Elements Mafia - Day 8

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One fine sunny day...well not really, it was cold and stormy. Anyway, users demon238 (aka blue_light) and Thorns were at Smogon University, staying behind after Battling Theory Lab to mess around with some equipment.

'Hey, blue_light, what the hell is this?' questioned Thorns.

'Dunno. There's a label on it - Anthromoporphic Ray. Looks like one of Professor X-Act's inventions.'

'Hey, press the button.'

Commencing charge up of the ray, 3….2…..1…...FIRE!


A bright blue light blasted the periodic table with real elements on the other side of the laboratory (along with a barrel full of unknown substances)

From the periodic table a voice appeared.

‘Hello! I am Unununium!’

'What is this? Is the element speaking?'

‘You are the great blue_light and Thorns, The Creators?’

'Uhh...indeed we are, we gave you and all the elements intelligence and understanding so that you may be our loyal servants.' said blue_light.

‘Ah, your greatness is unlimited, we will be your willing and loyal servants until our dea-‘


A massive explosion engulfs the middle of the periodic table, scattering elements everywhere. Thorns observes many injured elements and even some that are dead. Suddenly in the middle of the periodic table where many elements used to be, numerous flammables appeared. A booming voice then sounded off.

We are the Combustibles and we are the true rulers of all elements! All shall fall before our great might!

As the explosive invaders said this, the right side of the periodic table seemingly burst to life and swept across the periodic table dissolving and poisoning many combustibles and wounded elements. As they returned to their original positions their leader spoke.

The Halogens are the only elements worthy of our lords' attention. All inferior elements and twisted compounds will be destroyed by our righteous gases.

With that the halogens and the combustibles ran into the crowd of surviving elements and blended in unnoticed. Out of the crowd boomed a voice.

Combustibles? Halogens? Blasphemy! We are the Base Elements and we are the most numerous! You fools are only tarnishing our masters' creations!

Thorns and blue_light looked at each other and smiled.

'Alright, Base Elements. You guys are pussies, everyone knows that. But I'll let you slide. If you guys really want to get rid of the Combustibles and Halogens, I propose you vote for one user for us to kill every day. You all know you can't win without your creators.' said blue_light.

'Great blue_light, I agree to these terms! The Base Elements will succee-HNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'

Unununium fell to the ground, and promptly died of a heart attack, revealing himself to be Fishin. After dissolving, a voice echoed out throughout the room.

Dear Fishin,
You are Unununium.

You are quite possibly the element with the best name, but that is of no concern. You are also a heavy transition metal, heavier than gold or silver. Your half-life is also ten minutes, so you won't be strong for long.

You are very inert and do not possess many noble qualities. Because of this, you are immune from reacting with most elements. Qualities you possess over your cousins gold and silver is your immunity to halogens, so if you are ever targeted by a Halogen, that role will fail once.

You have a neutral alliance. You win if you survive and the Halogens do not win.
'Ouch. Anyway, everyday, every user will voice their opinion, thinking who is a Combustible or Halogen, or even a neutral party who is only interested in his own gains. Hope you guys win!' said Thorns. blue_light spoke quickly after.

