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DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Everstone

    Everstone Now 100% reliable
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 12, 2008
    Not once have I seen Taunt used in the Battle Tower, so I think that's fine.

    Eh, might as well. Been doing multi battle tower lately. I got to 59 wins with the following:

    Gengar@Focus Sash
    Timid 4 HP/252 SpAtk/252 Speed
    -Destiny Bond
    -HP Ice
    -Shadow Ball

    Adamant 200HP/252Atk/20Def/36SpDef (Forgot the real spread, something like that)
    -Ice Punch
    -Bullet Punch

    What led to this "team"'s downfall was the crappy partner choices I got for that round. I tend to pick the fastest and hardest hitting partners of the bunch, which usually works in my favor. This round however, I got screwed. The partner I chose was Marley, with a Swellow and Weavile (Do NOT pick her if she has Swellow, I doubt I will after this). All her Swellow does is Double Team instead of attacking, and it eventually will get hit and fall, regardless of how many Double Teams it has (and I've gone rounds where I couldn't touch a Double Teaming Pokemon and had to resort to PP Stalling it). At Battle 60 they lead with Latios and Metagross. I Shadow Ball the Latios not killing it. Latios and Meta gang up on Gengar and it dies. I send out Meta, Ice Punch the Latios, KO it, enemy Gross does Earthquake, and hurts my Gross. Opponent sends out Latias. At this point, my best option was to Explode, and hope that the partner could finish off the remaining trainer, so I do, killing the Latias and denting their Metagross. I don't remember if it hit my partner's Swellow or not (all it did was Double Team), but it didn't matter since it couldn't scratch Metagross anyways. Either way, Swellow dies, and Weavile doesn't kill Metagross and gets raped by Meteor Mash. Oh well, it happens. 50+ wins don't take too long to get anyways compared to 200+
  2. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    IIrc, there are only seven BT pokemon that have Taunt. I have had it used against me in only one battle out of about 1,000.
  3. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Yeah there are only 7 pokemon that have taunt:

    41 Croagunk
    144 Murkrow
    176 Mightyena
    374 Absol
    411 Bastiodon
    510 Absol
    541 Toxicroak

    All except Croagunk and Bastiodon have a dark type attacking move, which they will most likely be using on Uxie instead of Taunt. Bastiodon (it's the focus sash one), from my experience, always uses metal burst, unless Stone Edge is super effective (in which case that might be used instead). Croagunk isn't an issue.

    Also, none of the above runs any speed EVs or have quick claw or choice scarf, so Uxie easily outspeeds all of those and can then yawn. So taunt is never an issue.
  4. PurpleNurple42


    Sep 25, 2008
    Thanks for that info Chinese Dood. I completely forgot about Taunt because it has never been used on me before but it looks like it never will, so thats good.

    I decided to run Salamence with Uxie and was wondering if Metronome would work on it (the item, not the move). Dragon Dance once or twice and then build up Metronomes power as you attack seems like it could be very useful, but I would be taking a risk against Static, Flame Body, Effect Spore pokes if I did not have Lum Berry. It might work if I ran Ursaring as my third poke with Toxic Orb so those status issues wouldn't matter. But, how does Metronome work. I mean how much does it boost the power of the move every turn? Does it even work in BT, like Soul Dew doesn't? It might not be worth it after all.
  5. Everstone

    Everstone Now 100% reliable
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 12, 2008
    I'd rather use Muscle Band than Metronome. You're very likely to switch attacks (If you want to use the same attack over and over, just use a Choice item, it's much quicker and takes less turns to attain great power. By the time the Metronome boosted move reaches the power equal to a Choiced attack, the opponent will most likely be dead)
  6. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    wow.... lots of action in the last few days! congrats to all the record breakers!!!!!

