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DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    hahaha, it´s OK...there were and will be others

    no I said feel free to post whatever you like and of course you can discuss BT stuff fasthippo, I´m glad that this topic doesn´t die as easily thanks to you guys
  2. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    yeah i would rather there not be two threads, there actually was an "Offline Battle Tower Teams" thread that would be more appropriate for what peterko was referring to in his post, but i kind of like having everything contained to one that. i agree 100% with the sentiment behind peterko's post, because come on, why are you asking if x pokemon can outspeed y pokemon and admitting that you dont know z simple item characteristic, don't do that...and stop using this thread as a thinly-veiled rmt before you even actually breed/trade as well, thanks. besides that post whatever
  3. McGrrr

    McGrrr Facetious
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 23, 2005
    1. All I remember is Bronzong trick roomed.

    2. Mistake: Raichu (last pokemon) switched in with ~55% Latios locked into surf. I should have sacrificed Gyarados, but attacked instead. Raichu still needed thunder to hit 3 times in a row, and paralyze Latios the first time.

    3. Lapras... guess which one. It came in on my Gyarados and though I had a dance, I guess I should have switched to Luke before it DTed.

    4. Luke died to a CH psychic from Latios. My Latios OHKOed with dragon pulse, but then missed against Latias 932 and Gyarados stood no chance.

    I think that Infernape only really needs x/31/x/31/x/31 (which is what I will be aiming for). It should only be taking the odd NVE attack to activate blaze. Fake-out/u-turn do a good job of preventing any hits in theory, but I suppose overheat will screw up sooner or later, and you might be left wishing for better defenses.
  4. Ashenlock


    Aug 17, 2007
    I understand the concerns of someone who has to constantly monitor a topic. However, I think if you don't wish for myself and others to post incomplete streaks that we may soon continue a note of that sort ought to be included on the front page. I put mine up incomplete under the premise that others had done so, and I figured that if I at least put it down I would be less inclined to keep on trying to get a high record and just settle down. Of course that didn't really work, I'm still crafting it and other teams and working my way up and will probably pull my hair out when I lose to a Quick Claw Garchomp.
  5. PurpleNurple42


    Sep 25, 2008
  6. PurpleNurple42


    Sep 25, 2008
    rain dance is only for Tyranitar starters which is hard to deal with with this team, so Gengar can at least get Destiny bond in before he faints.
  7. Bourbon


    Sep 10, 2007
    I always lose my streaks to hax... I got swept by a Medicham because it paralyzed my bulkymence on the switch, then got a crit with Rock Slide, then got a crit on my Mismagius and killed it, then it killed Weavile.

    Shoulda just shadow balled it, but i figured with -1 atk I could calm mind once.
  8. garo


    Apr 5, 2008
    well... what i can say you about the hax, just get use to it and be its friend lol, you need many tries to get a remarkable streak even with a good team, and hopefully you will get a lucky day lol, these past days i played the BT again hoping to beat my own streak but just werent my lucky days, i got frozen by ice beam in many times, not only that but every time my pokes got frozen remained with the status until they died, more than 10 turns everytime, and most recently (no offense peterko lol) im hating staraptor because CH´ed four times with brave bird and sweeped my team, so keep playing skiddle, the tower is fun lol.
  9. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    I had a decent battle, recently. Only one trainer uses Claydol 1. The rest use 2,3 or 4.

    Turn 1
    Claydol 2 is sent out. It needs a plus speed nature to outspeed me(4/25). Only one of three even has Ice Beam. That means a 2 in 375 of being frozen(10%) before I can Yawn. Of course, that's what happened. I have a 25% chance of waking immediately, no dice. I'm at 92/186. More than 50%, I'm in trouble.

    Turn 2
    I switch in Lapras, which is also slower, expecting an Ice Beam. I'm down to 203/214. I know that this Claydol has Charge Beam. Initially, I planned on switching my Hippo in to the Charge Beam, giving it a chance to unfreeze. Rinse and repeat, Ice B, Lapras, Charge B, Hippo, until my Hippo unfroze.

    Turn 3 & 4
    Fortunately, I didn't want to wear down Lapras, so I took the Psychic that I thought was gonna be a Charge B. Lapras did like 90%, with Ice Beam(no freeze), which meant I had to eat another Psychic. I was down to 76/214

    Turn 5
    In comes Medicham. It's first and KOs Lapras with Drain Punch.

    Turn 6
    I decide to bring in my Hippo. I know Medicham has Ice Punch. Once Hippo dies, I guess I need a CH from 'Chomp to get the win. Except for one thing, Ice Punch leaves me at 2/186 and I thaw out and use Yawn!

    The rest is history, 'Chomp subs twice, SDs and KOs Medicham and Hypno, for the win.

    Staying frozen for two rounds is 9/16 chance. Not major hax on my part, but I'll take it. I'm guessing Medicham did minium damage and/or had neutral or negative Attack nature. I bet he's probably telling the other trainers how he got haxed out of a win.

