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DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Actually I won't be using those pokemon at all in my Battle Tower runs as that was an old team for the Battle Tower way back when.
  2. acinod


    Aug 27, 2007
    To Jump and everyone else on the Top 10 who use Trick-base team.

    None of your setup Pokemon can deal with Shedinja.
    So what do you do when a Shedinja appears? Do you just stall it?

    For example I am trying out Jump's team idea:

    Latias@Choice Scarf: Trick/TW/Charm/Flash, Bold, 252HP/226Def/32Spd
    Garchomp@Lum Berry: EQ/OR/SD/Sub, Adamant, 4HP/252Atk/252Spd
    Scizor@Sitrus Berry: BP/SP/Sub/SD, Adamant, Technician, 172HP/252Atk/84Spd

    What do I do when a Shedinja comes up (they haven't came up yet but I need to be ready for it).
  3. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    you could´ve researched the links in the opening post...none of the trainers you face after battle 49 has a shedinja, in fact I think you can only face one in battles 1-14 (I´d have to research that one myself lol)

    anyway, you should understand now

    EDIT: basically you should only need starmie and rarely garchomp in battles 1-49, also bring something to deal with palmer´s cresselia
  4. acinod


    Aug 27, 2007
    so thats why Jump used his Starmie team for the first 49 battles and switched after that.
  5. garo


    Apr 5, 2008
    congrats to jumpman16!!!

    i always carried something to kill shedinja in my first attempts at the tower because it completely walled a marowak team i tried some time ago, but as peterko says, shedinja only appears in battles 1-48 (it still appears after battle 14 because i faced it after beating palmer´s first battle if remember correctly), so if you carry shedinja countermoves for that solely purpose, after 49 it just will be a wasted moveslot.

    as i wrote in the title, here comes another congrats post to jumpman, im pretty sure he is bored because all the reading of the same "congrats to jump" over and over again lol.
    well.. i dont care so here it comes lol: congrats on reaching the peak in the singles tower, nobody deserves and have the skills to be there more than you, i mean even if somebody creates a team capable of that, it still requires time and patience to be the number one, and thats precisely the thing i admire of you: your motivation to keep battling the tower, even with the frustating hax, you keep strugling like half year until you succeded.
    on the other hand i just did some spreaded attemps at the tower the last months, i got greatly discouraged because i cant see a short term goal, i mean i can start a streak today but it wont be something significant tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because it requires several days to reach a good streak without losing, several weeks or months if you lose and i have no warranty of reaching something good by investing time, and in fact thats weird because in real life issues i always think in middle and long term before doing anything, because i want to have control over everyting (impossible but still i want to lol) i guess it is because a wrong move in real life can mess you big time and there´s no ridicously bad luck against you just the fair amount lol.

    so to summarize i think that my experience gives more credit to you and i want some of your patience lol, also i hope your streak reaches an epic record when you continue with it.

    P.S. to mr. goodbar, if you keep listing the tower important hax items, i think that grouping the focus band pokes is really important, i.e. you fully set upped a poke and start sweeping but a focus band poke gets lucky and faints your poke.
  6. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    thanks garo, i appreciate the detailed congratulations and i'm pretty sure i know exactly what you mean with the real-life applications and seeing it in the long term. that is obviously the lamest think about losing any streak, when you know full well that it takes literally over 24-hours of mistake-free pokemon to sniff your goal (331), so i just tried to play when i could, driving to and from work pretty much every time in the last three months of my "odyssey" and sneaking 7 battles on my lunch break after eating fast (though it wasnt like my line of work has set hour-long lunch breaks).

    i was just motivated like you said, it's "silly" cause it's a game and all so i just hope that i can again have the same motivation i put towards the BT for something "more productive" like my music passion and even poker which "at least" makes me money, i dont doubt that i will though and it sure isn't going to be shoddy because i dont really care and i kind of hope it isn't the platinum battle frontier when PT comes out next april or whatever because lol, "i dont have the time" for another BT/BF obsession as much as i love pokemon and the BT/BF.

    the "long term" thing applied to me as well...after losing one particular streak like two months ago i had to accept that "i'm not going to get to 330 tomorrow" and that kind of calmed me cause i knew to stay rational in my efforts and not try to blaze through like 140 battles in a day even though it's "possible", because besides the obvious short-term time constraint it would almost necessitate rushed play or even for me to use my starmie team, which...

    is one i used from 1-49 sheerly because of time, and nothing else. going back to Emerald's Battle Tower I have stalled out Sheddy with my Suicune and EQ Curselax if I had to because it can't really beat me, but that would only be if i had a decent streak going (where something as "low" as ~40 was and is decent in Emerald lol, what a haxy tower). there's only one Shedinja in the DP BT which you can't see after battle 49 as mentioned, and at worst it would have made me use jus the Lopunny team which has Sweet Kiss for it whick would be bound to work, and, if not, I'd just Charm it three times, lock it into something Lucario doesn't care about (or Latios if it's Confuse Ray) and then stall it out very, very easily (regardless of the fact that Luke has Dark Pulse). Cresselia would be the same even, locking it into something stupid and flashing it as many times as possible, then Scizor won't care at all, not with resistances to both X-Scissor and Shadow Sneak and literally 120 PP to "waste". I just wouldn't let something like Shedinja beat me or even make me alter my team, even if it did feature more in the BT. And as far as your other question:

    besides the fact that ive posted at least one of their IVs in this thread already, what difference does it make?
  7. Eppie


    Aug 26, 2008

    I think he's wondering if Scizor's EV spread is based on the IV's,
    as Cress/Lat just go with 252 HP/252 Spd and 252 SpA/252 Spd EV's.
  8. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    More congrats to Jump for becoming the ultimate strong BT champion!

    I think people relate to this story of success in the face of adversity because of Jump's epic Walls of Words - we got to know this guy from his relationship to the BT, what his goals were and how he planned to achieve them.

    Coming close with 321, then picking himself up Rocky-style to come back and take the record: this is clearly the stuff of movies. Anybody want to spec a script for Battles Achieve Nothing! Take My Hand! It's All About Love! The Jumpman16 Story? Create-a-Screenplay Project, anyone?
  9. McLovinn


    Oct 14, 2007
    Okay, I'm upto 52 on Multi Records.

    I'll continue my streak, and when I get a final, upload me then.
  10. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    When am I going to get uploaded/put on the list?
  11. McLovinn


    Oct 14, 2007
    Alright, I've finished my Multi Streak: 59. I just got bored, and turned off my game.

    Also, if I need to get a photo, I can't do it right now... next week, yes. I'll post my team at the same time.

    Anyway, I've started off on Single again, just beat Palmer, yes, take a look:

    Qwilfish@Expert Belt ** PuffBall
    Adamant - 252 Atk/252 spd/6 hp - Swift Swim
    Swords Dance
    Poison Jab

    Latias@Leftovers ** kthnxBAI
    Timid - 252 spatk/252 spd/6 hp
    Dragon Pulse
    Calm Mind
    Grass Knot

    Ratatta@Focus Sash ** OMEGA RAT
    Does this shit really matter?
    Sucker Punch
    Quick Attack


    Okay, the Qwilfish is my starter because of two reasons. It can SD up, and then sweep. Any threats, it can explode on them. Qwilfish usually just wins the game for me, in its own right.

    Then comes Latias. Latias is simple - its just a suicidal freak; it'll go in there like mental. However, I usually calm mind once, if Qwilfish is outta the game. Its just... safer.

    Finally, Ratatta. We've all heard of F.E.A.R. Its so simple, but yet so effective. And cheap :p. Something attacks, you Endeavour (its never gonna survive anything from any Level 100 EVed shit. A Shuckle could probably KO it.) Then Quick Attack. For Ghosts, theres Sucker punch.
    We all know how to counter it, but the Battle Tower don't. I just 1-0ed Palmer (part 1) with it just now. Killed its Dragonite :p.

