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DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Carl

    Carl or Varl
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    Dec 23, 2004
    lol that's pretty damn good in my book
  2. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Eersnot, the maximum Rank in the Wi-Fi Battle Tower is 10.
  3. Eersnot


    Jul 16, 2008
  4. Imran

    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    May 3, 2008
    hahahahahaahhaahah Awkward...
  5. Everstone

    Everstone Now 100% reliable
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 12, 2008
    Tried again and managed to get 127 wins in the Single Battle Tower.
    Team this time was
    Gengar@Focus Sash
    Timid 6HP/252SpAtk/252Speed
    ~Destiny Bond
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Energy Ball
    Drops Counter for added type coverage. Focus Sash ensures you live at least one hit. Attempts to KO their lead then Destiny Bond the next thing that comes out, unless I know it packs something like Sucker Punch in which case I switch to either Chomp or Starmie to counter it.

    Garchomp@Yache Berry
    Jolly 6HP/252Atk/252Speed
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Dragon Claw
    Nearly guaranteed to set up one Swords Dance. Outrage and Earthquake are a must. Dragon Claw is there for safety purposes, to kill something I know can be killed with it and not lock myself into Outrage. If I'm not sure Dragon Claw will kill it, I just go berserk with Outrage and hope for the best.

    Starmie@Choice Specs
    Timid 6HP/252SpAtk/252Speed
    ~Ice Beam
    ~Grass Knot
    Pure power right here. Choice Specs turns some 3HKOs into 2HKOs, which makes all the difference (It can 2HKO Bronzong and Metagross with Surf) Great Pokemon to use in the Tower with its high speed and amazing type coverage.

    I now see that this team is extremely vulnerable to status effects, especially sleep. A stupid Venusaur took out this entire team by sleeping Gengar and Garchomp, then proceeding to Leech Seed and Giga Drain them to death. Of course, the sleeping Pokemon never woke up, and Starmie got OHKO'd by Giga Drain. Some changes I will implement in the future to prevent something like this from happening again:
    1. Use Substitute instead of Dragon Claw on Garchomp
    2. Hypnosis instead of Energy Ball on Gengar? I don't really trust the accuracy though, could screw me over at a crucial moment
    3. Psychic over Grass Knot on Starmie.
  6. G-Beast


    Dec 13, 2007
    i managed to get a 75 battle win streak in doubles before i restarted my game.

    Lucario @ Life orb
    Adamant 6 def/252 atk/252 spe
    Swords dance
    Close Combat

    one of my two leads, this thing managed to OHKO a bronzong thru reflect, it was probably gonna trick room me... crunch is for ghost types.

    Salamence @ Choice band
    Jolly 6 hp/252 atk/252 spe
    Dragon Claw
    Rock Slide

    my other lead, the intimidate almost always ensured Lucario got her swords dance off, i used jolly because it seems to outrun the Latios/Latias that appear, along with neutral speed garchomps. rock slide i chose because of my speed+ nature and its doubles, AoE can be devastating.

    Garchomp "Alien" @ yache berry
    jolly 6 sp def/252 atk/ 252 spe
    Dragon Rush
    Stone edge

    somehow this set works in the battle tower. I put him in so Lucario can have a reliable switch in for incoming fire and electric attacks, and rock type attacks for salamence. but if it risked my 4th. Crunch takes down slowbro and starmie trying to kill me if my his partner needs to attack the other target.