    On a side note, I finally got a rematch with Garchomp 3, the one that I allowed to break my 311 win streak. Suffice it to say, that fucker doesn't want to be hit, and he won't stay asleep. I played it like I should have the first time. It took a while, but I finally wore it down and took it out while it slept, with my Hippo still behind a sub.
  10. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Hm... well, I'm not getting anywhere with this team, since I can't seem to beat #49's Cresselia reliably with it... which is kind of bad. Not my best streak, but yah, with this team my best was losing at #49. I'll just post the team as I retire it while I think of another team to use.

    Ambipom @ Silk Scarf
    IVs: 14/31/17/x/25/31 (well, the main stats are maxed at least)
    EVs: 252 Attack 252 Speed 4 HP
    - Fake Out
    - Return
    - U-Turn
    - Brick Break / Aerial Ace
    --> Fake Out + Return usually KOs anything that's not resisted. Of course there have been cases where Life Orb would have got the KO whereas Silk Scarf would not, but it's not very often. I just don't like having recoil when I use Fake out on a resisted pokemon or when I'm UTurning, since Ambipom at full health can usually take an unSTAB mediocre powered hit without dying. I originally had Aerial Ace just for those annoying DTers, since AA gets Technician boost, but then it's rare that AA saves me a game, whereas Brick Break lets me to at least hit Rock and Steels. O yeah, AA also allowed me to hit Ghosts, but only for neutral anyway. I don't have a Payback TM or else I might give that a try.

    Dragonite @ Lum/Yache/Life Orb
    Inner Focus
    IVS: 25/23/27/28/29/25 (... Maybe I should have continued breeding for a better one... I just thought this one had pretty good overall IVs.)
    EVS: 28 HP 252 Attack 228 Speed (I think that was it, just enough to outspeed +Speed Electrode after 1 DD based on my Dragonite's IVs)
    -Dragon Dance
    -Fire Punch
    --> Originally I had Lum and thought that was useful for DDing to avoid status/confuse Ray, or Outraging and not get confused after that, but then as the trainers get tougher and smarter, Yache turned out to be more useful, then I tried Life Orb, but that didn't go too well. Fire Punch was surprisingly useful. after getting rid of AA on Ambipom, I thought about putting AA over Fire Punch for Dragonite, but Fire Punch is useful... if nothing else, at least it's a guaranteed OHKO on Abomasnow, which this team doesn't like since (depending on which version) it can OHKO both Dragonite and Slowbro. Of course Fire Punch is also good for Scizor/Forretress/Skarmory (Skarmory can't hurt Dragonite much so 2 or 3 HKO is fine).

    Slowbro @ leftovers
    Own Tempo
    IVs: 31/x/31/28/23/2 (I love this thing)
    EVs: 220 HP 252 Defense 4 Sp. A 40 Sp. Defense
    - Calm Mind
    - Slack Off
    - Surf
    - Shadow Ball
    --> This thing saved me in so many situations. Surf + Shadow Ball hits neutral on everything other than Bibarel, Empoleon, Shiftry, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt, and Cacturne... and... I've actually switched this in on Cacturne and Empoleons and Shiftrys before (not on a SE move of course)... they can't beat Slowbro. Also it's really funny when Ambipom faces a Bronzong and then Fake Out + U-Turn to Slowbro while Bronzong uses Trick Room, because most of the time Slowbro's faster in Trick Room (thanks to its 2 speed IVs I suppose), so Bronzong uses Trick Room again right away. Also lol at Gyro Ball doing 1 HP damage. If it has one Calm Mind down, this can usually beat the Thunder/Thunderbolt Starmies. Anyway, this thing is awesome. It's also my switch in for those Parafusers, because Slowbro doesn't mind Paralysis much and can't be Confused since it has Own Tempo. Just so useful in many cases... but Palmer's Cresselia beats it though.

    Strategy: So, pretty much this is how it goes:
    If Ambipom's faster and Fake Out + U-Turn KOs, do it, otherwise:
    If Fake Out + Return KOs, do that, unless opponent is faster AND can OHKO or is probably going to T-wave or WoW. If it's an Inner Focus pokemon that isn't Crobat I just use Return most of the time, but U-Turn if it can kill me. There are other scenarios too of course, but generally that's how it is.

    Slowbro resists Ambipom's Fighting weakness and Dragonite's Ice Weakness. while Ambipom is immune Slowbro's Ghost weakness (which hardly gets any use) and Dragonite resists Ambipom's Fighting weakness and Slowbro's bug and grass weakness. So of course, that means there are still weaknesses not covered, like Dragonite's Dragon, Slowbro's Electric and Dark. I thought I might have a problem with Weavile, since it can kill Dragonite and Slowbro pretty easily, but it can't OHKO Ambipom with Break Break or Night Slash (unless Crit of course) while Ambipom can KO with Fake Out + Break Brick/Return/U-Turn (usually I go for U-Turn of course).

