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[Expert] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Mafia - Game Over (GFed/DSamus win) - Postgame Up!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by UncleSam, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    That falls entirely within hell to work a lynch with.

    If you want to talk one of the other points: Me and zorbees tried endlessly to get you to kill Dmax, which you agreed with before you left. I even told you repeatedly Ipl was being protected and your kill would not work, however you left your safeguard on him only because you are a dick. You never even bothered to tell us that you still had no intentions of killing DMax.

    If I hadn't contacted Lightwolf the next day, I'd have given up on you guys altogether a lot earlier.
  2. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    I would quote directly from my N2 PM but hosts did not permit me to do so.

    Our kill was locked on GMax until tas got on to change it. He didn't. I told hosts to leave the SG on GMax unless he comes on, and change it to something else (this will wait for postgame) if he does. My team was aware of this. I did not expect them to cancel the kill with another kill.

    I'm surprised this is the first you're hearing from this.
  3. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    Well it would be the first I'm hearing off it because you never told during the discussion, you preferred to lie.
  4. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    Lynch EMax
    Lynch MegaloMax
    Lynch EMax again for maximum power
  5. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    Lynch EMax
    Lynch EMax
    Lynch EMax
  6. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    huehuehue i bet you thought this was the update
  7. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    Game Over

    She had a plan. A foolproof plan.

    Yeti might've been the one running away from billymills and Spiffy, but she was the one feeling confident about the situation. Suddenly, she whirls around.

    "I took majority by myself yesterday...why the fuck am I running?"

    Without another word, she fires an annihilator beam at Spiffy, who begins convulsing on the ground, unable to do anything.

    billymills appears strangely unconcerned about this turn of events.

    "Yo mills are you ready for my SCREW ATTACK, or maybe my SUPER MISSILE, or maybe my..." begins Yeti, taunting.

    "Actually, I had something a little different in mind."

    With that, billymills begins to aim his own arm cannon at Yeti, who instinctively does the same back at him.

    "You don't have anything, you haven't been using any day powers, I would know, I've been keeping tabs on you, I've..." begins Yeti, panicking. She tries to fire her arm cannon, but nothing but exhaust comes out; she looks down and reads with a horrifying look the words "Out of Missiles" flash across her arm cannon's control screen.

    "Well then take THIS!" screams Yeti, becoming more and more desperate as billymills slowly walks towards her, a grim smile on his face. She attempts to fire another Annihilator Beam at billymills to slow him down, but again watches as nothing but smoke and air emit from her once-mighty arm cannon. Knowing exactly what she would read but drawn to do it anyway, she looks down and sees "Out of Light and Dark Beam Ammunition".

    Finally, billymills breaks the silence.

    "So you only have one of those a day, eh? That's funny, because I have sort of the same thing..."


    At this billymills finally appears a little rattled, and he stops walking towards her for just a moment as his demeanor changes from toying to clearly and distinctly enraged.

    "Then let me tell you a story you insignificant speck of indigenous waste. It's called "How I Collected Phazon Right Under Your Defeatist Noses", addressed to you as well as the recently departed Da Letter El and Nachos. It goes something like this."
    Realizing what was about to happen, Yeti falls to ground, her knees buckling. There was nothing else to do. Even McCoyMax couldn't save her now. Still, no point in not trying...
    "McCoyMax, vote..." starts Yeti, but that was where billymills had had enough. He swiftly fired a Phazon Super Missile at Yeti, who, much like Spiffy, simply started convulsing on the ground, unable to do so much at bat an eye at her assailant.

    billymills begins to walk away from his beaten opponent before suddenly seeming to remember something.

    "Oh right, silly me..."

    Yeti's eyes widened in terror at this, but there was nothing else she could do to stop it.

    Giving his final opponent one last look, billymills wheels around, picks up Spiffy from where he lay helpless on the ground, and together the two of them walked off into the sunset as the thunderous voice from above took care of the dirty work.

    It wasn't hard to figure out who voted for her:
    EMax Voters (open)

    With the death of Yeti, McCoyMax broke down into an unusable junk heap. And, more importantly, the Samus Faction has been eliminated from the game.

    And finally, with nothing else left to stop them, billymills and Spiffy, the remaining members of the Dark Samus Faction, joined the Galactic Federation as the victors of this conflict. They did leave two notes behind, though.

    This was Spiffy.

    And finally, the one who brought it all together...
    This champion was billymills.

    And with that, the curtain falls forever on the battleground of Aether.

    Congratulations to the Galactic Federation and Dark Samus Factions for winning Metroid Prime 2 Mafia!

    Main Role and Design Sheet
    Role PMs Document (Including all Upgrade PMs)
    Night and Day Actions/Items/Voting Tallies

    I really have no clue when postgame will be done, but I am considering working through today and posting something that is not nearly up to par with what this game deserves late tonight, since I really do not have the time at school to work on it apart from weekends and postgames that come out months after the game ends are kinda useless.

    Good game everyone, thanks for playing, and hope this was an enjoyable experience.
  8. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Was my 'lying' referring to the fact that I wasn't going to kill DMax? Because, yes, I wasn't going to, before we talked.

    What else was I lying about?
    I do not recall me or my team doing absolutely anything that purposely defies your faction's wishes. It was your being cautious that led to these inconveniences, and to the fact that we didn't even solve this mishap until after the game ended.

    Trying to run the game alone worked in MP1. It doesn't work in a multifaction game. I could perfectly blame your winning regardless to be a fact that the samus factions were overpowered from the get-go, and one of them was bound to win. Also worth noting that the aether factions were practically designed to be recruited from, making the samus faction get all that faction's info and completely disrupt them.
  9. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    I'd like to thank billymills for dicking me over and winning with a faction that didn't help him at all while i was alive.
  10. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    01[13:39] <billymills> do you guys have any torvus or agon keys
    [13:53] <Blue_Tornado> sorry
    [13:53] <Blue_Tornado> we do have torvus
    [13:53] <Blue_Tornado> but i hope you realize that complying to item requests is completely against our temple wc
  11. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Dark Aether were pretty bad js

    but I will save the explanations for postgame!

    Good job billymills :)
  12. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    I remember saying that, expecting you to follow up with a 'deal'. You just sat there and idled!

    Accent what about the time the feds lynched one of their closer allies for no apparent reason?
  13. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 26, 2008
    Best DA here, eveen after being recruited. I was the only one who took actions against future recruits, if LA didn't suck that much, I could've done some interesting fucking with my team. Also DA was p much set on allying with the Ing and the Ing only. I on the other hand made deals with DS, supplying him with keys he needed, giving me Sky Keys in return, as long as we kept at least one key from Sky, we were safe. If billy managed to open his temples when we were not trying to ally with him, we would be fucked, considering he was the likeliest to recruit, he'd get the most info on a single faction(Not that he needed it, Crux moled the freaking faction alone)

    When I got recced, I knew I lost p much. Well we might have won that where I was being lynched, if we had kept the day hook ready if aska changed, had we hit the right SP, that would have stopped my vote being persuaded, oh well, was fun.

    Billy care to name the info you should have asked for that'd have made you SG me?

    I also should have claimmed before BT... I was like a minute too late, him being our outed guy didn't help, oh well, was fun.

    My fake told to my mates was Thief SG and vote rearrange.

    Seriously LA, seriously, why did the clean guys, vote XMax thrid for no reason other than voting someone thrid, most stupid move ever.
  14. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    Thanks billymills for recruiting me, and good job both Yeti and billymills for playing well! Thank you hosts for letting my play and for hosting a very successful and enjoyable game.
  15. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    I thought that on a given night, if I was targeted with a kill with no protection, crux would immediately die in my place, regardless of any protection he had on himself (bpv, lpv, etc.). Yeti would obviously do the same with her teammates.

    Sam corrected me after the update (I never asked for clarification before) that your bpvs would save you, so by attempting to save zorbees I had allowed samus to get a triple bpv, when she was already ridiculously powerful at day.

    With it looking like no way to lynch her, and requiring 4 kills on separate nights, I would have told BT to safeguard you instead of Samus (to ensure the double kill on samus would go through, and ensure the fed kill ensure would not work) to avoid this, and then kill her the next night as well, in the event she survived.
  16. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009
    LA for most useless faction. I am pretty sure none of them realized they were being moled by Crux until I said "hey you know you have one of the DS partners moling you right" and then of course we thought ipl was the recruit but turns out DA had mucked that up, so it became "well Crux is prob the partner but WHO IS THE RECRUIT THEY ARE ALL TALKING TO FREAKIN EVERYONE ITG"

    I was quite suspicious of Spiffy, namely when kok insisted he was a clean LA to recruit, but, Agape was just telling Crux everything and Spiffy was somewhat helpful........

    I do regret having told any of the LA who I was recruiting but considering the supposed "extermination" of the DA that was coming I didn't want to waste the night (again, thanks ipl) picking up a dead one. So sorry LW that you were promptly outed as the recruit :\

    For DLE and Nachos I legit did send in the hook+thief on Spiffy, but alas, billy safeguarding negated my efforts. I was intending to all-lose with you guys but somehow the Feds pulled it off???

    Then I was alive and it's almost assured I would have won, but for...........

    I don't have much of a problem with him having one or the other, but both means I can do NOTHING. And before you say WELL HE NEEDED THE PHAZON, I had no clue how Phazon worked, I was sitting on a Phazon and thought "oh good, he can't get all of them, that means he prob can't get whatever" or if he needed that specific #.

    I would rather have been unhookable than unstealable because not once did any of my allies' thief on billy work anyway rofl.

    I guess we should've lynched billy yesterday but meh. Idk if Nachos would've gone for it. I had this game sans for billy's newly-gained Phazon Hook. ugh.

    Congrats to the Feds and screw you DS you guys are cheap ripoffs.

    TY to Nachos for finally working with me, you SP had been stabbing all freakin game but in the end we worked together.

    Ha ha DA lost. You guys didn't deserve to win anyway you were such a thorn in my side for no apparent reason. Considering LA and DA were MADE to be recruited from I don't think you had too much of a place to get butthurt that I might take a DA. At least I didn't have a solid fakeclaim and moled you until you were eliminated????

    I would like to say sorry to LightWolf though, you guys probably would have won beside billy if I hadn't recruited you. Honestly we had no clue who the 4 DA aliases belonged to so I took the one with the BPVs. I think you deserved to win this game, even when you got tossed in with my downward-spiraling lot you still helped out & I def would have been long gone without you. We would've won if that darn Phazon hook hadn't activated :( I had billy and Spiffy lynched.

    Also sorry to the Lumi, you guys were our best ally. We lost together though so that's something, but I wish we could've won. Unfortunately things just never went too right for either of us, maybe we misplayed at points but idk, it was a mess all the way around lol.

    DA sucked, Ing LOLOLOL, glad to have personally finished both of those two off, SP is eh you guys did what you thought you had to but Nachos was a good man in the end, LA you guys were useless, Lumi you guys were a big help, DS you guys blow chodes and I would've beat you if you didn't luck out on the Phazon and not need all of them coz I had one!!!!! Feds congrats on the win, shocked that worked out for you but props. You guys were pretty solid allies, we disagreed on some stuff but you were willing to work with me.

