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[Expert] SANDSEMONIUM - Postgame Up! Winners: MEDS and MUDS

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Yeti, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009

    Approved by Mekkah.

    July 1, 2039, Atlantis
    After newcomers The Sea Creatures Frozen in Ice took over the world under the regime of their new dictator, Charlie Sheen, they set out to raise the lost city of Atlantis.

    Well, Charlie Sheen died of fatal herpes about six months into his rule, and the Sea Creatures couldn't survive in the climate of Earth today, so global warming wiped them out.

    Not before they managed to raise Atlantis though!!!!

    But now, several angry groups are converging on this might city. It is to be the battleground of the next great fight for the world.......

    March 4, 2039, Hollywood Wasteland
    Hollywood is still in ruins, and the STARS are still mad nobody cares about them anymore. They gather around to angrily discuss their plans for world domination, filled with beautiful people and prominent names.

    "Why is the Sun never out anymore?" Meryl Streep complains, glaring at the sky.

    "Yeah now it just Hails everywhere," Brad Pitt agrees, kicking at the dirt. He falls over due to his fragile leg and missing cane, lost in the great wars of long ago, and Angelina rushes to his aid.

    They are mad, and they will be coming for Atlantis, just as soon as Dita is done getting her shoes shined.

    March 29, 2039, Mekkah's Castle
    "Why are we here?" grumbles SANDSina, the former secretary of the late and great MR. SANDSMAN.

    "Only place those idiots won't find us," shrugs Captain SANDSET. He is now in charge of SANDS Militia, of course a vital role to hold.

    While they are busy wishing another Sandstorm would pick up so they could stealthily go and raid someone else's camp for supplies, instead it just Rains, slowly dissolving away at their sand castle.

    "Mekkah you need to get some more stability up in this," SANDSpenter comments, a truly great carpenter if one was ever seen.

    Someday it will stop raining, and the SANDS will blow freely again.

    April 1, 2039, Bangladesh Coastline
    Look at that muddy shoreline. Here the MUDS Rebels have gathered to be useless douchebags as always. And because it is April Fools.....

    "Hey guys I'm marrying Kate Middleton lmao," Prince William jokes, still mad that England was completely obliterated long ago and now he has nowhere to sit around and be a prince of.

    "Shut your whore face," MUDSmith says, holding up a heated iron as he tries to make a sword for someone to use.

    "No I'm serious! Once this stupid freakin' Sun goes away, she's going to come here and marry me," the prince insists, glaring at the sky that dries out the MUDSwarriors, who are made of MUDS.

    "I wish it would Rain again, that was the best weather," sighs one of the warriors, and everyone agrees.

    The time to let this ridiculous weather spreading worldwide chaos continue has come to a close.

    May 14, 2039, Children's Hospital
    Whoa this place looks nice, there can't be any rebel stirrings HERE can there?

    But alas, the above image is how the hospital looked... 20 years ago. Now, only one ward is still open, and the rest collapsed before in bombings, now infested by rats.

    "I miss our Cloudy backdrop we used to have, then if someone dies it can rain and if not they can break and it will be sunny and then we win all around," one doctor comments to another.

    "Yeah, now with this ridiculous Sandstorm we've been trapped in the building for three weeks. I'm tired of these idiots in charge of the world," a nurse from across the table agrees, standing up.

    Soon, all the doctors are chanting angrily, ready for a takeover. It seems the MEDS have banded together for the first time to overdose on pills together!

    I mean take over the world.

    June 15, 2039, Mekkah's Winter Cabin in Norway
    "Why are we here?" asks Jack Frost, still not sure why they're in some caveman's cabin up in a dumb place like Norway.

    "The dude left his keys on the table when he was done with The White Witch," The Penguin chuckles, eying up the SNOWS' favorite hooker sitting across the room from him.

    "Shut your dirty face you trampballs, I am QUEEN OF NARNIA!" she trumpets, but considering Narnia is verrrrry far away from this small cabin, nobody cares.

    "Why is it just Cloudy all the time, it's too warm to snow like this?" young Frosty Jr cries, hugging his father as they both start to notice a few too many pounds have melted off.

