[Expert] We Don't Need No Mafia - Criminals and Heroes win!

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It was a peaceful peaceful day somewhere in Japan. In fact, it was really peaceful until


After a few minutes of scolding, Nobita comes upstairs to his room crying…

“Doraemon, where are you? I need help!“
However, Doraemon is nowhere to be found, and Nobita in desperation looks through his spare pocket until he finds the thing he needs.

“This is it… the What If Phone Box!”

Nobita takes it out… goes into it, and after a while of rare thought, goes…

“What if I want a world that is completely different from this current one?”

After saying that, he steps out, to see a familiar figure. However, before he could do anything, he was shot through the heart. Minutes later the phone booth is in flames, and the world is changed forever.

In this new world, the land is dying. Factions are fighting for survival, for conquest. Finally, it’s down to a few factions left. The weak just died off.

The first faction is The Overly Famous Heroes. These are the people who made a name for themselves in the world. They are very disorganized, but rely upon brute force to save themselves.

Another faction that appeared, almost unnoticed, were The Really Unknown People. Hardly anyone knew these guys, but they were in the last battle for survival. Although disorganized, they are a powerful foe.

One really evil faction were The Mad Evil Geniuses. Using masterplans to destroy enemies, they finally found themselves in their last showdown. But can their strategies, which rely upon brain only, survive?

Another faction was evil. They were called The Really Boring Criminals. It wasn’t that they were bored, but the way they killed were boring, the way they talked were boring, the way they did things were boring. Heck, they were boring. But they weren’t bored.

But wait. Yet another faction arrived. What were their purposes? What were they aiming for? Who are they in the first place? No one knows much about them, only their name, which was The Monsters From Several Different Dimensions.

There were people hanging around that called themselves Neutrals. What happened to them? No one knew. But they might be hanging around looking to cause trouble.

Suddenly an outspoken person appeared from The Overly Famous Heroes. In a loud voice, he declared
Since we’re famous, we’ll be generous and tell you all our masterplans. We aim to kill all the Mad Evil Geniuses, and the Really Unknown People. Then, the world is safe. Criminals and Monsters aren’t our concern.
In reply, many notices appeared everywhere. All of them had the same statement.
We… erm… we are the really unknown people… we just want to destroy the famous heroes and the boring criminals… the rest of you all… we mean you no harm…
Signed: …. the really unknown people.
Well, war has started. Let the war begin.

Rules and Information:
1. The game will cycle between Night and Day, beginning with Night 0. Unlike previous Night 0s, killing will work on Night 0.
2. Each Day will last a maximum of 24 hours. Each Night will last a maximum of 48 hours. Days and Nights may end early depending on whether a majority is reached or all Night PMs have been sent.
3. If you don't want to use your Night Role, please send a PM to me with the title 'Night x - Idling' anyway. This at least shows you're paying attention to the game.
4. Lynch votes must be bolded. No Lynch is an acceptable vote.
5. There are NO items in this game.
6. Do not screenshot anything I tell you to anyone else in the game. Do not screenshot anything related to the game.
7. Do not talk about the game with or in front of living players while you are dead, unless specified in the role PM or allowed to by the host. You may still plan with your teammates, but only for the sake of planning strategies.
8. Do not impersonate other players or me. You may fake logs, including logs with me.
9. With that said, do not believe everything the hosts tell you, apart from in the role pm itself.
10. If you have any questions about your role or the game please don't hesitate to contact me or Gmax. We're on IRC (irc.synirc.net) in #warau almost always.
11. The game ends when a team achieves it's win condition. This does not include neutrals.
12. This is an open theme game. Here is a sample of a role pm. Do take note that Megalo Maniacs are not a team in this game. Also, i am not perfect, so there might be spelling errors in the Role PMs.

Amelia said:
Dear <user>,
You are Shredder.
You are allied with the Megalo Maniacs.

(Two-three sentences of role flavour).

(Three-four sentences of action, with it going as "You may PM me with the title "Night X - Whacking USER".)

