Extreme Pokemon Makeover Contest Redesign Time! (See Post #41)

What Pokemon Line Should Be Redesigned?

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  • Fatecrasher's Suggestion (See Post #19)

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  • Klink

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  • The Three Regis

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Thanks bud.

So here's what I got for the moment. Feel free to tell if I did anything wrong.

Concept: Regirock's pokedex entry stats it uses rocks it finds to regenerate itself. So I guessed it would use ALL KINDS of rocks in its life, leading to a bundle of pebbles from all over the world.

Sorry for the giant picture; the quality of the scan didn't exactly come out very well. They have the same color scheme as the normal Regis... since I wasn't able to color them, either... Because they were originally intended to be WIPs (not much time for that now, unfortunately), all except Registeel were drawn really quickly.

To explain my logic behind each, let's start counterclockwise, beginning with Regice:

Regice: This was partly inspired by the Ice Titan from Disney's Hercules, or more "generic" themes of icicles, plus a bit of the Maplestory Golems (which is one of the types I ran upon while researching golems).

Regirock: The most traditional-looking of the golems in my entry; I would say it's inspired by a "rock gorilla." Those small spikes are supposed to be its legs (but they're farther away from the point of view).

Registeel: A type of metal "dragon golem," Registeel takes parts from normal mechanical or electrical objects, such as a transformer (and Tesla Coil). The poor-looking claws are inspired by bent copper wires.
Doran Dragon's ones look freaking amazing... although Regirock has almost nothing rocky about him, and looks like a Fighting-type. Regice and Registeel are incredible though. I especially love the head designs.
doran dragon's are awesomee and i think that if he made the rock parts more jagged and rock looking it would be even better

i also like elcheeso's concept of them being antelopes, but i think if thats the look he's going for then maybe the body needs to be a bit more antelope-like, like the registeel version

thats in my very unproffessional opinion


formerly Doran Dragon
I tried to make regirock look like a statue, with mayan/aztec and even egyptian references with the elongated head. So...i dont know if that will help, but I do understand the reasons behind the fighting idea
You know what the issue with the regis is? They take themselves far too seriously... I present to you:

Registeelback Gorilla


and last but not least, Regiobelix
You know what the issue with the regis is? They take themselves far too seriously... I present to you:

Registeelback Gorilla


and last but not least, Regiobelix
Hmmm... that gorilla reminds me of my version of Regirock... except with Registeel, and not from a front view.
Nice art though; all these other entries make me regret not giving some "lifelike color" to my entries.
Okay, due to the lack of submissions during this contest, I'm extending the deadline. I don't know when to, but the contest will probably end when I'm happy with the amount of submissions.

Hopefully the wait won't be too long, however.
Aww, come on guys, I really don't understand why there hasn't been any more submissions. Obviously there aren't enough submissions for myself, Quanyails and Kevin Garrett to judge. Honestly, it doesn't take that much effort to post a submission.

Please don't let this thread die.


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In hindsight, I think we picked the wrong Pokemon to makeover (again :X). I personally like the Regi design, and it aint easy making a more impressive design for them. elcheeso's Regi minotaur design's are really cool until you see Regice, which is kinda wimpy-looking for a special tank. Bummer's is probably the most complete with his golem designs - I'd say Regirock and Registeel's design should be swapped, because Registeel look a lot more offensive than it truly is (75 base offense). That's just me nitpicking though.
Okay this has gone on long enough (1 month!?)

The final deadline is
15th January.
This will be the final deadline in the sense that there will be no prolonged deadlines, it stays as it is. So artists, please get submitting, hopefully there will be some more submissions when the deadline comes around, and then Quanyails, Kevin Garrett and I will get judging soon after.
Okay, time is up. Quanyails, Kevin Garrett and I will judge, and then the winner and runner-up will be revealed!

Good luck to all of those who entered!

Out of the trio, Regirock is the most polished in terms of design. Overall, none of them are fully realized. It would have been nice if you had been able to submit an updated version to see where you could have taken these. I have to go on what you have here. As they stand, they look very similar to the actual design of the trio.


Doran Dragon

Your Regice is pretty cool. I like where you went with the design with an overcoat that resembles something an eskimo would wear. Registeel is almost as cool, but I kept help but envision its torso as intestines with how they are coiled. All of these can be summed up by your Regirock, creative design, but somewhat lacking in closer details. You didn't make them totally conform to their elemental type, which makes them stand out from the actual designs.



Tauros. The direction you went by making each one of them resemble a bull is held back by the respect you pay to the original design. I would have really liked to see each of these on all fours with each of their types featured more subtly across each design. They look a little awkward being bipedal. You do have cool new symbols for each of them and I like how each of them are not carbon copies of each other. It is clear you wanted to differentiate each one.