    "I don't know son, maybe if we all shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY it will Hail again!" Frosty suggests, but his team glares and shuts down this idea.

    June 28, 2039, Walrein's House
    "Hey guys we're the Aquanauts lol," Walrein laughs to his faction.

    "Yeah go us woohoo!! Why isn't it Blizzarding?" asks Walrein's scumbuddy 1.

    "I don't know, I hate this Drought," groans Walrein's scumbuddy 2.

    Where the heck did these guys come from?

    Grassroots organizations like this abound everywhere.

    Fellow groups like DA BATS, UNDENIABLY UGLY PEOPLE, led by wickdaggler of course!!, and more have all sprung up, with small numbers, but a will to win.

    July 2, 2039, Atlantis
    With nobody actually in charge, nothing can stop the swarming factions. Hoards of them all rush forward, yelling and screaming. It appears that while some have no problem with each other, others vehemently want them dead.

    "Hey SANDS and SNOWS, you guys SUCK THE WORST!" yell the MEDS, making enemies already.

    "Yeah well the MEDS and MUDS suck the most!" shout back the mighty SANDS.

    "We STARS are superior to MUDS and SNOWS as well!" yell hundreds of way-too-old celebrities.

    "Yeah well STARS and MEDS like men," retort the SNOWS although that's kind of a bad comeback...

    "Herp?" comment the MUDS, stupid as ever, before clueing in, "SANDS drool STARS eat gruel!!!"

    "What even is that?" asks the faithful Aquanaut leader.

    "Uneducated," snaps wickdaggler of the UUP.

    Slops errywhere.

    The scuffle degrades into a huge fight with guns everywhere, and when everyone finally retreats, two bodies are left lying in the middle.

    "Oh dang we forgot the DEADS!" someone yells.

    Ouch. But she's not the only casualty......

    The war is ON.

    The possible factions up in this could be, may include, but are not limited to by any means:
    MEDS, M.D.
    RAIN DANCE VGC 10/10 (might be renamed)
    The Aquanauts and Assorted Other Walrein Scumbuddies

    Show Hide
    1. While you are alive, feel free to talk about the game. Once you have died, you may not discuss the game with anyone not allied with you. You may not share information you gained after death no matter what.

    2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste their Role PM or anything from it. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM Yeti and/or Quagsires for help in faking a role PM.

    3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. We are human and can make mistakes. We have tried to keep all text relatively the same, but there may be discrepancies. If you believe there are, PM us and we will correct them. Do NOT correct them yourself. Yeti and Quag both wrote PMs and will both send. There is no set number of sentences for intro or action flavor, but all have at least something.

    4. You may paste things the hosts tell you, but do not anticipate everything we tell you is true. You can paste fake logs; PM Yeti or Quagsires for help faking a log. No screenshots. We may lie to you as hosts, notably about Walrein's actual alliance (hint: he's an Aquanaut).

    5. Each Day period will last 48 hours at the start, then be cut to 24 as people die, likely becoming 24 hours before the nights do. There are no grace periods. Depending on the type of lynch, if majority is relevant to the outcome, majority will end the lynch early, assuming all actions are also in.

    6. We will allow stealth lynching if you can successfully pull this off. Good luck. You'll need it.

    7. During the day you must bold your vote and post flavor <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will count as No Lynch. If you wish to vote for nothing at that time but have already voted, unbold your original vote and state something along the lines that it is retracted. Any ties will result in a no lynch or failure to award prize, aka no winner.

    8. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received. This will be cut to 24 as people die.

    9. Feel free to target dead users with your abilities. We cannot say if anything will come of this, and it is very likely nothing will happen. However, there are exceptions.

    10. Priorities have been set beforehand. You don't get to know them until the game ends.

    11. Items ITG. Items are SEPARATE from Profit. You can spend Profit to gain Items. You can use Items for their stated purpose. You can thief Items. You cannot thief Profit. You can lose Items and Profit. You have no items at the start. There are few others ways to obtain items.