    Well, it's certainly possible that I may still use all these pokemon, just not all in the same team in Battle Tower. So, they'll miss each other probably. Hopefully this was not too boring/annoying to read.
  11. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    Yeah, first off, I know you probably know this but Psychics, Hikers, Clowns and Hikers can all bust out that Claydol on you. I love knowing when I am facing a Jogger, a Picnicker or a Pokéfan etc. because I know what set I am going to face, unlike when I have to fight Bird Keepers which usually blows because I won't 100% know what to do against Yanmega, Charizard, Gliscor and Dragonite on turn one, and those are four of the six pokemon I've love to just never see (Metagross and Latios are the other two, I only really mind one Dragonite and it's the Outrage one that needs to CH me the first three turns to really shit on my team so it's probably #6).

    But yeah, I rarely thaw myself when I need to, Latios is like literally 1-for-14 or something on freeze turns from what I can remember, two of those being about five straight turns against a Tri-Attack P2 or PZ. The worst was this past weekend against Clown River's 800 Froslass who is a genuine threat but also 100% needs to hack me to threaten my team. Here's how it went down:

    Turn 1: Switcheroo/IB, freeze. Great start cause even though IB only did ~40% I know I'm not going to thaw the next turn
    Turn 2: IB/no thaw
    Turn 1: IB, die, go Luke.

    I have to CM because I already know IB does over 25%, so...

    Turn 3: IB/CM, ~72% Luke
    Turn 4: IB, freeze, no thaw, 55% Luke

    Of course, lol. While sick at the notion of it freezing instead of CHing (twice for that matter), I always kind of expect the worst and know that one CM may be enough to stall it out of its 10 IB PP. So I hit Sub the next few turns...

    Turn 5: IB/frozen, ~37% Luke
    Turn 6: IB/frozen, ~19% Luke, Salac activates

    K, now I have to Dark Pulse, and I know I'm still slower than Froslass after Salac cause I couldn't PAR it.

    Turn 7: IB/frozen ~2%
    Turn 8: IB/die

    So cool. I felt sick lol, absolutely sick...but I have honestly been hacked enough now to not do stupid shit and/or generally despair when luck is really not going my way. I still have a slim chance of winning because Froslass only has two IBs left, and I know what I have to do to win even in the face of these lame odds.

    Turn 9: IB, takes Latios to about 25/154 HP then Lefties/Rest
    Turn 10: IB/sleep, ~34/154 after Lefties

    Ok so now it's out of IBs which is good but "fffffffffffff". I have to hope Froslass's Struggles don't CH me and/or that she's not randomly +Atk. Lefties gives me nine HP back every turn and now literally every hit point matters, lol

    Turn 11: Struggle/sleep, ~20/134 after lefties.
    Turn 12: Struggle...takes me to like 3/154 HP, Iwatch the bar expecting to die because of a CH or random damage but thankfully I don't die and i can Rest
    Turn 13: struggle...CH, lol/sleep. At ~70% HP thanks to the CH, what a bitch Froslass this is.
    Turn 14: struggle, Froslass doesn't die which it could have if its HP had been divisible by 4, sleep

    I know I'm going to wake up here with around 60% HP and I decide sub is better than CM. As I was explaining to someone else a few pages back, attack twice is better than one attack at 1.5× strength.

    Turn 15: struggle, die/Sub, ~40% Latios, no boosts.

    It now like 100% matters what stupid pokemon the AI decides to send out. I expected Metagross since it was a Clown trainer (Psychics) and out comes...Starmie. There's hope...I have to DP and hope I'm faster (I usually am)

    Turn 16: DP/Hydro Pump, miss.

    I realize that it's one of the two Starmie Latios beats every day, and just now I'm realize that even though two of four have Ice moves, it couldn't have been the EB Starmie with Boltbeam (aka the single best pokemon in any towerfrontier, of all time, ever, i love you starmie) because I'd taken that from Froslass, so yeah. I set up fully and kill it then Hypno, lol. Not fun but definitely a deserved victory.

    Lastly FastHippo you can I have both lost our biggest streaks to that damn sash Garchomp...I guess it's uber? And the Medicham you were lucky enough to beat has been lucky enough to beat both my Starmie team and my Lopunny team when I has all three pokes at 100%...Brightpowder and a randomply Female Gender and it used Attract and I was immobilied at +6 with a Sub three times lol, and it wasn't FP after Lopunny PARed it ever and used Drain Punch to get HP back after Luke tried to kill it. And it used Ice Punch from Starmie to Garchomp and killed it lol...and after killing Tyra it BPed my Starmie and froze with Ice Punch and why would I thaw, I hate that pokemon.
  12. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    I understand, it's just that if Claydol 2-4 are used equally, I will get to Yawn on turn 1, 373 out of 375 times(4/25 x 1/3 x 1/10 = 2/375 chance of being frozen before I can Yawn).

    I knew I was in trouble, because that Medicham had Attract and Bright Powder. If I couldn't sleep it, I could only hope that it would miss an IceP while I sub'd, instead of it using Attract on my 'Chomp.

    ADDITION: I agree that the AI usually uses the weakest move that will KO... But, this just happened, Dewgong 4 CH my Hippo on Turn 1 leaving me at 1 HP. On turn 2 it uses Surf again, instead of Signal Beam.