    <33333 to my Samus scumbuddies Flame and LW. I regret we didn't get a DA when Flame was alive so we could've worked together and it was just me and whichever one would DIE 4 ME. Flame set up the initial alliances and did some good work early on while I hid and tried to be an Ing (oof then got found out by a randsteal or something -____-) then he died RIP UGH :( and I took over working stuff out until I got LW, who gave me a lot of info & was probably the best recruit I could've taken by far.

    I'm sure there was maybe stuff we could've done differently to save them but who knows at this point, maybe if we rogued differently Flame would be alive, if we hooked the right SP LW would be alive..... I'm inclined to think "you were screwed any way you turned" though.

    I think this marks the first time I was either on the same faction as LW or had the chance to work closely with him, at least, I don't recall much prior, so that was nice. Flame you were a solid Gunship, couldn't have asked for a better one.

    tl;dr enough, anything else is for postgame, but props to DLE/Quags and the Lumi, the Feds for not sucking eggs like the DA did, and my Samus team. sry that UNHOOKABLE HOOKER defeated me -x- billy was a worthy foe though, he played well and got the leg up on us early, the Crux thing was a mistake on his part that wasn't even expected, if it hadn't happened you would've swept but you were a good arch-enemy regardless.
  17. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009
    also i would like to thank KirkMax, SpockMax, ScottyMax, SuluMax (RIP fallen man), UhuraMax, ChekovMax and tried-so-hard-to-be-strong McCoyMax

    you guys were all a critical aspect to this team you were solid allies it is a shame billymills slayed poor Sulu

    also it's snowing gdi


    you guys should really like the lynch style it is rly good also less kidnaps are promised also-also we think we've finally got the SANDS format down so look forward to another good multifaction game next.

    props to US and Walrein for hosting. though I have something new to whine about in US's games (unhookable hooker) this was definitely the best of them and the most fun. a quality design.
  18. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    i took your tl;dr and made it a better tl;dr, don't mention it

    the time we had to 'choose' was when you used the redirect, when it was either you or ing. feds were being inactive and useless and we had a ds-ing-da thing going, plus the temple wcs, so really, our choice was obvious
  19. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    May post something larger later, but if anyone is wondering why IPL wanted HD dead so bad, IPL asked for a sky key day 2 to prove I was still willing to recruit him. Aska and IPL both told me they suspected HD was a mole and I had previously told IPL I had a mole within Light Aether.

    Crux told me the space pirates and light aether were planning on uniting, and taking out both light and dark samus (EVEN AFTER I SAVED NACHOS FROM YOU ASKA), so I knew IPL was going to safeguard himself the next night.

    I sent the key along to IPL, and disrupted a message from HD's alias to IPL's saying 'here's your key, now you're with us' or something. And Yeti finished off the rest.

    Also the crux thing wasn't a mistake at all. I knew I it was a risk to switch myself INTO a lynch, but I needed: his protection for the night; his kill for the night; he'd be a great target for Luminoth or samus, that I could protect.

    Also crux the best mole. Nice work!
  20. Crux

    Crux i want it...

    Sep 14, 2009
    I would like to thank billymills for being the best partner ever! I had loads of fun, and this win would have come far sooner if it werent for BS Hax. Well done buddy!
  21. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    I would like to thank Crux for changing his name back from that hideous attention-mongering monstrosity he had for the past few days.
  22. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 27, 2009
    I would like to thank UncleSam and Walrein for hosting this really fun game. It was one of the better games that happened this year.

    PS Sam get postgame up before you have to go :(
  23. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    POSTGAME, Part 1


    DISCLAIMER: First thing’s first: this will be an extremely inadequate, possibly incoherent, collection of random notes. I wish I had the time to make this a shiny, complete, well though-out postgame, but I don’t. I did this in about five hours because that’s all the time I could devote to it. A game like this deserved better, but I did the best I could. Many of the comments will seem at best incomplete and at worst illogical, but I’d rather this game had a postgame that stimulated a little discussion than nothing *cough* LN *cough* at all.

    Now then, I could go through a long, drawn-out story about how much work it was to make this mafia and about all the overhauls and redesignings I did (trust me, this would take a long time to narrate), but I’m sure no one wants to read that and quite frankly I don’t want to remember it. Suffice it to say that I spent many hundreds of hours designing and writing this game, and that it took me well over a year to get about 75% done with the Role PMs by the end of the summer, at which point it seemed to me that this game might not get done until like next Christmas.

    Then Walrein agreed to cohost this game sometime near the end of Mafia Mafia 2 (or maybe a little after; I am hazy on this), and all I will say is this: if it weren’t for Walrein, this game would not have been hosted for a long, long time (and possibly never at all). Even if it had, it would have been much more error-filled than it was, and I might not have had the energy to finish hosting it. As it was, Walrein did about as much work as I did hosting it and I was dead tired of it by around Night 4 before getting a little more into it near the end. Thank you for being a spectacular cohost Walrein; you did more than I possibly could have dreamed of, and went well beyond the typical call of duty of a cohost. You made this game possible, and everyone should know that and thank you for it.

    Player Selection and Placement:
    -Selection was a little tricky, because there was a whole class of players (rey, RBG, macle, Agape) who I knew could be good players but often became inactive. In the end, I let all of them in and left out kingofkongs and General Spoon; frankly, this was not the best of decisions, as three of those four ended up getting subbed out (Agape played well and was active, and macle did ok). I let Spiffy in largely because I knew he was active and deserved a chance to prove himself with the good players, and also largely because I didn’t have a ton of good options with the limited selection pool. Other I wasn’t too sure about were Daenym and midou, but I had seen both do good things in the past and knew both were active enough to merit a spot in this game. kingofkongs I instantly regretted not letting in for the same reasons, and made him a priority sub. General Spoon was in kind of the same boat, although he didn’t seem to be around #aether as often as kingofkongs; either way, both ended up subbing in early.
    -Placement: I tried to make this as interesting and balanced as I could while keeping players who hated each other away from each other (looking at billymills and about half the game here). Anyway, billymills as Dark Samus from the start and I promised Yeti Samus if she signed up, so those were no-brainers. zorbees requested a negotiating role so I gave him Emerperor Ing, an ideal role to lead Ing with as well as ally with billymills, who I knew he got along with. billymills specifially requested not to be on the same team as Accent, so I put Accent on the Galactic Federation because it wouldn’t be fair to Accent to make him an enemy of billymills’ but it also wouldn’t be great to make Accent someone who would have to negotiate with a hard ally in billymills either. askaninjask told me he was going to be particularly active this game so I made him a Space Pirate (well, also I wanted at least one of the original Space Pirates to be a Space Pirate xD), and threw Da Letter El on the Luminoth, LightWolf on Dark Aether, and imperfectluck on Light Aether to make sure that I gave every faction someone who I knew would keep them afloat (in most cases I made these players the ones with the BPVs or second lives so that their factions would not be devoid of their best planners due to early game rands). Crux had requested billymills, imperfectluck, or LightWolf as a teammate, so I made him billymills’ twin. I wanted a lesser name who I knew was active to be Yeti’s twin, and originally settled on Blue_Tornado before switching at the last minute to Flamestrike. I made Blue_Tornado a Dark Aether as a contingency plan in case LightWolf got recruited, and did the same with LonelyNess/imperfectluck for Light Aether (except LN didn’t do shit). I made Altair and Goldenknight twins because Altair was always going to be Ace EXETER because he goes to Exeter and I knew he got along with Goldenknight pretty well. I made Nachos a Space Pirate because he seemed like someone who would work well with askaninjask, and put Quagsires on the Luminoth for the same reason (except with Da Letter El). Paperblade and Veedrock got assigned to the Ing because I knew Paperblade worked well with zorbees and Veedrock just seemed like the type of player who might help the Ing out a lot if zorbees died early somehow. I put RBG and rey on the Luminoth because I figured one of them would get subbed out and one would play well, turns out that didn’t work out too well. I made Ditto a Space Pirate because he seemed like he would be a good person to give a fake claim to and there weren’t too many of those roles left. I made macle the last Space Pirate because the rest of the Pirates I was quite sure would be active. MK Ultra I put on the Galactic Federation because he was a new guy who might not argue his case well or be trusted by Accent/Altair/Goldenknight, and it was kind of important for game balance that he at least not be trusted, even if he wasn’t teamkilled (getting teamkilled would result in his converting to the Ing). the_angry_scientist was the kind of veteran, active player who would fit in well with the rest of Dark Aether, while Daenym and Steven Snype were both active and new enough to provide them plenty of opportunities to both mole and learn from their mafia elders. That left HD, Spiffy, and Agape on Light Aether, which I felt had a pretty good chance because I assumed LN and imperfectluck would rule it with an iron fist.
    Anyway, I will go through each cycle and briefly describe some of the highlights/lowlights:
    Night 0: There isn’t much to say about this: twins found each other, most people randed for temples, some idled to appear as temples, and RBG randomly found the Sky Temple thanks to sheer, dumb luck.

    Day 1: No one really knew what they were doing and Agape started doing all sorts of crazy shit that actually worked out really well, as he got an LPV out of it and started to collect Light Aether claims. Also, billymills’ hilariously lucky interceptor on the Sky Temple caused him to think SopranoMax and TMax were Luminoth aliases for completely the wrong reasons, which was a really bad break for the Luminoth.

    Night 1: The Luminoth randed Paperblade which just started the game-long parade of luckfucking for the Ing, while billymills massacred the newly subbed in General Spoon. Apart from that, billymills was on his hunt for phazon that resulted in his coming up just one short of where he needed to be to get upgrades.

    Day 2: imperfectluck randed a Galactic Federation alias. Accent was upset about this and accidentally revealed his alias to the world. I thought for sure the Feds were done after this, yet...no one tried to kill them for four nights after this, and no one tried to kill Accent until Night 7 despite his revealing his alliance publicly.

    Night 2: billymills continued his Luminoth killing spree, this time killing Quagsires. Apart from that, I don’t really remember anything happening this night other than a LOT of failed kills due to BPVs...which subsequently cleared the way for a lot of kills in the coming nights.

    Day 3: Samus initially fought the Dark Aether/Ing/Dark Samus/Space Pirate attack, but in the end just redirected a lynch to a random alias, much to the chagrin of the Space Pirates (she took out Nachos, probably their best role).

    Night 3: More bad news for Samus; Yeti could have saved Flamestrike if she had rogued HMax again (which she had every reason to do because she KNEW HMax or someone on his team had tried to kill her the night before), but did not do so, resulting in Samus getting effectively neutered kill-wise. This was also the night where imperfectluck instructed Samus to murder his own teammate, HD, which consequently caused ipl to get banished from the Samus/Light Aether alliance. Steven Snype got killed by the Luminoth, who were surprisingly adept at killing despite their early deaths and information disadvantage.

    Day 4: The day everything changed. An extremely contested lynch, if Samus’ persuade had not been able to hit through kingofkong’s vote ensurer she would have been lynched by one measly vote. Instead, midou the Ing got lynched and started a cycle and a half of Samus dominance. However, Dark Samus did open the Agon Temple this day.

    Night 4: Samus picked up a recruit. zorbees died. Suddenly, Samus was appearing really, really dangerous.