I view your submissions as the more fully realized version of what Kirby was trying to achieve. The Registeel is very cool how you have gears for the hip socket and metal grooves to define facial features. Regice as a snowman is cool, but I think you could have made it more imposing by shaping the body in a more dramatic way and replacing the sticks with icicles for arms. Regirock lacks the same sophistication you have in the other ones. I really like how you transformed the trio into being more organic. That's one of the design qualities that appeals to me in legendaries.



These are really polished. The first thing that stands out to me is how you substituted the standard dots for helmet customization. Not only does it work well with your knight theme, but it also allows you to play up their type while staying true to the originals. The armor for each of your designs appropriately distinguishes between each of the trio. The only thing I can criticize is how they play out much the same way as the original designs. While they might not be the most typical looking Pokemon, they were well done in their execution.


Josia Richter

Out of your submissions, I think I like Regirock the most. It is not easy to distinguish what they are based. The only thing I can make out is the typing of each one. The bright red is harsh in contrast to the natural color of each type. It would have been nice if you could have fleshed out your concepts more. As it stands they appear to be incomplete.

Oops, sorry I couldn't finish mines before the deadline.

I'll try to be more productive when the next extreme makeover rolls by.

Out of the trio, Regirock is the most polished in terms of design. Overall, none of them are fully realized. It would have been nice if you had been able to submit an updated version to see where you could have taken these. I have to go on what you have here. As they stand, they look very similar to the actual design of the trio.
Registeel, in my opinion, is the only one that I significantly changed from the normal forms; I wasn't really sure how "different" to make them in comparison with the regular Regis, so I think that I definitely played it a little too safe.
Kirbyofthestars: I do think you have some way to go in learning the elements of art before going for the design portion of it. You have varying levels of originality in your designs: the Regirock one is less so a redesign as it is a repose, Regice is more unique with that ice cream tip and icicle points, and Registeel does interest me with what appear to be ball chains (though I know you intended otherwise). The electric portions of that, though, do oppose the pure Steel typing it has. The designs perhaps could be improved with a little practice, but for now, they’re ordinary.
Overall: 2/10

Doran Dragon: I must say that you’ve pulled off the Regis’ concepts off very well while keeping a distinction between each design. They look like humanoid golems that aren’t just hunks of their respective elements. Each design has its own story to it, from the past to the current-/future-inspired ones, while keeping the original concept intact. You’ve done very nicely in terms of technicalities—no significant faults I can say. I applaud your thought process and subsequent creations.
Overall: 9/10

elcheeso: Your definition of ‘redesign’ is to add a new concept to the Regis, I see. However, beyond horned creatures, I do not see how the elements work together with the creatures that well. Bringing something animalistic into humanoid shapes requires a slight change of anatomy to their designs, and if you lack them, the animal portions become awkward. Regirock has craggy eye holes and a simple, massive body. I do like the icicles and snow on Regice, but anatomy could be improved. The body is round and immediately divides into two small legs, which strikes me as off. Registeel has a curious use of extruded steel lines to give an organic effect—nicely done. The head looks sunken into the body because of the lack of visible neck, and I would think there to be an additional joint past the forearms. The designs are good tries, but there are details that don’t integrate well.
Overall: 6/10

Mastadi: If there was a prize for ‘best sense of humor’, you’d get it. :) I’m surprisingly fond of your Registeel, if only it’s because it has those proportions that carry a sense of power. You’ve got a good sense of perspective and proportion in your designs, but the design themselves, I figure, aren’t meant to be taken seriously. The gears on Registeel, snowballs on Regice, and turtleneck(!) on Registeel are all rather silly additions. As a trio, they don’t fit that well, but by themselves, they’re certainly... interesting.
Overall: 4/10

Bummer: Hmm, knights. o3o A bit uninspired is what I first think, but that is from my thoughts on Aurumoth’s pre-evolutions and the Vanillite line redesign. Instead, I think you’ve done a nice job using that concept with the Regis. They all fit together nicely as a trio of knights—each of them share the same proportions while having distinct differences to showcase their respective typings. I do like the different ‘armor’ each of the Regis bears--it gives a sense of difference to each of them while having a thread throughout. I thought of the sharp lines of Regice, the rounded curves of Regirocks, and the mingling of the two of Registeel as being reminiscent of their defensive stats. I don’t think that you intended that, but it’s a neat comparison.
The qualm I have for your design is the choice of monotone for each design. Granted, Regice isn’t the most colorful Pokémon out there, but removing the yellow from the dots that represent its eyes makes it a plain blue with lights and darks. Registeel does have two choices of color, but there remains a lack of contrast. The ideas are nice and the lines are nice, but it lacks just slightly in the color compartment.
Overall: 7/10

