Drifblim (revamp) [QC 0/3]


• Drifblim boasts seventh highest HP in the game.
• It has unique typing, ghost and flying.
• Large movepool allows it to perform a variety of sets.
• 44 and 54 defences respectively are not great.
• 80 attack is not bad but its physical movepool is the let-down.
• Drifblim has the ability to run both physical and special sets effectively.
• Drifblim is the only NU Pokémon that can use unburden effectively.
Drifblim is a much welcomed spinblocker in NU.
It’s vast movepool makes it a very hard Pokémon to predict and makes it very versatile in the NU metagame.
Drifblim is able to set up on the some of the main pokemon of the NU metagame, such as Alomomola and variations of Amoonguss.

name: AcroBLIMP
move 1: Acrobatics
move 2: Disable/Destiny bond
move 3: Will-O-Wisp/disable
move 4: Substitute/
item: Flying gem
ability: Unburden
nature: Adamant
evs: 56 Defence / 252 Attack / 200 Speed

[Set comments]

• Due to its unique typing, substitute allows it a free a turn as the opponent switches
• Acrobatics works in perfection with unburden and flying gem, once used the flying gem with be activated doubling its power as the Pokémon as no item, then since the Pokémon’s item has been used, it gets a +1 speed from unburden, setting a sweeping opportunity.
• A speed boosted destiny bond is a great asset, when low on HP, or faced with a Pokémon that is a great threat to your team, you can get a destiny bond and take your foe down with you.
• Substitute is great for avoiding sucker punches and status
• Acrobatics is the only real viable attack, but is still boosted 165 BP
• Disable is great in conjunction with will-o-wisp, being able to burn such counters as Regirock, then disable its rock slide as it breaks the substitute.
• Drifblim works best as an early game breaker, being able to burn a few opponents and perhaps K.O some Pokémon with acrobatics, perhaps even let a destiny bond loose to take an opponent down.

[Additional comments]
• Steel types and rock types obviously wall Drifblim’s acrobatics
• It’s best saved for a late game sweep so tough walls are weakened and so are most pokemon.
• Gurrdurr, Ludicolo and Samurott are all great offensive partners as they all heavily damage steel and rock types.
• Spikes help Drifblims sweeping capabilities as steels will not enjoy coming in to check Drifblim while taking spikes damage.
• A spinner is very helpful as Drifblim being weak to stealth rocks, having a reliable spinner on your team such as Armaldo or Torkoal will benefit Drifblim greatly.

Name: SubCM
Move 1: Substitute
move 2: Calm mind
move 3: Shadow ball
move 4: Thunderbolt/hidden power fighting
item: Leftovers
ability: Aftermath
nature: Timid
evs: 224 hp / 252 def / 32 speed

[set comments]
•A bulky variation allows you to set up on Alomomola with ease and take waterfalls while under a substitute.
•The extra speed evs allow you to outrun max speed Gorebyss.
•Thunderbolt is the superior move to hidden power fighting hitting the same targets, but hidden power fighting hits roar bastiodon.
•Substitute protects Drifblim from status and Lickilickys dragon tail is a 3HKO on the substitute.

[additional comments]

• Although regarded that is outclassed by calm mind Gardevoir, Drifblim has a lot more resists to come in on, most notably ever common Pokémon like CB Sawk’s close combat, and a much superior HP stat is always welcomed.
• Great teammates to Drifblim include fighting types such as Sawk to get rid of dark types that will ruin Drifblims sweeps most like Absol and Skuntank.

Name: Chestoresto
Move 1: Rest
Move 2: Shadowball
Move 3: Calm mind
Move 4: Thunderbolt/Hidden power fighting
Item: Chesto berry
Ability: Unburden
Nature: Modest
Evs: 112 speed / 168 hp / 228 Special Attack

[set comments]
•The great rest and chesto berry combination returns, setting up Drifblim for some serious wrecking in NU.
•112 speed EVs allow Drifblim to outspeed timid choice scarf Rotom-W after an unburden boost.
•222 Special attack EVs allow it to be 2HKO its arch nemesis Skuntank stealth rocks and CM boost with a thunderbolt.
•176 hp is for added bulk and allows Drifblim to come in 4 occasions before being left with 1 hp.

[additional comments]
Teammates such as Sawk can lure and eliminate dark types that could ruin Drifblims sweep. Spikes support is always appreciated and Garbodor can execute this perfectly to weaken opposing pokemon, as Drifblim works best once checks and counters are weakened. A rapid spinner is almost mandatory even with rest support to help Drifblim get by, Armaldo has a great case being able to spin and set up stealth rocks.

[other options]
A flame orb and flare boost set would not be out of the question, providing Drifblim with a +1 +1, and could also trick the flame orb onto an opponent for extra annoyance. Drifblim can also be used as a great weather support, having access to both rain dance and sunny day, and further boosted by access to weather ball. A choiced set is usable, containing trick, shadow ball, thunderbolt and hidden power fighting.
Baton pass is also viable, but is very difficult to pull off in the current metagame. Hypnosis is always great to have on any set, regardless of its low accuracy.