    Day 5: A completely disastrous day for Dark Samus that looked like it might be the end of the previously dominant “Dark” Alliance (Ing/Dark Aether/Dark Samus). I will explain in more detail what exactly happened that caused Crux the Dark Samus mole in Light Aether to get lynched in Crux’ player comments, but suffice it to say that Samus got extremely lucky here.

    Night 5: The night everything changed, again. billymills was close to quitting after Day 5, and Samus seemed likely to win with either the Luminoth or Light Aether. However, Dark Samus still had his recruit and mole in Light Aether, Spiffy. And Spiffy was trusted by Agape and Samus with their night plans. And Spiffy told all of their plans to billymills. And billymills orchestrated a one-night slaughterhouse that left three Light Aethers (the LAST three Light Aethers), a Luminoth, and a Galactic Federation member dead without a single “Dark” casualty.

    Day 6: The “Dark” alliances found themselves easily in the majority here, and billymills knew that there was no way to get rid of LightWolf other than to lynch Samus (it was basically impossible to kill him at night), and they took this opportunity to (wisely) eliminate LightWolf and cause Samus to go on the defensive again with only one final member.

    Night 6: Things turned again this night, though only because Dark Samus decided to betray Dark Aether in favor of the Space Pirates this night. Two Dark Aethers died this night as well as the final Ing, Veedrock/zorbees, who perished because billymills forgot who was protecting who and left him totally unprotected. However, the most significant event this night was the Galactic Federation killing askaninjask and safeguarding MK Ultra before changing the safeguard target to aska at the last minute. This allowed aska to be killed through Nachos’ omniguard, billy’s Sancturay Temple keys pass to aska to fail, and the Space Pirates to go from sure co-victors with Dark Samus to also-rans.

    Day 7: Thanks to the “Dark” massacre last night, billymills had gained a good position at night...but at the cost of majority. And man, DLE and Yeti nearly, NEARLY lynched him. However, DLE and Yeti also joined up with Nachos to form some dumb defeatist alliance where they dedicated themselves to making everyone lose, which failed epicly and only resulted in all of them losing from winnable positions. Good job, dumbasses. Either way, they lynched the last Dark Aether, Daenym, because he was the only one they needed to kill to make sure everyone autolost (they thought they could protect all the temples that night), and instead ran into billymills’ lynch deprioritizer power he absorbed from HD thanks to opening the Agon Temple.

    Night 7: Honestly, it was a game between Dark Samus, the Galactic Federation, and Dark Aether at this point. Dark Samus decided not to protect Daenym because he was hooked and therefore useless, and instead allowed the Galactic Federation to open the Sky Temple. However, this posed a serious problem for Dark Samus, because that meant that Samus would survive the “cleansing fires” of Night 7 and would be the last one standing with the two remaining Dark Sami on Day 8, and Samus could take the two Dark Sami because she owned majority over them with her Persuade and Day Hook. However, billymills also stole from the dying Nachos this night, giving him a sixth phazon and a Day Hook of his own. Galactic Federation won tonight because, just like nearly everyone cycle before, everyone just kind of ignored them and let them do their own thing. Nachos and Da Letter El died as their respective factions lost, and Daenym got massacred by Samus, resulting in his faction’s loss as well. Finally, Torvus got opened along with Sky because billymills safeguarded it, knocking away Da Letter El, who was protecting it (and neglecting to use his Sanctuary key, thus ensuring his own loss).

    Day 8: The game was pretty much over in favor of Dark Samus, but billymills and Spiffy were under the impression Samus couldn’t be hooked, and if they didn’t hook her, Samus could stall them out and lynch them starting Day 9 (Spiffy’s LPV from completing the Torvus Temple Night 7 would save him from the Day 8 lynch). However, billymills finally decided to hook Samus anyway just to see what would happen, and so Dark Samus won the lynch and finally eliminated Samus.

    Team breakdowns/analysis:
    Dark Aether: In retrospect, their powers were pretty weak in comparison to other factions, most particularly the Space Pirates. They were meant to protect the temples, but not being able to scratch two of your enemies (the Luminoth and Space Pirates were incredibly hard for the low-priority, non Kill-ensured Dark Aether kill to kill) is just a big hole to climb out of. You almost made up for it with your strong start, but having neither strong kills nor good protections meant you just got decimated late game by Samus and the Luminoth, though you still would’ve won if billymills hadn’t deprioritized the Day 7 lynch by the wrong number of places.

    Light Aether: Wow...what a shithole. LN does nothing, ipl is disinterested, Agape does his best but is rarely on when others are due to timezone issues, and HD never claims to anyone. This team was dead the instant Samus killed HD and caused ipl to get booted from the Light Aether channel; it might have taken a few nights before they got destroyed on Night 5, but there was just no life in them after that.

    Ing: Just like Dark Aether, you lot got a little too tough of a break on roles in exchange for easier temple win conditions, though I think you have less to complain about than Dark Aether does design-wise. No, the real problem you had was really, REALLY bad luck: Paperblade got randed, zorbees got sold out by an ally for no apparent reason (ipl told Samus he was an Ing), Midou got lynched in a tight as nails lynch, then billymills just forgot to protect Veed/zorbees at that point. Played very well as a group, just couldn’t overcome the continual luck fucking throughout the game.
    Galactic Federation: This faction was, without a doubt, the one that fooled the most people. Yes they were weak information wise, but they were one of the strongest facitons numbers-wise almost the entire game, yet hardly anyone bothered to kill them because the Ing and Space Pirates were so preoccupied killing Samus. In the end they focused on the temples just barely enough to pull out a victory, even if they didn’t focus on them as much as they should have.

    Galactic Federation: This faction was, without a doubt, the one that fooled the most people. Yes they were weak information wise, but they were one of the strongest facitons numbers-wise almost the entire game, yet hardly anyone bothered to kill them because the Ing and Space Pirates were so preoccupied killing Samus. In the end they focused on the temples just barely enough to pull out a victory, even if they didn’t focus on them as much as they should have.

    Space Pirates: You guys played really well early game, but aska’s continual flip-flopping and the Fed’s smart choice to focus on you guys really made life tough nearly the entire game. Just when things were looking up and it appeared you would be sailing to a victory, askaninjask gets killed through an omniguard. If either that or the whole Lynch Redirect hitting Nachos thing hadn’t happened, you guys would have won.

    Luminoth: Wow, if it weren’t for Light Aether this team would definitely win the award for Worst Faction. Early game was a mess, with barely any negotiating with other teams or even internal uniting until two of your members were dead. Da Letter El finally stopped the bleeding by coming back to activity Day 3 and negotiating his way to a very good position at the start of Night 5, but it was all downhill from there, a result not entirely out of your own hands either.

    Samus: Started slowly just like the rest of the “Light” factions (Luminoth, Samus, and Light Aether), but got going in a hurry and appeared unstoppable heading into Night 5. Then, Light Aether’s moling/sucking problem finally caught up to you and you started playing for survival again come Day 6. Almost won in the end because you were almost certainly the strongest faction role-wise.

    Dark Samus: Best faction, without a doubt in the world. billymills, Crux, and Spiffy all played either very well or spectacularly, and if it weren’t for the whole “BS HAX” Day 5, would’ve won without a casualty. Dominated the game nearly every cycle, and even when things looked bleak in the aftermath of Day 5 you responded with an incredibly strong Night 5, eliminating Light Aether completely.



    EMax/LightWolf/Amorbis/Thief RoleBlock/Champion/Converted Night 4
    Player Comments (US): Firstly, I’d like to say that this portion of the analysis will only discuss LightWolf while he was allied with Dark Aether (after conversion will come under “Samus”). Anyway, LightWolf played this one extremely cautiously (SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER), never bothering to mole anyone and idling every single anonymous message in an attempt to fly under the radar. He united with the rest of his faction after Blue_Tornado claimed publicly, and promptly started helping them plan their night actions. Didn’t really negotiate with other factions much, but his activity and cautious play definitely contributed to the lead Dark Aether built early in the game in both men and information over their primary enemies, Light Aether. He got converted by Samus/Yeti as part of Aska’s plan to “Eliminate Dark Aether” Night 4 because aska couldn’t kill him with his Two-Time BPV in a grand scheme that resulted in exactly zero Dark Aether deaths. The conversion was a success, though. Very well played, though I was kind of hoping he would mole a bit.

    Apparently he wasn’t ENTIRELY honest about his role, however...as, after he got lynched:
    [19:21] <LightWolf> oh btw kok
    [19:21] <LightWolf> did you know
    [19:21] <LightWolf> I lied to you guys the whole time
    [19:21] <LightWolf> about my role
    [19:21] <LightWolf> hehehehe

    Player Comments (Walrein): LightWolf was one of the last Dark Aethers to be united with the rest of the team, but he immediately took charge as one of the chief decision makers among the Dark Aethers, though he often deferred to Blue_Tornado. He mostly kept to himself and stayed under the radar, which helped the Dark Aether remain largely ignored by many factions and enabled them to be the first faction to fully unite. Pretty solid game overall.

    19./26. PMax/Steven Snype/Dark Aether/Grapple Guardian/Thief/Eliminated by an energy wave Night 3
    Role Comments: Standard thief that became their faction’s vigilante upon upgrade. Also had a decent Light Aether safe claim, so this role had a lot of possibilities and potential.
    Player Comments (US): Snype played much better then I expected, first moling Light Aether, then helping to united Dark Aether, then being very active in planning and negotiating before his death (which was largely due to getting unlucky). He, kingofkongs, and Blue_Tornado all found each other extremely early, and got Dark Aether jump-started before LightWolf (who I expected to lead this faction) was even on their radar. Basically, imperfectluck wanted to steal from PMax Night 1, and somehow from Snype’s reaction ipl worked out that that was Snype’s alias. So, suddenly Snype found himself a target of just about everyone despite never once getting inspected (he took his ipv to his grave). He ended up getting killed by the Luminoth, who were surprisingly effective with their kills despite their slow start. He also produced a bunch of hilarious logs, many of them with ipl, which I will produce here:

    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:40:38] <Andrew> so ipl
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:40:50] <imperfectluck> hi
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:40:53] <imperfectluck> who'd you target so far
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:41:19] <Andrew> nobody really. you?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:41:46] <imperfectluck> you targeted nobody?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:41:54] <imperfectluck> surely you had a target
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:42:10] <Andrew> surely?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:42:15] <Andrew> please elaborate on why surely?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:42:24] <imperfectluck> why would you not use your ability
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:43:09] <Andrew> my day ability?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:43:38] <imperfectluck> you have a day ability?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [20:43:42] <Andrew> i have a day ability?
    [16:53] <Andrew> [20:44:04] <imperfectluck> I give up
    [16:53] <Andrew> [20:44:06] <imperfectluck> bye

    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:29:32] <imperfectluck> did you get any results from night 2
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:29:41] <Andrew> n.
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:31:37] <imperfectluck> who'd you target?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:31:45] <Andrew> who'd i target?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:10] <imperfectluck> with your thief
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:13] <imperfectluck> ability
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:14] <Andrew> with my thief?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:15] <Andrew> ability?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:46] <imperfectluck> Every night you may submit a PM titled NX-Intimidate <Alias>. You will visit <Alias>. Upon seeing you, the items that were <Alias>s possession will be dropped and <Alias> will run, allowing you to pick up the items freely.
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:58] <Andrew> Every night you may submit a PM titled NX-Intimidate <Alias>. You will visit <Alias>. Upon seeing you, the items that were <Alias>s possession will be dropped and <Alias> will run, allowing you to pick up the items freely.?
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:08] <Andrew> i idled.
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:16] <Andrew> since you didn't give me a target
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:17] <Andrew> :|
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:22] <imperfectluck> remind me to hook you and kill you first
    [16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:27] <imperfectluck> in the next game we're in

    On how many people have access to the Dark Aether spreadsheet:
    [20:09] <Andrew> [20:09:54] <Daenym> wtf like
    [20:09] <Andrew> [20:09:59] <Daenym> everyone has access to this
    [20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:05] <Andrew> yeah
    [20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:07] <Andrew> this sheet
    [20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:09] <Andrew> probably has
    [20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:10] <Andrew> herpes

    After Nachos got subbed back in for macle:
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> well shit
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> just talked
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> a bit of trash
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> to nachos
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> today
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> about how
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> i know
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> all his team's aliases
    [16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> xD

    Player Comments (Walrein): Snype’s modus operandi was simple: mole the FUCK out of everyone. Both the Space Pirates and the Light Aether thought that Snype was Light Aether for a very long time. Eventually he was outed as Dark Aether, but not before he had successfully extracted information from both teams. Snype annoyed IPL to no end (as shown above), which earns him extra points for gutsiness. One of the best Dark Aethers before his death.