    Anyway, take a look at my team, see if you like it. Any suggestions too.
  12. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005

    a story by Peterko, smogon.com/forum post #500...does this qualify as a "wall of text"? 3000+ words (before the streak log)

    I´m so disappointed (angry before) right now...I was on my way beating jump´s record just a week after he achieved his (which I would´ve apologized for of course) and then a dusknoir killed my whole team, what a stupid joke...now I´m somewhere in the middle of the list which is absolutely no satisfaction


    Latios @ Choice Specs*
    Hasty, Levitate, Lv.50 stats: 158/106/81/271*/130/172 (IVs tba, it´s Lv.100)
    - Surf
    - Thunderbolt
    - Psychic
    - Draco Meteor

    Skarmory @ Shed Shell
    Impish, Sturdy, Lv.50 stats: 170/96/187/46/113/91 (IVs 28/22/31/x/31/31)
    - Brave Bird
    - Substitute
    - Roost
    - Toxic

    Snorlax @ Leftovers
    Careful, Thick Fat, Lv.50 stats: 266/130/84/63/178/48 (IVs tba, it´s Lv.100)
    - Return
    - Crunch
    - Curse
    - Rest

    RECORD: 244 wins

    win-loss: 195-1
    1-0 score: 5 in 195 battles or 2,5641%
    2-0 score: 24 in 195 battles or 12,3077%
    3-0 score: 166 in 195 battles or 85,1282%

    latios beat alone 136/585 = 23,25% pokémon
    skarmory beat alone 191/585 = 32,65% pokémon
    snorlax beat alone 179/585 = 30,60% pokémon
    79/585 = 13,50% were beaten by two or all team members working together

    I came back to pokémon end of september after like 3 months during which I played other games, reviving my theorymoned ideas but still frustrated that there´s no Spiritomb available.

    I´ve started to breed skarmory, seeing as I didn´t want my only roost TM to be used up for this, roost was my first egg move of choice, the others were brave bird, aerial ace and whirlwind (if I ever needed a spiker or „competitive“ one)...after deciding the set I taught the father toxic instead of aerial ace (I know I have access to both through emerald but whatever)...it really really sucks that curse is pretty much impossible with the other egg moves, I went for 31 defense, sp.D and speed while waiting for a random 28+ HP, parents of the one I used in my run were a x/31/31/x/31/31 father and a x/x/31/x/31/31 mother. Another skarmory issue is the moveset syndrome, which means sub, roost and STAB/toxic/protect/taunt/curse

    Anyway, I´ve decided to try the toxic roost set with sub and brave bird first. I ´ve bred my 28/22/31/x/31/31 skarmory in about two weeks which is relatively good (compared to lucario which took over 2 months lol), EV training and leveling up took about a day (I always battle the ace trainer in the sandstorm area to level up, I bring 2 exploders and beat chansey 1on1)...

    Well, but what would I do without Spiritomb? I´ve already stated this here (topic) that there was a day or two when I was 90% decided to go buy another DS Lite just for Spiritomb but I didn´t, because suddenly, out of nowhere I came up with

    Garchomp @ choice band, jolly, outrage, quake, stone edge, fire fang
    Skarmory @ shed shell, impish, brave bird, sub, roost, toxic
    Snorlax @ lefties, careful, return, curse, rest, crunch

    As I was already at 42 at that time (from my Lucario test-run) why not test the team? This is the run I posted earlier about when my DS Lite got a life and ruined my streak of 75 by switching itself off and then on (soft reset)...seeing as this happened a few days ago during skarmory egg soft resetting (I though I accidentally pulled the switch then) I knew this was no coincidence which means I was pretty much forced to buy a new DS if I wanted to give the tower a new try

    I did buy another one and after getting Spiritomb (they way you get it is a stupid gamefreak joke I mean what the hell) and not being in the mood for breeding it (lol) I gave the team another chance...it worked until I was raped by a Gyarados at 73 wins which was a bit unlucky (it was the 4th one) who flinched my garchomp after a DD with waterfall (1HP left) and skarmory couldn´t do the job and I lost

    The next run was better and I was confident (at that time I already knew I had a problem with boosting physical waters like feraligatr and gyarados who hit me neutral with waterfall and garchomp couldn´t OHKO them even with outrage/SE)...well, I lost at battle #98 to surprise, gyarados 3... I got simply outplayed by the AI who planned his team and lured me into quake turn one with a houndoom (now I know I should´ve gone to snorlax and set up)...anyway, after a forced switch to skarm the flinchdos beat me…with waterfall, ice fang, bite (20%, 10% 30%) AND a king´s rock (omfg) AND dragon dance that gyarados is way more of a hacker than a serene air slash togekiss could ever be so it flinched me like crazy

    I made a strategy analysis and all combinations of damage calcs to find a way through another gyarados encounter but it would still be a toss up.

    The freak I am never stops theorymoning and countering things which lets me come up with „ideas out of nowhere“...later that same day while brushing my teeth before going to bed (lol I walk up and down the bathroom and think about random things almost „meditate“ for like 5 minutes) ... what to use so that I maintain my nice coverage and team synergy and am able to beat physical waters? Then it struck me like a zapdos´ thunderbolt....


    And then it went like this
    physical water - thunderbolt, check
    fire/fighting types who beat skarmlax - psychic and resists, check
    will not fall victim to a fisstrio starter, check
    does not suffer from intimidate, check (actually this is the main reason you should have a special attacker as a starter)
    type resists, team synergy, check
    I checked all of the stuff I could and was confident

    The next day I made some damage calcs which promptly made me LOL big time, because latios couldn´t do shit with the minor boosting items like expert belt and wise glasses and really needed a choice specs...

    In the afternoon I made a speedrun through battles 1-49 with starmie, CB chomp and snorlax...it took like 2,5 hours (jump says ideally it´s a 2hour job, note: it took me like 2:08 yesterday although I almost got swept by drilldon)

    And then the 244 streak started

    I used:
    1. a paper/pen combo or a PC to write down the log
    2. a printed or a PC version of the tower trainers list (battle 50 onwards)
    3. a printed or a PC version of the tower pokémon list (I made another shorter one with only pokémon that have 4 sets and some 2set ones also which I knew I could face)
    4. a calculator (mostly in situations I had to take out something with latios)
    5. my brain (lol what else?) and 6 year competitive pokémon experience

    At first my latios set was dragon pulse, thunderbolt, psychic, draco meteor but after facing heatran which I could only hit for neutral damage with thunderbolt I decided I needed surf (which gives a very nice coverage)...dragon pulse had to go because a) draco meteor was too awesome of a finishing move which killed everything I needed and the team strategy wasn´t sweeping with latios anyway, but more like latios lures the starters and only comes into action to help his teammates if there is a threat they can´t handle or to finish off the job (yeah this might sound ridiculous when you have a specs latios starter and use it like that but that´s the point)

    There are many things I´d like to post about this team but I´ll probably forget a lot of them.

