DPP OU Final Team Retirement: Team RaikouLover

Hey, I'm back with what will probably be my last RMT for quite some time. I am presenting you with probably the best team I have ever made - or at least the most consistent. This team sits at roughly a 85-90% win ratio, and chilled above 1600 for the past month on the standard ladder. So I am retiring one of my most prized teams and am going all out on this RMT

At a Glance:

So when you take a look at the team you immediately note a couple of things.... OU as hell, 3 steels, 2 Stealth Rock weaknesses, 4 Stealth Rock resists, and only one pokemon affected by toxic spikes.

So in formulating this team I wanted to finally do something to execute my own strategy AND be able to counter the majority of the offensive threats in the metagame. That's a pretty tough task, and balanced teams seem to be on the downfall with the advent of heavy stall and heavy offense everywhere. I like to classify this team more as a "bulky" team, with no member on the team being paper thin frail, but no member is a complete wall. Furthermore, I wanted to construct a team that could combat all styles of play. My rain team I posted a while back may have trouble with stall, and some of my non-rain attempts at offensive teams get obliterated by other offensive teams.

So taking all of this into account, I wanted to center the team around Jirachi because I have seen Wdro use it for so long, and it seemed kind of forgetten compared to how good it really is. Jirachi is a fantastic sweeper in the lategame; it has good defenses, a typing that allows many opportunities to get in, a good stat-up move to break stall, deceptively good speed, and it is immune to toxic spikes... What could go wrong with that? So Jirachi being the key stat-up sweeper capable of beating stall teams, I needed something to beat faster paced teams. I turned to my favorite bug and its notorious reputation for manhandling sweeper teams with speed boost. With that, I found the two to be a potent one-two threat. Jirachi isn't the greatest at sweeping lightling fast teams, but Yanmega can really put them off balance. So, to elaborate more on this combo and the team itself, I will go into further detail. Enjoy!


Yanmega [Iggybot] @ Focus Sash
Ability: Speed Boost
Nature: Modest
EVs: 104 Def / 152 Spe / 252 SpA
*Bug Buzz
*Hidden Power [Ground]

This is my rather unique Yanmega set that I theorized would work in tandem with Jirachi. Yanmega makes a fantastic lead with focus sash to begin with, being able to get at least 2 hits on something with its powerful Bug Buzz or incapacitating something with Hypnosis. Yanmega is one of the best scouting pokemon in the game, because of hypnosis and speed boost. Leading with Yanmega immediately lets you know what kind of team your opponent has by what they switch in. Zapdos and Blissey switch-ins usually indicate a bulky stallish team (obviously), and thinks like Gyarados or Salamence switch ins indicate they really have nothing better to switch in because it is highly offensive!

Now, what you first notice about my wierd set is the EV spread. I've been using Yanmega for a while and always found it deceptively bulky with its 86 / 86 base HP and defense. After learning months ago that a 4HP Yanmega could survive a +2 Lucario Extremespeed, I wanted to expand on that bulk and tested this new EV spread. Max attack is always necessary on Yanmega, but speed is something I always thought wasn't as important because of his ability. 152 Speed EVs allows for 264 speed, which allows me to outspeed Aerodactyl and Jolteon after my first speed boost. The second speed boosts makes me faster than everything except Positive natured Base 115s with a Choice Scarf, and any further speed boosts are irrelevant. Because I have protect AND focus sash, the absolute worst case scenario is that I am guarenteed my two speed boosts. Furthermore, the 104 Def EVs give me a nice 234 Defense, which allows me to take less than 80% from a +2 Lucario Extremespeed. While countering Lucario isn't the purpose of the EVs, I noticed over many battles that it can survive things like a CB Meteor Mash or Ice Punch from Metagross. Things like Bronzong's Gyro Ball now are 3HKOs thanks to lower speed and greater defense meaning I can beat him one on one after I switch Yanmega in on the predicted Stealth Rock. Weavile also needs a damage boosting item in order to 2HKO with Ice Shard.

