Dragonball Z Mafia Postgame


Welcome to the postgame of Dragonball Z mafia, I know it is pretty late, but hopefully you all have stuff to talk about still! All the role PMs are in the actual forum, so I won’t bother re-posting them. I really enjoyed hosting this, and I know a lot of you enjoyed playing as well. This will probably take a couple of hours to write so please read and comment if you are interested enough!


First I will talk about the three main factions… The Z-Warriors were the basic good guys, but with more firepower than usual. They had even night kills in the form of Vegeta, and a couple more one shot killers in Piccolo and Goku. I gave so many kills to account for both bad luck (Goku rand-killed night one!), as well as the fact both mafias would be killing every night, and there was potentially two wolves, who the bulk of their targets would likely be villagers. I think the village killing system worked out pretty well.

The two mafias were pretty standard; they could both kill every night. The King Cold Coalition would be able to do this until the game ends, the Red Ribbon Army only as long as Androids #17 and #18 were alive. To make up for this I gave them Android #13, who would be granted three kills after absorbing Android #14 and #15.

Both mafia factions had a few powerful weapons. The King Cold Coalition had Frieza’s ability to become temporarily invincible, the kidnapping duo, and the mighty power of Captain Ginyu, who was able to steal the role of any other user (with a few exceptions).

The Red Ribbon Army had a one time resurrection ability, which was put to good use rebuilding Obi (Android #18). They also had the death inspection ability of Dr. Flappe, which could check who killed a user as long as they weren’t absorbed. This wasn’t used as I imagined, It was supposed to give the Red Ribbon Army an advantage in any mafia alliance where they are telling each other who they are going to kill. The RRA also had Android #14, who could copy roles temporarily, as well as killing the final user to vote for him. Sadly moot was god killed by silence, so this was never used.

Actual play

I used separate excel spreadsheets to document each night and day, which you can download here. A lot of it is very interesting, you’ll be able to see the work of Tangerine the magical thief (stole four items in the first three nights) and a couple of other coincidences, such as Android #20 almost inspecting Frieza, but Burter saving him.


Best Z-Warrior – Brain
Brain gathered huge amounts if information early in the game by putting his announcement role to good use, and made almost flawless plans throughout the game. Brain and his village made only one mistake, and that was giving Cell the tools to win the game. Played a great game. Thanks for making the forum for me as well!

Best King Cold Coalition member – Mekkah
The King Cold Coalition as a whole didn’t play the greatest, but after the team seemed down and out Mekkah did very well to keep the team running. Set up a delayed kill on Brain, which was the beginning of the defeat of the Z-Warriors, and took the KCC much further than anyone thought they’d go.

Best Red Ribbon Army member – moi
Very close between moi and Hipmonlee. Hip did a great job organising his team early game, and his decision to make it so no one knew the exact aliases proved crucial, as the very stupid Flounder didn’t have accurate information when he decided to talk to Dabura. However moi played very well, and late game he was pretty much organising his team single-handedly. He was also one of the few people to distrust Cell, but never acted upon it.

Best Neutral – Shiv
Played very well as Shenron, making his rival imperfectluck (told Shiv his role Night 0) have almost no chance of winning. After winning as Shenron he took a tricky role as the Joker, and won again, as well as being pretty crucial in the victory of AvatarST and Raikage.

Overall Best Player – AvatarST
He started as a very weak man, he was a wolf with only odd night kills, and in a game so large he had almost no chance. To win he would need to find at least a few Androids, and the village did that for him. Avatar never stopped lying in this game, and he had pretty much everyone believing him, save a few people like moi. He also made up some very great lies, such as his charged kill system. The village thought he was charging up to kill for them next night, when in reality he killed villagers during these charged nights ;o Played pretty much a flawless game.

Worst Z-Warrior – StrangerDanger
No one else had a chance to mess up really, as Brain kept them all under tight control. StrangerDanger took a huge risk as a bodyguard by pming Broly, who was given a much easier game than he should have ever had because of it. matamato still had to refresh for near 8 hours though to get Future trunks o;

I will also give a special mention to Sikh Assassin, who found it appropriate to mention he was a ‘noisy little brat’ in the main topic. Luckily for him the only people to notice were on his team and made him edit it out.

Worst King Cold Coalition member – billymills
Played very well in my opinion during early game. Managed to find all the King Cold Coalition members during N0, and without moles. It was impressive, but then he died and told Dabura pretty much everything he needed to know to make the KCC lose. Kannon and LightWolf (how many dicks can one team have) also did this, but billy was a (BAN ME PLEASE) and tried to defend his actions to me, whilst the other two regretted it, so I give him this prestigious award.

Worst Red Ribbon Army member – Flounder
Only person on the RRA to mess up. Similar to billymills he told Dabura (a role I regret including! oh well) pretty much everything. Luckily for the RRA, due to Hips ‘you don’t know fuck all’ policy, a lot of Flounder’s information he had tried to work out himself from posting in the RRA forum, and a lot of it was false. He caused a funny misunderstanding as well, he told brain ‘GP is Mr. Chatterbox. He has the sword.” This caused great confusion, as the Z-Warriors thought they knew GreenPikachu’s alias... Flounder was talking about GigaPunch !!

