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February to March Little Cup Change Stats

Discussion in 'Little Cup' started by eric the espeon, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. eric the espeon

    eric the espeon maybe I just misunderstood
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    Aug 7, 2007
    Change in usage with banned Pokemon (Misdreavus) excluded. Pokemon that had over 1% usage in either month or were in the top 75 for both months were included (so, will catch much more of LC's strange jumps than the faster method I used for OU/UU/Ubers).

    Also, I was going to make unsettledness stats like for the other tiers.. but the combination of missy's ban and LC's insanity means that the tier is currently registering well over 100% instability (like, over 100% of usage changed from one Pokemon to another. there is only 100% off usage to change.), which really should not be possible so i need to look into what's wrong. even removing missy does not seem to fix it..

    Usage (Feb-Mar) (open)

    Usage (Feb-Mar)
     Gligar     	49.11%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+7.90%[/COLOR]
     Croagunk   	41.59%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+14.55%[/COLOR]
     Gastly     	40.53%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+24.84%[/COLOR]
     Houndour   	38.83%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+18.66%[/COLOR]
     Munchlax   	31.95%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+3.53%[/COLOR]
     Bronzor    	27.19%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+14.14%[/COLOR]
     Chinchou   	27.19%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+6.15%[/COLOR]
     Dratini    	20.77%	[COLOR=Red]-2.84%[/COLOR]
     Wynaut     	18.48%	[COLOR=Red]-1.04%[/COLOR]
     Machop     	17.25%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+2.21%[/COLOR]
     Elekid     	16.06%	[COLOR=Red]-2.38%[/COLOR]
     Snover     	15.93%	[COLOR=Red]-2.47%[/COLOR]
     Kabuto     	15.08%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+2.35%[/COLOR]
     Aron       	13.42%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+4.71%[/COLOR]
     Meowth     	11.81%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+3.31%[/COLOR]
     Mantyke    	11.21%	[COLOR=Red]-8.49%[/COLOR]
     Duskull    	10.24%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.70%[/COLOR]
     Carvanha   	9.26%	[COLOR=Red]-1.22%[/COLOR]
     Diglett    	9.13%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.47%[/COLOR]
     Omanyte    	8.88%	[COLOR=Red]-0.92%[/COLOR]
     Paras      	8.71%	[COLOR=Red]-6.66%[/COLOR]
     Mankey     	8.28%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+5.03%[/COLOR]
     Porygon    	6.20%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.54%[/COLOR]
     Taillow    	5.99%	[COLOR=Red]-5.58%[/COLOR]
     Staryu     	5.86%	[COLOR=Red]-0.25%[/COLOR]
     Drifloon   	5.65%	[COLOR=Red]-1.11%[/COLOR]
     Aipom      	5.48%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+4.87%[/COLOR]
     Chimchar   	5.44%	[COLOR=Red]-5.04%[/COLOR]
     Totodile   	5.35%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+4.37%[/COLOR]
     Koffing    	5.23%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+4.04%[/COLOR]