So enough about the EV spread, the moveset is designed to lure out and destroy Heatran and Magnezone, two of Jirachi's decent counters. Yanmega naturally will but a large enough dent in Tyranitar or put it to sleep, and will always sweep right through Garchomp as Bug Buzz is a 2HKO unless he packs a good investment of HP EVs. So after my opponent sees me use Bug Buzz, Protect, and Hypnosis, they immediately assume Air Slash is the last slot and bring Heatran and Magnezone into impending doom. I thought I would miss Air Slash, but this set has been working fine without it. Most of the time, Yanmega is usually dead before they notice I don't have it because he can bluff it so well (who would leave a precious fighting pokemon to be air slashed). As for bulky flying pokemon, I just put them to sleep. Protect is a move that should be used with caution on Yanmega, because people predict it. I almost never use it in the beginning, as its best to save it for the late game after Stealth Rock has ruined the sash. Wow thats a lot of description!

Yanmega is named after Iggybot because he shares my love of the bug!

Heatran [Blue Kirby] @ Life Orb
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Hasty
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 Spe / 252 SpA
*Earth Power
*Stealth Rock

This is a very simple but effective Heatran build. Heatran has the valuable resists to get in and the offensive potential to force a switch. This makes him a good candidate for Stealth Rock as I further scout my opponent. I haven't seen a fellow Life Orb Heatran all month so I like to consider this unique!

Flamethrower is obvious STAB, and hurts like hell from Heatran. Earth Power is obvious coverage and slaying Heatrans. Its funny how many Heatran switch in after I Stealth Rock assuming I'm choiced and will switch out, only to fall to an Earth Power. And my Hasty nature allows me outspeed all non-Choice Scarf Heatrans. Explosion is a marvelous move... we all know why! But Heatran is one of the best Exploders in the game as far as targets go. Think of what he lures in... Bulky Waters, Gyarados', Salamence, Blissey, Garchomp... all are great things to take out on a predicted switch, or just the next turn for the slower ones. And surprisingly, Exploding on those pokemon lets me bring back Yanmega again to abuse my opponent.

Heatran is named after Blue Kirby, because hes a cool guy and I couldn't think of what pokemon he would like... sorry bud.

Bronzong [Matty] @ Light Clay
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Relaxed
EVs: 252 HP / 148 Atk / 108 SpD
*Gyro Ball
*Light Screen

Bronzong is the best pokemon in the game. No seriously! Nothing is more dependable. A team of mine with out some version of Bronzong is like blasphemy. Bronzong is a great transition switch to so many pokemon, and can use the turn of switch out to set up an 8 turn screen for the team. His screens are invaluable to the success and further aid Jirachi in helping it set up... breaking those subs can be a bitch with double screens up.

Gyro Ball is obviously for STAB and faster threats such as Azelf, Deoxys-E, Gengar, and Yanmega. Explosion is my favorite move in the game, so it always has a spot. The attack EVs net a KO on Gengar after Stealth Rock, with a good chance even without it. It also gives Explosion quite a bang. The Special Defense EVs raise his Special Defense a point higher than his Physical defense, which is a habit I have settled into after being swept by a Download Porygon-Z many months ago.

Bronzong is named after Matty because he is dependable.

Gyarados [Seven Deadly Sins] @ Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Impish
EVs: 216 HP / 252 Def / 40 SpD
*Stone Edge
*Sleep Talk

Gyarados is just as good of a defensive pokemon as it is offensive. I haven't seen another Resttalk Gyarados ever since Gormenghast's Team BIG way back when. Anyway Gyarados is invaluable to this team and its synergy and can tank hits like a fucking stud! With screens he's damn near impenetrable. He is commonly my first line of defense against most offensive threats (screens are my 2nd line of defense) as he is able to switch in and threaten (close to counter!) or at least hit Lucario, Heracross, Infernape, Garchomp, and many others.