    ive decided to rerun my doubles team. im no longer preoccupied with getting ribbons for my gyarados, so ive switched him out for garchomp (helps to take electric attacks for bellyzard). anyway, to get through the early stages i switched the team around putting the heavy hitters at the front. so its:
    1. gengar - timid - focus sash - shadow ball, thunderbolt, hp ice, destiny bond
    2. garchomp - adamant - leftovers - swords dance, substitute, earthquake, outrage
    3. smeargle - jolly - choice scarf - dark void, spore, helping hand, destiny bond
    4. charizard - adamant - salac berry - substitute, belly drum, fire punch, thunder punch
    the movesets arent final, and ill prob put yache berry on chomp. but anyway, just had to report a haxy loss (only at battle 42).
    1. they lead with feraligatr and abomasnow. so, i'll just thunderbolt feraligatr (wont KO) and finish it off with EQ, right? wrong. quick claw activates, and feraligatr ice beams garchomp. he survives with a sliver of hp and gets frozen. thunderbolt gets feraligatr into the red. chomp is frozen. abomasnow uses blizzard. finishes off chomp and does 70%ish to gengar and freezes him! what a crap start!!!
    2. i looked up the feraligatr and realised i would have to send out charizard to thunder punch it, hopuing i could survive whatever abomasnow throws at me. so.... quick claw activates again (of course) and i thought it was over because this feraligatr has ancient power. but instead it just ice beamed gengar to death. zard KO's feraligatr. abomasnow uses blizzard. gets me almost to berry activation but not quite. doesnt freeze.
    3. out comes tauros, and i send in smeargle. if things stay asleep and dont have berries i might be able to win this. of course this tauros has intimidate..... smeargle puts tauros to sleep (doesnt have a berry!). tauros is fast asleep, and zard KO's aboma with fire punch. the hail brings salac into action.
    4. out comes their last pokemon, ambipom. theres a 1/4 chance it will have fake out. so i prepare to spore it and fire punch tauros. but of course ambipom uses fake out on zard, smeargle puts it to sleep as punishment, but my smeargle, locked into spore is looking helplessly at two sleeping opponents.....
    anyway, still in need of a little tweaking. not sure whether to keep thunder punch on zard since gengar has thunderbolt. maybe aerial ace for the accuracy? and ill prob switch leftovers for yache berry on chomp. also thinking about giving it dragon claw over outrage since its annoying not being able to dictate who it gets aimed at - sometimes i want him and zard to each attack a single opponent, but chomp goes first and randomly attacks with outrage. is it worth dropping a few speed EVs on chomp so zard is faster? something tells me no, because of enemy base 100'ers.

    this is a team which (with gyarados > garchomp, a weaker lineup if you ask me) has gone over the 100 win mark before. im just trying to iron out some kinks. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....
  7. PurpleNurple42


    Sep 25, 2008
    I meant Metronome for this Salamence:

    Salamence@ Metronome
    Adamant, 252 Atk, rest in HP and Speed
    - Dragon claw
    - Roost
    - Substitute
    - Dragon Dance

    I won't be switching attacks once I get set up.
  8. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    interesting idea actually...... what is the exact effect of metronome? how much does it increase damage each turn? is it additive or multiplicative?
  9. Everstone

    Everstone Now 100% reliable
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 12, 2008
    Still wouldn't use it. Yes, it does increase by 10% each time you select the move, but realistically, if you set up fully (as in +6), you shouldn't need more than 1 hit to kill something (with the rare exception being extremely defensive Steel types). I'd rather use a Draco Plate/Dragon Fang which ups Dragon Claw by 20% immediately.
  10. frisWEE


    Oct 10, 2008
    not a bad idea
  11. PurpleNurple42


    Sep 25, 2008
    You are missing the point. With Metronome I would not need to set up "fully", just +2 or +3 maybe with a sub and roost to full health. And even if the move misses, if they double team, it still keeps getting the power boost because it is every time the move is selected, not every time it hits. And yes, I found that it increases the moves power +10%. NOT your attack. And it stops increasing at +100% (after 10 turns). So Dragon Claw would be 160 BP, with STAB it would be 240 BP. And I would have +2 or +3 attack and speed stats. But I doubt that I would get it to be that powerful with only 3 opponents unless they DT and it keeps missing. Just to sum it up, the last opponent would be screwed.
  12. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    OK decided to post my trick theorymon from somewhere around mid-november, just ignore the move options on my starters as I don´t have experience with this kind of strategy, I don´t 100% know what 3 moves to put on the "Cat"

    some of you may notice that my set-up duo (sala-steel) is very similar to garo´s (drag-steel), but oh well, there are not that many combos resisting almost every type between them and I wanted to use steel...besides, my sets are slightly different

    why this won´t work nearly as effective as jump´s team...mine are physical attackers which means static/flame body/effect spore give you a harder time and of course the main problem is QC/brightpowder starters that OHKO your trickster, unfortunately both the cat nor linny have the stats to pull a perfect trick/switcheroo, like lopunny does with this spread:
    timid, EVs: 252 HP / 116 defense / 104 sp. defense / 38 speed
    lv.50 stats: 172 HP / 119 defense / 129 sp. defense / 143 speed