    Latios @ soul dew
    Modest 6 hp/252 sp atk/252 spe
    Draco Meteor
    Calm mind

    shush.. i used an uber.. so what.. the enemies use ubers sometimes, too. i also rarely had to launch any attacks with him, alot of battles didnt get past my leads. psychic i chose for the battle tower, i see heracross a lot. draco meteor for the burst of power, and thunder for hitting more types super effectively. basically if i need some sudden power that isnt physical, or Lucario needs to escape from a ground type attack be it from salamence or my enemies.

    given that this is the battle tower, walls dont concern me. the only real concerns i have is when i get a trick room in the face, which is the reason my streak ended, and there was things like bronzong doing gyro balls, a rhyperior, and all other fun things to face while under a trick room.
  7. thechocolatebunny


    Jul 10, 2008
    82 not the wifi part

    252 SPA 252 SPE 4 HP
    bug buzz
    air slash

    yache berry
    252 ATK 252 SPE 4 HP
    dragon claw
    fire fang

    focus sash

    252 ATK 252 SPE 4 HP
  8. DeLorean


    Nov 10, 2007
    I think trimming down some of your weaknesses would be detrimental to you getting past 100. I'll just help you out here.

    I know I completely tore your team apart, but If you're serious about the battle tower then give this stuff a try.

    EDIT: It just occoured to me how hard it could be to obtain a suicine, so you might want to use vaporeon with wish/protect/surf/ice beam and the same EVs and nature

  9. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    IIRC, Yanmega can't have compound eyes.
  10. earthpeople


    Jul 10, 2007
    Not a record here but I'm hoping to get some help/advice with this team so I can get that last star on my Trainer card. This is a singles team.

    Latios @ White Herb
    Modest / Levitate
    252SpAtk / 252Speed / 6HP
    -Ice Beam
    -Draco Meteor

    High power and impressive speed, along with good coverage sounds good to me. Draco Meteor is the main attack here and White Herb lets Latios use it twice. Neutral Draco Meteor is stronger than x2 effective T-bolt or Ice Beam so those attacks are often reserved only for when they are x4 effective or cleaning up things that Draco Meteor doesn't OHKO. I've noticed they don't get much usage though, but is there something better to replace them with? Psychic is mostly filler, but it hits any fighting or poison types stronger than DM. The main goal with Latios is to KO the opponent's first pokemon and hopefully second, if not at least weakening it significantly before being KOed. From what I've noticed, most non-STAB super effective attacks are not capable of one-hitting Latios so the plan often works out.

    Metagross @ Shuca Berry
    Adamant / Clear Body
    252HP / 252Atk / 6Def
    -Meteor Mash
    -Bullet Punch

    Metagross is usually second in line to come in. Bullet Punch lets it clean up anything that might have survived Latios' Draco Meteor. Earthquake is there because it's good and reliable and Meteor Mash is for a strong STAB. Explosion lets me get rid of anything that might cause me trouble. Shuca Berry weakens incoming Earthquakes so I can get in a MM or EQ followed by Bullet Punch or just explode. Good typing, toxic/sandstorm immunity, explosion, a priority attack, and high attack/defense just makes Metagross a great choice for BT in my eyes.

    I've used two different pokemon for the last slot, Lucario and Scizor;

    Lucario @ Life Orb
    Modest / Steadfast
    252SpAtk / 252Speed / 6HP
    -Aura Sphere
    -Vacuum Wave
    -Shadow Ball
    -Dragon Pulse

    Similar to Metagross, Lucario often comes in to clean up anything that Metagross might have left behind, but sometimes it comes in right after Latios. A no-miss attack is very useful in the battle tower, and Aura Sphere is a very good one. Vacuum Wave for priority, other attacks for type coverage and filler. Also immune to toxic and sandstorm.

    Scizor @ Occa Berry
    Adamant / Technician
    252HP / 252Atk / 6Def
    -Swords Dance
    -Quick Attack
    -Aerial Ace
    -Iron Head

    Another cleaner with a priority move, it'll come in to clean up any leftovers. The biggest difference compared to the other two is Scizor's Sword Dance. SDed Technician Quick Attack is just great at cleaning. Aerial Ace is a no-miss move similar to Aura Sphere, except it can hit Double Teaming Ghosts. Iron Head just for STAB.

    The only pokemon I can think of that caused me trouble was Rest / Calm Mind Bronzong(839). There's probably some others that I can't remember though. I also think Zapdos may cause trouble but I was able to explode on the only one I ran into.