     Abra       	4.25%	[COLOR=Red]-0.96%[/COLOR]
     Phanpy     	4.25%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.49%[/COLOR]
     Hippopotas 	4.12%	[COLOR=Red]-4.34%[/COLOR]
     Buizel     	4.08%	[COLOR=Red]-2.17%[/COLOR]
     Voltorb    	4.04%	[COLOR=Red]-2.25%[/COLOR]
     Bagon      	3.78%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.74%[/COLOR]
     Slowpoke   	3.61%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.55%[/COLOR]
     Gible      	3.48%	[COLOR=Red]-2.34%[/COLOR]
     Onix       	3.23%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+2.51%[/COLOR]
     Krabby     	2.93%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.36%[/COLOR]
     Stunky     	2.93%	[COLOR=Red]-10.81%[/COLOR]
     Eevee      	2.89%	[COLOR=Red]-0.04%[/COLOR]
     Cranidos   	2.85%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.79%[/COLOR]
     Riolu      	2.63%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.15%[/COLOR]
     Magnemite  	2.59%	[COLOR=Red]-0.63%[/COLOR]
     Turtwig    	2.51%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.93%[/COLOR]
     Magby      	2.25%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.48%[/COLOR]
     Wailmer    	2.17%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.01%[/COLOR]
     Bellsprout 	2.12%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.18%[/COLOR]
     Poliwag    	2.00%	[COLOR=Red]-2.84%[/COLOR]
     Trapinch   	2.00%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.64%[/COLOR]
     Teddiursa  	1.95%	[COLOR=Red]-2.75%[/COLOR]
     Charmander 	1.78%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.02%[/COLOR]
     Shuppet    	1.70%	[COLOR=Red]-0.61%[/COLOR]
     Squirtle   	1.66%	[COLOR=Red]-0.69%[/COLOR]
     Lileep     	1.57%	[COLOR=Red]-2.33%[/COLOR]
     Natu       	1.53%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.48%[/COLOR]
     Exeggcute  	1.49%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.91%[/COLOR]
     Shinx      	1.49%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.33%[/COLOR]
     Ponyta     	1.44%	[COLOR=Red]-8.32%[/COLOR]
     Growlithe  	1.19%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.94%[/COLOR]
     Larvitar   	1.15%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.03%[/COLOR]
     Anorith    	1.10%	[COLOR=Red]-1.21%[/COLOR]
     Hoothoot   	1.10%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.99%[/COLOR]
     Horsea     	1.10%	[COLOR=Red]-3.53%[/COLOR]
     Cubone     	1.02%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.26%[/COLOR]
     Bulbasaur  	0.98%	[COLOR=Red]-0.94%[/COLOR]
     Cacnea     	0.85%	[COLOR=Red]-1.14%[/COLOR]
     Barboach   	0.55%	[COLOR=Red]-1.22%[/COLOR]
     Shellder   	0.55%	[COLOR=Red]-0.46%[/COLOR]
     Doduo      	0.42%	[COLOR=Red]-0.52%[/COLOR]
     Spheal     	0.34%	[COLOR=Red]-0.85%[/COLOR]
     Venonat    	0.34%	[COLOR=Red]-1.90%[/COLOR]
     Lickitung  	0.30%	[COLOR=Red]-0.82%[/COLOR]
     Clamperl   	0.25%	[COLOR=Red]-1.16%[/COLOR]
     Ekans      	0.25%	[COLOR=Red]-1.16%[/COLOR]
     Seel       	0.25%	[COLOR=Red]-1.05%[/COLOR]
     Buneary    	0.21%	[COLOR=Red]-1.16%[/COLOR]
     Snorunt    	0.21%	[COLOR=Red]-1.78%[/COLOR]
     Mime Jr.   	0.17%	[COLOR=Red]-2.22%[/COLOR]
     Treecko    	0.04%	[COLOR=Red]-1.30%[/COLOR]