    Again, Hippo is 16/186, Golduck 4 used Hydro Pump again, instead of Ice Beam or Psychic.

    Another close call, Lapras beat Jolteon 4, straight up, 1 v 1.
  13. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004

    ¡¡¡¡¡incoming Jumpman Wall of Words!!!!!

    "lol 321"

    Let me start by saying this: look a little more closely at that picture. Yes, I took it in my car, because that is where I have played a good deal of the BT since like July or even June, I can't even remember. That should be indication enough of my opinion that "I probably care more about the BT than you do." I have logged well over 200 hours of both while driving since the Fall of 2006, in all different types of traffic, without even remotely coming close to an accident, which is more to indicate that either I am a fantastic driver or it really is as easy as I say it is or both than to brag.

    It is also to plainly indicate how seriously I take the BT for whatever reason—I honestly think and accept that I am a little crazy, "lol". I've been fixated on breaking 330 wins since TRE posted that record in February, and have refused to play competitive pokemon or much of any other game since then. People like Mekkah and Carl and EeveeTrainer and Fish and zerowing know my obsession first hand and understand it/"endure" me and my stubbornness and endless theorymoning and warstory-telling, and for that I can't thank them enough.

    Right now, I guess I feel ok about losing a mere 9 battles from the record (I doubt I'd've been beating myself up if I'd tied 330), for two reasons. I've already started another streak that's going pretty well since Starmie rules, and this loss will give me the opportunity to try my Cresselia/Latios/Scizor team that is more different than my 3L team than you would think. The lamest thing about losing at 321 is the fact that I have done this "the hard way" throughout and honestly deserved at least 9 more wins, for these specific reasons I’m about to detail. In Las Vegas at Smocon '08, I was at 134 wins and had a Subbed, +3 Luke at ~60% kill a poke, then whatever Hiker it was sent out Rampardos. Rather than impulsively Aura Sphere, I checked the printout of the Trainer List to see whether Aura Sphere or Sub were the way to go, remembering what happened the last time I acted before thinking long enough against a Hiker with a Subbed but not Salaced Luke (268, Focus Sash Garchomp).

    I closed my DS to do so, and after checking the sets and realizing that if it were the Scarf one I win if I AS and if it were the Sash one it didn't have the Speed EVs to outpace Lucario so AS would still win me the battle, I reopeoend my DS to AS for the win. As I do, I somehow select Substitute and go first, which means it isn't the Scarf one, and its EQ indicates that there's now a 50/50 chance it's the Sash one. Luke was now naked, and I didn't think a +3 Dark Pulse would kill it (and now calc these things every time), which means 20% chance to win if I DP and 50% chance to win if I AS, so I AS and of course it was the Sash one. Was really, really mad about losing a battle like that, as my BT printouts and old DS will tell you after I threw them across the hotel room, to uncomfortable silence from zerowing and Atlas and the others who were playing Smash and PokeSta2, lol. I realize now that Rampardos could not have outsped Lucario without a Scarf and that I beat that because I am subbed, but I don't think losing a streak of 134 due to checking the list just to make sure is "fair" (one of the few instances in which TRE's helpful list arguably cost me a streak). I virtually can't really blame anyone but myself for streaks I lose to not playing it right since I am still under the impression that my team is 99.999% assured a victory when played right (the hard part), but after this I felt so cheated that I soon asked zero the details of getting an R4 so I could hack my streak back. I didn't follow up on this, though, after later asking Fish his honest opinion of what I should do, knowing that, as a friend, he knows how important the BT is to me. He said that he honestly didn't think I should do it because "everything you've done so far has been honest and changing now would ruin that". I listened to him even if that wasn't what I wanted to hear, because he is right.

    So I played onwards in down moments the rest of the trip, getting up to 50-something by the plane ride home. My game had actually frozen twice when restarting right after throwing it, but I didn't pay that too much mind. Shortly before Vegas I lost to Metagross because Luke couldn't take two +Atk MM for the last time, and I spent a whole Saturday rebreeding with the two parents below, as these boring ass logs between me and ET you can skim through but that I'm still going to post demonstrate:

    JumpXVI (9:28:50 PM): fuck
    JumpXVI (9:28:52 PM): metagross
    igarvey (9:29:09 PM): what?
    JumpXVI (9:29:12 PM): qc ONE
    JumpXVI (9:29:14 PM): IM PLAYING
    JumpXVI (9:29:19 PM): lol caps

    JumpXVI (9:29:25 PM): ok that did a lot
    JumpXVI (9:29:44 PM): no attack raise
    JumpXVI (9:30:18 PM): sigh this is +Atk
    igarvey (9:30:32 PM): wait
    igarvey (9:30:38 PM): play by play please
    JumpXVI (9:30:42 PM): i dont want to
    igarvey (9:30:44 PM): yes
    igarvey (9:30:45 PM): do