    Latios will face a lot of ice moves, if they are special it means a chance to set up snorlax right? Yeah snorlax loves to face special water types, my most favourite being milotic4...I need less turns if they have hydro pump...hold on dude, ice beam can and will freeze you and then your snorlax is dead

    No ladies and gentlemen
    1. on an ice move I switch to skarmory first 90% of the time to absorb it, because, you know, a frozen skarmory can still beat those OHKO users
    2. turn 3 I switch to snorlax which gets surfed or whatever and I slowly start to set up with reststall and throwing curses somewhere in the middle
    3. I go to snorlax straight when facing froslass because lol froslass can´t do shit to snorlax (I write down 3-0 the moment I see one)

    There are like 153 tower pokémon with 4 sets so I can´t tell you what to do when you face each one of them, but I will stress this as many times as possible, use the trainer list with the moveset list for the best results, there is nothing you can do better than that

    - is the one that got me gold in the battle palace and was part of my 285 double battle tower run in the frontier
    - it´s my own latios that I soft reset, I got the ticket from a german friend when I competed (and won) in a tournament with the best of the best players in germany like 2 years ago (another story)
    - it´s hasty and the defense is not great which means I get killed by a lot of physical hits I mean I ´d rather not stay on a possible QC granbull return even if latios OHKOs
    - the EV spread...emerald, I brought most of my pokémon to lv.100 and only played lv.100 frontier and that´s why it´s impossible to change the EV spread although I wouldn´t make big changes...only put 4 more EVs into speed, as stated in one of my latest posts, it hits 341 speed at lv.100 because it couldn´t hit 350 and 341 was the nearest reasonable and obvious one
    - 252 EV´d 30 sA IV with specs at level 50 means a 2 point difference (273-271) when compared to a flawless one which is good
    - the rest of the EVs went to HP

    So latios basically kills everything it hits neutrally with draco meteor…wait not everything but I was surprised at the hit efficiency of this, I mean I only missed twice in all those battles and that was twice in a row against a powder moltres

    Thunderbolt is obviously used against water types and flying types if needed, Psychic is only used for fighting types (which helps a lot) and sometimes for neutral 2HKOs, I use surf against fire teams or to finish off things like heatran…also what I had to learn the painful way (almost lost) you should always surf a golem starter even if you risk to get QCed (I think a non CH stone edge won´t OHKO me) because that subpunch fucker is a pain (remember the roost side effect and toxic will miss before it subs)

    I try to let latios live unless I desperately need that it kills something, because skarmlax have a common weakness in infernape/blaziken.

    - I love it
    - did I say I love it? I do, although I never ever used one (I´m an old GSC skarmblis hater)
    - my biggest nightmare since the frontier was the doubleOHKOresttalk walrein, then there´s also lapras and dewgong, etc.…I always tried to devise strategies and teams to not get assraped by those, seriously you will lose against them sooner or later unprepared…with skarmory I laugh so hard it´s not even funny…the likes of walrein are not a nightmare anymore, more like a “welcome to win”, I LIKE to face PI trainers (which was unthinkable and a “oh fck not this one” situation in the past)
    - what you do against those is sub-roost as they PP waste rest and then toxic them, they will try to OHKO you first even with sturdy but they will only use rest afterwards (and DT until +6)
    - the EVs are a special build, 91 speed to beat non +speed breloom4 (sash one) because the previous team (chomp starter) had a huge bre4 weak and I don´t want to lose to this if it passes latios somehow either
    - subroostoxic is so good, I just wish toxic had 100 accuracy because 95% of the few times I faced a loss was because toxic missed at least twice in a row, brave bird because I couldn t get drill peck with the others as egg moves and aerial is too weak, on the other hand the second skarmory set I would use would be curseAAsubroost
    - the item is my biggest concern…it has no use lol, I literally faced 1 or 2 magnezones, OK probopass, but only the one with discharge which I could still beat, I stayed in on probopass most of the time anyway, other than that I have to reconsider this…brightpowder, sitrus berry or lum berry are currently other options, but I haven´t theorymoned this yet

    Skarmory gets a lot of play time and by lot I mean a lot…I toxic stall almost everything there is…and even if the foe is immune to toxic I beat it with skarmory (I PPstall metagross of MM, zenbutt and then it explodes, sometimes even a lot sooner if it doesn´t get a boost – this is risky but no other way for me to handle meta, I faced one 3-4 times)

    I try to toxic turn one and proceed to subroost until the target dies in 6 turns while trying to maintain a sub…I never thought that it would be such a tough challenge for so many pokémon to break a 42 HP sub, incredible

    - my advance curselax, the first one I bred, it has awesome IVs
    - return over body slam because I once lost against a DT lapras because a +6 body slam couldn´t OHKO…return is just a reliable and hard hitting move
    - I thought about fire punch but sticked with crunch…rock types eat me which sucks for this team even more, I will reconsider the two damaging moves

    Depending on how I feel I either PP waste their best special move with rest and fully
    set up afterwards or get 2-3 curses and attack…the 252HP/252spD EV spread means that almost no pokémon attacking from the special side can beat you, save for focus blasting gardevoir which 3HKOs and others that hack you badly with side effects and two or more CHs in a row.

    I don´t like to be forced to use this against physical fire and electric types (generally physical attackers) without a few curses under my belt…Glaceon and Froslass are the most favourite starters that snorlax loves to switch in.

    what I don´t like to face with this team (in no particular order):

    - moltres 3 is gay…I switch to snorlax turn 1 just when it prepares a sky attack, then I absorb it with skarmory and go back to lax, it uses fire blast/overheat most of the time and then u-turn…I hate u-turn in general because I don´t know what´s coming in and this team relies heavily on the fact that you know what´s coming and act accordingly…I should kill it with latios right away

    - tyranitar if it is the 4th variant, I only faced one and it was…let´s say close, the AI likes the scarf one (3) more which breaks his teeth on the wall that is called skarmory, I was thankful for that

    - rhyperior because I don´t have a rock resist (I think the only type) and QC always screws you

    - metagross as stated before, I have to PP stall meteor mash and sometimes the whole zen headbutt before it commits suicide

    - dragonite 4 because it holds brightpowder and waterfall flinches…one close call because toxic missed twice in a row ._.

    - houndoom 4 if it is female…go figure (hint: battle #212), all previous were male which meant a straight 3-0

    - hammer arm…fuck gamefreak for this useless move they put on things like rhyperior and ursaring

    - granbull 4…this was and will always be one of the most dangerous tower pokémon…I wouldn´t mind if quick claw worked on all 5 close combats vs skarmory

    - weavile 4 sort of…everything´s fine unless ice punch freezes skarmory

    - probopass because I faced it a million times and always had to work my way around it depending on the set…although each of my pokémon beats probopass

    - yeah and the scarf rampardos (set4)…if that one head smashed me right away I would lose badly because it 2hkos skarm…so far I faced it IIRC twice and it used earthquake the first time and iron tail (skarm bait) the second time which means the AI doesn´t want to use head smash? I have no clue but recoil doesn´t prevent the AI from using flare blitz etc.

    maybe I´ll add more text…or not

    HOW I LOST a.k.a the shit that should´ve waited three more days before it hit me:
    BATTLE #245: Guitarist Dalvin (1st time I faced this one IIRC)
    latios vs dusknoir
    R1: switch to skarm, shadow punch
    R2: toxic missed, 1st fire punch burned
    R3: roost, thunderpunch crap dmg
    R4: toxic missed, thunderpunch CH KO
    R5: earthquake, curse
    R6: earthquake, curse
    R7: earthquake, rest
    R8: earthquake, sleep
    R9: earthquake CH, sleep
    R10: earthquake CH KO
    latios which means 0,0000000% chance to win
    R11: draco meteor lol not even KO, shadow punch OHKO (calced before so I knew)

    I should´ve gone to snorlax turn1, curse up and win 3-0 like I almost always won against guitarists...EDIT here: after facing one early in my next run with this team you switch between snorlax and latios and it will only use shadow punch/earthquake which you PP waste (quake) and set up snorlax on thunderpunch which won´t be as dangerous even with a CH (I´ve used this kind of tactics before but I believed in not being haxed which was a big mistake)


    battle #, trainer, pokémon 1-3 are clear, then comes the score and my battle notes, mostly which pokémon was killed by mine,
    L = latios
    S = skarmory
    X = snorlax

    XXX = not what you may think, snorlax swept the whole gang
    LSX = latios beat pkmn1, skarmory beat pkmn2, snorlax beat pkmn3
    SSS+X = skarmory beat the first two and worked together with snorlax to beat the last one