    normal type, 172 HP / 119 defense, allows you to survive a QC +attack granbull close combat which is the strongest physical attack your normal type trickster will face if QC/brightpowder activates turn1 (OK STAB CH stone edge is stronger on things like rhyperior but only the platinum tricksters cresselia, latias and uxie survive those)... 172 HP / 129 sp. defense lopunny survives even a 205 sp. attack brightpowder alakazam focus blast (170 max dmg) which would allow you to trick twice if you miss turn1

    steel...I don´t have one yet, it´s one of the very few pokémon I haven´t caught lol, but with 2 GBA SP´s and sapphire+emerald I can soft reset for two at the same time (I did this in november) which lets me double the numbers...I love SP because I can play it with just one hand

    yeah the salamence EV spread is a bit misleading because it was before I noticed (thanks to jump) that the fast OHKO gliscors are bitches to take down for a trick team so my sala would have to be jolly and max speed and persian would torment or hypnosis or dunno what

    again, jump took the two best tricksters and used them effectively, it sucks to be stuck with second or third choice tricksters who can´t always get the job done :/

    lv. 50 = 201 speed = scarf 134 speed = 258speed at lv. 100

    QC Granbull – 189 return, close combat, earthquake, stone edge,
    QC Ursaring – 200 return, hammer arm, earthquake, counter
    QC Hariyama – 154 brick break
    QC Metagross – 205 hammer arm
    QC Rhydon – 200 earthquake, stone edge, horn drill, megahorn
    QC Rhyperior – 211 earthquake, stone edge, hammer arm, megahorn
    QC Armaldo – 194 x-scissor

    QC Blastoise – 150 focus blast
    BP Alakazam – 205 focus blast

    Normal type with 172 HP:
    - 119 defense to survive +attack granbull CC 100%
    - 109 defense to survive neutral attack granbull CC 100%
    - 108 def to survive +at meta hammer arm 100%
    - 95 sp. def to survive +spA blastoise focus blast 100%

    Note: only three electrodes (if +speed which is 16%) and the scarf absol (if +speed, again 16%) beat the 200 speed mark at level 100, none of those speedy electrodes is a threat to persian (avoid being tricked), because only the slow one has explosion...well absol already has the scarf which means set up on it whatever it does

    1.A Persian
    Personality: Bold
    IVs: 29-31 HP / 31 def / 31 sD / 28-31 speed
    EVs: 252 HP / 228 def / 30 sD
    Lv.50 stats: 171-172 HP / 119 def / 89 sD / 201-202 speed
    Item: Choice Scarf
    - Switcheroo
    - Hypnosis
    - Torment
    - Flash/Spite/Taunt/Charm
    Other options: snatch, odor sleuth, attract, rain dance/sunny day, fake out, icy wind, secret power


    1.B Linoone
    Personality: Jolly
    IVs: 31 HP / 31 def / 31 sD / 31 speed
    EVs: 252 HP / 228 def / 30 sp. defense / 12 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 185 HP / x / 110 def / x / 83 sD / 201 speed
    Item: Choice Scarf
    - Trick/Switcheroo
    - Thunder Wave
    - Sand Attack
    - Charm
    Other options: odor sleuth, attract, rain dance/sunny day, icy wind, secret power

    2. Registeel
    Personality: Careful / Sassy
    IVs: 27-31 HP / 27-31 def / 27-31 sD / 28-31 speed
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 def / 252 sD
    Lv.50 stats: 185-187 HP / 96-98-100 attack / 169 – 171 def / x / 220-222 sD / x
    Item: Leftovers
    - Substitute
    - Curse
    - Rest
    - Iron Head