[checks and counters]
Stealth rocks are essential to weakening Drifblim, combined with poor defenses and Drifblim won’t be around much. Dark types are Drifblims biggest nightmare, most notably Drifblim and Absol. Skuntank can take unboosted hits with ease and hit back with a crunch, as can Absol with a night slash. Skuntank and Absol also both carry priority within sucker punch with some simple predictions can end Drifblims sweeps.


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OK, screw not being active enough I don't have anything due really for the next week etc and though if the break ends I might not be active enough...

This is a full analysis. That means this needs the Other Options section and Checks and Counters section.

You seem quite confused on where everything goes. Because you forgot your Checks and Counters section, you put your counters information in the AC. These should NOT be focused here unless you are about to bring up a recommended teammate. (Something like "Drifblim is weak to Pokemon A, so Pokemon B is a good teammate to take care of this")

Don't forget to capitalize everything correctly. We're gonna have to capitalize it when we upload the analysis anyways. Being lazy to press one shift key wouldn't quite make sense. Just check other QC approved skeletons. If you can't do this I will bring this up until you get it right.

Second set does not look very optimal. Its speed is rather subpar, and you cant switch in and out often because of SR weakness. You really might as well use a Sitrus Berry if you really want more health, or a Ghost Gem, or something like that in order to really abuse Unburden. If you are to pose any serious offensive threat, you need that speed-boosting threat.

Mention Spikes support. Especially for the first set, Rock / Steel types really don't like getting burned and taking Spikes damage repeatedly in order to check Drifblim. I would also mention Rapid Spinners by the virtue of it being SR weak.

Trivia like "only 3 other mons can have Unburden" is rather irrelevant. Not to mention you have it twice. Maybe noting that it's the only NU Pokemon to use it effectively would be maybe relevant to the metagame.

Fix all the small things first and I'll really give the feedback on the set. Thanks!


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firstly, be careful with what you're typing. subcm drifblim should not be using 252 attack evs. the spread for acrobatics is copypasta from the old analysis and needs to be updated to the current metagame. 80 hp / 252 atk / 176 spe jolly should be the absolute minimum speed imo - outrunning ludicolo / samurott is vital to its success and also maintains SR numbers and whatnot.

the overview seems... bleh. i definitely wouldn't classify drifblim as a physical or special attacker - there is only acrobatics for 'physical', and that set literally only uses acrobatics once then abuses its great speed / interesting typing to hopefully take out a few things before it gets taken down. i really don't want to see a simple rehashing of its characteristics, as the stuff you have atm is just the other overviews in bullet point form. can we highlight its positives while talking about its effectiveness in NU, too?

"Due to its lack of physical moves, will-o-wisp is on the set to try and prevent physical attackers from doing massive damage to you." no, this is not true. will-o-wisp is on the set to burn the rock-types that will inevitably come in to take the acrobatics. it's also used to burn skuntank and absol, who could otherwise sucker punch and ko drifblim. wisp is especially effective with disable, as it can burn something like regirock then disable its rock slide after regi breaks its sub, rendering it unable to actually do anything and forcing it to switch while blim gets up another sub and burns something else. again, i want to understand how drifblim works in NU - explain this in set comments, rather than rehashing how each move works (i hope whoever reads the analysis already knows how most of these moves work). if you don't have the understanding or practice with it in NU to explain this, we need to put someone else on this analysis.

additional comments should explain alternate ev spreads, move selections, and teammates. comments like "Stealth rocks do hurt Drifblim and its sweeping capabilities" and "Steel types and rock types obviously wall Drifblim’s acrobatics" do not belong in this section. comments like the following "It’s best saved for a late game sweep so tough walls are weakened and so are most pokemon." would belong in set comments, but i do not believe that's true anyway. acroblim is meant to cause as much havoc as it can, and if it gets a kill or two with acrobatics that's awesome. more often than not, though, it just gets to spread a few burns and maybe drop something with destiny bond rather than outright sweeping. if you're looking for something to sweep, i'd point you to swellow or braviary or even dodrio before i hand you over to drifblim, you know?

subcm drifblim should honestly be using a bulky set with leftovers rather than an offensive one with ghost gem or whatever. subcm blim is great in this meta because it can set up on and beat alomoonguss with little effort involved (maybe if they have clear smog amoong but then you win when you get a few spD drops anyway). a spread that takes alomomola waterfall under a sub and hits a viable speed tier would be best. something like 224 hp / 252 def / 32 spe @ timid is the most efficient you can get and outruns max spe gorebyss. 200 hp / 252 def / 56 spe outruns max adamant emboar and is also a usable spread. thunderbolt is also superior to hp fighting imo, unless you have serious issues with roar bastiodon there's no need to run a weaker move to hit the same targets. there are the exact same issues with both set comments and additional comments that i described above. also, note that unburden is not a +1 speed boost - it simply doubles speed. this also works to its advantage when facing stuff like ditto, as unburden is not copied in my experience.

