Favorite Hack Game

I'm sure that just about everyone here will have, at some point, played a hack game. These games are created by programmers who wanted something different to the main series games. There are the well-known ones, such as Brown, Fire Red Omega, Shiny Gold and Blaze Black/Volt White. What this thread is for is sharing those particular hack games that you've found that may not be too well-known but deserve a mention.

So, with that, get posting!
The last three you mentioned are great for bringing a new experience to old games by just modifying wild list areas and difficulty.

As for total revamps, I like Brown and Light Platinum. I can only imagine the amount of work you'd have to do to retweak whole maps and scripting, as well as still provide an enjoyable game.
I remember downloading Chaos Black by accident with no prior experience with hacks. I'm not even sure I knew what a hack was then. I booted it up out of curiosity and could immediately tell something was different...I didn't stick with it for long, though, since by the time I got to Pewter City it was pretty clear that the game was only half finished.
Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2 for me : good difficulty and so many pokemon are available and viable, even those that are normally crap in the normal games like Delibird are good in this hack.
lost silver. definitely.

i dunno if it counts, but it was super creepy/interesting and my best friend and i had a lot of fun coming up with explanations for it.
unlike others i found Blaze Black 2 / Volt White 2 not as good has the first set for the original B/W games almost all of the stuff that made the original fun is gone or nerfed too much for my taste.
Since this seems like a good place to ask, is there a version of Gen 3 Hoenn hacked somewhere out there that's a little more "updated"? Like with the Gen 4 physical/special split to name something off the top of my head?

If not, what Hoenn ones have people found? That's my favorite so I'm curious. :3
Bloody Platinum and Blaze Black were very enjoyable IMO. Bloody Platinum features a "legendaries" elite four and Blaze Black has some crazy movesets/strategies for the gym battles.

Sacred Gold would've been great, but the sprite glitches frustrated me enough.

I've yet to try Fire Red Omega. That one sounds great.
fire red omega was pretty fantastic, but my computer froze on me and when i had three badges and was nearing four, my game froze. i hadn't saved since since before cerulean.

i rage-quit.
I recently started White Deluxe with an Action Replayed perfect dream team. <3
Btw, I have a question if anyone thinks they can answer it: I'm thinking of getting a 3Ds compatible R4 so I can take the White Deluxe hack with me on the go. What would happen if I tried to use wireless or wifi functions with other games?
Never played any hack games. Though on YouTube I saw someone put all the gen 5 Pokemon into Fire Red, that looks awesome.
That's Pokemon Manly Pink, awesome hack :). Not only you get 5th gen pokemon but the difficulty is much higher than in the regular game without being impossible making it more enjoyable. However, due to the hack being made before the English releases of BW, the pokemon names are Japanese.


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I've only played some of White Deluxe (a friend of mine got it), but MAN was that enjoyable. I considered myself an experienced Pokémon player, but got butt-kicked five times in a row by the second gym leader and his Rock Polish Sudowoodo and Fire Blast Geodude. The solution I eventually went for was Intimidate switching, then spamming Water attacks. The third gym went down a little easier (only lost two or three times or so). Shame my friend lost his card before we managed to take on the fourth...
Personally, I like Derp Emerald. There are some type changes and the dialogue can get very funny. Though, to be honest, it's the only one I've played...
ruby destinies: life of guardians was really good, unique/engaging storyline, but i never finished it

other then that hmm..light platinum was really good aside from all them damn hms
If it counts Touhoumon Emerald.

I mean its a hack of Emerald with a lot of changes but its a hack never the less.

Its hard and some typing can be confusing but who cares? Its TOUHOU IN MAN POKEMANS!
Pokemon Reborn, without question, is my favorite hack. It's basically a hack of R / S / E, only A LOT darker. The entire overworld is an apocalyptic setting and there are 18 badges to collect instead of 8. It's overall really fun and what Pokemon would be like if it were for adolescents and not children.