Dragonball Z Mafia

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Hi! Welcome to the next exciting episode of Mafia!

DBZ Mafia, created and hosted by GTS and myself, is going to be taking place on an anonymous forum, each player will have his own secret alias. I will start PMing each user his alias and password in about five minutes. PLEASE change your password as soon as possible!

Not everyone who signed up will receive a PM, if you are one of these people I am sorry.

For those who are playing... enjoy the game!

And remember to read the rules five or six times.

You can also use this topic to talk about the game without revealing your alias (pussies)

Good luck!
Ok, it is possible one or two of you may now have a role PM (fuck the outbox) If you dont PM me on here and I will get it to you as soon as possible. Thanks.
"This is a Dragonball Z themed game, and every main character in DBZ died at least four times. It is very possible to be resurrected, so if you are alive do not assume it is safe to speak openly to dead players."

Hahaha, that's awesome.
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