    29./8. XMax/Daenym=>kingofkongs=>Daenym/Dark Aether/Chyyka Larvae/Vote Ensurer/WC+Lynch Affects+Item Checker/Hit by a Super Missile Night 7
    Role Comments: Most roles did not get serious flavor for their upgrades, but I couldn’t resist using the whole Chyyka Larvae=>Chyyka/Dark Chyyka evolution as flavor for his upgraded powers. If only I had been this creative with all the upgraded roles...anyway, he was the faction information role with a neat little role designed to block the Space Pirate manipulator ability attached to it. It also stopped random vote discounters, though in the end this role only mattered once, and that was in what it failed to do: it failed to stop Samus’ persuade, which turned a sure-fire Dark Samus/Ing or Dark Aether win into a dogfight when VMax/Midou the Ing got lynched instead of Samus on Day 4. He did pretty much all he could near the end, but billymills really did not care about winning with him and there were just too many players trying to kill him for him to possibly survive Night 7.
    Player Comments (US): Daenym was doing pretty well until he decided he didn’t really want to play, and decided to sub out for kingofkongs, who I regretted not letting in the instant I sent out Role PMs and made a priority sub. Anyway, kingofkongs player very well, uniting with Steven Snype and Blue_Tornado early and helping Dark Aether get out to a fast start information wise. He was distrusted briefly at some point during Day 3 or so because the other four members of Dark Aether had cleaned each other through failing factional abilities the previous night and they believed they only had four members, but he was quickly let back into the channel and the spreadsheet after the team decided that not trusting him was awfully paranoid. Or something. I’ve never really heard the full story on this, to be honest. kingofkongs had to sub out late in the game and Daenym was nice enough to sub back into his old role, though at that point the game was in it’s concluding stages, and Daenym was actually going to win the game for his faction when billymills brain farted and Deprioritized the Day 7 lynch by 1 instead of 2, which meant Daenym and hooked that night and useless to billymills, who promptly switched allegiance to the Feds instead. Bad luck there. kingofkongs did give me one very entertaining log after raging about not being able to stop Samus’ persuade, however, as well as a number of other entertaining logs:
    [18:51] <kingofkongs> <Alias>s vote will not be tampered with this day in any way, shape, or form, and will therefore both count for who <Alias> posted a lynch ballot for in the thread and will show up as having voted as such.
    [18:51] <kingofkongs> i think drills are a form
    [18:51] <kingofkongs> or a shape
    [18:51] <kingofkongs> or maybe a way
    [18:52] <UncleSam> "sorry the princess is in another castle"
    [18:52] <kingofkongs> "sorry fuck you"

    Also, he was the one who evaluated information gained after lynches. Day 4, he wasn’t very pleased, however:
    [19:00] <kingofkongs> dude this entire lynch is one gigantic cluster fuck
    [19:00] <kingofkongs> i can't make anything out of it

    So he started singing haiku’s to us instead:
    [19:02] <kingofkongs> I see you driving round town with the girl i love and i'm like
    [19:02] <kingofkongs> haiku

    When he joined three minutes before deadline to submit an action:
    03[16:56] * Joins: kingofkongs (kok@teehee.kok.koooooook)
    03[16:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao kingofkongs kingofkongs
    [16:56] <&the_angry_scientist> kok send in your inspection
    01[16:56] <&Walrein> afkok -.-
    [16:57] <~Blue_Tornado> i think there are like... 5 more minutes
    [16:57] <&UncleSam> 3 minutes until deadline
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    [16:57] <~Blue_Tornado> quick brainstorm for an inspect target
    01[16:57] <&Walrein> according to my com
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    01[16:57] <&Walrein> its 3
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &the_angry_scientist slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    06[16:57] * &Walrein slaps kingofkongs around a bit with a large trout
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> oh fuck
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> uh
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> on who
    [16:57] <&UncleSam> 2.5 minutes
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> what are we doing
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> ANDREW
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> BLUE_TORNADO
    [16:57] <~Blue_Tornado> uh um
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> LIGHTWOLF
    [16:57] <&UncleSam> 120 seconds until deadline
    [16:57] <&kingofkongs> whats the plan fuck
    [16:57] <~Blue_Tornado> i guess we can target one of the aliases
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> fuck uhhhhh
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> me and zorbees 'cleared'
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> guys fuck
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> aka they're not ing
    [16:58] <&UncleSam> 100 seconds
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> like, rmax
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> okay rmax
    [16:58] <&the_angry_scientist> rmax is good let's go
    [16:58] <&the_angry_scientist> get it doen
    [16:58] <&the_angry_scientist> done also
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> okay and my ask?
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> anon messae who
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> fuck
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> uh we technically already got that covered
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> hmm
    [16:58] <&the_angry_scientist> doesn't matter
    [16:58] <&the_angry_scientist> just send the inspect
    [16:58] <&kingofkongs> done
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> ask zmax if they're agon
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> just for kicks
    [16:58] <~Blue_Tornado> i guess
    [16:59] <&kingofkongs> okay
    [16:59] <&kingofkongs> done with seconds to spare
    [16:59] <~Blue_Tornado> ayup
    [16:59] <~Blue_Tornado> that was a nice there's only a few minutes before deadline arrival
    [17:00] <&kingofkongs> I thought deadline was at 4
    [17:00] <&UncleSam> deadline

    Player Comments (Walrein): Daenym and kok had nearly opposite playstyles. Daenym preferred to stay under the radar, and when he made negotiations he was honest about his faction. kok was the main go-between for Dark Aether with the other factions and he very nearly completely fucked over the Luminoth - until Quagsires realized that Daenym had claimed Dark Aether to him. Whoops. kok WAS one of the original 3 Dark Aether to unite, along with b_t and Snype, though at one point he was thought to be a mole, mainly because the rest of the faction didn’t think that they could possibly have 5 players. Daenym subbed back in and was very disgruntled about all the negotiating he had to do. He was even more disgruntled about working with b_t, but we’ll save that for b_t’s analysis.

    34. 666Max/27. theangryscientist/Dark Aether/Spider Guardian/Kill Reverse/BPV/Non-Kill Reflector/Reduced to mush Night 6
    Role Comments: An interesting role, though one I wouldn’t put in again because in a game with no redirectors of any kind it largely requires luck to be of any use, yet could be incredibly overpowered if lucky enough (eg if enemies targeted him for death on nights he was using his Red Aura). He also had an ipv because, apart from the whole “lack of information mafia” theme I was going with, this role was almost entirely useless once inspected. If I had this role spot back I’d have definitely come up with a better deceptive role, probably taking advantage of the alias/anonymous messaging system (because in the end only Dark Samus had a role that played off of this). Definitely the role I wish I could redesign the most.
    Player Comments (US): the_angry_scientist played well, getting in contact with Blue_Tornado after the the latter claimed in the thread and staying active in planning and voting throughout the game. Nothing spectacular, much like the rest of Dark Aether, but did enough to stay in a good position and took no risks, so absolutely no complaints here. Got killed as part of the Dark Aether massacre of Night 6.
    Player Comments (Walrein): tas was one of the last Dark Aether’s to be united with the rest of the team, but his innocence was really never questioned. He was active, he followed orders, and he generally didn’t fuck up and helped his team into a good position. Basically what US said.

    1./6. AFKMax/Blue_Tornado/Dark Aether/Quadraxis/BG/SG/Temple Protect/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 6
    Role Comments: Pretty standard protective role with a temple protect ability thrown in due to the win condition. Having to choose which of three actions to use early on made this barely stronger than a normal bodyguard at first, but the ability to protect, safeguard, AND protect a temple made this role a monster if it was the last one standing in the faction.
    Player Comments (US): Blue_Tornado played excellently early game, being the main uniting force for Dark Aether and the one primarily responsible for their early information advantage. He also was their main negotiator and planner for much of the early part of the game, and was generally the one everyone ran plans by. However, he seemed to lose interest later on in the game, which was unfortunate because he could have really taken over after LightWolf got recruited and ensured Dark Aether didn’t just sit around for about two cycles like they ended up doing (though that sitting around did them no harm, as it turned out). Also, he was apparently an annoying negotiator, which quite possibly cost his faction the game when billymills decided to he was too annoying to work with any longer, which resulted in three Dark Aethers dying Night 6.
    Player Comments (Walrein): b_t was one of the original 3 Dark Aethers to unite, and he became their de facto leader for the entire game. This was both a good and a bad thing - good because b_t is a perfectionist, bad because, well, b_t is a perfectionist. He also had a tendency to micromanage, a fact that annoyed Daenym to no end. Nevertheless, b_t usually made good decisions and was a major factor in how quickly the Dark Aether got organized.



    9./14. GMax/imperfectluck/Light Aether/Alpha Splinter/Thief Protect/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 5
    Role Comments: The Light Aether counterpart to the Emperor Ing role, this was a role with a lot of options: it could mole Dark Aether, it could lead Light Aether, or it could sit quietly and wait for the votes to pile up.
    Player Comments (US): I won’t lie, ipl was a bit disappointing in this game. He seemed pretty disinterested even in the early going, and after HD’s lack of a claim convinced him that HD was Dark Samus and he told Yeti to kill HD, the resulting excommunication from the Light Aether channel and from basically everyone’s good graces caused him to just give up. The weird thing was, Light Aether was actually in a pretty good position going into Night 5, yet he hardly did anything at all (at that point it was obvious he was not the mole after voting against Dark Samus twice), yet he still didn’t bother planning anything. If he had, maybe Light Aether would’ve avoided the Night 5 3-man massacre and elimination that followed.
    Player Comments (Walrein): IPL amassed a lot of information, but he didn’t do very much with it. Even WITH all the info, he still trusted Crux and distrusted HD. Hilariously, everyone thought that he was the mole after billy converted one of them, completely ignoring the fact that recruiting the obvious choice would be retarded. Overall, a little disappointing play.