    3. Salamence
    Personality: Jolly
    IVs: 29-31 HP / 31 attack / 31 def / 31 sD / 31 speed
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 attck / 4 def / 238 sD / 12 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 202 HP / 156 attack / 101 def / x / 130 sD / 134 speed
    Item: Lum Berry / BrightPowder / Draco Plate
    - Substitute
    - Dragon Dance
    - Rest/Roost
    - Dragon Claw

    abomasnow -> trick
    absol -> trick 1-3, switch 4 to regi (can be faster turn 1)
    aerodactyl -> trick
    aggron -> trick (2 QC)
    alakazam -> trick or switch between sala-regi (1 powder focus blast) -> needs 172 HP / 129 sD
    altaria -> trick
    ambipom -> trick
    ampharos -> trick
    arcanine -> trick
    armaldo -> trick (1 QC stone edge)

    articuno -> trick (1 powder, 141-157-172 speed sheer cold)
    bastiodon -> trick (1 QC)
    blastoise -> trick or switch between sala-regi (2 QC focus blast)
    blaziken -> trick
    blissey -> trick
    breloom -> trick
    bronzong -> trick
    charizard -> trick (1 powder blast burn)
    claydol -> trick (1 QC)
    cradily -> trick (1 QC)

    crawdaunt -> trick (1 QC guillotine)
    cresselia -> trick
    crobat -> trick
    dewgong -> trick (121-135-148 speed sheer cold)
    donphan -> trick or charm (1 powder, 1 QC fissure)
    dragonite -> trick (1 powder, 177-198-217 speed after 1DD)
    drapion -> trick
    drifblim -> trick
    dugtrio -> trick (1 powder)
    dusknoir -> trick (1 powder)

    electivire -> trick
    electrode -> trick (can be faster turn1)
    empoleon -> trick
    entei -> trick
    espeon -> trick (1 powder)
    exeggutor -> trick
    exploud -> trick (1 QC)
    feraligatr -> trick (1 QC focus blast)
    flareon -> trick (1 QC)
    floatzel -> trick (1 powder, faster after rain dance)

    flygon -> trick
    forretress -> trick (1 QC, explosion)
    froslass -> trick or switch to regi (1 lax incense, snow cloak)
    gallade -> trick
    garchomp -> trick (sand veil)
    gardevoir -> trick, switch 4 to regi (1 powder focus blast), switch between regi-sala?
    gastrodon -> trick, charm 4, switch 2 to regi, switch 1,3 to sala (sticky hold, 1 powder, 1 QC)
    gengar -> trick (1 powder focus blast)
    glaceon -> trick or switch to regi (1 powder, snow cloak)
    glalie -> trick (135-150-165 speed sheer cold, 1 powder)

    gliscor -> trick 1 & 4, torment/hypnosis 2 & 3 ???
    golduck -> trick
    golem -> trick (1 QC)
    granbull -> trick (2 QC, close combat) -> needs 172 HP / 119 def
    gyarados -> trick (1 QC)
    hariyama -> trick (1 QC brick break)
    heatran -> trick (1 QC, 1powder)
    heracross -> trick
    hippowdon -> trick (1QC)
    hitmonchan -> trick

    hitmonlee -> trick
    hitmontop -> trick
    honchkrow -> trick or switch to regi (1 QC)
    houndoom -> trick
    hypno -> trick (1 QC)
    infernape -> trick
    jolteon -> trick (1 powder)
    jynx -> trick (1 powder)
    kangaskhan -> trick
    kingdra -> trick

    lanturn -> trick (1 QC)
    lapras -> trick (108-120-132 sheer cold)
    latias -> trick (1 powder)
    latios -> trick
    leafeon -> trick (1 QC)
    lickilicky -> trick (1 QC)
    lopunny -> trick/charm or switch to regi
    lucario -> trick (1 powder)
    ludicolo -> trick
    luxray -> trick

    machamp -> trick 1-3, charm 4 (144-160-175 speed)
    magmortar -> trick
    magnezone -> trick (1 QC, 1 powder)
    mamoswine -> trick (1 powder fissure)
    manectric -> trick (1 powder)
    marowak -> trick
    medicham -> trick, charm or switch between regi-sala (1 powder)
    meganium -> trick (1 QC)
    metagross -> trick (2 QC, hammer arm)
    milotic -> trick

    miltank -> trick (1 QC)
    mismagius -> trick
    moltres -> trick (2 powder, overheat) ???
    mr.mime -> trick
    muk -> trick, charm or switch 1,3,4 to regi (1 QC)
    nidoking -> trick (1 powder horn drill)
    nidoqueen -> trick (1 powder)
    ninetales -> trick
    pinsir -> trick, charm/torment 4 (141-157-172 speed guillotine) ???
    politoed -> trick (1 powder focus blast)

    poliwrath -> trick (1 QC brick break & hypnosis)
    porygon-z -> trick (1 powder tri attack)
    porygon2 -> trick (1 QC tri attack)
    primeape -> trick
    probopass -> trick
    quagsire -> trick (1 QC)
    raichu -> trick
    raikou -> trick (1 lax incense)
    rampardos -> trick 1-3, charm 4
    rapidash -> trick, torment (2 horn drill) ???

