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Endure/Salac/Reversal Medicham RU

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by epikkyogre78, May 3, 2013.

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  1. epikkyogre78

    epikkyogre78 Banned deucer.

    Apr 9, 2013
    Medicham (EndureSalac)
    Psycho Cut/Rock Slide/Zen Headbutt
    Bullet Punch/ThunderPunch/Hi Jump Kick/Reversal
    Reversal/Hi Jump Kick
    Item:Salac Berry
    Ability:(Obviously)Pure Power

    "Medicham is often known for its ability to outspeed certain threats with Choice Scarf, or to break down walls with Choice Band. However, this set brings a little bit of both to the table. Endure is there for the classic EndureSalac combo, allowing Medicham to outspeed even Accelgor, as well as some Choice Scarf users. The second slot is for mostly coverage. The best option would be a Psychic type move; either Psycho Cut or Zen Headbutt; but if you want, you can opt for Rock Slide instead to attain almost perfect coverage with only two moves; Rock Slide and a Fighting type move. The choice between Reversal and Hi Jump Kick is tough. When Medicham has 1HP left, Reversal is definitely the Serperior option. It has an astonishing 200 BP to Hi Jump Kick's 130 BP, definitely the better option in this situation. However, Hi Jump Kick is a more consistent option. The choice is yours; choose wisely. In the last slot, there are a few options. You could run ThunderPunch for more coverage, Bullet Punch for priority, or the other Fighting type move, whichever one you didn't choose. You will lose out on some coverage, but running a set with Endure, both Fighting type moves, and a coverage move does have its advantages, like being able to pick the Fighting STAB better suited for the situation.

    Teammates & Counters
    -A Pokémon to get past either Golurk or Spiritomb (depending on the coverage move) is greatly appreciated to aid Medicham in sweeping, as he will only have one chance to sweep so counters must be removed beforehand.
    -A spinner or a Pokémon to absorb Toxic Spikes and/or status makes a good teammate as being poisoned, burned, etc., completely ruins this set's strategy.
    -Spiritomb is the ultimate counter to Medicham, as it is completely immune of Medicham's STAB moves, and little damage from its other moves, while either revenge killing it with Shadow Sneak or trapping it with Pursuit.

    Thank you for reading my set idea article for Medicham.;) Tell me what you think of the set in your reply.
  2. blarajan

    blarajan Rest in Bling
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    Aug 29, 2010
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