(Extra Stuff, if applicable.)

You win if blablabla.
Alive Player List

3. Agape
4. Earthworm
12. Jackal
16. ReyScarFace
18. Exarius
26. Fishin
27. Billymills
30. Wormbot

Death List

1. Daquiri - America - Heroes - Died N0
14. Aura Guardian - Godfather - Boring Criminals - Sliced into two D2
9. Lonelyness - Bluekirby - Unknown People - Lynched horribly D2
6. RBG - Archlich Xykon - Neutral - Died N2
25. Askaninjask - Link - Heroes - Objected D3
8. Da Letter El - Dr.Watson - Heroes - Objected D3
22. Veedrock - Jumpluff - Unknown People - Died N3
11. UncleSam - Doraemon - Monsters - Pulled down from Mars D4
29. Lightwolf - Perfect Cell - Geniuses - Died N5
5. Mekkah - Dr. Robotnik - Geniuses - Died N6
31. GUARD zorbees - Robot - Geniuses - Exploded N6
32. DISRUPTOR Lesm46 - Robot - Geniuses - Exploded N6
20. Thorns - Mekkah - Unknown People - Died N6
24. Dubulous - Redcloak - Monsters - Died N6
23. Evan - Weighted Companion Cube - Criminals - Thrown over Cliff D7
33. The White Rabbit. - ??? - Ran out of game D7
2. Accent - Jackal - Unknown People - Died N7
19. Eo Ut Mortus - Ike - Heroes - Destroyed N7
15. Bass - Hipmonlee - Unknown People - Died N8
34. Cheshire Cat - ??? - Went to have tea D8
7. Shade - China - Heroes - Lynched D8
35. Alice - ??? Left the party D9
17. Jimbo - Criminals - Harpooned D10
36. The Red Queen - ??? Walked off angrily D10 (Aren't you glad?)
28.CyzirVisheen - Mad Hatter - Monsters - Died N10
13. Flounder - Homer Simpson - Geniuses - Died N10
21. Altair - Shiv - Unknowns - Died N10
10. Blue_light - Manfred Von Karma - Geniuses - Died D11
All role pms are sent out. Good luck.

Edit: I request that i am added to all channels or spreadsheets made for this game. My email is han999_9@hotmail.com
Gmax requests that he is added to all channels made for this game.

This are requests, so go ahead and refuse if you wish to.


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I urge all of the really unknown people to come to me on IRC.

Monsters and Genuises can also come for a chat, as I have no beef with you.


just who is the coon?
In the same vein as lonelyness, I would like The Overly Famous People to claim to me, as well as any boring criminals or monsters that would like to chat.

I'm not lying this time I swear!!
In the same vein as Altair, I would like the Neutrals to claim to me, as well as any boring criminals or monsters that would like to chat.

I'm not lying this time I swear!!

Da Letter El

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Megalo Maniacs gonna school all yall haters so hard that we're gonna send you back to ELEMENTARY.

I would like for all Megalo Maniacs to claim to me since I am shredder and i am confirmed megalo. We also have no beef with the Devious so feel free to talk to me if you are. We will defeat the fake devious that dare to call themselves deviants. those bitches.

My DEAR allies, I assure you that we will be victorious. I must edit my original message to state that

That is all.
I will explain our player choices when this game is finished. Bear in mind that we plan to let other people have their chance when more expert game appears.
After a while of thought, N0 will last 72 hours to give people time to coordinate and start thinking. 48 hours is too short. My apologies if this affects people.

The night will still end if all night PMs are in though.

Edit: Thanks for the shot RBG


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After a while of thought, N0 will last 72 hours to give people time to coordinate and start thinking. 48 hours is too long. My apologies if this affects people.

The night will still end if all night PMs are in though.
48 is too long? Then lets make it 72!
Also, anyone who doesn't send in a night action on N0 will be subbed out. This excludes people who do not need to send in a night action in the first place.
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