Dragonite (Choice Specs) (QC O/3)

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hi, this is my first post here on Smogon Forum, and with this i would like to show you this Dragonite set that i Discovered and use in BW1, and that can works well in BW2..


Dragonite (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Multiscale
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Hurricane
- Draco Meteor
- Surf
- Focus Blast / Thunder / Fire Blast

  • Dragonite is often use as a physical sweeper, it can also take the special route with his good 100 base Special Attack and his wide Special movepool.
  • it can seems outclassed by Latios and Hydreigon as a Special-Attacker Dragon-Type, but DNite has 2 Advantages: a powerful second STAB in Hurricane and the bulk provided by Multiscale
  • Hurricane is the main STAB to use because is reliable and, with a Modest nature, is more powerful than Tornadus-T one!
  • Draco Meteor is the other powerful STAB to use in early game, that can easily take out Rotom-W trying to enter on an Hurricane.
  • Surf is the main coverage move, that hits Steel-Types that resist Dragonite's STABs very hard.
  • the last slot rounds off the coverage: Focus Blast hits Tyranitar and Magnezone very hard, Thunder is a powerful and accurate move under the Rain, and hits Water-Types harder, while Fire Blast is a more accurate move to kill Ferrothorn, Jirachi and Bronzong outside of Rain

Addictional comments

  • the EVs Spread is pretty standard: max Special Attack with a Modest nature to hit as strong as possible, the other EVs goes in speed. you can use a Timid nature instead, but Dragonite doesn't outspeed anything rilevant, and hi need all the power it can get.
  • Politoed is the main teammate for Dragonite, The rain allows it to spam 100% accurate Hurricanes and thunders, and keep multiscale intact.
  • a spinner like Tentacruel or Starmie is appreciated, because this DNite has no recovery
  • Bliisey, Chansey and Tyranitar (if not using Focus Blast) can easily counter this set, so a strong Fighting-Type like Lucario or Terrakion is Helpful
  • last, Tornadus-T or Moltres can be Paired with Dragonite to make an Hurricane combo very difficult to counter in the long run...

Hope you like and try this set :)

last, a couple of things:

- because i'm new, i probably broke some rules by posting this, in that case i hope you can excuse me...

- i'm italian, so my english is not very good. sorry for all my grammatical errors :)


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hmm 100 SpA - it's pretty much outclassed... by everything. Not to mention mixed > special DDNite

QC Rejected


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Sorry man but Specs Dragonite doesn't quite cut it in BW2 im afraid. Don't let this rejection discourage you, as you did a good job presenting this (which loads of people neglect to do T_T)

Better luck next time.
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