     #  Trainer              Pokémon 1    Pokémon 2    Pokémon 3    ScoreNotes
     50 Dragon Tamer Alonso  Rhydon       Drapion      Milotic       3-0 LLL
     51 Sailor Kegan         Hariyama     Blaziken     Starmie       3-0 LLX
     52 Socialite Kailey     Golem        Tauros       Skarmory      3-0 LSL
     53 Rancher Alton        Jynx         Absol        Abomasnow 4   3-0 LSS
     54 Black Belt Benny     Entei        Rapidash     Moltres       3-0 LLX
     55 Ace Trainer Jayden   Walrein 1    Jynx 2       Articuno 4    3-0 XXX
     56 Gentleman Kennedy    Houndoom 4   Claydol 4    Leafeon 4     3-0 XXS
     57 Cyclist Demetri      Exploud 3    Primeape     Infernape     3-0 LLL
     58 Idol Yvette          Espeon       Jolteon 3    Flareon 4     3-0 LXX
     59 Collector Kelton     Pinsir 1     Claydol 1    forgot        3-0 SSS
     60 Ace Trainer Lionel   Weavile 4    Arcanine 4   forgot        1-0 X+SS+XL
     61 Dragon Tamer Hernan  Lapras 4     Skarmory 4   Tyranitar 2   3-0 XXX
     62 PKMN Breeder Tiffani Salamence 4  Glaceon 4    Roserade 4    3-0 LXX
     63 Cowgirl Sophie       Bastiodon 4  Manectric 4  Muk 4         1-0 L+SXS
     64 Watress Kaila        Luxray 2     Pinsir 2     Tangrowth 2   3-0 LSL
     65 PKMN Ranger Joy      Weezing 4    Sceptile 4   Forretress 4  3-0 LSS
     66 Reporter Johanna     Gardevoir 2  Slowking     Jolteon       3-0 XXX
     67 Idol Yvette          Espeon       Glaceon 2    Umbreon 3     3-0 LXX
     68 Black Belt Benny     Heracross    Infernape    Hitmontop     3-0 LLL
     69 Psychic Clyde        Latios       Hypno 4      Slowking 2    3-0 LSL
     70 Collector Kelton     Snorlax 1    Ursaring 1   Tangrowth 1   3-0 LLS
     71 PKMN Ranger Denver   Raikou       Latios 1     Heatran 1     3-0 LSX
     72 PI Chester           Drifblim 2   Wailord 4    Probopass 2   3-0 SS+X+LL
     73 Worker Layne         Lucario      Bastiodon 2  Gallade       3-0 LXX
     74 Aroma Lady Nadia     Roserade     Shiftry      Venusaur      3-0 LSS
     75 PI Codi              Pinsir 4     Gengar 4     Dugtrio 3     3-0 SLL
     76 Idol Sidney          Meganium 3   Blaziken 1   Venusaur 3    3-0 SS+XX+L
     77 Gentleman Jerrel     Latias       Latios 3     Entei 4       3-0 LLX
     78 PI Coby              Rhydon 4     Mamoswine 3  Skuntank 4    2-0 SSS
     79 Ace Trainer Abbey    Ninetales 4  Rhyperior 4  Tentacruel 4  3-0 XXX
     80 Parasol Lady Christa Clefable 2   Banette 2    Wartortle     3-0 SSL
     81 PKMN Breeder Harvey  Wailord 4    Honchkrow 4  Machamp 4     3-0 LSS R1=QC+FRZ+Defrost
     82 Ace Trainer Irene    Latias       Latios 3     Regirock 1    3-0 LLS
     83 Worker Layne         Medicham     Blaziken 3   Machamp       3-0 LS+LL
     84 Hiker Andreas        Flygon       Tyranitar 3  Golem 3       3-0 LSS
     85 Worker Layne         Aerodactyl 2 Armaldo 4    Breloom 4     3-0 SSS
     86 Socialite Kailey     Raichu 3     Lanturn 3    Golem 3       2-0 LL+XX
     87 Pokéfan Carley        Skarmory 4  Medicham 4   Raichu 4      2-0 LLX
     88 Ace Trainer Celina   Dewgong 4    Froslass 4   Mamoswine 2   3-0 XXX
     89 Idol Sidney          Sceptile     Meganium 4   Empoleon 1    3-0 LSL
     90 Camper Justyn        Probopass 4  Slaking 4    Milotic 4     2-0 LSS+L
     91 PKMN Ranger Denver   Latias       Cresselia 3  Regigigas 1   3-0 LSS
     92 Cowgirl Margot       Hypno 4      Raichu 4     Skarmory 4    3-0 SS+LL
     93 Picnicker Serena     Politoed 4   Yanmega 4    Houndoom 4    3-0 XXX
     94 Bird Keeper Allie    Gliscor 3    Staraptor 4  Togekiss 4    3-0 SSS+L
     95 Guitarist Markell    Drifblim 4   Mismagius 4  Slowbro 4     3-0 SS+XX
     96 Scientist Carlo      Skarmory 2   Poliwrath 2  Lopunny 2     3-0 LLS
     97 Ace Trainer Lionel   Electivire 4 Vaporeon 4   Lickilicky    3-0 LXX
     98 Scientist Jarred     Houndoom 2   Porygon-Z 2  Magmortar 2   3-0 LXL
     99 Bird Keeper Allie    Gyarados     Honchkrow 3  Charizard 4   3-0 LSL
    100 Socialite Mayra      Registeel 4  Latias 3     Zapdos        3-0 L+SXX
    101 Ace Trainer Celina   Froslass 2   Glaceon 3    Glalie 1      3-0 XXX
    102 Veteran Antony       Drapion 3    Arcanine 3   Magnezone 3   3-0 LS+XX
    103 PI Codi              Rapidash     Nidoking 1   Hippowdon 3   3-0 SSS
    104 Pokéfan Ted          Altaria 4    Mr. Mime 4   Manectric 4   3-0 LLL
    105 Psychic Clyde        Jynx         Latios 3     Slowking 3    3-0 LSX
    106 PKMN Ranger Darcy    Heatran 4    Registeel 4  Cresselia 2   2-0 boom boom XSS
    107 Idol Claudia         Lanturn 4    Lickilicky 4 Manectric 4   3-0 XX+SL
    108 Psychic Gunner       Starmie 3    Gallade 2    Slowbro 4     3-0 XXX
    109 Picnicker Serena     Gyarados 4   Houndoom 4   Roserade 4    3-0 LXX
    110 Cowgirl Margot       Exploud 4    Mr. Mime 4   Bastiodon 4   3-0 XXX
    111 Waiter Kevon         Rhydon 2     Typhlosion 2 Shiftry 2     3-0 SS+LS
    112 Ace Trainer Irene    Moltres 4    Regirock 1   Latias        3-0 XXX
    113 Cyclist Mariana      Snorlax 2    Tauros 3     Blaziken 2    3-0 LSS
    114 Cowgirl Margot       Mr. Mime 4   Hypno 4      Manectric 4   3-0 XXX
    115 Ace Trainer Dallin   Weavile 4    Abomasnow 1  Regice 2      3-0 SSX
    116 Idol Elaine          Charizard    Swampert 3   Blaziken 4    3-0 LXX
    117 Bird Keeper Anissa   Gyarados     Yanmega      Dragonite 3   3-0 LLL+S+X
    118 Roughneck Aidan      Toxicroak    Dusknoir 2   Muk 3         3-0 LXX
