[extreme fun] The Circus Sign-Ups

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Everyone step right up!

Hosted by UncleSam and porygon3
Approved by Mekkah/EW


Part 1: Dodgeball Rules:
1. You may either Dodge, Pickup, Catch, or Throw during any given cycle. Dodge allows you to dodge the first two balls thrown at you. Pickup allows you to gain a ball to Throw next turn. Throw allows you to throw a ball at another user, assuming you have already picked one up. Catch allows you to catch the first ball thrown at you and knock whoever threw it at you out, but if two balls are thrown at you you will fail to catch either ball and instead be knocked out yourself. Note that if you choose to Pickup and don’t die that turn you have a ball, as there is nothing that can stop you from picking up a ball (other than death obviously).
2. There will be three equal and randomly decided teams, of varying size depending on how many people sign up. Everyone who signs up is guaranteed a spot.
3. Throws used against members of your own team will fail, but you will never be informed of the reasoning behind or the success or failure of any action, and will receive no results for any turn unless you grope a member of your own team and neither of you die that cycle. Groping is explained in Part 3.
4. You may only catch one ball during the entire course of the game, as after that your hands will be too sore to catch again. It will only count against this counter if you successfully catch a ball though. You may also only dodge balls twice because after the second time you will break your ankles. Whether or not you actually dodged anything is meaningless for the purposes of how many you may perform later in the game, although any dodges used on turn 1 will not count against how many you are able to perform later.
5. If you have a ball you can’t catch another one.

Part 2: Be Unpopular or Die Rules:
1. The action that is chosen by the highest number of users results in all users who picked that action dying instantly. In the case of a tie, everyone who picked both options dies.
2. Players knocked out by thrown balls will still have their actions counted for the totals in this segment of the game.
3. This segment of the rules will be suspended once one team is entirely wiped out.

Part 3: Mafia Rules:
1. In addition to standard dodgeball actions, one may “Grope” another user to determine if that user is on his or her team. This action will fail if it is used on any other team’s member, since you can’t grope someone up if they are across the line from you!
2. You will not know the other members of your team.
3. It will not be revealed how each user died, only who died and which team he or she was on.

Overall Rules:
1. Don’t talk about how you died after you die. It will be revealed which option was the “most popular” for any given night, but don’t bitch about how you died but didn’t pick the most popular option or something, you can also die via dodgeball rules.
2. This game is meant to be extremely low-key, don’t take this shit too seriously. Definitely not like mafia-seriously.
3. The winning team is the one with players left whilst all other teams are dead.
4. Don’t be a retard. The hosts reserve the right to interpret this rule as we see fit.
5. You MUST send in an action every turn, and you must send in EXACTLY ONE action. Failure to do so results in a godkill. You must change your action every cycle (e.g. don’t choose to “dodge” two cycles in a row or something).
6. If you find a way to break the game you will be godkilled. Don’t mess it up.
7. Send all PMs to both UncleSam AND porygon3
8. This game will have cycles (or turns, either/or), and will simply proceed from one turn to the next. People will die via be unpopular or die rules on turn 1, just like during any other turn.
9. Deadlines will be pretty strict since I really don’t care about godkilling people.
10. We may add on more rules as we see fit. Note that any traditional rules we may have forgotten about dodgeball or be unpopular or die will still apply here in all liklihood.
11. The three teams are the Mafia Multinational, the Unpopular Union, and the Dodgeball Dynamic.

Oh right, and have fun!
Probably won't bother with a sign-up list but maybe who knows???

(46 total atm)
-general spoon
-captain bagman
-da letter el
-team aether
-engineer pikachu
-pidge (was that a sign up?)
-life admiral


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in because I'm unable to play mafia since inventions mafia for some reason
also in because i feel like it


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Uh a few of you have said "sign X user up" in your posts when you are not X user, and as much as I would like to I have to make sure everyone who plays actually wants to play themselves. Sorry, but I require a sign up post from everyone.
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