Eiganjo's Epic Worlds Adventure [56k warning]


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Eiganjo’s Epic Worlds Adventure

Day 1: Flying, flying and more flying
4:45am, alarm goes off and I wake up, realizing that I’m finally going to Hawaii after waiting for it like a kid waiting for his epic christmas presents. My parents decided to both take me to Amsterdam Airport, where I check in my bags and leave them both behind, strolling through the airport, waiting for my direct flight to LA to leave.

After arduous hours of flying, my legs killing me and some movies I did not see yet, I arrive in Hawaii at around 5pm local time, being surprised at the fact that Kona airport is open air. Wow, never would’ve thought I’d see stuff like that but there’s a first thing for everything. After getting left behind by the first shuttle because it was full and I was all alone I get to the Hilton at around 6pm. Worlds things were already straight at the door, and even the check-in lady asks if I had come to play Pokémon. Must’ve been my shirt that gave it away I suppose. After walking to my room in the Ocean tower and unloading all of my crap I decided to take a stroll around the resort, taking some pictures along the way. On my way back to the main lobby I saw a familiar face, it was Fishy! Fish and DM were with her as well so I say hi to them all and decided to join them in the shuttle train. When we got out we met up with Nick, who all took us inside his room and basically asked who I was and where I came from since we had not met before. Nick is one of those guys that everyone instantly likes. I don’t know how you do it man
. Still in the room suggestions about swimming were made, but I had to change first, also red corvette picture just for DM, that probably looks nice since my eyes were all bloodshot for some reason. They did tell me what pool they were going to, but either I was way too tired or deaf, so after changing I went all over the resort looking for them, with no success, so I went back, taking a shower and hopping into bed early.

Day 2: Meeting the players
I woke up early, and by early I mean like 6am early. I hear some birds making a lot of noise and decide to go take a shower, change and go out for some more Japanese picture taking guy action. I spend walking a good 1-2 hours around the resort and to the local marketplace where I get something to drink. Heading back into the main lobby I spot Cybertron sitting around with other seniors and masters, and I introduce myself. Pictures were made, and Biosci was there also, whom I promised to drive to the airport with to pick up Feathers and Paul.

After some time chatting to people and running into Nick McCord again, asking where I went and probably walking around each other all the time last night, I leave with Biosci to Kona airport. His dad drove us there, not me, and Biosci’s dad is a great guy, he ended up going multiple trips from the hotel to the airport. When we got to the airport, we didn’t know what airline Feathers was flying with and Biosci’s phone for one reason could not text her, so I ended up texting her instead. After waiting a few minutes we see a small girl emerge from the crowd, with a Wailord plush about as big as herself, hi Feathers. I didn’t know it then but Feathers was one of the most awesome people ever that I have met. A while later Paul also shows up, being much more quiet at first then I had anticipated. We get something to eat at Costco, some cheap pizza slices which were really big, especially since I’m European and that pizza slice was as big as a medium pizza back over in the Netherlands. After we got back and people storing stuff over in my room and more people arriving in the meantime, we head out for a swim at the lagoon pool, the biggest one they have at the resort. Jesus didn’t bring his swimming gear, so he actually asked if he could go in with his jeans, which he actually ended up doing and people laughing whenever he got up out of the water. We ended up aimlessly throwing a ball around and generally hanging around in the cave area which also held the Jacuzzi. Ray and some other people also joined and 2 random girls actually took Ray with them for some Pokémon World Champion picture taking as well as a huge group picture. I didn’t see those two anymore after but maybe someone else did. After hanging out and eating we all decide to call it a day and go to our own rooms, preparing for the LCQ.

Day 3: LCQ and other shenanigans
LCQ day was upon us. For some reason I set my alarm to 6am in the morning as masters registration for the LCQ was at 8am. Biosci was in my room so after taking a quick shower we both headed to the convention area where the LCQ was supposed to happen. We were early, very very early and way too early for our own good. I battled Biosci a bit with some randomly assorted Pokémon that weren’t on my LCQ team. Since nothing would happen until around 8am we just sat there and chilled until the rest showed up and started forming the line, or as one of the TPCI staff called it, a growth.
The LCQ Line
After registering it was time for the player meetup and I was set next to Chalkey, and we had a nice talk with each other until rounds were posted. Before I go talk about that, first up was the LCQ team I used. I had a good success rate with it on the GBU, so I was comfortable in using it as well. I later figured out my EV’s were far from optimal, but hey, you learn something every day.

Quiet Abomasnow @ Focus Sash
Snow Warning
252 HP/6 Defense/252 Special Attack
- Blizzard
- Energy Ball
- Hidden Power Fire
- Protect
My antiweather Pokémon, and one I have been a fan of in both VGC 2012 and VGC 2009/2010. I love spamming Blizzard with it. The only regret I have is using Energy Ball over Giga Drain since I was too lazy to get it tutored in Gen4, big mistake I suppose. Hidden Power Fire for opposing Abomasnow and stuff like Scizor and Ferrothorn who would otherwise both wall It out with ease.