The set itself is pretty straightfoward. Water / Rock is good type coverage, and Stone Edge allows him to counter other Gyarados, as they fail to OHKO after Stealth Rock even with a Life Orb, and I deal near fatal damage back to them. Most Gyarados though, come in on Bronzong and get a screen put in front of them (in that case they lose to mine outright), or they come in on Heatran and if I feel up to it I blow up on them. The EV spread allows for 385 HP, a good lefties number, maxed Defense for tanking, and the rest were put into Special Defense because Gyarados takes special hits very well. Those Special Defense EVs turn Yanmega's Air Slash into a definite 4HKO. I used to run 120 Speed EVs to outspeed 4 Speed Gliscors, but people are catching on to Lucario and started using speed EVs :-(.

Gyarados is named after Seven Deadly Sins because I was chatting with him when I built this team and I needed another person to name a pokemon after.

Garchomp [Justinawe] @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
*Dragon Claw
*Fire Blast

What is an OU team without Garchomp? Garchomp in my opinion is THE best Choice Scarfer in the game and is his best set. Garchomp has good enough attack moves and stats to effectively make use of the Scarf, and gamebreaking speed because of it. More importantly, Choice Scarf Garchomp helps get through a ton of threats that would otherwise compromise my defensive security. He finishes off those Gyarados that are limping if they get past mine, and is a great "check" against itself. Choice Scarfed Garchomp used to shatter offensive teams until that damned Deoxys-E started polluting the Metagame, so I have to use Dragon Claw and carefully pick off threats one by one instead of Outraging recklessly. Thanks to Bronzong's screens, I can still do that every once in a while...

Since we all know how this works, theres no need for much explanation. Garchomp has excellent synergy with Gyarados, as Gyarados can switch in on things like Gengar's Hypnosis or Starmie's Surf and lure out a Thunderbolt while Chomp comes in and Dragon Claw's or Outrages for the KO. Happens a dozen times a day.

Garchomp is named after Justinawe because hes a cool guy and a strong battler. I hear he uses cheap tactics and "ubers" in battle (justtttt kidddding Justin!)

Jirachi [Wdro] @ Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 HP / 176 Spe / 80 SpA
*Calm Mind

Ahhh, the star of the show (pun intended). This set is so efficient and so good, and guarentees gg once people's only counter is eliminated. I usually bring him in relatively early and Calm Mind to scout the counter (without sacrificing HP) so I know what to get past for later.

This is a standard set, 101 HP Substitutes for Bliss, 308 Speed for Lucario, Roserade, and 95% of Salamences, and 80 Special Attack helps beat Calm Blisseys.

Jirachi is named after Wdro, for watching him haul ass with this set for about... 10 months.

*************************THREAT LIST***********************************

So now that thats all taken care off... its time I actually made a threat list in my RMTs. I will list the offensive threats, because as I mentioned earlier, stall hasn't phazed me much (sorry for all the puns) and I usually find someway around them.

So here is my Threat List analysis for OU's offensive pokemon by usagae of July:

Yache Garchomp - My initial switch-in is always Gyarados for intimidate. Surprisingly, Gyarados at full health isn't 2HKOed by a +1 Dragon Claw. From there, Gyarados only has to survive one hit and retaliate with Waterfall, which puts 'chomp in range for my own Chomp to Dragon Claw for the KO (I never outrage unless I have too). Yanmega also revenge kills with Protect + Bug Buzz. If Bronzing switches in on Earthquakes aimed at Jirachi / Heatran... he can reflect before going to Gyarados.
Choice Garchomp - Bronzong is the best switch. Sets up reflect, then proceed from there.

Life Orb Gengar - A total bitch. Life Orb Gengar is rarely a lead, but Gyarados is the initial switch for hypnosis. Then I bring in Garchomp who KOs with Dragon Claw after it attacks.

Choice Scarf Gengar - Yanmega scouts these leads with Protect and I act accordingly. I try to get Bronzong in for a screen, then Gengar is useless for 8 turns.

Gyarados - Gyarados is my initial switch. Proceeds to cripple it with Stone Edge. Even if that misses, after Stealth Rock Garchomp can revenge with Outrage. If he comes in on Heatran's stealth rock and is at full health, I usually explode and kill.

