it.

    Round 1, VS Random Guy (Robert Furey-Lol at the name):

    I opened up with my usual combo of Hydreigon and Choice Scarf Jellicent.
    He opens up with startes mons :\. I just spam away with I think it was water spout, whilst my Hydreigon got spammed with random crap. I pretty much just spamed spamed and spamed some more, as I cut through his team, with Hydreigon finally succoming to the 1000th Frenzy Plant, Flare Blitz and Hydro Cannon Combo. Easy win.

    At this point the nerves were butchering me.

    Round 2, VS The Girl who didn't speak English- Khayti Katkora

    After getting away with plugging in my own DS charger (ikr I'm soo hardcore)
    I got paired up with my next oponnent, who after and akward hand shake (Why did I handshake a girl?!) and trying to get a word of English out of her, our battle began.

    I lead with Jellicent and Hydreigon, she leads with some random stuff (but of a better quality than last round). I jsut remeber taking about 30 Dmage on Hydreigon, and that was it, whilst I had to wait fot her last ditch effort, a Swanna using fly to land, so that I could win the game.

    One staff memeber in particular was really safe to me and supportive, kinda calmed my nerves down abit.

    Round 3, VS Random Kid (Robert Thomas)

    I cant remeber what happend in this battles, the standard was again baetter than that of last round, but I still had a fairly convincing victory.
    However, I say Chris Foulds waiting for an opponenet in the next round, and after thinking, SHIT, HE IS GOOD, I decioded to stall around in my game for abit, switching pokes, before Effect Spore finally killed his Meinshao, or was it the life orb?

    Luckly for me, a random had gone up to play Chris (The guy who turned out to be my freind from Skarmbliss PO), so I went and sat at the table, whilst watching their match.

    My next oppoent walked up, Plusle, OH DAMN, what bad luck. I refuse to play a freind (Who goes on to win it anyways), and so I ask the assistant who was being safe to me to freind rule with Plusle, which thankfuly goes ahead. I also find out I only need a few more wins for Worlds.

    After waiting for some time, a really young kinds comes over to play me :)
    The ref comes over and is about to fill in our cards, when she notices he has accidentaly skipped a battle (ahw bless), and so he goes back, only to be replaced with the biggest cheater I have ever known.
    Random Kid (Sam Taylor)

    Round 4, VS Sam Taylor.

    He has evd, knows about RNG, but hasn't bothered. I try to put him off by saying that the world champion goes on Skarmbliss PO too, this seemed to have no effect on him, either that or he wasn't showing it.
    Aftr complementing his excessively stickered DS Lite, and getting a thumbs up from my freidn Plusle, the battle began.

    I lead with Hydreigon and Amoongus.
    He leads with random that I can't remember, and Cofagrigus.
    I go for the rage powder, then Draco Meteor the Cofagrigus

    I will try best best to finish this when I can :D
  2. commi$$ioner


    Oct 4, 2009
    Congrats good read!
  3. Rukario


    Jun 5, 2010

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