Worst Neutral – imperfectluck
Did well in convincing everyone he was a bpv as well as unlynchable, but for some reason he never cared about his win condition. Early game he had a personal vendetta against Serenity, and made it his mission to get her killed. After succeeding he didn’t seem to try at his win condition much at all. Part of this might come from no one trusting him, due to Shiv and past games, but he could have tried harder.

Overall worst player – billymills
For reasons already stated. First user to win two awards!

Role specific awards:

Best Thief – Tangerine
Stole many, many items early game. Everyone was bitching about their stuff going missing. Special mention to Fishy, who stole a Dragonball Night Zero, which added to the supreme bad luck of Vampy.

Best Inspector – Raikage
Raikage inspected all the female characters at the start, fucking pervert. Later in the game he confirmed many Androids, who Cell gratefully ate, and even inspected the fabled Farmer with shotgun. Only inspector to survive the game, and his inspections dictated Cell’s kills and the villages lynches towards the end of the game.

Special mention to CaptKirby. In the time he was alive found many important roles, including Piccolo and Future Trunks. He then helped Broly murder Future Trunks. Later in the game he was caught as an inspector by Chaozu, but managed to avenge himself even then by suicide killing Chaozu with a Dragonball pass.

Best Bodyguard – Scrubs
Not that he saved anyone, just that StrangerDanger died Day One to Broly and Sonuis consistently refused to follow moi’s orders, which resulted in the death of both Vampy and GigaPunch.

Best Hooker – Outlaw Gryphon
A couple of his random picks made huge impacts on the game, such as causing the death of Dende and saving Jackal from a Night Zero inspection.

Best Silencer - moi
Managed to get score the only ‘posted whilst silenced god kill’!(not including BlueKirby) Sadly it was on a member of his own team. Played a great game tactics wise though, even if the role wasn’t used too effectively.

Best Escalator - Mr. Escalator
This was a close one between many Escalators, but MrEsc just snatched it.

Best Killer – AvatarST
Avatar killed 15 users in this game, which if you don’t include NPC is ¼ of the games players. 15 users is also a record for most kills in a single game. GG Avatar!


Thank you for reading, and I hope you all had fun playing!! Good luck in Earthworms mafia, and any future games you play in !!
I will also give a special mention to Sikh Assassin, who found it appropriate to mention he was a ‘noisy little brat’ in the main topic. Luckily for him the only people to notice were on his team and made him edit it out.

^ My teammates found out about and they were the only ones but they didn't tell me to edit, I did on my own, realizing my own stupidity but even then I played very well for a first game...
Best Hooker – Outlaw Gryphon
A couple of his random picks made huge impacts on the game, such as causing the death of Dende and saving Jackal from a Night Zero inspection.
Hi, I'm your worst nightmare!



Also, I think we should give the Ginyu Force the award for
Most Awesome Group.

Why? Because we survived the longest before one of our guys got killed!


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You forgot Goku telling the ZWs to give Cell a senzu bean and it saving his life.
hahahahaha i forgot about that; that was hilarious

thanks thunda for a fun mafia

eta: sikh you did well after the n0 incidents, you kept quiet, were ready to take orders, and didn't go around trying to get information and giving out ours instead. (this isn't a stab at anyone -- i think we've all learned)

also neutral props to matamato, the man with the gay role who only won so fast because sd / ck pmed him, but nonetheless... d1 win is pretty spectacular

oh and lol i wondered who killed me. thanks obi gonna godkill you. ^_^
unluckiest player : vampy34
completely agree

Fucked and stolen from (lost a dragonball) N0, Fucked again N1. I was stolen from again and lost the Dragon Radar (meh). Before dying, (whatever night/day that was) I only got one inspection done :(

at first i cbb to do this but here it is: Grats to Av and all the other award/winners. Great game everyone :)
Also, props to Thunda for doing all of this :DD
Where's Most Useless Player In Role But Not in Information Gathering - Thorns
also grats to moi, I believe that you and CoF (and maybe me too) could have seen through Avatar's guise and that we could have a clear shot of winning, but alas :(

also Best Newcomer where? give it to misaki IMO.
Best Escalator - Mr. Escalator
This was a close one between many Escalators, but MrEsc just snatched it.

I can't believe I got this one over others. Wow.

It was really fun during the parts I was alive ( I think Jackal randkilled me lol)! Great hosting, Thunda, it was a fun game, I was just not quite Mighty enough.


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I'm glad to have gotten that award but I think Shiv deserved it just as much if not more so, even if he'll deny it :pimp:.

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations as well.


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Suppose you could say that I wasn't really a neutral, but rather a mini faction, since I needed everyone not in my faction dead.


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"Do you know what I know that you don't know?"
This was a fun game of mafia to play while I was alive, and watch once I was dead. I regret not winning though...
"I come bearing secrets of the universe"
Great game of mafia thunda, you created a show worth watching! And congrats on winning Avatar/Raikage/ShenronShiv/JokerShiv/Matamato.
There is no spoon

EDIT:How the fuck did I forget you. Congrats greenpikachu...


Let the music play!
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Yeah the Saiyan Armour that got stole from me n0!

Thunda was generous enough to give me a BPV, cos he wanted me to survive a bit longer. Only my BPV was stolen then I get lynched by the village a day before my birthday. Sucks. I should get the award of most unlucky player in this game imo
no our inspector was hookered and stolen from, then hookered again and his one inspect he pulled off ultimately killed us