    12. Day Actions are BACK and up in this. Be sure to send your Day Actions or you might wind up sorry!

    13. Inform Yeti and Quagsires of all channels, spreadsheets, etc. you make for this game. Give us access: ask for our emails, our registered IRC nicks are Yeti and Quagsires. PLEASE NAME YOUR SPREADSHEETS WITH YOUR FACTION NAME SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO SEE WHAT IS OURS AND WHAT IS YOURS.

    14. IRC is required in this game and other users may be very annoyed if you don't have it. It's not that hard to gain access to: you never have to pay to use mIRC if you hit Continue twice, Mibbit is free, etc. No IRC, no dice.

    15. Send all PMs to Yeti and Quagsires so we can both update. If you are choosing to idle, please PM "NX/DX - Idling" so we know you are active. You may submit actions on IRC, if you want to confirm kingofko- I mean Quagsires wrote the right target down you may do so. If your result is screwy, Snyp- Quagsires might have sent you and half the game someone else's results.

    16. Be active or get out. You will almost assuredly lose this game if you are not active and anyone who could rely on you will be hampered by your inactivity. We will send a warning PM if you do not show to the channel and/or send a PM. After that, we will sub you out. We will NOT postpone deadlines if you do not meet them unless you ask us to give you an extra hour to discuss/coordinate. We WILL ask for subs on anyone who signed up and didn't get in.

    17. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

    18. We are your hosts and we will be writing the Postgame, so please talk to us about your thoughts on the game. While we cannot confirm or deny any suspicions you may have, we would love to hear them. We would also like reasons for your actions if possible.

    19. Your WC has two parts: certain factions need to bite the dust. You also must gain a specific item. Note that if you are mentioned in someone's WC, you need them dead, even if they are hiding from yours!

    20. If you post while silenced/kidnapped/break a restriction/show on IRC in NOC or anything similar you will be godkilled. If you try to obtain Lady Salamence nudes you will 100% be godkilled.

    21. The official IRC channel will be #experts so please join.

    22. If you have a non-information role, you will not receive a result unless it fails. If you think you should have received a result PM but did not, you should contact the host that performed the last update, or the other one if they appear to be free to review your case.

    23. This is a multi-faction game. You know of numerous named factions. There may or may not be further individuals up in this.

    24. There may or may not be some unaligned chaps. We all know how crappy most neutrals are so whether there's any or not is up to you to figure out.

    25. There is WEATHER in this game. Each of the five factions has a player that will benefit from a certain weather. To activate weather, you must purchase a TM and use it. The weather will remain until another TM is used. The default weather is: None. TMs used the same night will trigger based on your priority.

    26. You will need to obtain an item to win if you are on the named factions. A member of your team must be holding the item at the time your win would occur.

    27. You will start the game with 50 Profit each. Through various means, you can obtain more. Some being: taking that of your kill target, taking part in the lynch, successfully following the lynch's requirement, etc.

    28. Items that belong to those who are killed will go into the SANDS ARENA. As always, you can give up your day action to battle it out for your selected item. Multiple people going for one item results in you all losing the fight and nobody gets it.

    29. The lynch does not just kill people. Every day it will be announced what exactly the lynch's "prize" is. Some lynches result in death. Some result in a boosted role. Some provide profit.

    30. You as a faction must work for the lynch. You will also either suffer factional help or harm based on your team's lynch participation. You will be told how, as a faction, you need to distribute your votes, etc. at the start of each day, along with the lynch rewards.

    31. Via the lynch system, you will gain Profit, more so than you have. Each Day, the Profit Shop will open. Here, you may pay Profit and gain an item. These items will have various uses. There are also varying quantities of the item in the Shop.

    32. Items with Unlimited stock can be purchased as often as they are in the Shop. Items with limited numbers, but more than 1, will be in the Shop, and when all their stock is purchased, will be removed.

    33. Items with 1 quantity in the Shop will be auctioned: you may place a maximum bid you want to pay, higher than the starting value of bidding. The highest bidder will win. If there is a tie....... it will return for the next day.

    34. The Shop will gain and lose items based on the day. Some will permanently stick around, some are one-day-only, some are in on their stocking day until their quantity is gone.

    35. You start ununited. Each of you has a posting restriction that links you to another member of your team, and you also know restrictions. You may use these to trace the circle of your team.