    JumpXVI (9:30:49 PM): lol ched sub
    JumpXVI (9:31:33 PM): haha weavile
    JumpXVI (9:31:46 PM): and its sash
    JumpXVI (9:31:49 PM): this is so gay

    igarvey (9:34:11 PM): please play by play
    JumpXVI (9:34:59 PM): of course not
    JumpXVI (9:35:04 PM): how gay
    igarvey (9:35:06 PM): >:\
    igarvey (9:35:07 PM): pbp
    JumpXVI (9:35:12 PM): i just lost by 1 hp
    JumpXVI (9:35:13 PM): ok
    JumpXVI (9:35:24 PM): ds scross room

    that's the first time i threw my DS, pointing out for a reason. I took Meta to 15% with Luke and died, then Latios killed it but out came Weavile of all pokemon, who I actually killed even though it had a Sash because Night Slash doesn't OHKO but I wasn't able to kill lastpoke Tentacruel unboosted.

    igarvey (9:35:30 PM): :(
    JumpXVI (9:35:32 PM): Emilee
    JumpXVI (9:35:38 PM): i'm rebreeding lucario
    JumpXVI (9:35:45 PM): its defens cost me
    igarvey (9:35:52 PM): just take mine
    JumpXVI (9:35:58 PM): nah

    Because I refuse to use hacked pokemon when I am able to breed or softreset. So I decided to breed before going to sleep, and get something to work with when I'm able to evolve the Riolu I'm hatching in the morning:

    JumpXVI (1:48:06 AM): ok big step:
    JumpXVI (1:48:07 AM): Modest #447 Riolu: 31 / 8 - 9 / 31 / 25 - 29 / 20 - 24 / 30 - 31
    JumpXVI (1:48:11 AM): this is female
    igarvey (1:48:17 AM): ok
    JumpXVI (1:48:20 AM): all in all that part did not take long at all
    JumpXVI (1:48:20 AM): lol
    JumpXVI (1:48:36 AM): if speed isnt 31 w/e

    JumpXVI (1:48:54 AM): so ok now i have to wait till morning
    igarvey (1:49:03 AM): ok
    igarvey (1:49:07 AM): godo night :\
    JumpXVI (1:49:36 AM): and evolve both that and:
    JumpXVI (1:49:36 AM): Modest #447 Riolu: 30 - 31 / 10 - 14 / 30 - 31 / 30 - 31 / 20 - 27 / 23 - 24
    igarvey (1:49:44 AM): no
    JumpXVI (1:50:41 AM): lucario's gay not only because of daytime, happiness evolve but also 1/8 female

    JumpXVI (1:50:52 AM): no what lol
    igarvey (1:51:38 AM): no
    igarvey (1:52:14 AM): lucario is NOT gay
    igarvey (1:52:20 AM): it is probably the most heterosexual pokemon ever
    JumpXVI (1:53:18 AM): i dont mind female for some reason though
    JumpXVI (1:53:21 AM): final product
    JumpXVI (1:53:31 AM): lol 31 HP IV
    igarvey (4:47:44 PM): hows luke
    igarvey (5:35:19 PM): stop ignoring me
    igarvey (5:35:20 PM): ;.;

    note time of day...sleep, wake, eat, evolve both riolu, then start breeding while studying for the GMAT test I was going to take in two weeks

    JumpXVI (5:40:09 PM): hi
    JumpXVI (5:40:11 PM): im not
    JumpXVI (5:40:17 PM): im breeding and playing poker
    JumpXVI (5:40:23 PM): nothing too awesome yet
    igarvey (5:40:28 PM): lol
    igarvey (5:40:40 PM): i think you need more human interaction in your life
    JumpXVI (5:40:53 PM): i am going to "settle" if i dont have one by 6:50

    And I did settle, on the 31/08/31/26/24/30 one, even after 6:50pm and 7:50pm and a little after 8, when I told myself that I could turn the DS clock back if I really got something after the 8-9 hours I spent breeding with literally nothing to show for it when I needed something with 31HP/Def IVs and wanted the 30 SpA or 30 Spd to pass (or both be randomly equal/better) with acceptable SpD. That is the third time I've bred Lucario instead of hacking or even using ET's 31/31/31/31/31/31 Male Infernape as an Egg Group parent (last log snippet I promise):

    igarvey (11:13:54 PM): oh my god haha
    igarvey (11:13:56 PM): i just realized smoething
    igarvey (11:14:03 PM): i cant believe it took me this long to realize it
    igarvey (11:14:08 PM): you cant take out lucario
    JumpXVI (11:14:13 PM): huh

    igarvey (11:14:14 PM): l/l/l
    JumpXVI (11:14:18 PM): i know
    igarvey (11:14:20 PM): just like......... s/s/s/
    igarvey (11:14:32 PM): thats amazing

    JumpXVI (11:14:40 PM): anyway
    JumpXVI (11:14:45 PM): 28 Def
    JumpXVI (11:14:49 PM): 228 SpA
    JumpXVI (11:14:53 PM): 252 speed
    igarvey (11:15:14 PM): please calc how much 228 spa +5 dark pulse does to zpados lol
    JumpXVI (11:15:34 PM): wonder why i care so much about being honest
    igarvey (11:15:44 PM): no fucking clue

