Eevee'd (Current Slate: Krokorok, Maractus, Sigilyph. Submissions)

What Ludicrousty has yet to announce is that he has made me part of the council.

He has also given me permission to open voting, so I am doing so.

While voting, why not discuss which mon appreciate the additions of the new eeveelutions we have added so far?

Krokorok: Krokokreep (Origin0), Krokosmile (Origin0), Krookotrik (Origin0), Krokrostile (Samtendo09), Krokokung (Origin0)

Maractus: Sitaractus (Origin0), Harpactus (Sharpest), Xianqinactus (Origin0), Theractus (Samtendo09), Ehractus (Origin0)

Sigilyph: Unholyph (Samtendo09), Stalaglyph (Origin0), Toxgilyph (Origin0), Frezalyph (Origin0), Dragilyph (Origin0)
Krokorok: Krookokung (Origin0), Krokrostile (Samtendo09), Krokodrake (Sereg), Kreekodile (Sereg), Shokodile (Sereg)
Maractus: Xianqinactus (Origin0), Theractus (Samtendo09), Harpactus (Sharpest), Cacstanet (Sereg), Caxophone (Sereg)
Sigilyph: Stalagilyph (Origin0), Unholyph (Samtendo09), Glyphantom (Sereg), Glyphestation (Sereg), Glyfey (Sereg)
Reeee. Any more votes? I forgot about this, but don't wanna leave it in case anyone else wants to vote. Voting closes tomorrow (No real time). Feel free to leave slate suggestions (doesn't have to be themed but has a better chance if it is), because I'm too lazy to think of any xD
Maybe a Christmas slate? Delibird (Give it an evo), Abomasnow and some other mon. Maybe farfetch'd to represent the bird we eat
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