    regice -> trick
    regigigas -> trick (1 powder)
    regirock -> trick (1 QC stone edge)
    registeel -> trick (1 QC explosion)
    rhydon -> trick (1 QC stone edge & horn drill)
    rhyperior -> trick (1 QC stone edge & hammer arm, 123-138-151 speed scarf horn drill) -> needs 172 HP / 165 def
    roserade -> trick
    salamence -> trick
    sceptile -> trick (1 powder focus blast)
    scizor -> trick (1 powder)

    shiftry -> trick (1 QC explosion, 1 powder explosion)
    shuckle -> trick (1 powder)
    skarmory -> trick
    skuntank -> trick (1 powder)
    slaking -> trick
    slowbro -> trick (1 QC)
    slowking -> trick (1 powder)
    snorlax -> trick
    staraptor -> trick
    starmie -> trick

    steelix -> trick (1 QC explosion)
    suicune -> trick
    swampert -> trick (1 QC focus blast)
    tangrowth -> trick (1 QC sleep powder)
    tauros -> trick
    tentacruel -> trick
    togekiss -> trick
    torterra -> trick (1 powder, 1 QC)
    toxicroak ->trick
    typhlosion -> trick

    tyranitar -> trick, charm 3 (1 QC, 151-169-186 scarf speed)
    umbreon -> trick (1 powder)
    ursaring -> trick (1 QC hammer arm)
    vaporeon -> trick
    venusaur -> trick (2 QC, frenzy plant)
    vespiquen -> trick
    victreebel -> trick
    vileplume -> trick (1 QC)
    wailord -> trick (1 QC fissure, 108-120-132 speed after scarf)
    walrein -> trick (1 QC, 1 powder sheer cold/fissure, 114-127-139 speed after scarf)

    weavile -> trick
    weezing -> trick (1 powder, 1 QC)
    whiscash -> trick (fissure 108-120-132 speed after scarf)
    yanmega -> trick (1 QC, 1 powder)
    zapdos -> trick (1 powder)

    58/155 are trick-safe
  13. MegaMewtwo


    Oct 17, 2007
    Just curious, has there been any research as to CPU partners and why they tend sabotage you sometimes? I mean, what's the logic of a Dugtrio using Stone Edge against an Aggron when it has access to EQ and it doesn't have an ally to worry about?
  14. pyrzi


    Sep 20, 2008
    Hello again! I came here to report a disappointment...
    This was done last night.
    I did a new record, 171 wins. My record was broken from me falling asleep,
    resulting in battery death.

    After this happened, I gave up trying to do anything anymore in the battle tower. I have now some stage of depression towards BT.

    I used this team I posted before:

    Gengar @ Focus Sash
    -Shadow Ball
    -Destiny Bond

    In theory this works fine. Shadow Ball anything that doesn't have physical moves.
    Explode to anything but Steel, Ghost, Rock and Pokemon with
    ridiculous Defense. Depending on the situation, I
    will either SB or DB them.

    Garchomp @ Yache Berry Nickname:WTFPWNIPWN
    -Swords Dance
    -Fire Fang


    If something actually succeeds in ripping through this dude...

    Jolteon @ Choice Specs Nickname:Nice try
    -Quick Attack
    -Hidden Power[ICE]
    -Shadow Ball

    Aerodactyl is the biggest threat for this... But how would it tear Garchomp away?
    I chose Quick Attack because(trust me) for me there have been situations when
    only 2-4% of the opponent's Hitpoints are remaining. Then he outspeeds.

    I'll make this clearer; if a Pokémon seems too fast, I'll QA it.