    And this is why if anyone's allowed to used hacked 31 IV pokes it's me, lol. ANYWAY the very first battle I had with this new Lucario, after EV training it speficially to take 49.6% max Damage from +Atk, 252 Atk EV Metagross MM, maxing speed so it can at worst tie Electrode (+Spd) after Salac, dumping the rest in SpA and Levelling Up (I used 20 or so Rare Candies but whatever the Emerald glitch is legit as far as I'm concerned lol), was against Metagross and I think even the same Pkmn Breeder Emilee...I don't remember the trainer for sure because I was driving, and I beat it handily with the fruits of my legitimate efforts of the weekend which was obviously immensely and immediately satisfying. I closed my DS and stopped to get gas on the way to work, and getting back into my car, I picked up my DS and accidentally ejected my game at battle 52, lol. I guess I should never close my DS again mid-streak???

    That one wasn't so bad but the worst was at Battle 110 about three weeks ago...my game had frozen during the weekend when I had casually set it down on my dryer while doing laundry and I lost a streak at 26, after losing one at 77 to standard-fare hax on my Starmie team and throwing the DS again, lol. I knew after turning my DS that Monday morning on and putting it in my bag to warm up as I walked down the stairs out of my apt to go to work and it froze again that I had to be really, really careful not to jostle my DS, and I handled it like an egg. Tuesday afternoon I was playing against:

    686 Drifblim Modest Wise Glasses Hypnosis Dream Eater Charge Beam Shadow Ball Def/Sp. Atk/Sp. Def

    after Lucario died to Metagross (surprise) and Latios cleaned up and Drifblim came out...however this pokemon cannot beat Lopunny and Latios switching back and forth, as I was doing while driving to see a client, but the game froze after I tilted my DS ever-so-slightly when making a switch. Incredibly lame and disappointing and "unfair"...fair in that "don't throw your DS" is the lesson I learned but come on lol.

    So whatever, I bought a new DS, money isn't an issue to me. What is an issue is losing streaks of 134, 110 and 51 to "genuine" unfairness when it is hard enough to play perfect or near-perfect pokemon for hundreds of battles in a row while also avoiding the hax that can do you in no matter how well you play, given your team (and, sometimes, team notwithstanding). I put a lot of effort into this streak and trying to break 330 in general, and, again, the lamest thing is that I "deserve" it given how at least one, if not all, of those streaks were taken from me "unfairly". The 51 one is obviously the least annoying because it "only" takes about two hours to get to 49 (given perfect play, a fast [and therefore hax-prone, I'm convinced] team, and not getting hacked anyway) but the two 100-streaks...I'm pretty sure a lot of people in this thread would hate it if they lost a streak that relatively impressive. I personally do not impress myself with a streak until it is at least ~180 now but that's me. And more people in this thread have doubtless tried very, very hard to get to 134 or 110 or 100 and failed...just trying to put it in perspective, that's all.

    Anyway, after that 2,200 word livejournal entry, I guess I'll state how I lost:

    919 Latios Timid Expert Belt Psychic Dragon Pulse Ice Beam Shadow Ball Sp. Atk/Speed

    Lost without actually getting "hacked", but I still could have played it differently and definitely will the next time I face it. As I've said somewhere in this thread, I 100% cannot Switcheroo Latios because of this one in particular, which, if I lock it into DP, can 2HKO Lopunny and easily 3HKO Lucario. Reminder of my team:

    Lopunny@Choice Scarf ** SEXY CAN I: Switcheroo/Thunder Wave/Sweet Kiss/Charm, Timid, 252HP/172Def/84Spd
    Latios@Leftovers ** unban me: DP/CM/Sub/Rest, Timid, 4HP/252SpA/252Spd
    Lucario@Salac Berry ** Tantric: AS/DP/CM/Sub, Modest, 28DefHp/240SpA/240Spd

    I PARed it and it used Psychic first turn for like 55% which sucked but is expected, and the gameplan is to switch to Latios to sacrifice it so I can bring Lopunny in to lock it into something, hopefully Dragon Pulse. If Psychic were stronger than DP this wouldn't be an issue, as I would be able to lock it into the stronger-on-Lopunny Psychic every time and therefore set up my own Latios pretty easily. I swtiched in Latios to an FP, which I've theorymonned before meant I should "Sub and see what happens, ready to sacrifice Latios should I need to but willing to take the chance to get a Sub and 2-3 CMs".

    I realize now that this isn't the best gameplan, as I'm not going to be able to stall it out of the one attack I want to, Psychic, and that there's a 50% chance I lock it into that not if but when my Latios dies. Having an unboosted and probably naked Latios up against two "Legendary Pokemon" (I was fighting Jerrell) and a 45% Lopunny waiting kind of sucks too though, because if poke two is, say, Heatran, it will be able to beat Latios one-on-one, then when I send in Lopunny I'll probably only be able to lock it into a Fire move which sucks for Luke, so that's why I didn't fire away at Latios. I did lock it into Psychic though, and it was never FP when I wanted it to be. "Oh well."