Josia Richter: They’re redesigns of elemental golems, I can see that, but they deviate from the original concept. Registeel, especially, does not look like a golem or humanoid—I do wish you would have changed it, but I am a judge and would rather not give suggestions prior to judging time. Regice, hmm, I’m on the border of determining if it’s an improvement to the original design or not. I do not see a specific concept in mind with it other than ‘ice’. I’d admit that the original design is more solid (no pun intended) than yours. Regirock has the most potential in my eyes for a good design--like Kirbyofthestars, you also incorporated ball-chain-limbs. I’m not saying much from that, though, which, unfortunately, is my style of reviewing. The darker portion of the head resembles a face or skull, which, albeit a nice implication from a design, along with the red spikes and twisted eyes, makes me think of it being a Dark-type more than a Rock-type.
Perhaps it’s just the choice of program you’re using, but I think there could be more artistic skill in this. You’ve done a nice job with Regice and the geometric shapes it has, but at the same time, Regirock’s hands look like paper triangles--that is, they have no depth. If you can, try adding shading to convey form in the drawings.
Overall: 2/10
Okay, time to wrap thing's up...

Kirbyofthestars: As stated before, your redesigns all look very similar to the original pokemon. This is partly due to the fact that you've decided to stick with the dots theme; I would have liked you to be a little more inventive and come up with your own theme, rather than copying the original idea. Your Regirock looks almost exactly the same as GameFreak's own Regirock, except with the addition of spindly, thin legs which seems out of place. Your Regice shares the same body as the original, but at least you've differentiated it a bit more with your own ideas. The icicles are a nice touch, but the ice-cream end seems very silly, and I don't understand the logic behind the floating hands. I'm not too fond of the Registeel either, but I do like the added screws to the head area.

Doran Dragon:
These guys are wonderful. Each has it's own features, yet keeps true to the theme, which I find excellent. I like your use of contrasting colours; it makes the original Regis look dull in comparison. I do agree with Kevin that the torso of your Registeel looks a little odd, but that's just a slight nitpick in an otherwise fantastic entry.

Whilst this contest is mainly focused on concept, it's hard not to notice the structure of these designs; they seem awkward and unnatural. The concept itself is very hard to pull off, and even then it doesn't really relate to the original concept. I have to say though, I love your Regirock. It's stance imposing and very accomplished, and overall it looks the most finished out of your designs. Your Regice looks a little goofy and generally less impressive than the other two. Your Registeel honestly doesn't look steel-type to me, I would've replaced those black horns with metallic ones. Your red markings doesn't really work in my opinion, but I like the idea of the eyes... how about changing the comour of them for each one, and seeing how that looks?

Not only are these guys hilarious, they're good, solid designs. Your Registeel looks well made, and I especially like the gears you've used to seperate the legsfrom the main body. I do feel that it needs some more defining features, the lack of any face bugs me a little. Your snowman is my least favourite; I dislike the use of the coal buttons, especially on the face. I like the idea behind Regirock, although it doesn't really look evolved enough, especially when compared with your other two designs. The real problem lies in your concept; I see nothing which links your designs together; they all seem seperated, unrelated pokemon.

You've chosen a great theme to base your Regis on, as it still relates to the original. golem-esque theme. I love each and (almost) every detail of your pokemon, ranging from the differing helmets, to the impressive and well-chosen claws, these are all well thought-out. I am especially fond of Regice's shoulder armour, but I see the legs a little too thin; I don't see how it could hold the upperbody's weight. I do think however, that these pokemon are in desperate need of a secondary colour; they look great, accomplished and... plain.

Josia Richter:
Whilst Word obviously hinders you, I still feel you could've done a lot better with your (re)designs. Your Regice is probably the better of your designs although I don't understand the floating legs. I would've liked you to have changed the colour or added another colour to your design; it just looks very basic and unfinished. Added detail to Registeel would be nice. I suggest integrating metal-based objects into the design, or just making the design seem a little more like its intended typing. Regirock is quite forgettable to be honest; I don't see the need for the red spikes either. You've made the mistake of not linking your three regis together, or even following the concept. Don't be downhearted by this though, practice makes perfect ;)

So the final scores are:

Kirbyofthestars: 8/30
Doran Dragon: 26/30
elcheeso: 17/30
Mastadi: 16/30
Bummer: 24/30
Josia Richter: 8/30

So congratulations Doran Dragon for winning, and Bummer for runner's up. You two will both feature in the Smog's Smeargle Studio Update! Thank you judges for... judging. For me, I'm not going to continue this contest, although anyone is welcome to begin Round 3!