SD Luke - Surprisingly the only team I've made that kind of owns Lucario. Gyarados isn't even 2HKOed by a +1 Extremespeed. Garchomp isn't OHKOed, Yanmega isn't OHKOed, and Jirachi can outspeed and substitute in its face while it Close Combats. After the 2nd defense drop, Psychic is a OHKO.

SpecsLuke - Gyarados usually switches in well. Aura Sphere doesn't 2HKO after Stealth Rock. Garchomp revenges easily. Hell, even Yanmega switches in to Aura sphere.

Choice Heatran - Gyarados switches in all day. It can be a predict war. It usually comes in on my Bronzong, which is why I always light screen on 'Zongs first apperance. From there its easily handled. Yanmega revenge kills with Protect + Hidden Power Ground and Garchomp with Earthquake.

Dual Screen Deoxys - Yanmega Bug Buzzes immediately while he either dies to set up Stealth Rock, or Light Screens for another turn. I protect as he taunts me, then kill with Bug Buzz.

Sweeper Deoxys - Bronzong can switch in easily and set up the proper screen, causing it to switch out or fail to KO something that will kill it back.

Cosmic Power Deoxys-E - Haven't seen these lately, but they get stubborn against Zong and stay in.. I explode after the Cosmic Power and its in kill range from Garchomp

Choice Metagross - Prediction. But Bronzong is the best switch, even though every member on the team can come into a certain move. After Zong comes in and reflects, he is forced out.

Agility Metagross - Bronzong switches in on the Agility and proceeds to Reflect. At that point the only thing he hits me with is Thunderpunch, which I bounce off Garchomp who still outspeeds and KOs with Earthquake provided I weaken it with a Gyro Ball or two from Zong.

Choice Tar - Not very nice to my team. Prediction helps, but Yanmega either severely dents it and makes it dead weight, or puts it to sleep with Hypnosis.

Tyraniboah - They like to sub if Hypnosis misses from Yanmega. Bug Buzz does a hard hit even if he Ice Beams, which for some reason doesnt OHKO Yanmega with its shit special defense. Bronzong comes in on the T-Bolt or Ice beam and can set up the proper screen and break the sub. Garchomp scares it out.

DD Tar - Bronzong does fatal damage after a DD with Gyro Ball. But Tar is most likely to come in on Heatran. From there I switch to Gyarados to intimidate it and keep it away from an EQ. If its DD, it try to hit it as hard as I can before Gyarados goes down, then Garchomp revenges.. or Bronzong.

DD Salamence - They usually only come in on Heatran who Explodes on them after Stealth Rock (only DD mences bother switching in for some odd reason). Bronzong takes them on easily, and can set up a Reflect with little fear of anything. The more it dances, the harder it gets hit by Gyro Ball. The bulky dancers try to roost and after they keep trying to set up I just blow up.

Choice Specs Salamence - I haven't seen this in a while. Yanmega scouts its move with Protect, but it usually comes out against heatran as always, and I try to explode. Garchomp will always scare it away.

Mixed Infernape - Gyarados is my first switch in. I don't even see nasty plot anymore. Gyarados usually threatens it out. Garchomp can revenge it all day, and Yanmega can to as Hidden Power Ground does over 75%.

Swords Dance Ape - catches people by surprise. After seeing the Swords Dance on the switch to Gyarados, Garchomp comes in on Thunderpunch / Stone Edge and kills.

Life Orb Starmie - Gyarados - Garchomp combo. Bronzong doesn't want to switch in, but can set up a Screen if something dies. Yanmega can also revenge kill with Bug Buzz.

Calm Mind Celebi - gets cared shitless of Yanmega... who will still do 90% or so with Bug Buzz. Heatran switches in all day and like the smart battler, Earth Power the baton pass to another Heatran.

Swords Dance Gliscor - Haven't seen a lot of this but my team is terribly weak to it. I haven't been swept by one before, I forgot how I got past it. Yeah... major weakness here. Gyarados can survive even a +2 Stone Edge and weaken it with Waterfall and Zong can Blow up I guess.

Lead Azelf - Yanmega 2HKOs with Bug Buzz.

