[Expert] Card Game Mafia Game Over!


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01[16:39:58] <Mekkah> also about E tank
01[16:40:07] <Mekkah> is it possible to get killed, resurrect and killed again on the same turn?
[16:40:13] <vonFiedler> no

guess this is a shortcut way of doing it :(
I was so used to the deadlines coming just before I got to school every morning, I forgot this one came the previous night, so I didn;t send in my pm. Either way Im pretty sure I was dead meat. I didn't have much of a chance after Mekkah's lynch was redirected, but If mekkah died I think I could have beaten Phantasia 1v1.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Damn, my subs didn't win the game for me...=( Ah well, I'll rant when I get the chance... good game everyone!

Edit: Also wanted to note that I will be the one explaining my deck-building process and not StevenSnype or Coolking49 as those two didn't make the amazing stall deck that I came up with.