    I've managed to get to almost 70 on my first run with this team, losing to a choice scarf Absol(782) who critted twice and a quick claw Rhydon(804) whose QC activated three times in a row. I was using Lucario when I lost.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I can't help but feel like I lost simply because of crazy hax, but maybe I can improve my team anyway.
  11. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    i'll help...i think your mentality with Latios is a little problematic just because of DM's accuracy. i think on the pokes you definitely kill with a 2x SE IB, TB or psychic, you should use that, because 90% accuracy is definitely enough to screw you over at some point if you want a streak of 140+.

    fire pokemon in general are going to give you crap, especially stuff like heatran and arcanine that latios can't hit for SE damage, you probably dont want both switch ins from those troubles pokes to be weak to fire. i would suggest something like gyarados or even kingdra but arcanine can have thunderfang and heatran dragon pulse so even that's not failsafe. you may just want to drop psychic on latios for surf, but i more strongly suggest not using two steel types on one team if it's not something like a Heatran/Scizor combo that isn't weak to anything
  12. kd24

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Soul Dew doesnt work in Battle Tower which may be hurting your team
  13. earthpeople


    Jul 10, 2007
    I've been using IB and TB if I know for sure that they'll be able to KO the opponent, but if I have any sort of doubt about it I usually go to DM. I'll keep that in mind though, Latios can probably KO most things with x2 effective 95bp attacks.

    Heh, I ran into Palmer's Heatran last night and it beat me. I guess I was able to beat it the first time since I had Lucario, but I brought Scizor this time and was promptly crushed. Perhaps Azumarill, with a moveset like [waterfall / aquajet / double-edge / filler (brickbreak, substitute?)], would fit well? Not sure about item, maybe lifeorb, water plate, or something else that boosts attack power?
  14. forbidden


    Aug 15, 2007
    I never did like Metagross in BT since Meteor Mash tend to miss a lot there. You shouldn't use Meta and Lucario or Scizor since that gives you too big a Fire/Ground weak and you're basically screwed once Latios is dead.

    What I recommend is a Suicune in the last slot, Crocune is amazingly effective in battle tower once you take out any 4x resist or water absorbing counters and it also serves as a ice resist for those aimed at Latios. Now you can use Meta/scizor/Lucario without fear. You should however stay away from Special Lucario unless you plan to use Calm Togekiss and baton pass a few Nasty Plots to it since Aura Sphere won't ko what it needs to, especially so with lifeorb and stuff. I think CB scizor would be the best option in that slot with the Brick Break/Iron Head/Quick Attack/U-Turn. You won't need to fear fire attacks since both team mates resist them and it can clean up with Quick Attack or U-Turn for massive damage.
  15. earthpeople


    Jul 10, 2007
    Metagross has been working out alright for me, with the primary attacks being earthquake and bullet punch. I only use Meteor Mash when Earthquake(+bullet punch) wouldn't be enough and/or I shouldn't explode yet, which isn't often. I like him for his bulk, power, priority, and toxic resist. I have replaced the last member though.

    I did consider Suicune while looking through my boxes, but I really dislike using stallish pokemon in the BT due to previous experiences. Suicune itself can't deal much damage without set up and it seems like it may be risky to use in a situation where double teamers and OHKOers are fairly common. I do suppose it could PP stall if it came down to it.