    119 Ace Trainer Jayden   Lapras 4     Mamoswine    Weavile       3-0 XXX
    120 Cowgirl Sophie       Exploud 4    Bastiodon 4  Mr. Mime 4    3-0 SS+LS
    121 Veteran Mikel        Suicune 3    Regice 2     Cresselia 3   3-0 LSL+S
    122 Roughneck Brant      Tentacruel 2 Nidoking 2   Weezing 2     3-0 L+SS+X+L
    123 Dragon Tamer Hernan  Rhydon 3     Kingdra 4     Latios 2     3-0 SXX
    124 Ace Trainer Lionel   Tangrowth 4  Probopass 4  Gallade 4     3-0 SXX
    125 Scientist Carlo      Tauros 2     Poliwrath 2  Kangaskhan 2  3-0 SSS
    126 Sailor Cain          Poltoed 4    Heracross 3  Kingdra 4     3-0 XXX
    127 Battle Girl Kristy   Flareon      Moltres 3    Ninetales 3   2-0 LXX+L
    128 Black Belt Benny     Moltres 3    Hitmonchan 2 Machamp 4     3-0 SLS
    129 Ace Trainer Celina   Articuno 3   Lapras 4     Glalie 2      2-0 XXL sheer cold
    130 Cyclist Mariana      Staraptor    Slaking 3    Tauros 3      3-0 LSS
    131 Fisherman Turner     Wailord      Slowking 3   Starmie       3-0 LL+SX
    132 Veteran Antony       Donphan 3    Machamp 3    Tangrowth 3   3-0 SLL
    133 Rancher Kellen       Sceptile 4   Charizard 4  Nidoking 4    3-0 SS+XX
    134 Waitress Jaime       Swampert 2   Typhlosion 2 Venusaur 2    3-0 LLL
    135 Hiker Andreas        Dugtrio 4    Shuckle 2    Cradily 2     3-0 SSS
    135 PKMN Ranger Darcy    Cresselia 4  Moltres 4    Regirock 1    3-0 SXX
    137 Pokéfan Selina       Bastiodon 4  Swampert 4   Granbull 4    3-0 LSS
    138 Parasol Lady Christa Croconaw 2   Misdreavus 2 Golbat 2      3-0 LSS
    139 Rancher Alton        Exploud 4    Froslass 4   Swampert 4    3-0 SS+XX
    140 Cyclist Kristi       Snorlax 4    Togekiss 3   Blissey 3     3-0 LS+XX
    141 Cyclist Demetri      Hitmontop 2  Ursaring 3   Miltank 2     3-0 LSS
    142 Ace Trainer Irene    Zapdos       Regice 1     Entei         3-0 LS+XX
    143 Clown River          Froslass 2   Gengar 2     Exeggutor 4   3-0 XXX
    144 PKMN Breeder Tiffani Metagross 4  Magmortar 4  Milotic 4     3-0 SS+XX
    145 Policeman Tavon      Probopass 4  Forretress 2 Bastiodon 2   2-0 LSS+L
    146 Roughneck Aidan      Mightyena 2  Mismagius 4  Skuntank      3-0 SS+XX
    147 PI Chester           Rapidash     Muk 3        Glalie 2      3-0 SSS
    148 Ruin Maniac Titus    Aerodactyl 4 Tyranitar 3  Lunatone 2    3-0 SSS
    149 Reporter Johanna     Jynx         Jolteon 3    Electivire 2  3-0 LXX
    150 Psychic Clyde        Mr. Mime     Latias 2     Jynx 4        3-0 LSS
    151 Dragon Tamer Alonso  Latios 4     Altaria      Aggron        2-0 S+XXX
    152 Cyclist Lyle         Porygon-Z    Heracross 2  Hitmonchan 2  2-0 LS+LL CH CC
    153 PKMN Breeder Harvey  Togekiss 4   Metagross 4  Kingdra 4     3-0 SSS+L
    154 Jogger Ryne          Gliscor 3    Umbreon 3    Espeon 3      3-0 SSS
    155 PKMN Breeder Tiffani Aerodactyl 4 Yanmega 4    Gengar 4      3-0 SSS+X
    156 Scientist Carlo      Cradily 2    Meganium 2   Venusaur 2    3-0 SSS
    157 Idol Maranda         Ursaring 4   Electrode 4  Porygon2 4    3-0 SSS
    158 Guitarist Marquez    Bronzong 4   Drifblim 4   Starmie 4     3-0 XXX
    159 Picnicker Kyra       Honchkrow 4  Salamence 4  Milotic 4     3-0 SSS+X
    160 Idol Elaine          Charizard    Feraligatr 3 Torterra 3    3-0 LLS
    161 Dragon Tamer Hernan  Skarmory     Tyranitar 4  Charizard     2-0 LS+XL
    162 Reporter Johanna     Raikou 2     Raichu 2     Electivire 4  3-0 XXX
    163 Picnicker Kyra       Glaceon 4    Roserade 4   Yanmega 4     3-0 XXX
    164 Ace Trainer Lionel   Houndoom 4   Honchkrow 4  Milotic 4     3-0 XXX
    165 Socialite Mayra      Regirock 1   Zapdos 1     Latias        2-0 SS+XX+L 2CH psychics
    166 PKMN Breeder Emilee  Weavile 4    Machamp 4    Tentacruel 4  3-0 3toxics missed, FRZ thawed out right away, SSX
    167 Pokéfan Carley       Venusaur 4   Medicham 4   Absol 4       3-0 SSS
    168 Ace Trainer Ellis    Entei 2      Registeel 4  Cresselia     3-0 XXX
    169 Idol Elaine          Blaziken     Swampert 2   Torterra 3    2-0 toxic missed 2/4 LS+LL
    170 Psychic Gunner       Bronzong 2   Hypno 3      Starmie 2     3-0 S+XXX
    171 Guitarist Markell    Metagross 4  Mismagius 4  Espeon        3-0 PPwasted MM&ZH SXX
    172 Black Belt Daron     Breloom      Heracross    Entei 1       3-0 LLL
    173 Camper Justyn        Probopass 4  Dragonite 4  Blissey 4     3-0 3toxics missed, DD on roost, toxic, DD-sub, W-sub,W-sub,W-sub,W-BB LSX I was swearing hard, mum: it should be fun not make you angry
    174 Ace Trainer Abbey    Probopass 4  Politoed 4   Gyarados 4    3-0 X+SXX
    175 Scientist Jarred     Blissey 2    Leafeon 2    Roserade 2    3-0 XXX
    176 Sailor Kegan         Empoleon 4   Infernape 2  Lapras 4      3-0 XXX
    177 Ace Trainer Dallin   Glaceon 1    Regice 2     Weavile 3     3-0 X+SSS
    178 Hiker Aldo           Dugtrio 3    Rhydon 4     Garchomp 4    2-0 SSS+X+L CH quake
    179 Pokéfan Carley       Jynx 4       Dewgong 4    Golem 4       2-0 LS+XL CH stone edge
    180 Socialite Mayra      Moltres 3    Regigigas 3  Heatran 2     3-0 X+SXX
    181 Clown Kendel         Claydol 2    Drifblim 4   Dusknoir      3-0 S+XXX
    182 Cyclist Mariana      Snorlax 3    Medicham 4   Ambipom 4     1-0 Fling CH last resort SSS
    183 Cyclis Demetri       Granbull 4   Porygon-Z 2  Medicham 4    3-0 SSS
    184 Guitarist Marquez    Manectric 4  Gallade 4    Luxray 4      3-0 SSS+L+X
