[Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

I went out and looked for a person to trade gardevoir n0.

I talked to zorbees who knew of ralts, but wouldn't tell me.
Then I talked to Laundry, who also knew of ralts but wouldn't tell me.

Then I asked publically in #warau for ralts to come to me, and he did instantly.

At this point I was wondering who didn't know who ralts was.
Made a big fucking rookie mistake on Turn 1 by revealing to Laundry that I was Growlithe, this allowed him to send billymills after me and hit me for super effective damage, I was all ready to get taken out on Turn 3 since I had a measly 10 HP left, luckily everyone left me alone and I was able to trade with DLE for Arcanine and evolve the next turn.

imperfectluck helped out me, DLE and Agape a lot by setting us up with a wealth of information, it's just such a shame that none of us won :(

Killed zorbees for Agape and attacked Fishin for vonfiedler, it's a crying shame that von didn't stick around and help us out but if I was him I would have done exactly the same.

So happy that I successfully scavenged a DCE from zorbees on Turn 4, at this point I could already fire off my 120 damage Firestorm, but I kept this a secret from pretty much everybody.

Woke up on Turn 5 to find out everyone was lynching me. Got on IRC and did a lot of sweet-talking to a lot of people in order to change their votes to puggy, in hindsight I should've targeted a Stage 1 instead. Oh well.

Also I attacked Lightwolf because he kept his role too well-hidden, wasted an attack on him because I thought he was Exeggcute, maybe if I was able to talk to him more things would have gone different. That's two damage opportunities I wasted on Turn 5 :(

Allied myself with Altair to take out the rest of the Stage 1s, had a good endgame plan going until most of the Stage 1s didn't die as expected on Turn 5, plus I got poisoned. The wording of the poison status in the results PM made me think I could last till Turn 7, another rookie miscalculation here :(

To be honest on Turn 6 I was ready to take out Altair anyway, since he was a Stage 1 for sure, and I couldn't be sure whether lambasto or Lightwolf was Donphan since neither of them had much communication with me. Allied myself with Colonel M here and was all ready to take out blue_light together on the next turn for the win, until I died to poison that is.

Find out later from Colonel M that it was Altair who sent him to poison me and put me on a timer, looks like he got his just desserts :P

Incredibly fun first expert game, I thank Mekkah for giving me this opportunity, and I hope to join many other games just like this in the future.


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Anyways that was supposed to leave Veedrock and Dak dead, which meant that next turn fate would kill jumpluff (fate told me he needed her dead fsr), colonel m + rey + thorns / shade / rbg / jumpluff would attack blue_light, and the lynch and I would take care of Lightwolf the Vibrava, making the rest of the game (me, fate, shade, rey, colonel m, rbg, thorns) the winners.
I don't think either RBG or I would've actually attacked bl.

Here was my game plan: get along with people. Since the people who were getting in the fray, like ipl, were being punished for it, I tried not to upset anyone except UncleSam while I was still Charmander / Charmeleon. By the time I was lynching and attacking others, I was already Charizard and had allied. I allied pretty closely with dak; it helped a lot to have a partner in another group, as well as someone to talk about the game with. Unfortunately, information travels fast, so I became vulnerable very quickly. In the middle of the game I started panicking because I couldn't find my Charizard, so I went around and talked to a lot of people, and Midou and I allied under the banner of non-aggression. Then I found out he had Charizard and it was sweet. I traded with shade because I had already Call for Friends'd him and ascertained that 20 HP was no skin off my nose, which put us on good terms, so it was a huge shame that he and dak were archrivals. I hid dak from shade and Midou, sorry! But Midou knew Altair so I didn't want to risk dak's group getting in Altair's hands, and shade asked me if I knew Donphan, which made me suspect he might want him dead, since he claimed to have a good trade for Donphan in the form of an evo card, only dak had already evolved. I was really sad when Midou died and then dak, only then I reread the update and dak won =). After that I was ally-less but not for long, since RBG approached me. I trusted him almost completely because I knew what he proposed made a lot of sense, for us to team up and win the game together. And so we did.

I really should've been a bit more careful with my identity, but it's hard not to let information slip when you need to trade and people ally, sharing information and spreadsheets and other assorted data. I don't think there was much I could do to keep mine safer. Some people's identities stayed safe until the end, but most of them weren't Stage 2s, and that was mostly due to various mix-ups. I lied to some that I was after multiple types of energy/evolutions/Lv. Xes, but eventually it had to come out.
might share some thoughts since mekkah was a bit cold to me in postgame

so i got the sub pm, and i was machop. that was cool, i managed to get machoke off fatecrashers, talked with a few people and made a few peace treaties

i tried hard to find a fighting energy but nobody really wanted to trade theirs. the day i could finally scavenge one, i had scavenged the dce previously for bargaining purposes. time zones really screwed me up here, i couldn't talk with much people at all, especially towards the latter part of the game.

i talked to fatecrashers, and we arranged for firestorm to be used on rbg, who was being a dick with his psychic attacks. unfortunately, he died that day and i thought all hope was lost. blue_light and lightwolf then contacted me, asking for my help to take down their enemies. i had blue_light's evolution, which i traded to colonel m, who i considered to be a more powerful ally, in exchange for flygon, which allowed me to block lightwolf from ever evolving, which was good since i knew he was trapinch and a stage 2. i planned to lynch rbg, which spectacularly failed as my devious cousin stabbed me in the back. the plan was we would lynch and attack rbg, have blue_light finish lightwolf off in exchange for myself killing colonel m (which was a complete lie since i didn't ever get my hands on a fighting energy), and colonel m would do the obvious thing and destroy blue_light. due to a miscalculation on jumpluff's part she thought it would be impossible to win with me and decided to stick with rbg. i can't blame her, i was on 10 hp the whole time and didn't have a guaranteed way of killing anybody

now if i could change one thing about this game it would be being more vigilant in the middle phases to find cards i could have used. i'd like to blame my poor time zone but there were a few weekends which i could have used to get some talking