    I was hard. But now I'm satisfied with D/P and going back to Shoddy!
  15. Age of Kings

    Age of Kings of the Ash Legion
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 14, 2007
    I died twice in the 60s, and both due to QC water sweeper hax. x_x;

    Loss #1:
    Crobat, Walrein sent out
    Crobat eventually kills Walrein w/ Hypnosis, Screech, AA
    #625 Blastoise @ Quick Claw sent out, Quick Claw activates, Crobat dies
    Medicham sent out, Thunderpunch fails to kill due to HP EVs, Hydro Pump kills Medicham
    Weavile sent out, kills Blastoise, #628 Feraligatr sent out
    Weavile SDs, Feraligatr DDs
    Gatr outspeeds, Waterfall activates Sash
    Gatr kills with Waterfall, whited out
    According to the set list, it's holding Wacan Berry...there's absolutely no reason Night Slash should have missed, but it happened. Yeah, I played pretty sloppily that round, but still, had Night Slash not missed, I would have won....
    A 98% or so accuracy move only missed for me once ever, I remember facing a Starmie on Stadium 2 a long time ago holding some status cure berry or something so I was sure of the hold item and didn't DT or Minimize or anything, but a Thunderbolt still missed it. BT's hax is bullshit. :(

    Loss #2:
    Continued sloppy playing on my part, kind of forgot how I lost this since I was falling asleep late last night, this is the recreation of the match to the best of my memory:

    Mismagius sent out, Crobat puts it to sleep, Screeches, Mis wakes up and uses Payback for some damage
    Hypnosis misses (you all can laugh now), Mismagius uses Payback
    Screeches again, Mismagius uses Psychic, Crobat survives with 20 or so HP
    AA figuring it would OHKO with -4 def, Mismagius barely survives, kills Crobat
    Weavile sent out, Mismagius killed
    Their Medicham sent out, Weavile SDs, Medicham activates Sash, forgot exactly how
    Night Slash crit kills, #669 Slowbro sent out
    Slowbro's QC activates, kills Weavile
    My Medicham sent out, uses Thunderpunch, does more than 50%, Slowbro CMs
    Slowbro's QC activates again, kills Medicham with Psychic

    Yes, I'm a sloppy player and I made plent of mistakes and bad decisions, but all and all, both were perfectly winnable matches ruined due to those damn bulky waters and hax. >:|
  16. PurpleNurple42


    Sep 25, 2008
    lol, pyrzi. I fell asleep too while playing battle tower and my battery died but I was only around 30-40 so I wasn't that disappointed.
  17. EeveeTrainer


    Jan 11, 2005
    Peterko, I theorymonned Registeel with Jump back when he was looking for a replacement for Lucario on his L/L/L team (pre-Platinum, so Scizor wasn't really a great option). There's one big Pokemon that stands in the way of using Registeel as if it were some combination of Latios and Snorlax, and that's Heatran. If it comes in as either 2nd or 3rd Pokemon you're going to lose every time to this:

    920 Heatran Modest Shuca Berry Flamethrower Earth Power Dragon Pulse AncientPower HP/Sp. Atk

    Even if you had EQ on Salamence, it wouldn't OHKO thanks to Shuca.
  18. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    if i ever fell asleep while in the middle of a big streak i'd be ten times as upset as you

    then again so would my family because if i ever fell asleep while in the middle of a big streak i'd be dead because of playing while driving X_x
  19. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    oww falling asleep while playing...whenever I´m almost there I at least close the lite...it should survive on standby mode until I wake up

    yeah I am aware of the fact that registeel has crappy attack even after 6 curses and that iron head as its only attacking move is a horrible one...

    well I wouldn´t die if salamence was set up because it 2hkos

    hmm I would know that I have to set up salamence vs a black belt/battle girl...it would be tougher against a legendary trainer though

    it´s a theorymon anyway, not like I will use it because it has holes I don´t like (even without the strong heatran argument) which don´t allow it to break 459

    on a slightly unrelated note, although I still do some yawn theorymon I get the feeling that I can´t make it work because the strategy somehow doesn´t suit me
  20. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    Ugh... I tried Garo's team plenty of times, not sure how I only got to the 70's, probably the fact that the team tends to be bait for critical hits.

    Also tried my old "Jumpman with a twist" Starmie/Garchomp/Scizor team a bunch, got to 102, but no luck.

    So I'm theorymonning a team, worried that a Trick team with DP-only isn't going to work, especially since I want a team of my own for once and Lopunny, who seems to be the best, is already used a lot for Switcheroo. I'm already wondering if I need to take a more offensive approach like the Starmie-led team, I might do some thinking on that, but I'm sadly at a loss right now.
  21. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    i've theorymonned that Starmie/Garchomp/Scizor team and the main reason I found I will never use it is lack of charm and "lol earthquake", the team can't do anything about STAB EQ
  22. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    Yeah, it seemed good at the time but that kept killing me.