Nasty Plot Azelf - Heatran is the initial switch in and usually beats it. Yanmega revenge kills this all day.

Curse Swampert - eww... this thing is mean. I remember having to explode on it twice to kill it. It usually comes in on Heatran though, which I love blowing up on Swamperts with (some guy cussed me out because of it). Yup, another weakness here. Ya know whats funny... Jirach doesn't fair to bad against it with a reflect up.

Choice Band Weavile - Yanmega survives its Ice Punch and OHKOs with Bug Buzz. If its later in the game he can revenge by protecting and killing it. Bronzong / Heatran can switch in to its Ice Moves and Gyarados doesn't mind anything too much. Proceeds to cripple with Waterfall for 2HKO.

Swords Dance Weavile - I really haven't seen many of these other than the lead sash kinds, which lose to Yanmega. An unboosted Ice Shard doesn't 2HKO.

Choice Heracross - Gyarados switches in all day. Stone Edge hurts but it will let me tell what kind of Heracross it is. Yanmega will scare it out every time, Garchomp can revenge it easily and Jirachi can revenge band Heracross.

Magnezone - trappers are hard to counter. Comes in on my Bronzong all day. I set up my two screens and go down with style. Heatran and Garchomp threaten it out. It comes in later on Yanmega who kills it.

Curselax - ew... see Curse Swampert.

Swords Dance Scizor - Gyarados walls the shit out of this and most don't bother to stay in. I usually use the intimidate to double switch into chomp in case they dance again. Chomp KOs with Fire Blast. Heatran can revenge with Flamethrower also, or can get in on a quick attack.

Crocune - loses to Jirachi. I hate Suicune because I always resort to Calm Mind wars.

Calm Mind Life Orb Suicune - Comes in on 'zong, who Light screens as I bring in Jirachi to start the war.

Substitute + Calm Mind Suicune - see the other two. Garchomp can revenge these last two a little easier because Outrage will do more damage.

Choice Band Mamoswine - Bronzong Bronzong Bronzong!

Life Orb Mamoswine - Bronzong Bronzong Bronzong! Gyarados can come in and threaten serious damage with Waterfall also if Zong is dead. Even without a reflect, Stone Edge won't 2HKO if I'm at full health. I'll be able to get a hit in.

Calm Mind Jirachi - Heatran is my best answer to this, then Garchomp. They handle it quite well.

Choice Scarf Togekiss - They usually lead, and I always Protect to scout it. Bronzong and Heatran make its life difficult, though Heatran I obviously have to be careful. Garchomp OHKOs after Stealth Rock, and it can't touch Jirachi after a few Calm Minds (lets hope I have a sub up).

Nasty Plot Togekiss - They like to set up on Zong, in which case I set up my screen and go to tran as they continue to set up. Heatran usually just blows up when I get sick of the roosts if Flamethrower doesn't outpace it quick enough. Garchomp does a fair bit to it revenging.

Speed Boost Yanmega - Gyarados is my initial switch in and I'm surprised at how many people want to risk a battle of Yanmegas. Gyarados can take the sleep, and usually tanks its way to victory. If he gets in trouble, Heatran is a good back up, who can lure in a Hidden Power ground for Bronzong to get in and get that screen up. Bronzong KOs with Gyro Ball.

Choice Yanmega - Thank god I haven't seen this thing because it would be HELL to switch in to. I would probably resort to switching back in my own Yanmega after realizing no boost, then Protecting and taking my chances with hypnosis.

Electivire - Bronzong can set up screens to soften it up. I've seen a bunch of these come in on Jirachi aiming Thunderbolt at Skarmories, who don't threaten it that much. Garchomp gets in on the predicted Thunderpunch / Thunderbolt aimed at Zong and KOs with Earthquake. Ice Punch won't kill me if hes faster.

DD Dragonite - likes to come in on Yanmega where I take my chances with hypnosis. Yanmega usually will hypnosis until it hits because my speed boost will keep me faster. Garchomp can revenge if it only has 1 DD, and Bronzong can set up a reflect and deal heavy damage with Gyro Ball. Gyarados also can switch in and Stone-Edge for major damage.