Jolly Mienshao @ Flying Gem
Inner Focus
6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed
- Acrobatics
- Drain Punch
- Fake Out
- Wide Guard
I had used Mienshao to great success before, even though it is very frail. I used this mainly as a fighting type counter, as Flying Gem Acrobatics would OHKO most Pokémon bar from Intimidate drops, in which case it would leave them in Hail KO range or close to Hail KO range. Wide Guard speaks for itself with common spread moves.

Modest Chandelure @ Fire gem
Flash Fire
252 HP/252 Special Attack/6 Special Defense
- Heat Wave
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Protect
Chandelure was awesome for my team with so much coverage and it could take quite some stuff as well. Heat Wave missing was the biggest deal during my game but that is Pokémon for you. Energy Ball was there for the ever present Gastrodon. All in all during playtesting he saved my life a bunch of times

Modest Rotom @ Sitrus Berry
252 HP/252 Special Attack/6 Defense
- Hydro Pump
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power Fire
- Protect
Rotom Washer was something I used frequently as well. Hydro pump is nice, Thunderbolt was nice as well. I could’ve opted for multiple Hidden Powers but in the end I went with Hidden Power Fire due to the fact some Pokémon would wall it to death and threaten it immediately, hi Ferrothorn.

Jolly Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
208 HP/ 20 Attack/ 136 Defense/ 4 Special Defense/140 Speed
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Tailwind
- Protect
Gliscor was my ace up the hole, since the Tailwind Poison Heal combo is only obtainable directly from the Entralink, for which I greatly thank Princess of Johto for. He was the last team member I decided on since I wanted to use something that could set up tailwind but with a surprise factor. It was tankey on the physical side, shrugging of mighty hits while still being able to heal every turn and set up Tailwind for the speed advantage. Although it did not do too much damage, it still was a nice addition to the team.

Adamant Metagross @ Lum Berry
Clear Body
252 HP/252 Attack/6 Speed
- Meteor Mash
- Zen Headbutt
- Bullet Punch
- Protect
In hindsight, I think I should’ve either replaced Metagross with either Cresselia or Bisharp, or replaced one of the moves with Earthquake. I usually didn’t bring it out unless my opponent had Pokémon it could easily take out. I still feel I would’ve been better off with the previously mentioned Pokémon though.

Round 1: Bye’s were had everywhere, and only a few people needed to play, was nice I got one, so I didn’t play this round at all. We had to wait quite a long time since some matches took forever to complete and it sucked we had no TV to watch matches on or something else to entertain us. We had counting down with Nick McCord though

Round 2 vs Michael Burk: I went to look over the pairings and saw I had to play him. I didn’t know him so we introduced ourselves to each other at the table. He said he was with his 6 year old who had placed himself for Worlds in the juniors class. Looking over his team it was apparent that it was a sandstorm team. I decide first game to see what he could bring to the table and ultimately end up losing that one. Second game I lead Abomasnow and Metagross against his Tyranitar and Excadrill. Some hax happened along the way with Meteor Mash missing once and Heat Wave missing twice on his Metagross, but still being able to pull through for the 1-1. I did not take notes but the final round I start with Abomasnow and Rotom-W. He ended up paralyzing both my Abomasnow and Chandelure with his own Rotom-W Discharge, with 2 turns of fully paralyzing my Chandelure, ultimately netting him the win. I thank him for the battles and head over to the other people stating I’ve lost. I did record the second game of this matchup and you can find it here

After LCQ is over we headed out to get something to eat at the Waikoloa bar and grill, they had great mushrooms, and calamari as well if I have to believe Ray, Paul and Rushan. After staying until 5pm I leave the group to head back to the resort. I meet up with both Huy and Feathers, who were in the Competitors Only Retail Line. We spent a lot of time there, about 3 and a half hours, and we meet the guy that beat me and his kid in the retail line as well. The 6 year old battled me three times, and his dad was very appreciative of that. I liked the kid, he was so feisty and full of energy. It ended up 2-1 for me in the end, only losing once as Huy decided to help the kid out. After a long long time wefinally got into the retail room, only to have to wait in line again for about half an hour more. It was worth it as I got my Pansear though. Afterwards, Huy, Feather, Biosci and myself headed down to the pool area where we put our feet into the water as none of us had any swimming clothes with us. Duy came and handed us food and after some more talking we went to our rooms for the night, even though some people went to a Walmart just to get a basketball.