    I'm currently using Latios / Metagross / Azumarill and it's going along well. If it loses before 100 though, I may try out Suicune.
  16. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    I lost after 311 wins. The Garchomp lead woke up early and hit my Garchomp 3 times through Sand Veil. I missed my only attack which would have KOd it. Lucario, OHKOd it with HP Ice. I switched to my 1/2 health, faster Hippo to battle Rhyperior. I absorbed a Hammer Arm. QC avtivates to KO before I could Slack Off and proceed to win. Lucario did about 75% and was OHKOd by Hammer Arm. I have some other ideas that I would like to try. Unfortunately, I think this is my best team, and I really wanted to pass TRE. I also will need to breed my new team from scratch. I'm certainly encouraged by the fact that this is my first trip through any Battle Tower. I have to say, "Thank you", to Peterko, TRE and Jumpman for the wealth of information that you have provided. I could not have gotten 311 wins on my first try without your contributions. I tried to make paragraphs, but I keep getting this.
  17. shipship


    May 17, 2008
    This is not a record yet, but I finally managed to assemble a team to get 100 straight wins in the Singles Tower:

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band
    Adamant / Sand Stream
    EV's: 252 Att, 252 HP, 6 Speed
    Stone Edge

    This is a sandstorm team, so T-Tar is an obvious lead. I like the CB version for its raw power. CB STAB Stone Edge off 403 attack is very scary. Crunch and EQ for accuracy and type coverage. Pursuit almost never gets used, but it's an egg move so I don't want to get rid of it when I need it for Wi-Fi.

    Garchomp @ Yache Berry
    Jolly / Sand Veil
    EV's: 252 Att, 252 Speed, 6 HP
    Dragon Claw
    Fire Fang
    Swords Dance

    Very very obvious pick on a sandstorm team. No need to explain anything really. Sand Veil hax is very helpful, although I'm not dependant on it.

    Bronzong @ Leftovers
    Bold / Levitate
    EV's: 252 HP, 252 def, 6 Speed
    Flash Cannon
    Calm Mind

    My all-around wall and status absorber. EV's maximize physical defense because I have Calm Mind to protect me from the special side. Attack power is very weak without boosts, but after enough CM's it can sweep too. Cresselia is much better for this role in general, but Bronzong has better typing and is immune to sandstorm (Cresselia's leftovers would be cancelled out by sandstorm every turn). Also if I need to sacrifice someone, usually I sacrifice Bronzong so I can bring out my sweeper (Garchomp) unharmed.

    This team can have trouble with OHKO users, particularly Gliscor, as I don't have anything to hit it for super effective damage, plus Gliscor can have Sand Veil too. Most Sheer Cold users aren't a big problem because 80% of the time they will get OHKO'd by Tyranitar's CB Stone Edge.

    Comments on my team are welcome.
  18. DeLorean


    Nov 10, 2007
    tinted lens, my mistake
  19. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    & shipship: you said it yourself, but still risk to use such a team...not only gliscor is a threat, sooner or later you will fall to a OHKO user with zero protection

    sheer cold users are definitely a problem because you rely on a 80% accurate stone edge while your ttar has 0 speed EVs :/ which means 81 speed at lv.50 with a 31 IV in speed, let´s see:

    1. abomasnow -> you´d know whether it´s slower depending on the weather, not if it comes later, the list says 72 speed (-speed), the others have 80 but remember, natures are random...you could switch to bronzong which resists all of the movesets except a neutral focus blast, oh wait, sheer cold and it´s faster

    2. articuno -> faster, if you switch to bronzong you risk being sheer colded right away

    3. dewgong -> faster, speed tie if it the random nature is a -speed one, it´s already getting old but you don´t want to give it a free turn by switching to bronzong

    4. glalie -> faster
    5. lapras -> refer to abomasnow speed

    ladies & gentlemen, here comes the all time favourite

    6. walrein -> faster unless -speed nature, brightpowder means 80acc. becomes 72acc., you just can´t afford to bring in garchomp as it is far from 2HKOing this thing and it laughs at bronzong...lots and lots of turns to spam sheer cold

    let´s look at horn drill:
    1. dewgong -> refer to the sheer cold one
    2. nidoking -> faster than ttar
    3. rapidash twice -> faster than your whole team
    4. rhydon -> quick claw = no comment needed
    5. rhyperior twice -> first one is scarfed, second one quick clawed...you better not face a pokémon starting with the letters R H and Y
    6. seaking -> same as dewgong