    185 Camper Leland        Rampardos 4  Blissey 4    Roserade 4    3-0 SSS
    186 Ruin Maniac Titus    Lairon 2     Rampardos    Bastiodon 1   2-0 LLS
    187 Veteran Mikel        Regice 1     Regirock 2   Heatran 4     2-0 1HP left thawed out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 11 thunderbolts XXX+L+S
    188 Ace Trainer Jayden   Weavile 3    Froslass 1   Lapras 2      3-0 SS+XS
    189 Idol Sidney          Typhlosion   Feraligatr 2 Infernape 4   3-0 LS+XX
    190 Camper Leland        Flareon 4    Dragonite 4  Houndoom 4    2-0 L+XXX
    191 Hiker Andreas        Golem 3      Tyranitar 3  Gliscor 3     1-0 last struggle ch guillotine missed, uturn S+LXX
    192 Picnicker Serena     Houndoom 4   Rhyperior 4  Porygon2 4    3-0 DP #13&14 CH, 15 flinch, tri attack #1 froze XXX
    193 Waiter Kelby         Porygon2 2   Ampharos 2   Drapion 2     3-0 SSS+L
    194 Rancher Kellen       Victreebel 4 Whiscash 4   Abomasnow 4   3-0 SSS
    195 Worker Hans          Aerodactyl 4 Aggron 3     Armaldo 2     3-0 SSS+X
    196 PKMN Ranger Rusty    Quagsire 4   Altaria 4    Shiftry 4     2-0 LLS explo on skarm
    197 Cyclist Kristi       Blaziken     Hariyama     Breloom       3-0 LLL
    198 Scientist Jarred     Scizor 2     Probopass 2  Porygon2 2    3-0 SSS
    199 PKMN Breeder Blair   Flygon 4     Jolteon 4    forgot        3-0 SS+XL
    200 Cowgirl Sophie       Marowak 4    Lopunny 4    Drifblim 4    3-0 LS+XX
    201 Roughneck Brant      Tyranitar 3  Houndoom 3   Cacturne 2    3-0 SS+XX
    202 Pokéfan Selina       Hypno 4      Drifblim 4   Golduck 4     3-0 XXX
    203 Pokéfan Ted          Infernape 4  Slowking 4   Rapidash 4    2-0 CH surf LS+XX
    204 Ace Trainer Irene    Regigigas 1  Regice1      Latias        3-0 SS+XX
    205 Policeman Tavon      Aggron       Forretress 3 Skarmory 3    3-0 LSS
    206 Camper Leland        Ursaring 4   Probopass 4  Claydol 4     3-0 S+LXX
    207 Ace Trainer Ellis    Raikou 1     Moltres 3    Entei         3-0 XX+SX
    208 Cyclist Lyle         Ursaring 2   Infernape 4  Medicham      3-0 SSL CC survived with 1HP, BB OHKO
    209 Veteran Mikel        Latias 3     Articuno 4   Registeel 2   3-0 S+XX+SL
    210 Hiker Aldo           Probopass    Nidoking     Shuckle 2     3-0 LLL
    211 Veteran Mikel        Regice 2     Latios 3     Cresselia 2   3-0 SSS
    212 Black Belt Daron     Houndoom 4   Typhlosion   Moltres       2-0 X+LLL burn+5times in a row attract
    213 Ruin Maniac Titus    Aggron       Aerodactyl 3 Shuckle 2     3-0 LSS
    214 PI Auston            Kingler 2    Glalie 4     Dugtrio 3     3-0 LS+XX
    215 Psychic Clara        Exeggutor 2  Latias 3     Jynx 4        3-0 SS+XX
    216 Clown Kendel         Gallade      Alakazam     Exeggutor 3   3-0 LXX
    217 Aroma Lady Haylee    Ludicolo 2   Torterra 4   Roserade      3-0 SSS
    218 Guitarist Marquez    Medicham 4   Alakazam 4   Metagross 4   2-0 LXX+S
    219 Worker Hans          Aggron       Machamp 2    Blaziken 2    3-0 LSS
    220 Picnicker Kyra       Porygon2 4   Roserade 4   Glaceon 4     3-0 SSS+X
    221 Psychic Gunner       Latios 1     Bronzong 1   Mr. Mime 4    3-0 SSS
    222 Cameraman Jess       Lanturn 3    Jynx 2       Ampharos 3    3-0 XXX
    223 Socialite Mayra      Zapdos       Cresselia 2  Latias        3-0 LSS
    224 Fisherman Bryon      Whiscash 4   Wailord 3    Milotic 4     3-0 SSS+X
    225 Beauty Jaclyn        Magcargo 2   Misdreavus 2 Combuskehn 2  3-0 LLL
    226 Cowgirl Margot       Gastrodon 4  Mr. Mime 4   Drifblim 4    3-0 SSS
    227 Clown Kendel         Metagross 2  Gardevoir    Slowking      3-0 S+XXX
    228 Parasol Lady Madelyn Dragonite 3  Kingdra 3    Flareon 3     3-0 XXX
    229 Socialite Mayra      Raikou       Heatran 1    Regigas 1     3-0 LXX
    230 PKMN Ranger Rusty    Rapidash 4   Floatzel 4   Meganium 4    1-0 X+L+SSS sleep3 CH sun flare blitz KO latios, megahorn 90dmg KO lax, hypno, sleep, flare blitz KO itself, sleep, rain roost gg
    231 PKMN Ranger Joy      Golduck 4    Hypno 4      Miltank 4     3-0 LSS
    232 PKMN Breeder Harvey  Milotic 4    Wailord 4    Dusknoir 4    3-0 XXX fissure missed
    233 Psychic Clara        Cresselia 3  Slowbro 4    Girafarig 2   3-0 SXX
    234 PKMN Breeder Emilee  Rampardos 4  Lapras 4     Gardevoir 4   3-0 SS+XX+L
    235 PKMN Breeder Tiffani Kingdra 4    Lucario 4    Dragonite 4   3-0 S+XXX
    236 Roughneck Aidan      Umbreon 3    Weavile      Absol 4       3-0 SSS
    237 Ace Trainer Irene    Moltres      Latias 4     Zapdos 1      3-0 LS+XX
    238 Ace Trainer Celina   Weavile 2    Walrein 1    Jynx 4        3-0 SSS
    239 Dragon Tamer Alonso  Sceptile 4   Drapion 3    Skarmory 3    3-0 SS+XX
    240 Psychic Clara        Latios 3     Exeggutor 3  Mr. Mime 3    3-0 SSS
    241 Pokéfan Cecil        Rhydon 4     Charizard 4  Lopunny 4     2-0 2AP boosts SS+XX
    242 Reporter Johanna     Jolteon 3    Espeon       Mr. Mime 3    3-0 4turn sleep XXX
    243 Socialite Kailey     Armaldo 3    Blaziken 3   Slowking 3    2-0 SLS+X
    244 Idol Yvette          Flareon 4    Espeon 2     Vaporeon 2    3-0 LXX
    245 Guitarist Dalvin     Dusknoir 4                              0-3 toxic missed 2/2 1st fire punch burned, tpunch CH, 2CHs in a row vs +2 snorlax, survived a specs draco meteor 
    good game :(
  13. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Wow, that's a lot of recording down of battles haha. Too bad Toxic always misses at crucial times...