    16./16. MMax/LonelyNess=>vonFiedler/Light Aether/Alpha Sandigger/Key+WC+Lynch Affects Checker/Blown to pieces Night 5
    Role Comments: A pretty weak information role that was a worse version of the Chyyka role on Dark Aether, it had a fairly good Galactic Federation safe claim that made it a pretty important role in harming the Galactic Federation.
    Player Comments (US): LonelyNess was horrible. He barely got PMs in the first few cycles, stopped sending in anything after that, barely claimed, never talked to anyone, never helped plan anything, never fake claimed, and was a large part of the reason that the Galactic Federation never got moled and subsequently won. vonFiedler played fine when he subbed in, sending in PMs regularly, and he did as much as I could reasonably expect out of someone who subs in like four cycles in. Well played vonFiedler, and fuck LN.
    Player Comments (Walrein): “Maybe if I win I’ll post postgame.” Yea, right. This may have been his entire motivation for playing, because at times it seemed like he was TRYING to lose. He didn’t do jack shit to help organize the Light Aether, he had a Fed safeclaim but never used it, and according to Nachos he generally acted like an elitist ass, only talking to “the elite players”. Eventually me and Sam got sick of this, and in came von to actually meet up with his team and not act like a prick. He still got wiped out in the Night 5 massacre, but he did all he could from the position LN left him in.

    22./2. SMax/Agape/Light Aether/Alpha Blogg/Key Thief/Electrocuted Night 5
    Role Comments: Standard thief that was the foil for Snype’s role on Dark Aether, this turned into the faction vigilante if it survived but, like the other Light Aether roles that got upgrades at two or fewer alive, it got stonewalled with three living members who were all wiped out in the same night.
    Player Comments (US): Agape played much better than I expected him to. He has been somewhat idle in recent games and quite frankly I almost didn’t pick him because of how scared I was he would become inactive. Instead, he organized things for Light Aether from the get-go, got the ball rolling on just about everyone’s organization (before he claimed publicly everyone else was sitting in their shells like scared clams), and, apart from a few questionable assumptions/moves (thinking DeviousMax was not a temple, trusting Spiffy with sensitive information about night actions, and so on) he played very, very well. He wasn’t mistake free, but at least he tried, which is a lot more than I can say of some players *cough* LN *cough*. I think one log best exemplifies Agape’s level of play in this game:

    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:52] <Agape> apparently spiffy is the mole
    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:52] <Agape> ^^
    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:52] <UncleSam> why is that
    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:52] <Agape> he's been feeding yeti false info
    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:52] <Agape> that deviousmax was a temple
    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:53] <UncleSam> ic
    [17:53] <UncleSam> [17:53] <Agape> even when our sheets tell something else
    [17:54] <Walrein> how can someone be so right
    [17:54] <Walrein> yet so wrong

    Player Comments (Walrein): I expected limited levels of activity from Agape. What I got was probably the best player on the Light Aether. He was the most active one in trying to unite the faction. He was slightly misinformed at times, and publicly claiming his alias so early was a risky move, but he certainly exceeded expectations.

    MegaloMax/Spiffy/Light Aether/Caretaker Class Drone/BG+Thief Protect+Vote Discounter/Converted Night 3
    Role Comments: The bodyguard for Light Aether, but with the drawback of not allowing the target to vote in the next day’s lynch (or rather, not allowing the target’s vote to count). This was a role largely just meant to sit back and trust a leader.
    Player Comments (US): Just like LightWolf, this will only cover Spiffy’s play until the end of Night 3; I will cover Spiffy as a Dark Samus later on in this postgame. Anyway, Spiffy did exactly what I expected him to do: shut up, claim to ipl, and offer insights when asked for them. This was a pretty safe role that I figured would be good for a first-time player, and Spiffy played it exactly as I reasonably could have hoped. Not spectacular by any stretch, but very solid play.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Spiffy did not do too shabby during his time as a Light Aether. In fact, he was probably the most universally trusted out of any of the Light Aether claims. He didn’t do anything super-amazing-awesometastical, but he wasn’t bad.

    28./13. WMax/HD/Light Aether/Ingsmasher/Lynch Deprioritizer/Hit by a Super Missile Night 3
    Role Comments: This was a very powerful role that gave Light Aether an incredible amount of power over lynches. Meant to be played just like the Caretaker Class Drone: claim quietly, then be inconspicuous to avoid detection.
    Player Comments (US): Well...HD played very, very poorly, to say the least. He never claimed to imperfectluck, only sent in idling PMs (he never once did any action of any kind and he got killed four cycles into the game), and got himself killed by the ally Samus, which subsequently set up another of his allies, ipl, to get banished from Light Aether and effectively destroyed Light Aether’s chances. Now some/most of the blame for this has to go to ipl, but if HD had even tried to play the game it wouldn’t have happened
    Player Comments (Walrein): HD did just as bad as LonelyNess did. He literally did jack shit all game - no claim, no talking, no actions used. He really just didn’t care.



    14./21. LMax/Paperblade/Ing/Dark Alpha Splinter/Forced Item Passer (Blind)/Annihilated Night 1
    Role Comments: A weakened thief, this role was mainly useful for moling the Galactic Federation, though it became useful as a persuader in late game situations.
    Player Comments (US): Incomplete. Paperblade got randed Night 1 and never really had a chance to do anything other than claim to zorbees. He played fine while he was alive, but he never really got a chance to do anything.
    Player Comments (Walrein): He claimed to zorbees and then got randkilled. Not much else to say about that.

    27./18. VMax/Midou/Ing/Jump Guardian/Full Inspect/Lynched Day 4
    Role Comments: Standard inspector that was an upgrade on most other faction’s inspectors (the Alpha Sanddigger from Light Aether or Chyyka from Dark Aether, for example), this role also became the faction vigilante late game.
    Player Comments (US): Midou played fine; he kept his nose down, claimed to zorbees, and did as he was told. He wasn’t particularly active in negotiating, but quite honestly he, like Spiffy, did everything I could have expected from him. His getting lynched was honestly a huge turning point in the game and almost allowed Samus/Luminoth to pull off a come back. In the end, all it did was make the Ing lose and the Galactic Federation slide in as secondary winners next to Dark Samus.
    Role Comments (Walrein): Midou was the Spiffy of the Ing. He claimed to his faction leader, didn’t do too much in regards to negotiating, and provided some insight when asked for. Him getting lynched was the beginning of the end for the Ing, but overall he played decently.

    30. XXXMax/28. Veedrock=>zorbees/Ing/Boost Guardian/3-Man Limited BG/Hit by a Super Missile Night 6
    Role Comments: One of the trump cards for the Ing, this was a very powerful BG that became an even more powerful Omniguard late game. Definitely one of the best roles in the game.
    Player Comments (US): First of all, which aliases to list are kinda questionable for these, so I am going to list their deaths as I post them in the OP (with their final alias) and list them with their original alias in their Role PMs. Just wanted to get that out of the way so as to avoid confusion as to who was who. Anyhow, Veedrock played pretty well throughout the game despite being slightly on the inactive side, moling the Luminoth somewhat and staying under the radar while claiming to zorbees and sending in actions every cycle. Unfortunately, his vote was pretty important in the Day 6 lynch (if askaninjask stealthed the other way with Nachos’ vote his would be the only thing that could stop that), and when he didn’t get online at all during the 24 hour day I subbed zorbees in to vote (well, he got online half an hour before the deadline saying “I am here I will vote” then didn’t vote...). Pretty well played overall.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Veedrock played a solid game. He was a little on the inactive side (as Sam pointed out regarding the day 6 lynch), but he did manage to mole the Luminoth and he always got his actions in. Pretty decent overall.

    10./30. HMax/zorbees/Ing/Emperor Ing/Hit by a Super Missile Night 4
    Role Comments: Probably the best role on the Ing, this became a monster late game...even by Night 4, this role’s vote was worth 7/6/5. Also had plenty of good protections to keep it safe.
    Player Comments (US): zorbees played very well, and definitely deserved to (and looked like he would going into Day 4) win. unfortunately, I vastly overvalued how valuable his votes would be due to all the persuasions flying around, and his team got luckfucked beyond belief in that Yeti basically focused all of her attacks at night on the Ing. He got into a tight alliance with billymills (which was a fairly decent strategy), and my only complaint for what he did at night was that he focused too much on Samus and not enough on the Luminoth, though frankly with Light Aether voting against him every day the Ing weren’t going to last long anyway. Well played and sorry this turned out so badly for you.

    Oh and one more thing:
    [16:14] <zorbees> my comment is fuck everyone
    [16:14] <zorbees> make sure you include that in your postgame

    Role Comments (Walrein): zorbees played quite a good game, but Lady Luck decided that him and his 328952034962 votes didn’t deserve to win. Yeti pretty much only attacked Ing all game, including with her persuasion, and persuading someone with as many votes as zorbees will win you a lot of lynches. He was definitely one of the game’s best players, and in my opinion he deserved a win.
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    May 12, 2009
    POSTGAME, Part 2



    17./3. NMax/Altair=>ginganinja=>Goldenknight/Galactic Federation/Captain Ace Exeter/Kill Ensure/Bruised and obliterated Night 5/Won Night 7
    Role Comments: The best role on the Galactic Federation and possibly in the entire non-Sami game once upgraded, this role was meant to be kept safe until late-game, at which point it would dominate. This was also a natural leader for the faction, having a twin who was a BG to keep him safe.
    Player Comments: Man Altair, I know you said you might go a little AFK when signing up, but you fell off the grid entirely. I was really relying on you to unite your faction and negotiate, but instead you barely even sent in actions ever (in fact I think the only actions I ever got for your role were from GK, your twin). When I subbed ginganinja in briefly he did fine, before having to get subbed out AGAIN for GK the day before this role got murdered by the Space Pirates. What a mess.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Man, and I though Altair was a good, active player. He barely did anything before getting subbed out. There was a period when I had no idea who was playing Exeter. Is it ginga? Is it gk? No, it’s ginga. Hang on, wait, it’s definitely gk. Actually, it’s - oh, they died. Ah well.

    26./1. UMax/Accent/Galactic Federation/Specialist Angseth/Total Faction Rogue (Day)/Bruised and obliterated Night 7/Won Night 7
    Role Comments: This had the potential to be an immensely strong role but, much like the Spider Guardian role, was mainly luck-based. If i were designing this game again, I would take this role out, because luck should not play such a central factor in a game this meticulously designed.
    Player Comments (US): Accent played very, very well. He united the Galactic Federation early on, and managed to stay out of the whole Dark Samus/Ing VS. Samus/Luminoth war while staying under the radar somewhat. In the end, he outmaneuvered everyone except for billymills (who he smartly begged), and managed to complete his temples in time. Really well done. Also (and he was a little incredulous at this), no one tried to kill him the entire game until the final night, despite his alias being out in the open after the Day 2 lynch. I have to mention, however, that he almost lost the game for his faction Night 7 when he decided for no reason to go with Yeti in that ridiculous “All-Lose” alliance, but he changed actions two minutes after deadline and either way I wasn’t going to let him change MK’s action to something that was akin to killing themselves without even consulting MK. It was like, you really tried to throw away five cycles’ worth of good play with two minutes’ worth of terrible play, but in the end it didn’t matter.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Accent was most definitely the main factor behind the Feds’ win, but as stated above, he nearly caused the entire faction to lose. To be honest, I have no clue why both Yeti AND Accent were wanting an all-lose alliance, especially when solving the Sky Temple would have kept both of them in the game. Eventually, Accent managed to change his mind, but he almost threw it all away.