    I guess against Heatran with a 100% Latios and a 45% Lopunny I can switch it into whatever Dark or Dragon move it's going to use, knowing that it won't take out Lopunny and I'll be able to lock it into something Lati/Luke can handle. And I guess the other Legendary shit I totally don't want an unboosted Latios to face, like Regice and Cresselia, will all use stupid stuff that probably won't kill "45% Lopunny" on the switch, which means that I'll still have both Latios and Luke alive after the Switcheroo-Scarf. That at the very least is reassuring, even if the 37.5% chance where Latios gets DP off on the switch to my own Latios on Turn 2 (50/50 Psychic/Dragon Pulse and 25% FP chance) is not, lol. I've already realized weeks ago that Bullet Punch Scizor has no problem with Latios with effectively 125% HP (Sitrus), and Cresselia locks it into a Shadow Ball that does like 22% max to Scizor, if it hits (Shadow Ball doesn't 2HKO Cresselia because she is awesome and will Flash on Turn 3 after the Turn 2 TW if she doesn't get SpD Dropped on Turn 1 or CHed Turn 1-2).

    I'm getting ahead of myself even if this is an indication that I am going to see how far I can get with my Cress team as I stated above. The thought process I just outlined of how I could have played out of one of the worst situations my team can face is hopefully indicative of both how great I don't think but know my team is, but also how much thought I have put into similar situations that would otherwise screw the team over and likely most other people besides me using it.

    To know exactly what to do in that battle with Froslass I posted about a few days ago (that was battle 208 but I didn't want to spoil the "surprise" of how far I was when I had the battle)...to know why you are supposed to Charm Charizard, and not Switcheroo or even TW it first turn...to know why you are supposed to TW Yanmega and Togekiss...to know that you are supposed to Sweet Kiss Gliscor if you don't know its set...these are the kinds of things I have learned either on paper or in practice that have allowed me to still think my team is "virtually unbeatable when played right", lol. I am not even remotely trying to pat myself on the back by saying this, I merely aim to point out how difficult it is to use teams like mine and FastHippo's and even TRE's in an attempt to win 150, 200, 250, and 300 battles or more in a row. I needed every bit of my wits, prior knowledge, patience and general pokemon smarts to get my streak, and I just pointed out with that "Heatran" paragraph that there's even still room for improvement. So, Doug and any one else trying to use my team, I cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention and knowing the sets and sticking with what you know works (because I've posted it, in long boring detail, lol).

    To wrap up, just for posterity, for this run I used my Starmie team from 1-49, and then used the Cresselia team I haven't really formally posted yet either 7 or 8 times after that, mainly for some pretesting. The other 32 rounds of 7 I started were all my Lopunny team, which I think constitutes "using one team", when I don't think anyone should care what one uses for a streak of over 150 when they use predominantly one team for the more serious battles. I actually lost a streak of 150 last Wednesday using the Cress team and having used it more than the Lopunny team and having used Starmie team till battle 63 iirc. I bit the bullet though and had faith in my Lopunny team after 49 even when I know my Starmie team is much faster per round of 7, and this has more to do with the fact that I reminded myself that I've more wanted to prove that my 3L team is "the best" than just robotically try to get the record.

    Finally, I want to make clear that this post wasn't a whine, or posted to elicit "that's ok Jump, 321 is still really good" sympathy responses...though it's equally elitist to imply I don't want any congratulations, that's not what I mean either. I just wanted to post what I genuinely felt about what I've poured so much into for the last 6-8 months. I still kind of feel like 321 is a failure, though...it's really a kick in the nuts to lose some "37 minutes" before the record after having played literally some 24 game-hours straight of “perfect pokemon”. I 100% don't want to take anything away from TRE or anyong when I say/repeat this, but I really wish the Battle Tower recognized winning percentage in addition to the best streak, as the former is a better indication of skill long-term, but oh well! I will say this though, and repeat it whenever I feel like it: I am convinced that it is harder to break 300 wins in the Battle Tower than it is to be #1 on the Smogon Ladder for a good period of time. I am aware that more people Shoddy than play the BT, but my statement stands, as I am probably one of the few people who has really been very successful at both at some point in time (I did used to play competitively...lol). Ask zerowing, obviously a top competitive battler, how easily he finds it is to get to 200 or 250 wins and you will understand what I am talking about.

    And I may be too tired to still feel this way, but I told skarm and Fish earlier that, personally, I honestly and seriously would rather have broken a finger than have lost between 321 and 330. When you think about it in terms of how long it takes for a broken finger to heal, and that I've had much, much worse bone breakages, and realize that it takes what a week for a bone to set again, and that with perfect playing using a 30-minutes-per-round team and only 2½ hours per weekday max to play (I do have a job, how much attention I pay it is another story), you need to play for 5½ hours on Saturday and Sunday as well to reach 330 wins, and this is assuming you can obviously just breeze past 200 and 250 and 300 wins in a row easy...you can start to see what I mean. But maybe I'm just a little crazy (I am).
  14. ShoddykingAzza


    Jun 26, 2008
    Once in my earlier days i got haxed so bad at battle 100 (my star noooo)

    An aerodactyl was (im 99% sure) running choice band and using stone edge.