    Feb-March Lead Change Stats (open)

    All in the top 30 for at least one month are included.
     Kabuto     	12.53%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+6.46%[/COLOR]
     Gligar     	10.92%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+3.51%[/COLOR]
     Meowth     	7.22%	[COLOR=Red]-0.91%[/COLOR]
     Gastly     	7.05%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+5.78%[/COLOR]
     Houndour   	6.97%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.40%[/COLOR]
     Bronzor    	6.33%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.05%[/COLOR]
     Aipom      	5.06%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+4.84%[/COLOR]
     Chimchar   	4.12%	[COLOR=Red]-6.15%[/COLOR]
     Hippopotas 	3.78%	[COLOR=Red]-4.21%[/COLOR]
     Phanpy     	3.70%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.12%[/COLOR]
     Snover     	3.57%	[COLOR=Red]-8.87%[/COLOR]
     Onix       	2.93%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+2.50%[/COLOR]
     Voltorb    	2.89%	[COLOR=Red]-2.53%[/COLOR]
     Machop     	2.68%	[COLOR=Red]-1.15%[/COLOR]
     Riolu      	2.29%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.84%[/COLOR]
     Diglett    	2.12%	[COLOR=Red]-1.28%[/COLOR]
     Drifloon   	2.04%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.21%[/COLOR]
     Omanyte    	1.66%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.83%[/COLOR]
     Natu       	1.49%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.49%[/COLOR]
     Croagunk   	1.23%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+1.12%[/COLOR]
     Shuppet    	0.98%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.08%[/COLOR]
     Dratini    	0.93%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.60%[/COLOR]
     Abra       	0.72%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.32%[/COLOR]
     Turtwig    	0.68%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.57%[/COLOR]
     Anorith    	0.64%	[COLOR=Red]-0.99%[/COLOR]
     Taillow    	0.64%	[COLOR=Red]-1.02%[/COLOR]
     Baltoy     	0.51%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.04%[/COLOR]
     Cranidos   	0.51%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.44%[/COLOR]
     Aron       	0.38%	[COLOR=SeaGreen]+0.38%[/COLOR]
     Charmander 	0.38%	0.00%
     Staryu     	0.34%	[COLOR=Red]-1.07%[/COLOR]
     Venonat    	0.17%	[COLOR=Red]-0.59%[/COLOR]
     Buneary    	0.08%	[COLOR=Red]-0.53%[/COLOR]
     Elekid     	0.08%	[COLOR=Red]-0.39%[/COLOR]
     Ponyta     	0.04%	[COLOR=Red]-0.68%[/COLOR]
     Treecko    	0.04%	[COLOR=Red]-1.95%[/COLOR]
     Bulbasaur  	0.00%	[COLOR=Red]-0.40%[/COLOR]
  2. iss

    iss happily ever after
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 5, 2009
    Stunky 2.93% -10.81%
    Who didn't see this one coming?

    Mantyke 11.21% -8.49%

    I do not understand this. Mantyke is by far the best speedboosting special sweeper, even Chinchou doesn't have as much power (tbolt true but there are other things).

    Gastly 40.53% +24.84%
    Duskull 10.24% +0.70%
    Drifloon 5.65% -1.11%
    Shuppet 1.70% -0.61%

    Odd. Looks like people are only using Gastly, and overlooking the advantages of Duskull and Drifloon.

    Lead stats:

    Kabuto 12.53% +6.46%

    Funny, I use Kabuto for 99% of my teams but I feel like I never see it used.

    Chimchar 4.12% -6.15%

    Just when I thought it was getting VERY popular, its usage is more than halved.

    Gligar 10.92% +3.51%

    :3 People are catching on. Gligar is an excellent lead, with access to Taunt, SR, and U-turn.

    Snover 3.57% -8.87%

    Huh? Snover can easily beat the top two leads with Energy Ball and Ice Shard. Use Focus Sash people.
  3. eric the espeon

    eric the espeon maybe I just misunderstood
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    Aug 7, 2007
    now with pretty colors!

    Anyway, interesting to see that half of the top six had insane jumps and the others had a very significant boost. Many others seem to be falling, Mantyke, Paras, Chimchar and Taillow, Hippo and of course Stunky (lol 10% drop) in particular. Leads are pretty crazy too, *% drop for Snover? What's that about? Hippo and Chim also lost a lot of ground.
  4. matty

    matty I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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    Mar 31, 2008
    Well a lot of this also has to do with players like myself and Elevator Music not laddering with teams that have Pokemon that you don't see often.

    Take for example EM's team in Feb that had Chimchar, Paras, Tyke, Tini, Missy, and Croagunk (Not sure about Gunk). He played so many battles that he easily raised the stats himself. I think everyone knew his team because of the Spore + Agility set he was running. As soon as he moved onto a new team with Missy's banishment, he didn't use Paras, Chimchar or Tyke as much. The stats drop

    Same goes for me. I only ran my Sandstorm team in Feb. But in March I made a totally different team and so you don't see Hippopotas or Lileep as much in the stats.