    31./19. YMax/MK Ultra/Galactic Federation/Dark Missile Trooper/Thief Protect/Won Night 7
    Role Comments: This role was the role that just never worked. It was unkillable, uninspectable, and had a terrible role to claim with an Ing role name. However, the Feds never got moled, which resulted in my design for this role to get teamkilled failing horribly. It also didn’t help that apparently no Fed ever read the Wiki that I linked to in the OP. Anyway, a fairly powerful protective role with a beefed-up version of a Safeguard that proved very important late in the game.
    Player Comments (US): Well, he was the only non-Dark Samus player to survive, so congrats for that. He mainly just claimed and stayed under the radar, though his Pirate fake claim was pretty bad (he misspelled Galactic Federation as “Glactic Federation” in it...). Still, he planned actions and, along with Accent, stayed active and thoughtful enough to be in a position to pull out a surprise win, so good job on that.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Aside from his ill-concieved moling attempt, MK didn’t do half bad. Anytime you can stay alive until the end in a multifaction you deserve a pat on the back (/me pats mk’s back). I’m sad that the role didn’t work the way Sam planned, but oh well.

    4./12. CMax/Goldenknight/Galactic Federation/GFS Tyr/Key Check or Temple Key Counter/BG/Lynched Day 2/Won Night 7
    Role Comments: Mainly supposed to stay in the shadows for Ace Exeter to unite the faction while this role protects Ace Exeter, this was also the only information role the Feds had to start the game.
    Player Comments (US): GK played pretty well, uniting the faction and sending in actions for his horribly inactive twin before getting randlynched Day 2 by ipl. He subbed in for Ace Exeter later on before getting killed there too. He played fine, no mistakes, though he didn’t light up the world with his negotiating skills either. It seemed people had difficulty keeping track of whether or not he was currently alive or dead, however...(frankly, with his constant sub ins/outs, I did as well):

    [20:13] <~Accent> gk
    [20:13] <~Accent> got results?
    [20:13] <~Accent> oh
    [20:13] <~Accent> you're dead
    [20:13] <~Accent> sorry
    [20:13] <~Accent> :/
    [20:13] <&little_gk> ;L;

    Player Comments (Walrein): Had Accent not been killed Night 7, GK would have represented every Galactic Federation death. He covered for Captain Inactive Exeter actionswise and overall played decently.



    18./17. OMax/macle=>Nachos/Space Pirates/Pirate Grenadier/Safeguard on ally, Hook on enemy/Incinerated in a cleansing fire Night 7
    Role Comments: The Space Pirate version of the Dark Missile Trooper, except he became very powerful late game.
    Player Comments (US): macle played better than I expected honestly (in that he got PMs in on time every cycle), but the Space Pirates requested he get subbed out when they needed to change one of his actions close to a deadline and I obliged. Nachos took over, and he did a good job until that horrible Day 7. First he pisses billymills off and forces billy to look elsewhere for an ally to win with, then he tries to lynch Daenym instead of billymills, which resulted in a guaranteed loss for him. I’m sorry, any member of the defeatist alliance can get at best average marks from me.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Hey look, macle didn’t go inactive!!! Well, until the other Pirates voted him out. Nachos came in and played pretty well until the incidents Sam described above (stop taking all of the obvious things to talk about, you make my comments look puny >:O), so he kinda averages out at a C grade.

    13./10. KMax/Ditto/Space Pirates/Pirate Commando/BG+Steal Reverse (1/2)/Blown to pieces Night 3
    Role Comments: A very good protective role that had an above average fake claim into the Galactic Federation, this was mainly meant to stay in the shadows and out of the spotlight.
    Player Comments (US): Ditto played very well. He was the first to figure out the factional win conditions, and he quickly united with askaninjask to form a core for the Space Pirates early on. He never fake claimed Galactic Federation, however, which was one of the many reasons the Feds ended up winning: no one with safe claims into their faction moled them, which would have subsequently cast doubt onto MK Ultra’s claim and possibly resulted in MK’s conversion. He died despite protecting himself due to the Galactic Federation kill ensure, and because askaninjask accidentally announced in #aether that “KMax is a good Space Pirate to target” or something like that, I wasn’t in the channel at the time so I’m really not sure precisely what aska said, all I know is aska freaked out about it afterwards. I am really not sure why the Pirates never tried to get retaliation for this kill, but they seemed content to be at a three members to two disadvantage on one of their enemies almost the entire game. By the time they finally killed a Fed (N7), it was too late to stop the Feds from winning. Either way, good job Ditto.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Ditto the master puzzle solver does it again, first by cracking his doggy code nearly immediately in Mafia Mafia 2 and now by being the first to figure out all the faction win conditions. He played quite well, though I wish he would have tried to mole the Feds.

    2./4. AMax/askaninjask/Space Pirates/Pirate Aerotrooper/Tracker+Inspect on target's targets/Blown to pieces Night 6
    Role Comments: The faction information role and vigilante on upgrade, it also had a safe claim into Dark Aether.
    Player Comments (US): askaninjask played excellently this game, though he has been harping and harping on the few mistakes he made. I already mentioned the Ditto thing, and passing his Sky key to Accent late game was a questionable move, but honestly apart from that you really didn’t make any bad errors. What you DID do was put the Space Pirates into an awesome position to win...until the Galactic Federation killed you at just the wrong time, and with an edited action (originally they were going to safeguard MK Ultra instead of you). The Space Pirates losing was not your fault, and if it hadn’t been for you they never would have been in a winning position in the first place. He also produced more logs than anyone else did:

    The best burn of the game in my opinion:
    [17:26] <UncleSam> walrein i might not be online at 7 pm
    [17:26] <UncleSam> so i think im gonna
    [17:26] <UncleSam> extend a bit
    [17:26] <UncleSam> like an hour or two
    [17:26] <UncleSam> is that ok with you
    [17:26] <Walrein> :/
    [17:26] <UncleSam> or were you gonna watch
    [17:26] <Walrein> Idc
    [17:26] <UncleSam> the national championship game
    [17:26] <Walrein> I'm watching the game
    [17:26] <askaninjask> it's the only football he can watch now

    03[15:08] * askaninjask changes topic to 'DITTO YOU WILL NOW BE PROTECTING KMAX'
    [15:08] <~askaninjask> x_x
    [15:31] <~askaninjask> walrein you have to let me
    [15:31] <~askaninjask> make these changes
    [15:31] <~askaninjask> x_x
    [15:31] <~askaninjask> oh my god
    01[15:31] <@Walrein> sorry
    01[15:31] <@Walrein> its gotta come from
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> ditto and macle
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> NOO
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> also
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> why are these changes
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> being ma
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> d
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> ee
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> they are so necessary oh my god
    01[15:32] <@Walrein> man i suck at typing today
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> seriously
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> i need
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> this
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> GAH
    [15:32] <~askaninjask> when is deadline?
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> FFS
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> FS
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> SF
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> s
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> uergieuhg
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> urhgieruh
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> if this doesn't go through
    01[15:33] <@Walrein> deadline is
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> ditto is going to die and gmax is going to be recruited
    01[15:33] <@Walrein> many hours away
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    01[15:33] <@Walrein> askafreakout
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> seriously though
    [15:33] <~askaninjask> when is deadline
    06[15:33] * ~askaninjask heaves again
    [15:34] <&Nachos> walrein i think you should feel sorry for me being OHKOed and let these actions go through
    [15:34] <~askaninjask> yes you sohuld
    [15:34] <~askaninjask> ditto
    [15:34] <~askaninjask> needs to survive
    [15:34] <~askaninjask> or i am fucking done

    On the update where Ditto died after the above freakout:
    [15:51] <UncleUpdating> afkaninjask is gonna have another aneurism imo
    [15:51] <UncleUpdating> after reading the update
    [15:51] <Nachos> i agree
    [15:51] <Walrupdate> ayup
    [15:51] <Nachos> did we get any messages/notices etc?
    [15:51] <UncleUpdating> ya hang on nachos
    [15:51] * afkaninjask heart attacks
    [15:51] * afkaninjask has quit (Quit: falling away)

    Probably not proud of this, but it was very important for how the game played out:
    [18:50] <~askaninjask> spiffy i want you using that
    [18:50] <~askaninjask> and you killing
    [18:50] <~askaninjask> if that's allowed
    [18:50] <Spiffy> we can
    [18:50] <~askaninjask> you're the only 100% clean LA
    [18:50] <~askaninjask> i don't trust anyone else with this

    On the misfortune of the “Dark Aether Massacre” failing to kill a single Dark Aether Night 4:
    [18:40] <askaninjask> no wait
    [18:40] <askaninjask> that's not
    [18:40] <askaninjask> a real update
    [18:40] <askaninjask> there is NO WAY

    Ya askaninjask REALLY hated Dark Samus, he just didn’t realize that all of the people antagonizing him were actually Dark Samus and not the various factions he attributed them to:
    [12:54] <askaninjask> oh my god i don't want spiffy to win this game
    [12:54] <askaninjask> o_o
    [12:54] <askaninjask> he doesn't
    [12:54] <askaninjask> deserve it
    [12:54] <UncleSam> who is spiffy
    [12:55] <askaninjask> spiffy is the light aether who fucke dup my entirely plan last night
    [12:55] <UncleSam> oh right that fucker
    [12:55] <askaninjask> lol
    [12:55] <askaninjask> thus concludes my mafia workings with spiffy
    [12:55] <askaninjask> FUCK spiffy
    [12:57] <askaninjask> also
    [12:57] <askaninjask> fuck you for giving DA the anon messenger role
    [12:57] <askaninjask> that messed us up for like 4 turns x_x
    [12:58] <UncleSam> icncnd
    [12:59] <UncleSam> wait so why do you hate dark samus then
    [13:00] <askaninjask> because he stopped all of my kills on dark aether x_x
    [13:00] <UncleSam> ic

    Player Comments (Walrein): aska, calm the FUCK down. You played incredibly well in this game, almost singlehandedly winning it for the pirates until you got luckfucked by the Feds. aska did possibly the most negotiating out of anyone, at one point being in alliances with every faction in the game, including his enemies. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you did awesome.