    Charm is seriously that good though? I had thought about it and figured it would be a waste, though I'm not sure what I was really thinking at the time with all the physical attacks there.

    Eh, I'll get back to you guys when I think of something, lol, if I wasn't cleaning my house I'd have more time.

    Edit: Just got a bit of an idea, thinking something... Odd, but still working on it.

    Leafeon @ Leftovers

    Yawn lead with some speed and decent bulk too, can Charm physical attackers, and then Flash to get them missing a lot if needed.

    Lucario @ Muscle Band
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat

    SD Lucario is that "set up fast and hit hard" Pokemon that can set up while the opponent sleeps, get behind a Sub and SD like usual, with Close Combat and Crunch for coverage.

    Slowbro @ Expert Belt
    Calm Mind
    Slack Off

    The true odd one, not a fast set-up but a nice special attacker, I needed to hit waters and dragons with one move, so I decided that STAB Psychic was probably a good option here.
  23. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    no offense but you'd prob be better falling asleep than playing your DS while driving. havent you ever heard how dangerous it is to drive even while talking on a mobile phone? hope you dont kill someone.........
  24. Age of Kings

    Age of Kings of the Ash Legion
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 14, 2007
    It's illegal in California where I live, and that's a damn good law. :/

    I usually do it when I'm doing homework or downloading something, BT is like stream of consciousness playing where I don't really pay attention and time goes by fast. Maybe that's just me though. x_x
  25. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I'm happy that I finally got my 100 win streak! I lost at #104 because I misclicked lol, but I was kinda playing not very cautiously after 100 anyway, because I was going to take a break from Single Battle Tower after getting 100, which I achieved now so that's all good.

    Well, just some things to note before I go on about my team. Pretty much when I was constructing my team, I kinda gave these restrictions for myself. It's just a personal preference, but yeah, here they are:
    1) I won't use any pokemon with the moves Explosion or Destiny Bond, and preferably no focus sash either (but I wasn't really strict with that).
    2) I won't use Garchomp.
    3) I won't copy the strategy/moveset of anyone whose records are in the top 30 already, UNLESS I've actually thought of the strategy/moveset myself before before looking at it (e.g. I was actually using a Skarmory similar to Peterko's, except mine had Fly for more toxi-stalling instead of Brave Bird).
    4) This is kind of same as 3, but just for emphasis, pretty much I wasn't going to use any Trick/Encore/Stat-lowering the first pokemon strategy. I'm pretty sure they work, but I just didn't really want to do that.

    Anyway, that's about all. Here's my team.

    Jolteon @ Petaya Berry
    Volt Absorb
    IVs: 22 / 30 / 26 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Def
    - Thunderbolt
    - Hidden Power Ice 70
    - Shadow Ball
    - Substitute
    --> I love this thing! This was actually the VERY FIRST pokemon where I've tried to breed for Hidden Power (Oh, thanks Peterko for that Breeding Guide :P), and I was extremely lucky when breeding for this. From start to finish, this Jolteon only took about 5 hours to breed. I just got lucky because the very first x/x/x/31/31/31 eevee I got was this one, no ever stone or anything... it just randomed the lucky modest. I was originally going for Timid actually, but yah, I figured I'd need another few days if I want a timid one with those IVs. With 22 HP IV and no HP EVs, this Jolteon is at 136 HP at level 50 (i.e. divisible by 4), so Petaya activates after 3 subs. The moves are self explanatory. This is the pokemon I go to for those OHKOers (all of whom can be 1 or 2HKOd except for Abomasnow).

    Dragonite @ Lum Berry
    Inner Focus
    IVs (approx.): 19 / 23 / 28 / 28 / 28 / 27
    EVs (approx.): 48 HP 252 Attack 208 Speed
    - Dragon Dance
    - Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Aerial Ace
    -->I bred this Dragonite so long ago that I don't know its exact EVs (and thus IVs) anymore. I just remember 252 attack, and I remembered I was trying to get it enough speed to outspeed +130s after 1 DD, but I put a few too many, so yah, anyway this is my main physical attacker. I alternated between AA and Fire Punch for a while, but AA seemed to be more useful, against Double Teamers and such especially, and STAB AA is more powerful on most grass types anyway.