    I used thunder and it missed with gengar, i hung on with my focus sash, next turn i die to another stone edge.

    Next i send out starmie hoping for a miss. It hits i die.

    Next chomp comes in, I SD up realising i have to take on a whole team and that Stone edge can't 2HKO me. Wrong. It hits and crits while i have like 33% roughly health. Next it outspeeds me and kills me with Stone edge. Not one miss and even luckier a fricken crit while my thunder missed that could of wone me a star.

    Not to worry i won the 100 (102 actually i got beten by like the same team phew) with this team (i can only roughly remeber)

    Scarmie - Modest 252 Sp.Atk and Speed
    Expert belt
    Ice beam

    Tyranitar - Adamant 252 Atk and Sp.Def (hey it worked)
    Stone Edge

    Chomp - Adamant 252 Atk and Speed
    Choice scarf
    Fire fang
    Aerial ace (just for the tower i dont usually run choice on chomp)
  15. ShoddykingAzza


    Jun 26, 2008
    Hmm now that i'm good i should try to get over 300 but it seems boring i'd rather shoddy.
  16. Little Green Yoda

    Little Green Yoda

    Aug 8, 2005
    Wow...that is some major dedication, Jump. If I could give you some of my Battle Tower luck, I would (a Scope Lens Gallade failed to crit me even once with Psycho Cut in 7-8 tries but somehow I managed to crit it with a T-Bolt wtf?). But it seems like a lot of your bad luck is beyond the scope of the game...maybe relax a little and be more careful not to eject your game? <_<

    And please don't game and drive. Safety first. >_>
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    what you call crazyness I call will and dedication, also pure addiction...I´m pretty much the same as you (collected the emerald frontier sets just for the sake of it, worked on and wrote the breeding guide in-between my university finals, done damage formula testing 7+ hours a day for about a month straight, thousands of hours of breeding back in RSE and hundreds in DP, etc.) and although I haven´t played the tower for a while now I can understand how you felt in each of those situations

    the least we can do is to say congrats man, because you deserve it

    jump will you stop using your 3L team now and try to break the record with your CLS one? also I´ve said it earlier and I will repeat myself but you should start playing tower doubles

    about a week ago there was a point where I almost bought a second DS lite because I´m frustrated that I can´t build the team(s) I theorymoned...the plan was also to play the tower simultaneously on both DS so if something went wrong I would still have a living streak on the other (I bet TRE does the same thing)...I haven´t bought the second one yet but decided to try another team that I am able to build and I am currently breeding for it (3-4 hrs on weekdays despite being tired as hell after work)
  18. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    Jumpman, congratulations on your 321. If not for the inordinate amount of time it takes to get a streak of 300+, I would suggest "proving" that your 3L team is best. If you are convinced that CLS is better, you should go for the record with it.

    Peterko, great idea, I have more than one DS(each of my children has one, as do I). Currently, I could do two runs. After I breed a new team.
  19. acinod


    Aug 27, 2007
    Wow nice work Jump

    BTW can you give us a sneek peek into wat your new Battle Tower Team will be? (the team containing Cresselia/Latios/Scizor)
  20. Carl

    Carl or Varl
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    Dec 23, 2004
    that's ok Jump, 321 is still really good
  21. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    lol carl fuck you (i love you)
  22. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Wow, 321 with lopunny, latios, lucario? Congratulations Jump!

    I'm rather curious as to why 2 sub/CMers and how are special defense wall foes are handled?
  23. Mekkah

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    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    That, and everything else about the triple L team can be read here: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1183919

    For a quick summary of the team: Lopunny exploits the AI by locking enemies into desired moves using Switcheroo/Choice Scarf, and Lati@s/Lucario use their complimenting resistances to switch in on one of those locked moves, Calm Mind up and sweep the three opposing Pokemon. Lopunny's other moveslots (Thunder Wave and Charm, mostly) are used for situations where Choice Scarving an opponent is undesirable.

    If you've talked (or listened) to Jump as much as I have about BT, you'll understand the word dedication.
  24. McGrrr

    McGrrr Facetious
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    Jan 23, 2005
    That was an epic post and probably the greatest post in Stark ever, because of how human and personal it is. For the older generation who grew up with Pokemon and remain within this community, I think Jumpman's experiences encapsulate the love/hate relationship we all have with the game. And it really is a community, as exemplified by the readiness of others to "endure" his bad beat stories and the readiness of all of us to share success and advice. Pokemon is not just a game; it brings (crazy) people together and long may that be so!
  25. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    I plan on using the triple-L team of lopunny, latios & lucario but wasn't sure when in the streak is it best to start using them. I would think in the first few rounds I could at least sweep with starmie or garchomp.
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