    let´s look at guillotine:
    1. crawdaunt -> slower, but what´s that? quick claw
    2. gligar -> faster than ttar
    3. gliscor twice -> you really don´t want to face this
    4. kingler -> faster
    5. pinsir -> scarfed

    last but not least, fissure:
    1. donphan -> quick claw, bronzong handles each don though
    2. dugtrio -> fast, arena trap
    3. hippowdon -> slow but you can´t 1hko the hippo
    4. mamoswine -> bronzong handles all sets
    5. wailord -> quick claw but bronzong "should" handle all sets
    6. walrein -> refer to sheer cold

    you see, you can have a good team on paper but you won´t get far unless you have a way to handle these guys, they will definitely stop you...and it hurts badly

    btw. the list is updated...TOP 9 are above 200 wins which is pretty nice
  20. phalanx


    Apr 17, 2008
    been trying the wi-fi battle tower, stuck at level 3 (keep hitting lame double team resting toxic umbreons) almost got to 4 and got knocked to 2 because of a crit on yachechomp on battle 7 (harsh :()
    anyway got through the rubbish (1-21) in ordinary tower with starmie, porygon-z and azelf and an going to use my main team.

    Tyranitar @ leftovers
    Adamant / Sand Stream
    EV's: 252 Att, 252 HP, 4 Sdef
    Stone Edge

    garchomp@yache berry
    sand veil
    4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Speed
    stone edge
    fire blast

    starmie@focus sash
    illumiate (natural cure is not that important this is the mopper upper ^.^)
    ice beam

    this is the team that is stuck at level 3 (ATM) and have high hopes for now i have got to 21 win streak, should this get me to that golden 100?
  21. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    Congratulations on the second-highest legit streak we know of (sorry Peterko but pretty much no one I've talked to believes your German friend's streak). I wanted to tell you this as soon as I realized it but I didn't partly because it would have seemed like "yeah, but" and partly because it wouldn't have mattered because why change your team after 270+ wins, but shortly after you posted that you'd gotten to ~270, I noticed pretty quickly (likely because I'd just played against it) that this:

    884 Milotic Modest Lum Berry Surf Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Recover HP/Sp. Atk

    would probably beat your team most of the time if it led off because of the Lum Berry. It also doesn't help that if it has a 31 Speed IV it is faster than Hippowdon (101 to 99). In my head the battle would go like this:

    Milotic Surf, does like 60%|you Yawn
    Milotic Surf, you die, it's at 87.5%, you send out Garchomp and have to Sub hoping for a miss due to Sand Veil

    You could probably power your way through that, but when actually looking at the Lum/Chesto pokes that could screw this up it didn't take me long to find this:

    942 Suicune Bold Chesto Berry Calm Mind Rest Surf Ice Beam HP/Def

    I honestly don't see how you could ever beat this with the team you're using if it leads off. It probably goes something like:

    Suicune CM|You Yawn
    Suicune Surf, you survive no matter what|you SR or whatever, it sleeps, Chesto Activates
    Suicune Surfs, you Die

    It's then a max HP/Max Defense 81.25% Suicune against Garchomp and Jolly Outrage won't KO, nor will Aura Sphere thanks to CM, which is pretty bad for the rest of your team. The problem with doing something like:

    Suicune CM/You EQ
    Suicune Surf, you survive no matter what/You EQ
    Suicine hopefully Rests, Chesto Activates/You Yawn

    is that there are three other Suicune, against which this strategy may not work because they could attack straight up (though the others "suck" one even has Hail, rofl)

    That all is more an agreement with you that you should probably retire your team and work on your new one than a pointless nitpick. When I was crafting this team for quite a while in March:

    gallade@sash: icy wind/taunt/flash/memento, jolly, 252HP/4Def/252Spd
    smeargle@salac: spore/sub/belly drum/bp, timid, 252HP/4Def/252Spd
    zangoose@ss: embargo/return/cc/ns, Adamant, 4HP/252Atk/252Spd