Calm Mind Spritomb - doesn't like powerful attacks like Heatran's flamethrower (before it CMS) or Garchomp's Earthquake, which 2HKOs usually. Outrage if I have to.

Breloom - Gyarados is the initial switch, despite my moves. Breloom can only come in on Bronzong, who Reflects on the Substitue, then I go to Gyarados who doesn't fear it and can still break the sub with a waterfall. If it puts me to sleep, Yanmega walls the shit out of it and threatens it out by breaking the sub. Garchomp is only 3HKOed by Focus Punch after reflect also.

Gallade - Does anyone else hate this thing? Gyarados intimidates it and can take its sleep. Garchomp can switch in on the set-up and will OHKO with Outrage if needed.

Jolteon - Usually leads... in fact always leads. Yanmega breaks its sub on Turn 1, then they don't bother subbing again when I'm faster. Predicting the Thunderbolt, I go to chomp for the early KO. If I'm feeling up to it, I stay in and just kill it as it breaks my sash.

Porygon-Z - Bronzong, Heatran, and Jirachi all like this ting.

Ninjask - I switch to Bronzong immediately to get the Reflect up, nullifying any Swords Dance. Then I Gyro Ball to punish the recipient, who I can still neuter with Gyarados' intimidate. The recipient always seems to be a damn Garchomp / Metagross. The funny thing is, Yanmega can revenge hypnosis it and the opponent usually quits. Don't ya love those battles?

Alakazaam - Yanmega can revenge it all day, or just beat it if its leading. Bronzong is the best switch in, who can come in on psychic and set up the light screen. Then its not really a threat. Chomp also revenges.

Aerodactyl - I have to accept that they are getting Stealth Rock up against poor Yanmega. I switch to Bronzong on turn 1 to break its sash and kill it or force it out.

Rain Dance Teams - This is a generic threat, but for some reason I'm 6 / 6 against Rain Dance teams. Deoxys-E leading dance teams get eaten alive by Yanmega who simply Bug Buzz / Hypnosis' them into oblivion, HP Ground whoring Toxicroak and Quilfish (it OHKOs the little fish). Against Crobat or Electrode leads I let them set up their dance and get out, then my first pokemon out is Gyarados, who stalls as long as possible until they kill it. If Bronzong comes in at 100% (or 93%) I set up the necessary screen and have Jirachi wait out the storm, who then proceeds to sweep their team. Through careful turn counting, Garchomp can also come in and wreak havoc if the rain ends after his switch in.


Phew!!! That is a glorious wall of words... I think even Jumpman16 would be proud.
well here's something...

well let's see

tyranitar @ Life Orb
Neutral Nature

-Dragon Dance
-Ice beam

with two DDances is enough to kill zong with crunch, thunderbolt, with enough spec attack EVs will kill off gyra, yanmega does NOT Ohko and Crunch scares Jirachi off. You might wanna think of more revenge killing hopes. Zong seems to be the main core on your team as it resists a lot included gross, deoxys-S
well here's something...

well let's see

tyranitar @ Life Orb
Neutral Nature

-Dragon Dance
-Ice beam

with two DDances is enough to kill zong with crunch, thunderbolt, with enough spec attack EVs will kill off gyra, yanmega does NOT Ohko and Crunch scares Jirachi off. You might wanna think of more revenge killing hopes. Zong seems to be the main core on your team as it resists a lot included gross, deoxys-S
Um, Tyranitar will have a hard time getting two DD's with Yanmega's STAB attack and Hypnosis. Bronzong has Reflect, and nearly every other team member has a STAB'd super effective attack to use against it.

