Dual Weather Alert! [Round 1]

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Dual Weather Alert!
Approved by Kevin Garrett and the TD Team.

Image credit to The Smog #16 and Yilx.
Tournament Description:

A while back, ToF started a #pokemon challenge that sought players to use two weather inducers on one team and make it work. I didn’t play very much of it but I really enjoyed working with it when I did, and then I thought that a tournament about it would just be fantastic! So this is the basic premise of this tournament – you must use two weather inducers on the same team, and no-Hippowdon and Tyranitar on the same team do not count. It must be two different weathers.

Tournament Rules:

• General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
• Standard OU - Singles
• Best of one
• Single elimination
• The banlists for this tournament are the same as for the ladders of the Smogon University server of Pokemon Online.
• No johns.
Unless you feel completely uncomfortable with me having logs, I would ask that you submit them in case of any disputes and because I'd like to keep a record of this tournament.

Nonstandard Rules:
Each player must build a team utilizing two different weather inducers on the same team. Ex: Abomasnow and Politoed.

Battle Clauses:
• Evasion Clause
• OHKO Clause
• Sleep Clause
• Species Clause
• Timed Battle
• Wifi Clause

So with that, on to the matchups!


SethZiBritannia vs. DarXidE
BKC vs. –PkmTrainerBlue-
Omicron vs. Pokemonrocks777
.Robert vs. Master of the Six Kings
Princess Bri vs. dragonboy52
Hot N Cold vs. badabing
FireMage vs. Joeyboy
DarkLoïc vs. ThatsMyLatios
Darkhallway vs. CheezitKing
Reyscarface vs. ~GreenCore
D4RR3N vs. Pkrs
Xx coren37 vs. Keelhauled
Maaf vs. Deapryl
Pokebasket vs. hawaiiguava
Novaray vs. Brap
Marshall.Law vs. –Manu-
DrMohammadLi vs. Rockhp31
Idiotfrommars vs. Hangover
SOMALIA vs. Milos
Zebraiken vs. Frz
Noodlez vs. sheep
Nightblade7000 vs. yee
T-Dogg vs. Double01
Vinc2612 vs. Living Things
FelixMinamimoto vs. Elmanzano
SoulWind vs. Fantasy
Funkasaurus vs. Eustatic
Alice vs. Jirachi
Chieliee vs. Nexuz
Kennen vs. toasdt
Thundur vs. HoiPolloi
Wobbanaut vs. Rydro
Brotom vs. Nefask
Iconic vs. Morgenstern
Nelson-X vs. Cristal
Cicada vs. dragonuser
Blarajan vs. Seco453
TrollFreak vs. Complete Legitimacy
Ningildo vs. mostwanted
ShakeItUp vs. DC.
Orichalcos Owl vs. Eranu
MikeDecIsHere vs. ThePillsburyDoughBoy
McMeghan vs. Expert Physics
[K-12] The Madchine vs. Kenny S
Mfhoundoom vs. kuja20
Eos vs. Kruzes
H-C vs. Meh
Light the Thunder vs. Wid

If I made a mistake with any names, please let me know immediately and I will change it.

I had to use an RNG to determine who would start as a substitute. Apologies to those of you who were cut.
List of Substitutes:


I will not delay in substituting for inactive participants. Please, I want no johning.

You will have two weeks. The deadline is 7/7/12, at 11:59 pm (EST.)
If after a week I spot no signs of activity, I will send a check-in VM. If I still get no response, I will sub out.


Hate it or love it the under dog's on top
I may have missed this somewhere but we are using teams that don't include stuff from B2W2? (keldeo, etc.)

Also vmed t-dogg
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