chestorest + cm is still fantastic and deserves a set (it's the offensive one that you tried to shape subcm into). i have no idea what the spread should be atm though as i used a random one and it seemed to work fine. outrunning min gore at the very least is optimal, as it lets blim outrun scarf rotom-a after unburden which is incredibly nice.

when mentioning flame orb flare boost in oo, don't forget about trick. in c&c - bastiodon does pathetic damage with metal burst because acrobatics does pathetic damage back. remember that they both should simply get burned before blim starts firing off acrobatics. hp fighting does not hit piloswine much harder than shadow ball, please take that out of the mention. lickilicky does an atrocious job at walling subcm blim, as dragon tail 3HKOes its sub and it's immune to lickilicky's STAB. you also failed to mention skuntank or absol who are probably blim's biggest enemies.

i'm very uncomfortable with the way this analysis looks atm. please prove to me that you have the proper experience and information to make this analysis better than the current on-site one, or i'll have to reassign this to someone else.

im a mean muahahahaha


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I apologize Zeb, for being prejudiced against the SubCMer without real testing. I was the one who told him to change the set, because I knew that CM with Unburden could sweep really well. It needed to be somewhere, and I just couldn't put two and two together with ChestoRest.

So we would have Acrobatics, SubCM, and ChestoRest as the three sets?

I'm feeling really generous atm with this because 1. We still need people to write things and we don't have quite the activity. 2. I'm also caught in this irl bs and the way I comment here kinda reminded of the shitstorm going on irl. When I comment on the formatting, I'm not calling you ignorant for something or anything like that. Anyone has their first time and you really shouldn't be discouraged by you getting the formatting wrong for the first time. This is your first time, expect a lot of holding through your hands. But if you really want to do it and make note of all the detail we point out, you can really really do this. But if you keep being careless about the same things, someone's patience will get low. If you promise to take note of every single recommendation the team makes with precision, I'd say no one will force you to drop this analysis.

But then, I'm not forcing you to keep this just so that I can feel better about what goes on in my life. Your choice.

And also make your entrance and exit clear. If you are going to really quit this, post on the reservation thread to notify it is free.

i am also quite hostile


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aye, acro subcm and chesto should be the three primary sets. bp / flare boost / whatever else should really be in OO.

awmgnoob, i didn't mean to come off as hostile or aggressive as i did, but at the same time you have to understand that right now, the quality standard that we need to hold these analyses to is much higher than what's simply on-site now. i understand that everyone has their first time working on an analysis, but i'm not going to let something subpar slip under the radar just for the sake of easing your transition into c&c. it's entirely your choice on whether or not you want to continue forth, but you need to know that we know what we're talking about and we provide the criticism that we do to make your analysis better (and eventually you'll already know exactly what we're looking for).
it should be called Ded Zeppelin IMO. Because its a blimp, and now u ded

And why is there no mention of Ghost Gem + Shadow Ball? It would be great on the CM set with Unburden


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I thought the same, j7r, but apparently zeb likes ChestoRest > Ghost Gem + Shadow Ball? I was thinking it could at least be slashed, but whatever.

Also, no one likes repeating,

name: AcroBLIMP
move 1: Acrobatics
move 2: Disable / Destiny Bond
move 3: Will-O-Wisp / Disable
move 4: Substitute
item: Flying Gem
ability: Unburden
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 Atk / 56 Def / 200 Spe

is the correct formatting. Please fix the formatting.

name: Substitute + Calm Mind
move 1: Substitute
move 2: Calm Mind
move 3: Shadow Ball
move 4: Thunderbolt / Hidden Power Fighting
item: Leftovers
ability: Aftermath
nature: Timid
evs: 224 HP / 252 Def / 32 Spe

name: ChestoRest
move 1: Rest
move 2: Shadow Ball
move 3: Calm Mind
move 4: Thunderbolt / Hidden Power Fighting
item: Chesto Berry
ability: Unburden
nature: Modest
evs: 168 HP / 228 SpA / 112 Spe

Don't just copy paste what I have and just walk away. This cannot be a consistent issue if you intend to further contribute to Smogon. It's really simple. I am bad at formatting, but this has rarely been an issue. Keep the spacing between slashes, capitalize moves, nature and, abilities, Pokemon names, and such, but don't capitalize "move 1", "abilities", "nature", and such. The contractions for the stats are HP, Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, and Spe. And EVs are listed in that order. But do not use those contractions in writeups. Such contractions are only reserved for EV spreads on the set section. EVs are capitalized when you write, but on the set section needs to be not capitalized.