So yeah on Lead Yanmegas I've never seen anyone actually send in or keep in something weak to Air Slash, so the idea is scrapped altogether for the simple fact that you can bluff it until hes dead. Bug Buzz is a given but HP Ground is the real icing on the cake. After protecting, and putting something to sleep and Bug Buzzing my ass of the opponent things OMG NO HP GROUND!!!! Go Heatran! Go Magnezone! Go Lucario! Yet all 3 go crashing back to their pokeballs a turn later when they were so eager to switch in... Ahhh good times (if you haven't noticed Yanmega is one of my favs). But I mainly started using this set to lure out and destroy Heatran and Mag to open up Jirachi sweeps....
That quote always makes me chuckle. :D

Great RMT and an awesome team Raikoulover, I've used your Yanmega set and it has worked wonders at causing mayhem and disruption. You have a really solid team here; you could use Breloom to take care of your Snorlax and Swampert problems, but I can't decide what other member it should replace. Good job so far, keep it up!
Well I've played this team a good amount of times. I generally lose to it but eh >_>. I have to say that it's a really cool team. You also have probobly one of the best and most detailed threat lists I've ever seen. You mention everything that you can possibly encounter while still telling us how you get around them.

I love the Jirachi set. CM jirachi just isn't as common as people think with Garchomp and such generally destroying it. I would comment more but I'm tired and must get my sleep. :D

Nonetheless it's a cool team. *copies it like I did your RD team* teehee
Great team, sure you're weak to eq, but who cares, you have zong to take care of it. I am interested on how you will deal with a team consisting of Magnezone, and choice scarf Salamence though.
Very solid team. I'll probably have to make a team that completely counters this teams since people will most likely copy it.

Maybe Naughty on Garchomp. Just a thought. The only special attack that will be coming at Garchomp is ice beam and you have Heatran, Bronzong and Jirachi to take that attack.

I've tried that Gyarados before but it really lacks the power that it needs to be a threat with no dragon dance so dragon dance over Stone Edge could work but if it's been working for you its fine.

Nice finally somebody brings back the CMJirachi and you seem to have all of it's counters beaten pretty nicely.
Thanks for all the comments guys... I'm so sad I'm leaving on Sunday. I will have my laptop and the internet obviously, but it is in my own best interest to take a leave from Smogon... even posting here is going to make me want to get on shoddy and play instead of doing my coursework...

Raquan, I know what you mean about the Dragon Dancing Gyarados. It could definately work but my team needs Stone Edge to help counter other Gyarados'. Otherwise, I would definately slap DD on it. Dragon Dancing while sleeping is so cool!
Why isn't everybody stealing this team? I have been using it on standard ladder (i hope thats ok ._.) and it is winning like crazy.

My only concern is gyarados (life orb versions) my only way to stop the so far is to get in bronzong and use reflect and then explode. I don't have any other way to do it though :(

If magnezone gets in and takes down bronzong, life orb gyarados will completely rip the team apart (1 dd earthquake ohkos jirachi).

So when you take a look at the team you immediately note a couple of things.... OU as hell, 3 steels, 2 Stealth Rock weaknesses, 4 Stealth Rock resists, and only one pokemon affected by toxic spikes.
heatran doesnt resist stealth rock, therefore you have 3 sr resists :-)
Thanks KD24, that means a lot. Its cool that your using it because I won't be anymore... I leave tomorrow :-(

Its odd you have trouble with Life Orb Gyarados. They usually come out in the early game and my Gyarados takes care of it (DD Life Orb Stone Edge doesn't KO after Stealth Rock). And then Garchomp finishes it off. If that Gyarados came in after Stealth Rock, Garchomp can just Outrage it for the OHKO.


red eyes no visine
is a Team Rater Alumnus
I still have this team made, when you told me on AIM about it, and it's a pretty cool team to fuck around with. I really don't have anything to say about it, it works as a whole team, which is what matters I think. Justinawe is cool, but not as cool as a Garchomp named Venom B)
erik noooo! first wayff and now you?

anyways, this is a pretty great team, and tbh I dun really know what to say, you seem to have everything covered. I myself have never been a fan of subcm jirachi, but that doesn't mean it's not good. dunno, if it was me, I'd have a wish cm rachi, which I do swear by, as it helps out buckets on stuff like garchomp and bronzong who have to take a hit. I'd also prolly go dd over stone edge on gyara just cuz. but that's mostly just personal preference. great job!
Wow, this team is VERY good, its synergy is verryyyy good. It can both attack and defend, its a mix