    36. There are moles. These moles are included in the restriction circles.

    37. The factions in this game have kills on a once every three nights cycle, so 1/3 nights you may kill. Then after 3 nights it resets regardless of when you killed.

    38. To kill, your faction must send in with their actions: "NX - Send USER1 to kill USER2" with USER1 being a member of your faction and USER2 being the intended target. If a majority of your faction sends in this PM, the kill will succeed. If a minority does, the kill will be held until the next night.

    39. Each faction has preset flavor that will be used. In short, picking a user to kill is to account for cross-kills and hooks. Remember if the majority of a faction doesn't send the kill request, it will be assumed the majority does not wish to execute the kill that night.

    40. You may include in your Night/Day actions "N/DX - UNITING with USER1, USER2, USER3, etc." up to as many users as you believe your faction has. If this is the proper number of living members of your faction and is not missing anyone alive or including someone not actually allied with you, you will unite. After this, one person may include the kill with their actions. The person who sends the kill will perform it.

    41. Further motivations for uniting, besides rooting out the mole and streamlining your action process, include some Profit gain. The more Profit, the more you can buy.

    42. Encountered a last-minute upgrade! One member of your faction has a role that is obtained via having your faction's weather up.

    43. If your weather is up, one currently-unknown-to-you member of your faction gains the ability to double-target. He will be told of this.

    44. With your weather up, you also gain a Faction Sheriff to help you determine who is really with who!

    45. Each faction has a weather that detracts from them as well. So you have one beneficial weather, ???? neutral weathers, and one negative weather.

    46. If your negative weather is up, your kill priority drops to the lowest in the game. There is some strategy in not having your own weather up, but getting an enemy's harmful weather in place.

    47. Some Win Conditions might just change. This will only happen if a certain faction's weather is up and they obtain an item that will be auctioned later in the game. It is not a negative change for the faction that makes use of this.

    Alive (17)
    Blue Tornado
    Da Letter El-->Seven Deadly Sins
    Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Dead (11)
    Dtto / Major Tom / Bodyguard + Thief / STARS / Godkilled D1

    Steven Snype/Nachos / Canis Major / Post Restrictor + Sun Benefit + Safeguard / STARS / Drowned alive in mud N1

    Spiffy / Lebron James / Hooker + Reflective Safeguard + Inspector / STARS / Killed by a flesh-eating bacteria while exploring D2

    Brammi / Happy Feet / Bodyguard + Inspector / SNOWS / Killed by injection N2

    Staraptor Call / GMax / Hooker + Kidnapper + Thief / SANDS / Killed via strange ritual involving a microphone N3

    theangryscientist / Osama Bin Laden / Kidnapper + Self-SG + Negative Voter / STARS / Drowned in a mud puddle N4

    RaRe555/Acklow / Hooker + Hail Benefit + Thief / SNOWS / Killed by injection N4

    wickdaggler / Dr. Horrible / Post Restrictor + Safeguard + Vote Negator / SNOWS / Godkilled D5

    imperfectluck / The Sun / MUDS Mole + Watcher&Tracker + Team Dickens / STARS / Godkilled D5

    General Spoon / Scumbuddy #2 / None / Self? / Godkilled D5

    Paperblade / Hatsune Miku / Hooker + Item Suction + Inspector + 1-time LPV / VOCALOIDS / Godkilled D5

    It is now Night 0. No sharing PMs, no kills, so deadline is 24 hours, 6PM PST 1/19. Role PMs going out asap.
    Note that after that deadline will be 3PM PST EVERY CYCLE. And not 6. They will also be 48 hours.

    Channel is #EXPERTS please join.
  2. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    did i win yet?
  3. Empoof


    Dec 4, 2007
    I am snows all claim

    Also zorbees I'll pm you all my info as i get it

    EDIT: gl;hf!
  4. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    Man why'd you have to kill the SCFiI :O

    (good luck)
  5. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Walrein is clearly an Aquanaut let's lynch him D1
  6. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    <Yeti> i can confirm spiffy is an aquanaut scumbuddy
    <Yeti> specifically #2