Day 4: More Retail Awesomeness and Finals
Waking up at a decent time today, I showered and went out for some breakfast, meeting up with other people to go watch the TV’s for Worlds. After a short while, Feathers and myself went back to the retail line to buy more stuff. After that was done, more TV watching and watching Pokérob on tv every single round. Yeah, that wasn’t the most pleasurable thing to see, I’m still having nightmares about Shiny Minimize Drifblim. After all this we have our Worlds top 8 for Finals tomorrow and we all go out for dinner again. Afterwards we meet up with Alaka, who has a Boosterbox and wants us to open Boosters until 3 EX cards were found. Huy found the first Darkrai EX, and I got Lucky with the second Darkrai EX and Entei EX in the 3 Boosters I opened. Rushan also had a game with him called Poo! We played this hilarious game with about 6 or 7 people and ended up drawing the first match, with Feathers winning the second one. I headed to bed afterwards, getting ready for the final day of Pokémon Worlds 2012

Day 5:Harry Potter TCG Draft and The Crowning of Champions
Today was the grand day, the day where we would know if Ray would go for his third championship or if he would get dethroned by one of the 7 other players on the field. First was the most epic tcg challenge of all tcg challenges though, The Harry Potter TCG Draft. Huy, Duy, Skarm, Paul, Feathers, Biosci and myself were waiting at the signing area to duke it out in the best TCG game ever created by man. I got to pull 2 Holo cards as well, making me marked for opening any and all further Pokémon boosters for EX cards. We played some games where Duy was the ultimate victor due to his overpowered deck. We soon went over to the signing area where Mr.Masuda and Mr.Morimoto were signing things for people. I went with Feathers and she got her BW2 sleeve signed while I had my prized Pokémon Red Box with me, along with the cart. Masuda said he was afraid he’d damage my box but he signed it anyway, same for Morimoto. After all the signing and Harry Potter shenanigans we watched some more games and went for lunchbreak, needing to hurry back for the second signing with Mr.Ishihara. My Pokémon red box was really nicely signed and Ishihara actually asked me how I got my red box, which was very cool indeed.

After all this was done Finals were starting, but we had to endure the TCG finals First, meaning we were all still playing the Harry Potter TCG, trying to beat Duy’s deck. Alaka actually managed to beat Duy once with the help of Feathers’s deck, but extended. After TCG Finals were done, we all rushed to the stage for the epic finale of what the VGC section of Pokémon Worlds 2012. It did not disappoint, although the Juniors should’ve at least had some more applause, because Cloysterkid won. Ray and Wolfe finished a couple of minutes after, with Ray being crowned Champion for the third time in a row. Lastly, it was a tight match between a Spanish guy and Dimsun, which Dimsun managed to pull out on top from. Celebrations were made, statements of love were made to Nick McCord and the closing ceremony revealed that next year’s worlds would be in Vancouver, Canada, much to the happiness of the Canadians in the grand ballroom with us. Straight after everything we decided that we didn’t bring a basketball for nothing so we played ball. As a safety note for next time for anyone being as silly as me, don’t wear socks on sandals and play Bball, you get really big painful blisters. So I sat in the sidelines and recorded some Basketball shenanigans. Some people already were leaving this night so we said our goodbyes and went to eat and get some Brawl action in my room.

Day 6:People leaving and more people leaving
After some stuff that happened overnight, I woke up and said goodbye to a lot of people, generally just chilling in the main and lower lobbies of the hotel. Loads of people were leaving, and post worlds-depression started to kick in early. After everyone left I went back to my room where Omegadonut, Lauren and Jesus were and Jesus and I headed out to get something to eat which was not Peking Duck at the Chinese Restaurant on the resort. Omegadonut and Lauren both joined us later, and after we headed back we went to sleep for the next morning.

Day 7: I’m so ronery
So with all the people gone, Jesus left at around afternoon, leaving only me, Omegadonut and Lauren behind. Alaka was staying in the Mariott and invited us over to come swim at the beach, which we did for some time. Omegadonut and Lauren left early night with Alaka bringing them to the airport, leaving me all alone, so I had a burger and did some walking around to get my boarding passes for the day after when I would leave back home to the Netherlands.

Day 8: Why does waiting take so long
Basically it was me and Alaka that were left, with Alaka staying at the Mariott. I went ahead and made more videos and pictures of the entire resort and the Queen’s Marketplace, and chilling out with free wifi in the lower lobby, where it was actually air-conditioned. As with all things, this also came to an end, leaving me craving for Worlds 2013 as the experience in itself was well worth every single dollar I spent to getting to Hawaii. Everyone I met was awesome and all the memories I got were awesome as well. I took a look at Kona Airport before taking off back home to the Netherlands. I am definatly looking forward to next year, meeting new people, making new friends and creating even more awesome memories. Also Ill make sure to bring more Stroopwafels next year!

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