    33./20. 00Max/Nachos/Space Pirates/Dark Pirate Commando/Key Thief/BG+Kill Ensure (1/2 on self)/Power Bombed Day 3
    Role Comments: This was the Space Pirate monster role, plain and simple. Ideally, the Commando and Grenadier would die early and leave the Aerotrooper and Dark Commando to wreck things for the rest of the game, but it was not to be...
    Player Comments (US): Nachos played very well early game, though he initially thought askaninjask was a mole. Of course, askaninjask also nearly killed him so I can understand why he distrusted him. He got into the Space Pirate channel, #freezetag, soon after that near-debacle, however, and was helping aska plan things until getting nailed by a Power Bomb from Samus on her lynch redirect. Really bad luck there for Nachos AND the Pirates, because honestly Yeti was pretty much randing with it.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Pre-macle Nachos played decently, but he was mistrustful of aska. Eventually he realized that aska was legit, at which point he followed orders until his bs hax lynch redirect induced death.



    23./23. SopranoMax/RBG=>General Spoon/Luminoth/U-Mos/Lynch Deprioritizer/Prioritizer/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 1
    Role Comments: The “monster” of the Luminoth faction to go along with the Dark Pirate Commando and Ace Exeter roles as the best of the non-Sami roles, this was basically the killing power of the Luminoth faction.
    Player Comments (US): RBG did nothing at all except produce one pretty hilarious log which made him the MVP of N0:

    [13:40] <UncleSam> hey just wanted to let you know the channel for metroid prime 2 mafia is #aether
    [13:40] <UncleSam> hi just checking for anon message actions since im waiting on a few more
    [13:40] <UncleSam> no other abilities are valid this night so dont worry about any other targets
    [13:40] <RBG> hai
    [13:40] <RBG> naw, no message
    [13:40] <UncleSam> k
    [13:40] <UncleSam> have you read rule 3 carefully enough to know what messages can do
    [13:40] <UncleSam> last two sentences of the first paragraph
    [13:40] <RBG> Are you the temple of Sky? @ QMax
    [13:40] <UncleSam> k ty

    General Spoon did a decent job gathering claims after he subbed in, but never got Da Letter El to claim and got hit by one of the most unfortunate strokes of bad luck I have ever witnessed in mafia during Day 1, which led to his getting unblockable killed Night 1. Basically what happened was:
    -RBG asked QMax if it was the Sky Temple randomly N0, while Quagsires asked QMax if it was a temple N0. Both were receiving “Yes” responses from QMax Day 1.
    -billymills used his Disruptor ability on QMax, which allowed him to see what QMax was sending and to whom. He saw that QMax was sending two “Yes” responses to two different people, and, for some reason, assumed they were on the same team.
    -billymills theorized that they were Luminoth because General Spoon hinted that he knew a temple during Day 1, and promptly used unblockable kills on Spoon and Quagsires during Night 1 and Night 2.

    “Better luck next time.” Literally.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Sam basically said everything there is to say about RBG/Spoon. I WILL add that QMax (aka the Sky temple) was randed ridiculously often.

    11./24. IMax/reyscarface=>RaRe555=>Quagsires/Luminoth/A-Kul/Kill Ensure/Vote Discount/Trapped in a room of poisonous gas Night 5
    Role Comments: This was the role that was meant to make the Sky Temple doable, because 6/9 keys is about as difficult to do as 3/3 keys (for any of the non-Sky Temples). Outside of that, this just gave the Luminoth a bit of an advantage in voting.
    Player Comments (US): rey literally did nothing at all before getting subbed out early for RaRe555. RaRe did ok, but he started idling a few cycles in and only really claimed to Spoon. He got subbed out for Quagsires sometime in the middle of the game which gave the Luminoth their best team (Quags/DLE were the only two remotely active Luminoth), but he was killed thanks to getting hooked+murdered and due to DLE’s mistake in not cross-protecting Quags himself (yes, I am going to stand by my opinion that that was a mistake).
    Player Comments (Walrein): rey subbed out pretty immediately and was replaced by the surprising RaRe555, who didn’t do a horrible job. The fact that his claim only went to the n1-dying spoon hurt things a bit, but eventually he united with the other Luminoth. Quagsires came in when rare’s activity dropped and played pretty well until he got hookilled.

    24./22. TMax/Quagsires/Luminoth/A-Voq/2-man Key Thief/Key Check/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 2
    Role Comments: This was the other reason I thought the Luminoth had a decent chance of completing the Sky Temple: a two-man thief in a game of thirty can collect a lot of items quickly, and the key to collecting a lot of keys is to sweep a LOT of people. Late game he could be used to locate specific keys in case they really needed to know where certain numbered keys were to finish their objective.
    Player Comments (US): Quagsires played the most complete game of any of the Luminoth, even if it was split between two roles. Early game he claimed to Spoon and got in touch with RaRe, but his untimely randing (as explained in Spoon’s comments) really hurt the Luminoth badly. Not his fault that happened, just another unfortunate event happening to the Luminoth early game.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Quags hooked up with the other Luminoth fairly easily, but his role wasn’t able to hit any key targets before his untimely randing. Still, he played a solid game.

    6./9. DMax/Da Letter El/Luminoth/I-Sha/WC+Lynch Affects Check+BG/Incinerated in a cleansing fire Night 7
    Role Comments: The protection AND information of the Luminoth, this role had more responsibilities than it could cover (purposefully). It also had the second best safe claim in the game (behind Samus’), so I was really hopeful it could gather some information on the Ing.
    Player Comments: Da Letter El played...not as well as I hoped he would. He was simply inactive in the early going, played really well from about Day 3 to Night 5 or so, then made several bad decisions down the stretch that ruined his excellent play in the middle lost the game. First (and he still doesn’t think this was a mistake) was not protecting Quagsires when it was fairly obvious Quagsires would get hooked (Quagsires was the kill ensurer; their enemies had 0 reason to hook Da Letter El when Quagsires was ensuring two of Samus’ kills that night), and second (and far more importantly) was joining that defeatist alliance Day 7 and subsequently not lynching billymills. Still, the Luminoth never would have been in a position to win if it weren’t for you, so don’t sweat those mistakes too much. He also produced some funny logs:

    This was the best explanation of the defeatist alliance that I ever got:
    [19:49] <daletterel> but if sky isnt completed, i just go kamikaze on ds
    [19:49] <daletterel> because fuck ds

    One of the most important actions that he submitted right before deadline, then decided to change, then to not change...
    [19:59] <daletterel> keep it as is
    [19:59] <daletterel> we're doing it live
    [19:59] <UncleSam> 20 seconds
    [19:59] <daletterel> WE'RE
    [19:59] <daletterel> DOING
    [19:59] <daletterel> IT
    [19:59] <daletterel> LIVE
    [19:59] <UncleSam> so protect EMax
    [19:59] <UncleSam> FUCK IT
    [19:59] <daletterel> yep
    [19:59] <UncleSam> WE'LL DO IT LIVE
    [19:59] <UncleSam> DEADLINE

    And having his alias revealed in possibly the funniest rand in a game FULL of them:
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <askaninjask> we may be able to get a galactic fed member this lynch
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <daletterel> kk
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <askaninjask> i mean
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <askaninjask> either galactic fed or dark aether
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <daletterel> k
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <askaninjask> i have no idea which
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:34] <askaninjask> his alias is dmax
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> we'll probably need your help if we're going to lynch him
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> um
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> that's a bad idea
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> but you're already voting for no lynch, right?
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> no
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> does that show your alias?
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> you are wrong about dmax <________<
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> oh
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> i am wrong about dmax?
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> yes
    [16:57] <daletterel> fuck EVERYTHING about this
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> oh did i say dmax
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <askaninjask> i meant 00max
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> you
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:35] <daletterel> asshole
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:36] <askaninjask> heh
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:36] <askaninjask> it's ok
    [16:57] <daletterel> [17:36] <askaninjask> we'll give you an alias soon too to make up for it!

    Player Comments (Walrein): Da Letter El played decently, but it was a bit disappointing for a player of his caliber. His early inactivity was frustrating to say the least and his joining of the defeatist alliance was just plain ridiculous (I could write on and on about why the defeatist alliance was a stupid idea, but the main point was that all the teams that joined were in quite winnable positions before they threw the game away). He did play quite solidly during midgame and put the Luminoth in a good spon, so ok overall.


    7./29. EMax/Yeti/Samus/Item Check/Persuade/OT Lynch Redirect/OT Light Aether Convert/Lynched Day 8
    Role Comments: This was, without a doubt, the most powerful role in the game. Say all you want about Dark Samus being unhookable, but your starting combination of a Persuade that hit through Chyyka’s Vote Ensurer, faction Rogue, total Lynch Redirect, and the best fake claim in the game made this role simply overpowered. If I had to go back and change it, I would have restricted the Lynch Redirect to lynches targeted at this alias, I would have made the rogue work only for Yeti and not protect her teammates, and I wouldn’t have let the Persuade hit through the Vote Ensurer. Still, I didn’t want the title roles for this game to be the bitches for larger factions to boss around (as wolves usually are in games like this), so I just made damn sure Dark Samus had enough to hit back.
    Player Comments (US): Yeti was...disappointing early game, though she redeemed herself quite a bit mid-game before a bit of a lapse at the end. She seemed really disinterested at the beginning of the game, blaming me for “tricking” her into signing up and never really getting involved at all until things started looking up after the Day 4 lynch. She played really well for the next few cycles (particularly after LightWolf joined her), but then, just when she had redeemed herself and set herself up for a victory, she created a defeatist alliance and tried to convince people to make an all-lose happen. You had this game in the bag if you had just tried to win :( When you tried you played every bit as well as I know you are capable of playing...if only you tried a little more often, and a little harder. Still, the sad thing is that your level of activity still put you easily in the top half of the players in this game in terms of play...however, your arch-nemesis was easily in the top 3, which did you in in the end. All that being said, I realize that you alerted me that you wouldn’t be all that interested in this game during signups and only signed up because I asked you to, and you made a lot of really good plays...it was just the couple of bad ones that hurt you a LOT. Most especially trusting Spiffy...which led to Light Aether, your main ally, getting decimated in a single night. If this game achieves nothing else, hopefully I will have convinced you to kill Spiffy Night 1 next game :D Either way, thanks for agreeing to play. Also, you were fun to troll:

    [21:14] <Yeti> what is the agon temple's kill flavor, the same as everyone else's?
    [21:14] <Yeti> er your normal flavor
    [21:15] <UncleSam> something about
    [21:15] <UncleSam> SANDS
    [21:15] <UncleSam> obv
    [21:15] <Yeti> :|
    [21:15] <UncleSam> or possibly MUDS
    [21:15] <UncleSam> if combined with the torvus bog

    Player Comments (Walrein): Yeti, Yeti, Yeti... you still had a shot in the end solely thanks to the immense power of your role. Flamestrike did all the strategic planning when he was alive, so when he died Yeti struggled to get back in the running. The immense voting ability and powerful hook kept her in the game until the ill-conceived idea for a defeatist alliance that basically threw the game away from her (not lynching billy d7 was also a bad idea). There was a point in the middle where the recruiting of LightWolf seemed to get her legitimately interested in the game, but the alliance wiped that away. To be honest, I’m really disappointed in the level of play here.