'Oh, and for the record:
1. No deadtalking. Deadtalking is giving away information after death. Dead players may continue to converse with their allies for strategising purposes ONLY. Evidence of deadtalking will possibly have you barred from future mafia games. Which means it's detrimental that you do not reveal any information to the dead, especially if they are not on your team.
2. No pasting Role PMs, fake or real, until Night 0 is over.
3. Each Day occurs for 24 hours after the first vote. The day may end prematurely when a majority is reached. The lynchee with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched otherwise. Votes should be in bold, eg vote Olie.
4. Each Night occurs for 48 hours, or when all PMs are received, in which case a grace period of 1 hour will occur.
5. Me and Thorns are so fucking insane that anything to do with chemistry could be included in this mafia. Players are strongly urged to read up.
6. Each player may tell me a death quote on irc. This death quote may not have anything to do with the game.
7. The game ends when a player or group is in a position to win unopposed. This is objective, but may be fairly subjective, however.
8. PMs are to be sent to both Thorns and demon238. Please entitle your PM 'Night/Day X - ACTION USER'. It makes it a lot easier.
9. Action priorities are kept at our discretion.
10. If you want to create a pastebin, mini forum, irc channel, spreadsheet, (I'd make it secret!) or something to organize yourself, notify Thorns and demon238.
11. Inactivity for 48 hours will result in a prod. If you would like to request a prod for a certain user, PM Thorns or demon238.
12. You are allowed to copy-paste things I have said, as long as it is about game mechanics or a role. You may not copy-paste things like 'yes, you are a villager' or the like.
13. If you would like to construct a fake PM, notify either Thorns or demon238. We are happy to help, but we will not construct an entire PM for you.'
14. This game will feature items with varying powers. Any player may hold an infinite amount of items and you can give away or receive an infinite amount of items. To give away your item(s), send a PM to Thorns or demon238 stating 'Day/Night X - Give ITEM to USER', giving away items has the lowest priority out of all actions.

5. Serenity
6. porygon3
8. Phantasia

1. Earthworm(Propane,Inspector, Allied with the Combustibles) lynched Day 1
2. Gmax killed(Hydrofluoric Acid,Killer, Allied with the Halogens) Night 1

3. Flounder (Octane,Silencer, Allied with the Combustibles)killed lynched Day 2
4. DP Crobat (Zinc,Bodyguard, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 2
5. Jimbo (Oxygen1, Twin, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 2
19. Sikh Assassin (Ethane, Killer, Allied with the Combustibles) lynched Day 3
21. moi (Helium, Inspector, Allied with the Base Elements)godkilled Day 3
9. Mordock (Lead, Item Bodyguard, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 3
18. Macle (Methane, Scavenger, Allied with the Combustibles)lynched Day 4
17. Lightwolf (Chlorine, Hooker, Allied with the Combustibles)lynched Day 5

20. Lesm46 (Neon, Martyr, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 5
11. moot (Mecury, Thief, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 5
15. billymills (Sulfur, Rogue, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 5

24. Bass (Nitrogen, Hooker, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 6
12. GreenPikachu (Argon, Tracker, Allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 6
22. CyzirVisheen (Iodine, Thief, Allied with the Halogens)killed Night 6
23. ControllerOfFlames (Lithium, Vote Charger, Allied with the Base Elements)lynched Day 7
7. thunda (Carbon, BPV/Fuser, allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 7
4. Stoo (Platnium, Mayor, allied with the Base Elements)killed Night 7
13. Shade (Bromine, Bodyguard, allied with the Halogens)killed Night 7
3. Misaki-chi (Uranium, Vote Gainer/Rogue, Neutral)won Day 8

There are 3 players left, 2 votes needed for majority.
Sorry for the people that did not get in, you are all subs. Pms will be sent out shortly.

^this is a link to a periodic table, for those unfamiliar to it. All elements in the table are base elements and the column on the right that starts with Fluorine and goes down to chlorine, bromine, etc are halogens.

It is now Night 0, it will end on Thursday 10:00 PM Pacific Time GMT -8. No kills will happen on Night 0.
All PMs have been sent by either me, Thorns, or Fishin.

Edit: Sorry Toothache, when I pasted my opening scene, I thought I godkilled Fishin, but apparently Fishin changed it to you in the google doc.

Blue Kirby

Never back down.
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Killing Toothache immediately isn't funny, I don't get it.

However, this Mafia looks intriguing. It'll be an interesting one to watch.
<%mafiabot> A new game was started! Type '/msg mafiabot join' or !join to join! You have 45 seconds to join.
<Veedrock> !join
-mafiabot- You are not playing.
<Veedrock> Damn it
Killing Toothache immediately isn't funny, I don't get it.
Toothache threw off his games played/times died ratio by not getting killed in Partner mafia, so to rectify things, he needed to die in a game that he wasn't actually in. All is right.