    All Aquanauts claim.
  7. Ditto

    Ditto /me huggles
    is a Tournament Director Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jun 11, 2007
    Alright, good luck to everyone. I mean God knows I'm good, but I'm worried about the rest of ya. Quagsires gonna win it for me again, cause he's my saviour machine!
  8. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    Alright Magmians, I'm gonna lead this shit to victory. I'll be pasting my PM publically, but for now, I will say that my role name is Ho-oh with a quite easy to prove ability. I would like a role name claim at the very least from all Magmians and Brethren. I would love ability claims, but I can understand some N0 paranoia. [awkward post conclusion]

    ADDENDUM: since some are extremely wary unless I post my ability, my ability is similar to anonymous messaging in MP2, except that I don't actually message, just "ping" people.

    tl;dr I'm cool claim pls
  9. Ditto

    Ditto /me huggles
    is a Tournament Director Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jun 11, 2007
    ^ Telling lies 9.9
  10. ginganinja

    ginganinja It's all coming back to me now
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009
  11. askaninjask

    askaninjask [FLAIL ARMS]
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 2, 2009
    That's me in the corner
    That's me in the spotlight
    Losing my religion
    Trying to keep up with you
    And I don't know if I can do it
    Oh no I've said too much
    I haven't said enough

    I thought that I heard you laughing
    I thought that I heard you sing
    I think I thought I saw you try

    But that was just a dream, try, cry, why, try
    That was just a dream, just a dream, just a dream
  12. Metal Bagon

    Metal Bagon

    May 27, 2011
    :( didn't make it.

    Willing to sub!
  13. Empoof


    Dec 4, 2007
    Hey Aska! that's Eminem!

    I promise!

    cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye!


  14. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 27, 2009
    good shit Nachos



    that bloody briefcase wanker

    is annoying.

    hf guys

  15. General Spoon

    General Spoon

    Jun 26, 2010
    Okay boys and Geodudes, I am MUDSINE, the MUDS leader's only daughter. I will be leading us, the MUDS, as I have more brains than 20 Dodrio. We're going to start the Voltorb rolling right now, on night zero. I want to hear from you now, before the Solrock rises preferably. We're all experts, so you should understand what is expected of you.

    Now go, swifter than the Rapidash can run, as we go onward to glorious victory.
  16. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 27, 2009

    spooner has a


    i am looking to lead

    le STARS

    so i can explore them

    in my



    post restrictions

    hurry the fuck up you bloody

    wAnKeRs so we can get this show

    in the TARDIS
  17. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    if you are looking for something important, you would do well to contact me ;)
  18. Crux

    Crux i want it...

    Sep 14, 2009

    A brand new SANDS mafia!!!
  19. Agape

    Mafia Champion

    Jul 3, 2009
    If you need me, drop me an IRC message. That will surely help your chances, because just being in my presence bolsters one's morale, thus his chances.

    Also it will make the game more fun for everybody. And even though I will win anyway I could work a little towards it. Just to make it more fun for you. Yeah.
  20. Brammi


    Jan 12, 2010
    Got picked for expert game. *breakdances*
  21. Chomz


    Mar 5, 2009
    just saw the (utterly indecipherable) op and suddenly became very glad i didnt get picked
  22. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    some users itt are asking for 124 cocks in their general direction

    others should probably talk to me
  23. Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Sep 3, 2010
    Oh, cool. I was picked.

    Of course i was picked, the hosts must have recognized my awesomeness and thought it would be an honor to have me in their game (Definitely not because i was in all other SANDS games except the first one.)

    EDIT: Also, apparently Empoof was joking (Of course I knew that though, because I'm awesome.) So I want all SNOWS to contact me. Please do so as I am awesome and you won't regret it.
  24. Agape

    Mafia Champion

    Jul 3, 2009
    Yeah but that's my post restriction.

    I'm cool with it though because I will certainly do it better ^___^

    Also: I am not against nor with the MEDS. This information is true because I'm awesome. Do with it whatever you please. Arf.
  25. HD


    Jun 29, 2008
    chuck e cheese's company is so much better than our government

    because HOLY FUCKING SHIT what kind of group of elected dumbasses make fucking pizza a vegetable

    how is this a vegetable that is amazing chuck e cheese pizza with real fucking cheese aka not a vegetable


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