    I realized that Chesto/Lum could stop my strategy. This strategy was to incapacitate the lead poke enough so that the standard Smeargle could set up and pass to Zangoose, who can indeed kill everything in the BT with Silk Scarf (besides 252 HP/Def Cresselia who takes 98% min from +6 Zangoose Return and can't OHKO with Psychic) where +6 Lucario can't (Gliscor, Weezing) without a Life Orb (and I think LO is a bad idea). So I decided I wanted my lead poke to have Embargo to screw over Chesto/Lum long enough for Smeargle to Spore. So the next draft was:

    weavile@sash: icy wind/taunt/embargo/mud slap, jolly, 4HP/252Atk/252Spd
    smeargle@salac: spore/sub/belly drum/bp, timid, 232HP/24Def/252Spd (0 HP IV lol)
    zangoose@lum berry: sub/return/cc/ns, adamant, 4HP/252Atk/252Spd

    Which fixed that problem with lead Embargo and seemed pretty foolproof in completing the initial goal of getting Smeargle the easiest set up opportunity possible. However, Mekkah and I (this is the team he helped me the most with) realized, along with Phuquoph, that these two pokemon still were pretty gay:

    850 Tentacruel Timid Scope Lens Hydro Pump Wring Out Sludge Bomb Ice Beam Sp. Atk/Speed
    697 Ursaring Jolly Toxic Orb Facade Protect Earthquake Crunch HP/Atk/Speed

    Tentacruel because it has a 50% chance of having Clear Body which would screw up Icy Wind and the fact that it would be faster than Smeargle because of 252 Speed IVs and 100 Base Speed. Ursaring because there was no way to stop the preprogrammed Protect/Toxic Orb Combo which meant I wouldn't be able to Sleep it. So, to combat this, I came up with:

    weavile@sash: icy wind/taunt/embargo/night slash, jolly, 4HP/252Atk/252Spd

    As the lead instead. This would 2HKO Tentacruel like 98.45% of the time and do enough to Ursaring over two turns to "suffice", even if that one pokemon still gave me a lot of trouble. If Sleep didn't like always last one turn I would have continued using this team, but oh well. I typed all that because I did not want one (or two) single pokemon to have a fantastic chance of beating any BT team I made, and the Milotic and Suicune I pasted above pose that same huge threat to your team as it stands. I think that anyone trying to break 200 or even 100 should look close to see if any pokemon beats that team like 100% of the time, and fix/scrap it if so, because there's enough luck in the BT to pose a threat besides an actual on-paper threat that pretty literally can beat you every time.
  22. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    Thank you. A lot of the time I know if I could be facing a problem Suicune or Milotic because of the trainer database. Since Milotic 2-4 all have Ice Beam, I EQ right away. If I find that I am actually faster and it isn't #4, I will Yawn on turn 2. With Suicune, I Yawn and then EQ. This works really well, because I can get Suicune #4 to Rest through a combination of EQ/Sub/SS. I then SD while it rests. Also, with many opponents, I can Sub 4 times(I usually stop at 3, it actually saved me once). All I need is one miss or for SS to bring it into Garchomp KO range. I feel that I have unfinished business. Even though I would have won, without QC activating, I have to say that my only loss was due to horrible laziness. I sometimes didn't use the optimal strategy, due to trying to end the battles early. I should have defeated Garchomp with my Hippo. I would have been at full HP and had SR up. Or, I could have subbed two more times, down to 3 HP if I had to, to get that one miss that I needed. Instead, I took the 83.2% chance of defeating Garchomp, in two turns. I don't mind a few problem opponents, because I feel that this team eliminates a lot of hax and stategies. It's fun to see QC constantly activating from sleeping pokemon. Or to see Garchomp's sub get hit by 3 consecutive OHKOs. Feel free to nitpick, anytime. I value your analysis. Even when I don't agree, it makes me think. I brought my Lucario to 135 speed to outspeed Gyarados 3,4 after one DD. When I got to about 270 wins, I considered going with special, bulky, Water Absorb Lapras Thunderbolt/IceBeam/Surf/Sub. Like you said, I figured no point in switching now. The plan is to preserve my Hippo by switching into Water and Ice attacks on turn 2, sub and then KO my sleeping opponent. What do you think of that? Do you have another suggestion to replace Lucario? For some reason, my paragraphs go away.
  23. ultimifier