    25./11. ToTheMax/Flamestrike/Samus/Samus' Gunship/Full Inspect/Kill Ensure/Hook Protect/Trapped in a room of poisonous gas Night 3
    Role Comments: Basically just patched up Samus’ weaknesses to hooks and having kills blocked while alive, was mainly just meant as a helper to Samus.
    Player Comments (US): Flamestrike was the one who kept Samus afloat early game, before Yeti started getting into control of the situation. He really did all that I expected him to do: keep Yeti somewhat interested, keep in the shadows, and stay out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, billymills didn’t let anyone stay in the spotlight for very long this game, and it wasn’t long before he found himself the target of a lynch even Samus’ voting power couldn’t beat. Well played, if it was a bit brief.
    Player Comments (Walrein): Before his death, Flamestrike was the brains of the Samus operation. He was always the one who sent in the actions, was always the more active of the two, and did the majority of the negotiating. However, all of this negotiating backfired when the others decided to lynch this ToTheMax fellow. Oops. Still played a very good game.

    8./15. FMax/LightWolf/Dark Aether=>Samus (Converted)/Amorbis/Thief RoleBlock/Lynched Day 6
    Role Comments: Typical recruit, just meant to give Samus some additional access to information and the numbers to keep up in a game like this.
    Player Comments (US): LightWolf played really, really well after joining the Samus faction, though he misplayed the Day 6 lynch a bit in my opinion. He should’ve made it a Space Pirate VS Samus lynch, but instead decided to trust askaninjask on a Dark Aether VS Samus lynch, which resulted in askaninjask backstabbing Samus and in his death. Still, his planning really revitalized Yeti and the Samus faction in general, and indeed there was a point where it looked like Samus might simply crush Dark Samus (around the start of Night 5).
    Player Comments (Walrein): LightWolf as a Samus played just as well, if not better, than LightWolf as a Dark Aether. His planning skills were just what Yeti needed to get out of her post-deadstrike funk. He did misplay the lynch and got backstabbed by askaninjask, but he got Samus in a very good position. His only other minor misplay was telling billymills he was the one who had been recruited:

    [19:10] <billymills> [16:57:58] <billymills> the only chance was samus falling tonight
    [19:10] <billymills> [16:58:00] <LightWolf> and you being an asshole
    [19:10] <billymills> [16:58:04] <LightWolf> let me get recced
    [19:10] <billymills> [16:58:09] <LightWolf> instead of getting me sged


    21./5. RMax/billymills/Dark Samus/Dark Samus/Disruptor/OT Alias Swap/OT Light Aether Convert/Won Day 8
    Role Comments: What to say that I didn’t about Samus? This was meant to be a pretty perfect foil to Samus, though there were a few differences between them, which overall I think favored Samus (Samus was meant to be the stronger one due to her slightly more difficult win condition):
    -Lynch Redirect vs Alias Swap
    -Total Faction Rogue at start VS at 5 Phazon or one team death
    -D/N Hooks after Faction Rogue VS at 6 Phazon
    -Unstealable (Samus) with Hook Protect VS Unhookable (Dark Samus) with Thief Protect
    -Item Check and Robot Creator VS Phazon Locater
    -Persuade VS ½ Vote per phazon
    -Full safe claim (and a really good fake name) vs a mediocre safe claim (which ironically got a shitton more info than Samus’ fake claim did)
    -2 anonymous messages per cycle (on partner) vs Disruptor
    -BPV in lynch affects VS naturally
    -Access to automatically ensured kills and kills that hit through BPVs if a successful Rogue (Dark Samus)

    Most of these differences favored Samus, most particularly the Lynch Redirect VS Alias Swap one, which I vastly underestimated the difference in power between. Still, Dark Samus had quite a bag of tricks to work with.

    Player Comments (US): And boy did billymills work them. billymills was the first person I assigned a role too because I wanted to see how he would use the Disruptor role, and he used it very well (I was actually hoping he would do something spectacular with it, but I guess it’s unfair to expect that from someone...kind of like how I went into “Inception” expecting “The Dark Knight”...anyway, I digress...). billymills had a tremendous spreadsheet and negotiated with more people than anyone else in the game except possibly askaninjask, and did so more successfully than anyone else bar none. He definitely deserved this win, and even supplied a fair few funny logs:
    When he recruited Spiffy:
    [15:51] <Crux> and i think that we might want to convert someone soon
    [15:51] <billymills> we did
    [15:51] <Crux> oh
    [15:51] <Crux> really?
    [15:51] <billymills> we needed a bg
    [15:51] <billymills> ._.
    [15:51] <Crux> you didnt
    [15:51] <Crux> :/
    [15:51] <billymills> yes.
    [15:51] <Crux> spiffy
    [15:51] <Crux> :(
    [15:51] <Crux> fuck
    [15:51] <Crux> you
    [15:51] <billymills> he's the least likely to be expected
    [15:51] <Crux> :/

    [20:48] <billymills> walrein told me I was attacked by a flock of chickens

    And the whole “lulz I typo’d” incident...
    [19:17] <Yeti> hey billy i hope you typed FMax right this time
    [19:17] <Yeti> and not RMax
    [19:17] <Yeti> when you try and target me
    [19:17] <Yeti> LOLOLOL
    [19:19] <billymills> OK I TYPOED
    [19:19] <billymills> They're letters
    [19:19] <billymills> right on top of eachother
    [19:19] <billymills> it's hard.

    Player Comments (Walrein): billymills, aka the puppet master, was by far the best player in this game. From the very beginning he used his roles very smartly, and he didn’t reveal himself until he absolutely had to. He played very intelligently, made the right deals, and just generally did an outstanding job until his dea- oh wait, he didn’t die. He WON.

    3./7. BMax/Crux/Dark Samus/Dark Tallon Metroid/Full Inspect/Kill Ensure/Thief Protect/Lynched Day 5
    Role Comments: Basically the same as Samus’ Gunship, the Yin to Dark Samus’ Yang.
    Player Comments (US): Crux played brilliantly this game, and would have been the MVP of just about any other faction. He moled Light Aether to oblivion, was always active in helping billymills plan things, and stayed out of the spotlight as much as possible. If only you hadn’t gotten randhooked by Samus Day 5, you would have survived and Dark Samus would have rolled. For those who don’t know what I am referring to, I’ll explain:
    -Crux finished the Agon Temple Day 4, which allowed him to copy two roles and use them whenever. Night 4, he copied WMax (HD’s) Lynch Deprioritizer role, whereby he could deprioritize a lynch on a single target by either one or two.
    -Day 5 BMax is getting lynched (Veedrock, the last Ing). billymills decides that he will swap himself in for BMax to protect Veedrock from hooks that night, while Crux deprioritizes the lynch on BMax.
    -Samus randhooks Crux, stopping the Lynch Deprioritize, causing billymills to swap into the dying alias that day.
    -Crux takes billymills’ place on the chopping block, as per his role.

    Not much you can do to avoid bad luck like that other than play extremely cautiously, and this team did NOT play cautiously (to their advantage, I might add).
    Player Comments (Walrein): If billy was the Empire State Building, Crux was the twin towers: nearly as mighty but screwed over by bad luck. I am speaking of the botched lynch that Sam described above. Up until then, Crux had played incredibly well, giving billy some great advice and moling the everloving shit out of Light Aether. Props to you.

    25. Spiffy/MegaloMax/Light Aether=>Dark Samus (Converted)/Caretaker Class Drone/BG+Thief Protect+Vote Discounter/Won Day 8
    Role Comments: Standard recruit, nothing much to say other than that it helps Dark Samus compete in terms of raw numbers and information.
    Player Comments (US): Spiffy played much, MUCH better than I expected him to. He moled Light Aether very well after getting recruited, gaining all of their sensitive info and allowing billymills to orchestrate the Light Aether massacre that occurred Night 5. Spiffy was one of the last I let in, and I am very glad I did so. You would have been something other than the worst player on the faction on just about any other faction!!!
    Player Comments (Walrein): I hate to break it to you Yeti, but Spiffy doesn’t suck. One of the most pleasant surprises of this game, Spiffy continue to act exactly like a good little Light Aether even after being recruited. The only reason he was the worst on the faction is because billy and Crux were so goddamn amazing. Still, it’s a pretty big accomplishment for a recruited faction member to be considered the cleanest out of anybody, good job.

    WALREIN’S AWARDS (the one's that don't really matter):
    MVP: billymills

    Best Dark Aether: blue_tornado (honorable mention: Steven Snype)
    Best Light Aether: Spiffy (honorable mention: Agape)
    Best Ing: zorbees (honorable mention: Veedrock)
    Best Galactic Federation: Accent (honorable mention: MK Ultra)
    Best Space Pirate: askaninjask (honorable mention: Ditto)
    Best Luminoth: Quagsires (honorable mention: Da Letter El)
    Best Samus: LightWolf
    Best Dark Samus: billymills

    Best luck: Spiffy (getting recruited from the worst team to the best team)
    Worst luck: The Ing (honorable mention: Crux)

    Best play: billymills recruiting Spiffy (honorable mention: Accent turning his back on the defeatists and unlocking Sky Temple)
    Worst play: The defeatist alliance (honorable mention: ipl getting HD killed)

    Most active player: askaninjask (VERY honorable mention: billymills)
    Least active player: reyscarface (honorable mention: LonelyNess)

    Best losing team: Space Pirates/Dark Aether
    Worst overall team: Light Aether/Luminoth

    Greg Jennings Award (for singlehandedly carrying the team): askaninjask

    UncleSam’s Awards (the ones that matter):
    Best Dark Aether: Steven Snype (Honorable mention to Daenym and Blue_Tornado, LightWolf not eligible)
    Best Light Aether: Agape (Honorable mention to ipl, who even when he plays horribly by his standards is still arguably the best on the team xD)
    Best Ing: zorbees
    Best Galactic Federation: Accent
    Best Space Pirate: askaninjask (Honorable mention to Ditto)
    Best Luminoth: Da Letter El (see ipl’s comment above) (Honorable mention to Quagsires)
    Best Samus: LightWolf
    Best Dark Samus: billymills
    Best Player not mentioned above: Crux
    Worst Player who should never be mentioned again: LonelyNess (Honorable mentions to HD and reyscarface)
    Best Spreadsheet: billymills/Crux
    Prettiest/Cutest Spreadsheet: Ditto (so damn cute)
    Lucky Motherfucker: Accent, having askaninjask pass him a Sky Temple key (Honorable mention: Spiffy getting recruited)
    Unlucky SOBs: Quagsires and General Spoon, with the whole billymills PM interceptor incident (Honorable mentions: Anyone allied with the Ing, most especially zorbees, “BS HAX” Crux)
    Best non-winning team: Space Pirates (Honorable mention: Dark Aether)
    Worst non-winning team, or team of any kind: Light Aether (Luminoth were a HIGHLY honorable mention though)
    Most humorous player: Steven Snype (Honorable mentions to billymills and askaninjask)
    Best single play: RBG finding the Sky Temple N0 (jk, it was billymills’ Light Aether massacre. That was pretty hilarious though)
    Worst single play: imperfectluck telling Yeti to kill HD
    Best Channel: #freezetag (Pirate Chan) (Honorable mentions to #superteam (Dark Samus Chan) and #scramble (Dark Aether Chan))

    And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for:
    MVP!!! (open)
    MVP: billymills (Honorable mentions to askaninjask and LightWolf)
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    This game was incredibly fun to host! Props to everyone who played (besides LN/HD/reyscarface) and to Sam for designing such an awesome game :D

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