    I think you meant 171 for Special Attack?
  14. Jumpman16

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    Dec 19, 2004
    that sucks peterko, sorry to hear that. seems you waded through a lot of lame luck to get to 244, especially battles 173 and 187

    Battle 212 kind of confirms my suspicion that attract has and has had 75% effective rate for the AI since at least Emerald, there's no way it's 50%

    that said i just can't help but wonder if the team is too slow to not get majorly gayed eventually time and time again, curselax is great as i would know from emerald but it seems like it has the biggest target ever on its big ass back enough for me to be wary of ever using it. that skarmory set is great though, substitute rules
  15. DougJustDoug

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Peterko, that is truly epic. I look forward to seeing the TBD items completed in your post. My jaw dropped when I saw that you logged details of 244 battles. It incredibly interesting to us BT Maniacs.

    I really like this streak because it is a "straight up" team. "Straight up" meaning -- you are not really abusing the AI very much. Teams that rely on Destiny Bond or ChoiceTricking are more geared to abuse the AI, in my opinion.

    Obviously all BT players are taking advantage of the AI in some way. Even Jumpman's original Starmie/Chomp/Ttar team, which is the most common "straight up" team in this thread -- preys on the AI somewhat. But, even if you took Jump's original team in regular 3v3 wifi -- it would work. OTOH, Jumpman's Lopunny team would not work so well against human competition. That's what I mean when I refer to a team being "straight up" -- because you beat the BT with normal (ie straight up) battling strategy.

    Great job. Good luck in your quest for 300+!
  16. DougJustDoug

    DougJustDoug Knows the great enthusiasms
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    Jun 26, 2007
    In Excel, save as "text" and it will make it fixed-width text columns. Paste the text in your post and wrap with "CODE" tags. It should look like this:

    [U]Battle Trainer               Pokémon 1   Pokémon 2    Pokémon 3     Score   Notes[/U]
    50     Dragon Tamer Alonso   Rhydon      Drapion      Milotic       3-0     LLL
    51     Sailor Kegan          Hariyama    Blaziken     Starmie       3-0     LLX
    52     Socialite Kailey      Golem       Tauros       Skarmory      3-0     LSL
    53     Rancher Alton         Jynx        Absol        Abomasnow 4   3-0     LSS
    54     Black Belt Benny      Entei       Rapidash     Moltres       3-0     LLX
    This will also make your overall post length shorter, since the battle log will be scrollable.
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    thanks doug

    271 = specs special attack on latios (181*1,5)

    @ jump: well my snorlax is virtually a brick wall, it almost never gets hacked (the hunderds of hits it absorbed), but when it does, it´s incredibly painful (e.g. the houndoom one and #245 of course)

    skarmory is a GOD and imo the best pokémon in the tower metagame...the only thing I don´t like is the side effect of roost (I don´t mean quake weak because they NEVER EVER use quake) which sometimes makes it hard to counter those hard hitting normal types with fighting moves like ursaring (hammer arm) and granbull (CC because I don´t want to risk a QC return 1hko on latios) and Rhy´s with hammer arm...the way it counters and beats OHKO users and other crazy shit is phenomenal

    latios was actually used the least but it is a vital member of the team...I´m gonna post the team workings later/next few days

    and no speed was never an issue, although latios is from E and was EV´d to hit 341 at lv. 100 then, which unfortunately means speed tie with +speed rapidash at lv.50 which sucks (I almost lost against rapi4 yesterday but that was a mistake on my side, because it was a IV=21 trainer so I was faster and even psychic OHKOs each rapi)

    there are some pokémon I really fear to face, but not many
  18. McGrrr

    McGrrr Facetious
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    Jan 23, 2005
    I am here to echo Doug's sentiment, EPIC++

    I hope you did not throw your DS across the room.

    Edit: How much longer did it take for you to complete each set of 7 while recording the battles?


    Now to bulk out my post a bit... I have been theorymoning for a few days now and with help from the Pokemon resource spreadsheet, I have settled on the following team for Platinum (stats assume IVs of 31):

    Latios: Levitate @Choice Specs
    Timid, EVs 4/0/0/252/0/252, Stats 156/x/100/273/130/178
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Thunderbolt
    - Surf
    - Trick

    Scizor: Technician @Iron Plate
    Adamant, EVs 244/252/4/0/4/4, Stats 176/200/121/x/101/86
    - Bullet Punch
    - Substitute
    - Swords Dance
    - Roost

    Gyarados: Intimidate @Lum Berry
    Adamant, EVs 76/252/4/0/4/172, Stats 180/194/100/x/121/123
    - Waterfall
    - Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Dragon Dance

    I am posting the team in case somebody else would like to use it for a streak (i.e. do my testing for me) since I will not have access to Platinum for months. It is not here to be rated, which is against the rules anyway.

    I think this qualifies as "straight up" by Doug's definition, because trick is very much a secondary tactic reserved for things like metal burst Bastiodon, Snorlax and Bronzong etc.
  19. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    lol I still can´t post the log right :/

    no I didn´t throw my new DS across the room...actually I was swearing when it CHed my skarm and praying for no second CH on the turn lax was about to wake up and reststall those quakes which would mean a safe 3-0...and when I saw the HP dropping more than it should I thought FUCK I lost then started dmg calcing shadow punch (unfortunately my latios is hasty with a poor def IV) which meant KO, to go for a psychic 2hko was impossible so I just meteored the shit which it survived, probably the only thing that can survive a no resist specsDM (no other pkmn before)...

    anyway, what hurts the most is that this team obviously takes a lot of time, sometimes even over an hour per 7...depends on whether snorlax has to stallrestsetupcursesweep in like 5/7 battles or skarmory "does his thing" (at least 6turns per pokémon) which is insanely effective etc. recording just adds to this

    another reason why it takes so long is because I check the trainer type, the pokémon it uses and the set, then I check the moveset list and act accordingly while I write down the pokémon...in the end I write down who beat who and continue

    also I only made sets of 14 (90 - 120minutes) and made a break, sometimes making a break after 7...this is because with toxicrosst skarm and curselax you have to follow each and every move (def/sp.def drops etc.) which means stay focused all the time...yeah, add occasional damage calcs
  20. McLovinn


    Oct 14, 2007
    takes me 30 minutes to do a streak of 7...

    ditch that team i posted above. it sucks. lost to a shitty gengar. pure stupidity actually. I was uploading my stats, and i switched in Latias instead of pressing summary...
  21. McLovinn


    Oct 14, 2007
    Okay, here's my team which I got 59 on Multi with:
    This is written really quickly, sorry;

    Froslass@Focus Sash ** Frostitute
    252 spa/252 spd/6 hp - timid

    Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam
    Destiny Bond

    It'll usually take out two, the Battle Tower's AI is too thick to switch out on a Destiny Bond and stuff. BoltBeamBall is all round effective, BoltBeam itself gets every type for neutral at least (IIRC).

    Hitmonchan@Life Orb ** Bananana
    Impish - 252 atk/120 hp/66 def/72 spd

    Drain Punch
    Bullet Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Ice Punch

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2f_IZ_wD7Q - set idea is from this video, by banana292 (from here).
    anyway, his video explains it all... it can survive 11 life-orbed attacks (as long as it doesn't get attacked). Drain Punch <3 - i mean, healing half of the damage given? awesome.
  22. MKDSJedi


    Jul 11, 2008
    I planned on making a Trick Room NFE team for the Battle Tower, for lack of originality, and I currently have the lead worked out (TR Shuppet), I just need a little help with the other two members, before I begin breeding them.
    First up, I thought of Rhydon, as it's the most powerful NFE physically, and has base 40 speed.
    RydeMyHorn @ Life Orb / Choice Band (which is best? I would prefer to switch attacks but I may need more power)
    252 SpDef / 252 Atk / 6 HP
    Stone Edge
    Ice Fang / Thunder Fang

    Standard CB Rhyperior spread, but for Rhydon.
    Megahorn for Palmer's Cresselia, Thunder Fang for his Milotic, but would Ice Fang give me better coverage?

    The other member, hitting hard from the special spectrum, would be Clamperl.

    PERLZ @ Deepseatooth
    252 HP / 252 SpAtk / 6 Def
    Ice Beam
    Hidden Power Ground / Electric / Grass
    Toxic / Confuse Ray / Protect / Sleep Talk

    Need help with the last two moves. I think Electric would give me better coverage, making pseudo-BoltBeam. But Ground and Grass are viable options too, and I don't think I will be able to breed one of each.
    Also, which "filler" move would help most in the Battle Tower?
    Thanks for any help given in advance.
  23. 133tSneasel


    Feb 7, 2005
    Does anyone have any videos on Youtube or such from battling?
  24. PMEmpoleon


    Jul 21, 2007
    Jeez Jumpman16, THAT'S what I call a really big streak. I can't imagine getting a streak of 336+. I don't have the patience (and the expertise) to get that far. I usually go crazy when i reach 50 or 60, because after that I'll screw it up.