I dont know if this is allowed, but I stole it =P
this is so damned awesome! i always really wanted to use a Yanmega, but then i wasn't really experienced with Yanemga to create a team that had one! you have just fulfilled that goal for me!
^uh is this a new trend because i think we should be handing out infractions for it

ty for the mention, realy like the team, and gouki uses rt gyara xD

id almost suggest forry over heatran with sr explode rs eq since it would allow gyara/yanmega to counter more stuff. celebi will fall to yanmega who will actually threaten it without opposing sr up. heatran/magnezone become a problem though =\
^uh is this a new trend because i think we should be handing out infractions for it
I honestly like the whole general idea of "I rated your team, please rate mine back", but I think that unless the post actually has some construcive critisism in it, that the person who's being asked for the rate back shouldn't be asked to do it. Especially with the way that person did it with two sentences and said "I'm done, your turn!"

I would seriously consider using Jolly on your scarfchomp, as it will let you get the jump on any other Garchomp and can guarantee a sweep against opponents who only invest in enough to beat adamant chomp(lke some Deoxys-s', though uncommon for it to be running speed).
Thanks gorm. I like Heatran though because of its offensive capabilities also, and Forry would make me rather fire weak while Heatran puts me at 3 weaks and 3 resists.

@Articanus - I've fiddled with the idea of Jolly Scarfchomp many times. I've used it on one of my other teams and I must say it makes you feel safer with the extra speed. However, there is a noticable power drop and Outrage loses some important 2HKOs on things like Togekiss, Zapdos, etc. That 10% power drop really makes all the difference as even more things now fall out of OHKO range like Heracross and Starmie. So both work, it's just a matter of preference. Other Scarfchomps don't really do to much to my team with 3 steels. And an Adamant Outrage fails to OHKO Yanmega, and has a good chance of failing to 2HKO Gyarados without intimidate. I guess you can say I don't mind the speed ties :-P (Scarfchomp is pretty rare though).
Haha, i tried this te...ahem, stole this team today and i must say it's quite good. Some guy even got all high and mighty on me and gave me a sermon about how i'm uncreative and an idiot. XD

The only times i've lost are after bronzong goes down to magnezone. I've been beaten by an agiligross and a specsmence that continually switched in and used draco meteor. Too bad i'm on suspect, or scarfchomp would have made short work of them. Nice Team!
I must sya I loved both of your teams and they have given me some good ideas and some thoughts on what to use my bronzong and othe rpokemon for. I must say a solid team sir.
oh my gosh.. i have to post again... battled many timed with these ( not many, about 10-15) and loved it <3
RaikouLover, you are awesome guy. (in 2 of this 10-15 i battled against my own team, which means your team =])
I have tried your team. It is pretty effective, but the Jirachi hasn't swept yet. So far, what has been working is heatran kills a snorlax or blissey, then yanmega sweeps alot. And garchomp sweeps some too. In what situations should i use jirachi b/c it doesn't seem to work for me.
Jumping on the bandwagon when I say I've used your team too. I want to point out is that wall teams eat you up. The only stat upper you have is Jirachi who can only truly set up after its counters are gone. SkarmBliss, Celetran all stop this team. Doing lol damage with out any boosts.

The double-screen Bronzong is really helping you out immensely letting Gyarados take electric hits and Jirachi set up more efficiently. This makes me think you rely on it too much. One wrong prediction and you have a dead Bronzong and there goes all your insurance on hit taking.

The team has great synergy don't get me wrong but after one key member goes down the whole team goes down. I like your uniqueness but I think by "genericfying" your team you make all that much better. Scarf Heatran, Swords Dance Yache Berry Garchomp, Dragon Dance Gyarados all benefit from Bronzong. I havent lost yet after making the changes but im sure its just because im not used to the team yet. I found myself making stupid mistakes by thinking I can 2hko or outspeed x Pokemon. Not much else to say, so im going to end my rate with a...

Nice team.