    A lot of these stats don't impress me much because of the fact that the player base is so small and you can basically trace which rise in Pokemon is due to which player.

    Ok with that said, some of the stats are really cool:
    -Drop in Stunk was expected, but he is still a solid little Pokemon
    -Drop in Taillow, a check to Missy that apparently doesn't have much impact outside of the metagame? This one confuses me since Taillow is really scary as a late game sweeper
    -Rise in Houndour? No idea why this happened. Actually, Dour would have been one of the better counters to Missy. I know that Macle used a Dour lead a lot, I used a Dour along with Lord Liam. But I can't imagine how this accounts for 14%. People must have caught on to how good it is.
    -I'm also curiously surprised at the drop in Snover and especially Tyke. Both of these are counters/checks if they can come in safely. They can OHKO Gligar if it lacks Stone Edge or Aerial Ace for Snover. Snover might have dropped due to the use of anti-leads that demolish it like Shellder and Onix. Not sure though. And as for Tyke, I explained that above.
  5. Elevator Music

    Elevator Music still not a girl, sry
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    Jan 25, 2008
    Elekid :)

    matty's point still stands a lot of course. Particularly:

    Houndour is probably so high because it's good and also I think Heysup used that really cool SubDour set. And macle/etc used it

    cool beans i guess. I have to start using pokemon like Taillow and Mantyke who I've been neglecting :( If i play that is

    (I have seen a lot of Taillow though...)
  6. Ice-eyes

    Ice-eyes Simper Fi

    Feb 15, 2010
    Focus Sash Snover is one of the most reliable leads and it's really good but the problem is you have to fit SR elsewhere. Not only is that hard in LC but you might not get it up early, if at all.

    I'm surprised Chop is so low and that its usage hasn't shot up as dramatically as, say, Gastly. Its main check is gone and Gastly is horribly frail and usually Scarfed (Pursuit bait for Munchlax).
  7. TPM


    Aug 27, 2008
    Actually the most powerful "speedboosting special sweeper" is Omanyte in terms of the actual attacking stat, even Horsea's SpA is higher, and T-Bolt is most definitely a reason to warrant using Chinchou.
  8. Banryu


    Feb 26, 2009
    Tbolt, AKA a superior offensive movepool, and better resistances. Mantyke's biggest problem in my mind is being forced to rely on Hidden Power for coverage, seeing as its only other good special moves are Water STAB and Ice Beam.
  9. eric the espeon

    eric the espeon maybe I just misunderstood
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 7, 2007
    Mantyke does have an amazing type, awesome special bulk, and unlike Chin it can use Rain Dance to double it's speed while providing a significant power boost to it's main attack. Omanyte is a bit slow even with the speed boost, and has so many weaknesses..
  10. StealthX


    Apr 4, 2010
    Chinchou 27.19% +6.15%
    Mantyke 11.21% -8.49%

    Really? I haven't seen a chinchou in weeks! Like you guys have said, Mantyke completely outclasses it!

    Gastly 40.53% +24.84%

    Well, gastly's rise was completely expected.

    Totodile 5.35% +4.37%

    Yay, people are finally catching on. Acess to SD+ AJ is killer.

    Paras 8.71% -6.66%

    People! What's going on? Paras's Spore+ Agility, as well a decent attack and defense makes this guy great!
  11. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    Not quite; Chinchou is immune to Electric (thanks to Volt Absorb) but Mantyke is weak.

    I actually expected that great a rise.

    I expected this to rise to ~6%. It should be ~7-8%.

    Maybe they just overlooked that strategy? A max Speed Paras at Level 5 (Jolly, 236 EV) will have 13 speed, (Adamant will have 12) which double to 26 (24) respectively after the Agility; I actually expected this to stay at ~15%.

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