    Go Jumpman, Go Jumpman! Keep up the good work, and get to that 400!

    - Empoleon
  25. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    ok i hate metagross with the brilliance of a thousand stars...fuck metagross with the dicks of a thousand porn stars

    if i even see any metagross in anyone's avatar or sig i am changing it to scizor or chingling or something

    warstory time i guess

    Battle 349, Policeman Tavon, perenial dillweed because it has a like 20% chance or something stupid like that to lead with Metagross. Leads with Scozir though, and that's 100% Trick territory...

    Trick/X-Scissor, CH, Cresselia faint

    ...or so I assumed. This is probably a bad move specifically against a Policeman, because without the CH I still am not in the best of spots to get to +6 with a Sub with Scizor, who won't get to use Bullet Punch very freely except against the Steel/Rock types. But whatever...

    XS, 75% (117/154)/SD

    Not cool cause I wanted a chance to Sub, but ~25% damage tells me I can't (31 Atk IV, neutral Atk Nature Scizor does 21.79-26.28% to my Scizor). So i have to SD again:

    XS, ~48% Sitrus to ~73%/SD

    So I have to think about whether I can have a Sub after being done with Scizor and at what Atk I will be...and it doesn't look like I'll be able to. I can Sub after Scizor uses XS again but it will probably do enough to break my Sub the next turn, and a +4 BP isn't OHKOing Scizor, and +6 wouldn't either. Thinking about it, Scizor is going to break my Sub unless I CH with Bullet Punch because I'm slower and Superpower assures not only that it will break my Sub but that I will have just +3 Atk and a shitty -1 Def to face two pokemon. So, since SDing again is not only pointless in the regard of having a Sub when I kill Scizor but in the more important regard of "I'm 100% fucked if this thing CHes me with XS at the ~48% I'll be after if I go the SD/BP route", I Sub.

    XS, 51%/Sub, 26%

    The best course of action is two Bullet Punches, as it often is against pokes like Moltres and Raikou for the same "I dont want to lower my Atk/Def for literally nothing since I won't have a Sub anyway" perspective detailed above. So it's pretty simple, two BPs and the enemy Scizor is dead at the cost of my Sub. Next pokemon? Metagross. Now that I know it's actually a 67% chance it's "the" QC one since only Collectors use Tier 1 pokemon, I'm pretty sure I'm about to get gayed. I still have to actually use Superpower though, since on paper it's a 13.34% chance I get QCed at my 26% HP, leaving Metagross at 100%, whereas there's a and 93.75% chance that I do about 50% to Metagross and a 4.68% chance I leave Metagross alive with the CH chance (75% chance a CH kills). The difference is literally how hard it will be for Latios to beat Metagross 1-on-1, and since there's only that 4.68% chance that Latios will be able to OHKO Meta (CH but it's alive), it's pretty clear to me that Superpower gives me the best chance to win since a 30% Latios (after taking a MM but being able to 2HKO outside of QC hax) vs x Steel pokemon is kinda not a good prospect. So, naturally:

    QC, MM, hits, Scizor dies

    lol. In following with the "AI uses the weakest attack that will kill you regardless of accuracy" rule, obviously it QCs, uses MM and hits. I'm smiling and shaking my head, having "expected" to be QCed as I always prepare to be hacked every single turn in order to generally make the right moves. So Latios has to face its worst nightmare heads up in 100% Metagross...Pokemon like Tyranitar and Regice and Weavile and Articuno would all have taken a shitload from Bullet Punch, so even if 100% Crunch Tyranitar is worse to face, it like literally isn't possible for an unboosted Latios to have to face it at 100% because of Bullet Punch. Fun shit huh...I'm already lamenting at how I should have pushed my streak a little farther than just 348, how I should have Reflected turn 1, how I should maybe at least used Bullet Punch so Latios doesn't literally have to beat 100% HP Metagross 1-on-1. I go through the motions though, because I guess I have an outside shot since it isn't a 100% Tyranitar.

    DP to 76%/MM, 34%

    just jamming A, wondering if and when I'm going to restart my streak, if and when I will post about this loss so soon after breaking the record...

    DP, CH ~31%/MM, miss, 40% (Lefties)

    ok cool? pretty much the perfect turn for me entirely...still just jamming A though, this battle is in the hands of Goddish...

    QC, MM...waiting for confirmation of the contact that will shatter my hard-earned streak...miss/DP, ~3%, Latios at 46%

    ahahahaha please please dont QC me this would be fantastic

    DP, die, Latios at 52%, 81/154HP

    Latios, the Metagross counter. The reasons I hate Metagross are several, but the first is because of Meteor Mash, which I routinely dubbed the second-worst attack in Advance (to Rock Slide...Stone Edge and Focus Blast are both worse than MM in addition to RS in DP for reasons I'll detail later). This battle isn't over yet though, as there are a few steel pokemon that Latios can't handle at 52%...

    Policeman Tavon sends out MAGNEZONE!

    But that is not one of them! A quick scan eliminates the QC variant since Meta had that, and two variants have Magnet Rise which would be fantastic since I know I need to CM regardless. I do so...

    CM/Flash Cannon, 41/154HP.

    Ok. 40HP means over 25%. It's probably this one, since it didn't use Magnet Rise:

    876 Magnezone Quiet Silk Scarf Thunderbolt Tri Attack Flash Cannon Explosion HP/Sp. Atk

    My heart's racing now because I am so close to pullung out the most improbable comeback in my BT "career" but I am not out of the woods yet. Neutral, 182 SpA Zone does 27.92-33.77% exactly to my +1 SpD Latios. Beneficial, 200 SpA does 31% min which rules out that since Zone did 25.97% in actuality. Hindering does 25.32-29.87% which is still possible, but I'm doing this to determine the best move. There is a chance it will randomly Explode, which makes Sub that much better an option. There's only a slight chance, though, that it will do under 25%, so Subbing would be primarily to scout Explosion. I can Rest now to take the streak-busting CH out of play, but with only one CM this would put me at about 28%, barring CHes or SpD drops. So the correct move is to CM and just pray to Goddish for some more "don't hax me" luck as I only really fear a CH even though FC can drop SpD.

    CM/FC...watch the hell out of the bar, hoping to hell it will stop in the red...16/154, 25/154 after Leftovers.

    Hey cool no hax. I most deliberately tap "Rest" on my touch screen. Magnezone needs a CH or a SpD drop to beat Latios now...and it doesn't get it as I'm sleeping and I'm able to Sub. I let out a huge sigh of relief after that Sub, as Zone now needs to CH my Sub to beat me, even if my DP is only a 3HKO. I do about 48% and it doesn't CH me and the battle's a formality in a few turns.

    First, Metagross is gay and the worst pokemon, ever, and it has busted enough of my streaks (200, ~157, ~154 are the highest) that I deserved to be able to give it a taste of its own medicine. Second, back to MM...it is that bad in my opinion because it compels you to use it, as Metagross had no better STAB option for its 135 Base Attack to rely upon. It makes you rely upon its absolutely shitty 85% accuracy, and even its 20% Attack boost...this is not my idea of a skillful move when you're talking about so much luck with just the push of one button (which is why I hate Rock Slide so much, as the flinch chance of the only-slightly-less-shitty-accuracy Rock Slide was even more relied upon, or otherwise "accidentally" brought into play, than MM's Atk raise chance). Metagross has some better options in DP of course with Zen Headbutt and Bullet Punch (I even used a Bullet Punch Meta early in my BT frolics), and now Iron Head with Plat that it stupidly didn't get until Plat just because it's too stupid to have gotten it at the start of DP like it should have. But whatever, "I win, and Metaross continues to be a loser", lol

    edit: 350 is a cooler number than 336 (come back butterfree...):

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