    Bronzong @ Leftovers
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 23 / 26 / 26
    EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 Sp Def
    - Psychic
    - Hidden Power Bug 70
    - Iron Defense
    - Calm Mind
    --> This is probably my 3rd best pokemon I've ever bred (I consider Jolteon 1st, and something else 2nd). Originally this wasn't even going to be a Special Bronzong lol. It had Gyro Ball and EQ and stuff like that, but then I found out that it had a Hidden Power Bug 70... I wasn't even trying to breed for Hidden Power on this one, but yah, Psychic + Bug is resisted only by steels. For a lot of the mediocre physical attackers in BT that can only hit Bronzong for neutral, after 3 Iron Defenses, Bronzong gains HP every turn, so then a lot of times Bronzong can get +6 Def +6 Sp Def +6 Sp A. I thought about having Flash Cannon + Sub instead of Psychic + HP, but Flash cannon just doesn't do enough to even 3HKO resisted pokemon sometimes, while the only pokemon (so far) that are not 2HKO'd by +6 Bronzong are Bastiodon & Probopass, but they can't do anything to Bronzong anyway.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Some Battles:

    This is my #100 battle. It's really nothing exciting. It's just a typical (but ideal) battle of what happens:
    Jolteon vs Probopass. I switch to Bronzong to take the Stone Edges and Magnet Bombs for 0% damage after I get my 3 Iron Defenses and 6 Calm Minds, and then Psychic 3HKOs Probopass. HP Bug 2HKOs Metagross. HP Bug 2HKOs Bronzong. Yay.

    This is my #104 battle, where I misclicked and lost. I was playing rather carelessly too since I just wanted to get my 100, but anyway here it is:

    Jolteon vs Heatran.
    I switch to Dragonite.
    Heatran used Magma Storm (67 HP damage. My Dragonite has 100HP left). Not very Effective.
    Dragonite used Earthquake. Heatran fainted. Flareon comes out.

    Mistake #1: Dragonite used Dragon Dance (I figured Flareon can't OHKO me so I DD first).
    Flareon used Iron Tail (66HP Damage, Dragonite has 34 HP left). Dragonite's DEFENSE LOWERED (pretty important).

    I obviously have to attack now, so obviously I click on earthquake and...
    Flareon used Quick Attack. Dragonite fainted. Without the defense drop I suppose Dragonite has a much higher chance of surviving, but whatever. Jolteon comes out.

    Mistake #2: Jolteon used Thunderbolt. (~75% damage)
    -->I didn't look at the BT Pokemon database. I figured I don't want to sub til petaya activates because Quick Attack will just kill me, so I thought my best option was to thunderbolt, but if I DID check, I would have known that it has overheat and it is going to use it.
    Flareon used Overheat! Flareon's Sp Def harshly lowered, but then recovered that from white herb. ... Got Jolteon to about 10 HP left. Petaya activates.

    Good move 1: I switched to Bronzong.
    Flareon used Quick Attack. (0% damage after leftovers)
    --> I figured my best chance now is to switch to Bronzong and then switch back to Jolteon to take the Overheat so that Bronzong can face a -2 SpA Flareon.

    I switched back to Jolteon to take the overheat. Jolteon faints. Bronzong comes in.

    Flareon used Overheat. (~50% damage after leftovers, so I'm pretty safe, yay).
    Bronzong used Calm Mind.

    The next few turns consisted of Bronzong using 4 Calm Minds and 1 Iron Defense while Flareon used overheat two more times and a few Iron tails. Then I didn't want Flareon to get a critical hit, so I finished it off with a psychic. I suppose that might be a mistake, since I probably could have got my maxed stat ups with >50% HP left if no crit happens. Bronzong had 75 / 174 HP at this point. Infernape comes out.

    I'm pretty sure Bronzong can survive a Flare Blitz with +1 Def (Iron Tail lowered Bronzong's def once), so I obviously go with my +4 Psychic for the OHKO...

    Infernape used Flare Blitz! (48 HP damage. Bronzong has 37 HP after leftovers).
    Bronzong used Calm Mind. (Whoaaaaa woops misclick...)
    Infernape used Flare Blitz. Bronzong fainted.

    Ah well, I'm still happy, because I told my friend that I WILL get my 100 streak before the end of this year, or else I'll just be playing Battle Tower the entire day on New Year's Eve until I actually do get it. So yay.

    I think I'll look into double battle tower now. It sounds interesting.
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