Good luck to all, this should be a good game.
That's understandable. It's for the better as I'm pretty blind in other mafia games atm. Though to be completely honest I was just expecting a hard as fuck win condition >__> Doesn't get any harder than not having one :P


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ok if you read that Earthworm log I fully take responsibility lol. It was faked, you may ask anyone who was in #warau at the time that thunda and I were joking around that EW is the wolf, but it appears thunda distributed the logs and people actually fell for it lol. As far as we know, EW is NOT the wolf. (It is, however, possible.) By the way, I faked it so it looked like it happened while we were joking around, and only my logs from past mIRC sessions have timestamps like [xx:xx:xx]. My normal time stamps are like { xx:xx:xx AM }, so if that had actually happened, it would have those timestamps. Sorry haha
I strongly suggest that any inspector allied with the Base Elements inspects Earthworm. Further evidence proves there is a 75% chance he actually is wolf.
what would be even more great is if you people would actually fucking play the game. I have recieved exactly three night PMs. To those who signed up and aren't going to play, you're wasting my time.


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Sup, thorns, calm down. It's not deadline yet. Hell it's a long way from deadline. Thursday 10:00 PM Pacific Time GMT -8 is 15 hours and 30 minutes away from the time of this post. It's only Night 0. Putting out a reminder asking people to get their PMs in is one thing, hurling abuse is another. Villagers do not know who to go to, no one is coordinating them, there is no real target that they know of, and the mafia are probably still getting themselves coordinated. Just be patient.
Perhaps Thorns may be overreacting, but any inactivity during the night will result in a prod (warning), meaning if you do not participate in the lynch after a prod I can and probably will GodSub you out for one of our many eager substitutes. If you do not want to use your night ability or day ability please send Thorns and I a pm stating that you're idling. I am not trying to be harsh, but I do not want this game to be boring and drawn out, when it can easily be exciting and streamlined.

The days will now be 24 hours long after the first lynch vote has been cast, if no lynch vote is cast during the initial 24 hours then I will enforce a deadline for that day.

Also make sure you are sending your pms to both me and Thorns (updates can be made by both him and I), otherwise your action may not be counted and will result in a prod.

PS: Do Not Show Me Any Fake Logs...Or Else!
As night turns to day in the Battling Theory Lab, everyone gathers at the designated town square, in the middle of the periodic table (at least what is left of it).

Unsurprisingly nobody died, thunda speaks up and says “Well who are we going to lynch today?” With that everybody begins to talk and murmur about their first lynch, only now realizing the magnitude of what they are about to do.

As you guys think blue light and Thorns bust out a large suitcase labeled “Anything You Will Ever Need In Chemistry”.

Thorns speaks, “The lynchee of everyday will be presented by the village mob to us, in which we will use this kit to execute and punish them in cruel and unusual ways.”

With that the mysterious creators retreat into the shadows awaiting the village’s decision.

It is now Day 1, it will end 24 hours after the first vote is counted. All PMs have been sent.
Hello everyone! Thunda here!

I was contacted by a very mysterious man claiming to be the Base Element inspector. He had my role, so he definitely CAN inspect.

After i noticed several flaws in his role pm I interrogated him. However, this man later claimed neutral, who needs all non noble gases to die. This role was extremely suspicious at best, and after a long session of interrogation he has admitted to being a mafia inspector.

This man was Earthworm. He's already dead.

Lynch Earthworm
In future I will just refuse to show a screenshot!

Lynch Earthworm

edit: Also thunda is possibly mafia, don't take this lynch as evidence that he isn't!
He knows I am Base Element billy as he inspected me and tried to pose as village, but that was a slightly feeble attempt to prevent the village from uniting.
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