[Expert] RPS Mafia Sign-ups


Welcome to the latest installment of Expert Mafia, RPS Mafia, made by asim and askaninjask, hosted by GoldenKnight and askaninjask. This isn’t so much of a mafia and more of a “tactical game”, so if that deters you, don’t join.

The concept: 3 factions that each have an advantage over one of the others, like Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

The other concept: since this is a village-less game, lynches are unnecessary. As such, we have included The Knife. The knife will be given to whoever has majority during the daytime, and that person will be able to wield it for the following night.

For more info on how these mechanics work, see the rules (and feel free to ask the hosts).


(announcer voice) Since time immemorial, various groups of people and characters have been vying for the public eye. Ever since the time of Shakespeare, there have been stereotypes and tropes of characters on stage, in books, and more recently, in television and movies. Three of these stereotypes have arrived on YOUR TV to duke it out for just 10 dollars per episode.

In one corner of this triangular ring, there are the Lawmen. These guys have been fighting for justice since the time they were born. In another, there lie the Teenagers with Attitude. These young folks are the heroes of today: immature, unprepared, yet the only ones who can possibly save the day. And finally, in the last corner, there are the Scariest Fucking Things. You may want to shield the eyes of any small children watching this program, lest they be traumatized.

Are the contestants ready?

(various voices) YEAHAHHH

(announcer voice) Then let’s begin.


1.) This game revolves around 3 factions, the Teenagers with Attitude, the Lawmen, and the Scariest Fucking Things. Each faction has an attack each night.

2.) Each faction’s attack will do either 2 or 1 HP of damage depending on whether or not you are targeting the faction that you are good against or the one that beats you. There may be neutrals in this game for which special rules concerning damage apply.

  • The Teenagers with Attitude are scared by the Scariest Fucking Things, but never seem to get caught by the Lawmen.
  • The Scariest Fucking Things get arrested by the Lawmen, but are always freaking out the Teenagers with Attitude.
  • The Lawmen have always had trouble with the Teenagers with Attitude, but consistently crack down on the Scariest Fucking Things.

4.) Each faction has a question to solve before they can attain their nightkill. One clue to the solution of each question will be given in every player’s role PM. In order to attain their nightkill, one member of the faction must PM askaninjask and GoldenKnight “Day / Night X - The Answer”, and in the body of the PM answer the question. Only one person may send in this PM per faction. If two are sent in, the one that was sent in first will be the only one considered.

5.) The sender of the above PM, if correct, will be awarded a new ability: Once per night, you may PM askaninjask and GoldenKnight “Night X - Attacking <user>”. <user> will be attacked. He will take 1 HP of damage if your faction is weak against his, and 2 HP if your faction has an advantage over his.

The Knife:
6.) Instead of lynches, in the daytime users will vote to see who is most deserving of the Knife. Whoever holds the Knife at night, in addition to their normal night action, may PM askaninjask and GoldenKnight “Night X - Attacking <user> with the Knife”. <user> will receive the pre-specified amount of damage.

7.) On the first night, the Knife will deal 1 HP of damage. On the second, it will deal 2 HP. On all other nights it will deal 3 HP of damage.

8.) Knife damage cannot be blocked by anything other than bodyguard protection. It can be redirected by martyr type roles, but not hooked by hooker type roles.

9.) Deadtalking is only allowed if you’re talking strategy with your own team (after it has united). No new information may be given from a dead player to a living one.

10.) No screen shots. Logs can be faked. No impersonation of other players or of the hosts.

11.) Priorities have been decided before hand and will not be revealed.

12.) If you’re inactive in this game, you may be forcibly subbed out. I will be VERY quick to sub inactive players out. It’s an expert game for a reason, and that reason is to ensure that the game is played well. Being inactive just isn’t acceptable.

The official channel for this game is #icncndt. Join it, mofos.

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