    May 13, 2006
    this obviously isnt my best record, but on my recent car ride to florida i got..... 12. Yes, 12. This was not a shitty team either, but just a Very, Very, VERY bad case of hax.

    i lead off with an azelf with life orb. The first pokemon was a gloom. I flamethrower thinking it would ko, silly me. it left it with red and it got off a stun spore. it used some attack (cant remember) and i killed it. Out came a volbeat, that mother fucker that made me want to kill myself. Volbeat used silver wind, and of course, it raised all of its stats one stage. i was fully paralyzed, and it killed me next turn.

    Out comes my brightpowder DDgyara. volbeat used swagger, gyarados hit itself in confusion. WooHoo. volbeat used silver wind, with no rise (wow i consider a 90% chance lucky), and i hit myself in confusion. A critical hit quick attack killed me.

    Out comes the deadly CBtyraitar. Volbeat uses swagger, and i stone edge, which gets through confusion, but misses. Then volbeat hits me with a silver powder, and i hurt myself. Volbeat then hits me with quick attack (leaving me with very little health) and i kill the bastard with stone edge.

    Out comes a kadabra. I forgot what move it did, but it did no damage. i was so happy, that i could salvage a win with the flip of a coin (40% actually because of stone edges accuracy). i clicked STONE EDGE, but i hurt myself in confusion... and i lost to trainer 12.

    now please, laugh, leave comments, just don't insult me, im hurt enough as it is (i have gotten 85 with one of my other teams before)
  24. Ashenlock


    Aug 17, 2007
    I got 153 wins in the Double Battle tower recently before losing, using this team:

    Cherrim @ Lum Berry
    Ability: Flower Gift
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
    -Sunny Day
    -Helping Hand

    Shiftry @ Focus Sash
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 168 HP / 252 Atk / 88 Spe
    -Fake Out
    -Faint Attack
    -Brick Break

    Typhlosion @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    -Focus Blast

    Heatran @ Life Orb
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    -Heat Wave
    -Earth Power
    -Dragon Pulse

    Cherrim and Shiftry lead and almost always use Sunny Day and Fake Out respectively; occasionally there have been instances of Ghost-type + Inner Focus opponent leads, but not often. Fake Out targets whatever is most likely or most capable of hurting Cherrim, or what will use Rain Dance / Hail / Sandstorm after it. Optimally on turn two Cherrim will be at full health and Shiftry will be hanging on by its Focus Sash at least. Cherrim uses Protect while Shiftry uses Explosion (If there are Ghost-types it can clean them out with Faint Attack first; Brick Break handles Rock- and Steel-types but I will often still use Explosion). Flower Gift boosted Explosion hurts quite a lot, nearly KOing even things like Forretress and Skarmory. Cherrim's EV spread is a bit perplexing even to me, as I needed both a quick setup and a sturdy ground-keeping pokemon. Shiftry's spread was designed to outspeed everything in sunlight as well as Yanmega on turn two and a couple other things I have forgotten since.

    After Shiftry is gone I usually send out Typhlosion, hopefully to the opponent's last two pokemon where it does not need to worry about using the wrong choice attack. Though they serve minor purposes the last three moves it carries are mostly filler; Flower Gift and Sunny Day boosted Eruption is slightly stronger than Specsmence Draco Meteor on both opponents, and with Helping Hand it can OHKO many pokemon that resist it. Cherrim's Solarbeam harms many of the things that resist it, although Flash Fire enemies can be problematic. Usually I switch Cherrim out to Heatran when I encounter such an enemy, and it always eats a Fire-type attack. In spite of its prominent BST Heatran was less useful in most situations, really just providing the necessary Dragon- and Fire-type killer moves. Infernape was in Heatran's spot for a while, and though additional Fake Out support helped regain setup and its speed was useful, it eventually lost out to Heatran's advantages.

