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While there are shittily designed pokemon in RBY and GSC, I - and as far as I can tell most people - feel that in general, standards have declined significantly since then.

In particular there has been a change in direction toward far too many fiddly details. Adding stupid stripes as well as things like random tufts of hair in some really awkward places..

So the idea behind this contest is each round we pick a pokemon we feel has a strong concept, but whose design is just fucking awful. Your job is to take that concept and make something fantastic.

The submissions will be judged by me, az, and Novaray. Winners will receive an enthusiastic metaphoric pat on the back. Or a literal pat on the back if you are willing to collect it in person.

Redesign the Vanillite line.

Ice is a type that over time the designers of pokemon have struggled to come to terms with. From Jynx to Kyurem, it has been responsible for some of the worst pokemon every generation.

It is difficult to make a compelling living creature out of something as unalive as ice. But it's also hard to come up with new ideas for something that is mostly found in places where plants dont grow, and as a consequence, animals dont visit.

So once you have a concept, you really need to execute, which, in this case, they have just failed miserably to do. I think there is a lot of scope (scoop?) for a fucking awesome ice-cream pokemon, it's your job to try and prove me right.

Some rules/guidelines:
You can pretty much change whatever you like, provided it still has the ice type and still is an ice-cream. Other than that, go nuts. But we are just judging you on the design, not the idea you had to make it a fire type and give it drought so it can counter abomasnow better..
Sketches or whatever will be accepted. It might count against you, but personally I am gonna be looking at the design itself, not necessarily the art. Mostly cause I dont know shit about art. If other judges have a slightly different perspective then I will leave that up to them.

For some judges comments, like, what I personally will be looking for:
I want compelling creatures with personality, and I dont want anything more than that.
So, if something isnt a part of telling the story of what makes this pokemon what it is, then, it probably shouldnt be there. Simplicity is really key for me. On the other hand, it had better be a fucking good story. Bear in mind though, in this case it's a living ice-cream, if it's compelling at all, it's likely to be interesting enough..

A more intimidating (and much cooler) Vanillite idea I had. It hides in it's little cone waiting for prey to come by, and then ambushes it's prey. Complete and utter enemies with munchlax and lickitungs.

It's evos get more goopier and spiker as the line goes, and picture the final form having 2 heads.
wooo this sounds like fun i might as well!

There we gooo. First stage, the pattern is inspired by the pattern you see in the icecream glass things, I don't know what the correct name is. It's a scooped icecream, with ice shards which are used as projectiles.

Second stage, projectiles latched onto its body on the place where the glass would go, arms have grown to be able to hold more shards.
Will do third stage tomorrow cause tired now.



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it says redesign the vanillite line, which means designing the stage 1 and stage 2 evos as well

i will hopefully give this a go if inspiration strikes
Damn Gamefreak why you so inventive. There was 2 lines in first gen where all you did was add 2 more of the same. It got pretty old pretty quickly. Considering it's Ice Cream, though there's little you can do with it. Going £0.69 £0.99 and £1.99 was quite cool, considering when I was growing up, they were the tiers of ice cream you could get. I don't see how you can make them more interesting unless you deviate from Ice Cream.
I think nasty was high when she drew that ;;
Probably the most badass one there, though ^^
I don't think I'll enter, but good luck to all~
This seems really interesting~


oh my gosh you found me
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ahhahahahahahahah omg Bummer that is funcking amazing on so many levels, bravo sir.

They just look so squishy and amazing!


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You want a backstory? I'll provide one. I wanted to change the Vanillite line, tone down the ice-cream aspect while not removing it completely. Thus, with Vanillite and Vanilluxe, the change isn't very drastic, but still enough to soften the ridicule, I hope.

This is Vanillite. I wanted it to resemble an ice cream without actually being one. Do I get negative points for that? The idea is that it has a snowball and an icicle as a body, forming it in the shape of a cone ice cream. Notice the smooth shapes of the ice, it is the shape of an icicle formed at temperatures just above 0*C (or 32*F for those of you using the Stupid system). I imagine it to be dripping quite a bit at high temperatures.

Vanillish is more resemblant of an ice cream in a cup, or a rather stump cone ice cream, with some rough chocolate or nut topping. Or if you prefer to look at is at a non-cream ice, it is a piece of snow that has partially hardened to solid ice. This one has more angular and even ice than Vanillite, as low temperatures caused crystals to form. Its body consists of more ice than snow.

Vanilluxe was a little harder. I first made this version, but it felt a little too clustered with all the icicles. So I made another version too, with fewer icicles:

Meet Vanilluxe. It has two heads. Which one is the dominant of them depends on its gender. It hides in the ceiling of caves, camouflaged as a huge icicle (or a frozen stalactite). Extreme and sudden cold caused water running down its body to freeze in bizarre and twisted shapes. A layer of frost tones down the reflections in the ice.
I also added moustaches because everything is better with moustaches. It brought a problem with the "female" head, though, but I think I solved it quite well by having the mouth of that head above the moustache, making it resemble a muff of fur. The ice crystals at the top of the heads is meant to resemble either chocolate/nut topping, or crowns, depending on whether you want to view it as an ice cream or an icicle.
Oh my god Cobraroll your Vanilluxe looks so freaking awesome and cute! And only Ditto and Bellsprout can manage that for me! But if I were you I would edit Vanillish, because it looks smaller than Vanillte (or is it just me?) Really good, keep going!


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^Different levels of zoom. I'd say Vanillish would be about twice as tall as Vanillite, and Vanilluxe about twice as tall as that again.


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Man I wish Game Freak went with the Snow Yeti approach like NJ than a stupid ice cream Pokemon :/ Those ice cube horns so awesome >:D
Ok, so an update of what I've made for my submission. Got the whole line done sirs.

The basic stage which I've already reviewed.

So the second evolution doesn't look like much of a change from the first one besides it's cone and spikes. But then again, most first evolutions don't have that much detail added on *cough* charmeleon *cough*.

The final evo is based off of a viper, snail, and leech. It secretes a sweet syrup which makes it tasty. It normally hangs from walls in cold caves and waits for prey to come near it, then it attacks by freezing it with the sticky syrup.

I wanted to stick with the original design of vanillite line but add my own twist to it to make it look cooler. :)

All of these submissions look great. Can't wait to see the rest!