Dynamite Mafia - A Massive Explosion


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Uggh two vills dead.

Well I would ask everybody to claim to me, but it's become apparent that people will claim vanilla villager no matter what. The worst thing is that the role PMs are posted in the main thread so we can't catch any fakers, this game is very hard to win for us. That is why I need villagers PMing me any information they find out. I'm 100 % sure both Earthworm and pyromanic are clean too after talks with them, so you can trust them too if need be but tbh I'd prefer that I was approached first and foremost. We need to band together cause if we don't, this game will be lost after only 3 days!


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Ugh, the people dieing by mistake really didn't help. I plan to take some action today and blow someone up.

so you automatically are better than Eo Ut Mortus. he hasn't even posted yet

by the way have you realised your avatar is a pidgey and not a pidgeot wtf is up with that


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Before I blow, I would like to encourage anyone who does not trust Stallion to give him a chance. I told him I was bodyguard and I would protect him during Day 1, and I did not die the following night. Also, when I lit up on this Day (2), he PM'd me and was concerned since I was supposedly the bodyguard and about to blow myself up. So, from these two tests, he passes not being mafia.

Also, I talked with imperfectluck out of this thread as well (more than Stallion). I think his suspicion of Stallion made perfect sense. He seemed willing to blow up Stallion on Day 1. A mafia blowing someone up in this game is a bad strategic move. Of course, he could of just been saying that to try make himself not look mafia to me. Most likely he is not mafia, but don't take my word for it.

There is one thing that worries me, though. There is the possibility that Stallion and ipl are both mafia. I told ipl about the bodyguard claim plan (this was necessary in case ipl needed to revenge kill Stallion upon my probable death on Night 2). Meaning, Stallion might of only passed the two "tests" because ipl told him about it. But that is unlikely, especially since ipl continued suspicion on Stallion when I talked to him after Night 2.

Also, the person I chose to blow up is because Stallion suggested me to. If the target turns out to be mafia, there is more reason to trust Stallion.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Stallion was mafia. Heh.
Game Over
Congratulations to Stallion, Earthworm, imperfectluck, Jedil and Eo Ut Mortus for winning Dynamite Mafia!

I realise I may have made a mistake with the numbers, but expert manipulation from ipl and Stallion really overthrew the Citizens' early game advantage. I really really hope you guys had even a miniscule amount of fun, because watching the perfect game executed by the Pyromaniacs was really fun for me xD
This was not a good game by Smogon mafia standards - Mekkah and dak personally berated me for hosting this, but I think the main problem with it was the 1 to 3 ratio of mafia - I have no doubt that this game would have carried on longer with less mafia, and more experienced players in the Citizens.

dragonite24 was the bodyguard and he was not BPV as some people thought - the Pyromaniacs killed with fire. The death of Outlaw N1 was because Earthworm thought that eliminating the more experienced players first would allow them to manipulate the village. Amelia met a quick death because of the same reason.

Now for an 'endgame' summary of people (who contributed).
Took control right from the start, had a backup plan in case he was ousted by the inspector (Outlaw did inspect him N1 I told him this and he was frantic). Near flawless play.

Was led astray pretty easily. Had some good suspicions but never acted on them, but has the potential to get a lot better. Fooled Stallion into thinking he was the bodyguard haha.

Actually idled N1 because 'the inspector needs to come out'. In a game with a single mafia faction, you don't idle T_T. If one mafia had been blown up every day, and Dragonite24 prevented a kill, the Citizens would have won xD

Sowed seeds of discomfort and distrust amongst the Citizens. Found out that Pidgeot actually wasn't the bodyguard, which Stallion seemed to believe.

Again, was led astray too easily. Could do better.

Caused the murder-suicide of four people :( Expected the Citizens to fall right into his lap, which they didn't, but still played well.

Hit Earthworm Night 1 lol.

Set off some people's scumdar. In a game like this, you have to try your hardest to appear vanilla townie, no matter who you are.
I totally might have saved this game if I had been subbed in, I saw it when ipl said he was killing stallion but never did and disappeared completely


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Wow, 3 flawless games ended in 1 day (2 on #fluodome).

I really wish people didn't get godkilled, but Stallion and ipl played some great roles.

I guess this reinforces one of the main rules of mafia: "Never trust anyone."


just who is the coon?
Sigh you're probably right i shouldnt have idled n1. T_T

Anyways i was thinking that there was a remote possiblity Stallion was mafia, since i asked him for a list of who he thought was bg and he basically blew me off and told me to either protect EW or Pyro. But by the time i figured it out, it was too late. >_>

Also i really didnt like the "silent" part of the mafia, as Outlaw could have claimed n1 and i would have protected him, but meh, he could have sent out a mass PM asking for claims and for the bg to protect him.

Good job MS and EW!

Edit: I'm curious, what were the roles for the Pyromaniacs (i.e. did they have a silencer?) I'm assuming they just decided who to kill (as no one said they were silenced/nothing "out of the ordinary" happened)


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I actually did think you were bg after I was made aware that Pidgeot was a fake, so I wasn't lying there.

Also I was prepared to sacrifice a mafia guy just to get trust, but there were so many silent villagers, that after Outlaw died we pretty much had the game sewn up; if one of us 3 were caught moling then the other two would still be intact.

Nice work IPL and EW, the game was a bit easy in the end, and thr fact that all the role PMs were posted in the main was annoying but credit to Thorns for an original idea.

Edit: Also thorns they DID fall into my lap, dragonite claimed to me so i knew every role :)
Oh, and I still don't get why people were loling at me. (Help a noob out).
Here's part of a convo I had with Earthworm that explains everything:

[5:19:53 PM] KnightoftheWind: supermarth was saying new players wouldn't be mafia
[5:20:07 PM] KnightoftheWind: however, i was mafia in my first mafia game
[5:20:15 PM] Earthworm: yeah that's stupid logic
[5:21:01 PM] KnightoftheWind: besides, the roles were randomized so that counts against him


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How was I supposed to know that? I've read some of the previous Mafia games here, but I never read anything about how the roles were determined.

Oh well, it's not like our deaths had much to change. We were basically eating out of the mafia's hands.
I wish I would've been more active, but I guess after inspector died N1 I didn't feel like there was much I could do.

Good job anyway, mafia. And it was an interesting concept to say the least.
i didn't tell him that you inspected him i told him he was being inspected

on a side note, firebabyyeahfire.pastebin.com was how they talked at night