    Quick Claw users and Trick Room teams were the largest threats, as the sunny day pokemon are very speed-oriented even with Heatran. I was eventually defeated when a Quick Claw Forretress used Explosion, KOing its fellow Rapidash as well as my Typhlosion and Heatran by a critical hit. Then it came down to a 1 vs. 1 with my Cherrim and the opponent's Manectric, where Manectric promptly took advantage of my sunny day and KO'd Cherrim with Flamethrower.

    I have tried repeatedly to get a clear photo of the streak but neither polaroid, phone, nor digital camera have made one so for now I can't give a screenshot. I'll try to get one as soon as I can if that is required.

    Also, thanks to gabriel and the Rayquaza League for prompting me to make this team. Sorry for my absenses during its later days.
  25. bach47


    Dec 27, 2007
    highest rank: 9
    highest streak: 21

    cool:naughty: (btw i like this smiley xD)

    My Team:

    1# (lead)
    Azelf @Focus Sash
    Naive (Speed+, Sdef-)
    Moveset: Flamethrower - Psychic - Grass Knot - Explosion

    Garchomp @Choice Scarf
    Adamant (Atk+, Satk-)
    Moveset: Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Crunch

    Lucario @Life Orb
    Adamant (Atk+, Satk-)
    Moveset: Sword Dance, Crunch, Close Combat, Extremespeed

    Well, this was my team.
    Azelf is a very good lead which can ohko many Pokemons (or at least 2ohko) and its fast at the same time. Explosion for making huge damage. When the opponent had a weavile lead (which I saw many times), my Azelf first took a hit and attacked then with flamethrower. The Weavile usually had a Focus Sash, so it didnt die and I swichted in my Lucario. Night Slash or Ice Shard didnt hurt Luce at all and I used Xspeed to finish it off. I think it was very important to keep especially Azelf alive.
    Then my opponent often swichted in something like Garchomp or Donphan (I dont know anymore xD) to ohko Lucario with Earthquake. You can just switch out easily to Azelf to dodge the attack. I realized that the opponent didn't predict at all.
    Garchomp @Scarf is faster than many Pokemons and can ohko many sweeper with Outrage though it was risky to use that move at some point xD
    I believe Lucario was my key Pokemon :O
    When the opponent had a Umbreon/Suicune/Cresselia I immediately switched in my Luce and used SD as many times as it can. Toxic dont affect Luce and Payback/Icebeam dont hurt Lucario very much. Also they used Protect and such stuff which gave me a free turn to set up. After that Lucario swept the hole team with Xspeed. That was fun :D

    This team had a very good type coverage Garchomp Ice--->Luce | Luce Earth--->Azelf Azelf---> Everything expect Ice moves---> Garchomp, since it's bulky enough to take a hit and its very fast and powerful at the same time.
    However Mamoswine (especially in a hail team) was IMO the biggest danger for my team. It was often the last (third) Pokemon and it was able to ohko azelf (which of course often had only 1hp) with ice shard and ohko lucario with earthquake (Xspeed did maybe 45% damage..I dont know any more). Also it always nearly ohko'd my Garchomp (full hp) and it survived with only 2 or 11 hit points.

    Btw I noticed that from rank7 many player used Scarfed Togekiss with haxpower (air slash) or Scarfed Latios with Draco Meteor.

    English isnt my first language, so I must admit that it wasnt too easy to explain everything in English and I am sure I made many mistakes xD
    However I hope you understood more or less what I wanted to tell you and had fun:naughty:

    Well, its really unbelievable but I am sure his streak is legit. He's a cool guy. Why should he lie..oh well ;D
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