Fire Emblem Mafia II Postgame


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Welcome to the postgame of Fire Emblem Mafia II. I started writing this around 2 days after the game officially ended, and I don't expect it to be ready for another few months or so. But that's okay, postgame don't always have to be ready right after the game ends even if my last few games did manage that. But those games weren't so freaking huge, and I had to cut down on my postgame writing plans and change this introduction paragraph just because of that. A longer postgame would mean I'm really only writing this for the avid reader Lightwolf, and even he might only have found this sentence because he's using Ctrl-F.

Don't worry though, I'm still going to talk about a lot of stuff. Let's start off at the beginning...

First off, for anyone who got inspired by this game and plans on making his own TCG-style game, big or not: I would recommend against it, at least for now. For several reasons:
- It is really, really hard on the host. I knew what I was getting into, and I'm pretty sure zorbees knew as well. We both had a load of free time, we were both willing to sit through hour-long updates multiple times, and in my case, I had experience hosting this kind of game.
- Hosting more games of the same formula shaves off appeal from both games. Who remembers how exciting it was to have outside communication? Or to be a villager facing not one but two mafia teams? Or when there were no longer any generic villagers? Or to have aliases to hide behind? Or to have items in a game? Once upon a time, none of these were true. Now, they are nothing special. It's because these ideas have been used again and again, to the point where we almost assume these are part of the game. In addition, the familiarity with this style of play will make the game repetitive. Right now, most experienced people know exactly how to play out a 2v1 game: the mafias collab to neutralize the village, the wolf tries to keep the factions equal, the village tries to unite behind a centralized village leader (or leader group) as fast as possible and either tries to keep both mafia teams around equal or focuses on one to eliminate their Night kill (PS hint to future village leaders, go for either one of these approaches. One is arguably better than the other, when you've chosen one approach, stick with it. Don't end up like the dude village. TIA) Right now, the "TCG-style" still has a bit of freshness to it, but I'm pretty sure it'll be gone next time you host a game like this. Invent something new.

So why did I do it? I hosted TCG to test this format for a bigger game, and TCG was a huge success, while it was still not fully fleshed out. This is a huge chance from 2v1. In addition, the idea of custom alliances in particular was very appealing to me. In this format, you can work with every single person in the game (barring your direct enemies, and you would have to backstab some of your groupmates if you worked with more than one).

But this game design didn't start out like this. One of the reason it took me this long is because it has been overhauled time and time again, never quite reaching my satisfaction. Let's start at the beginning...

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I tried to take suggestions the best I could, but of course preferences change over time. At first, my co-host was porygon3 and the game was going to be some sort of sequel to Mafia Mafia. It would focus less on flavor and more on inventive roles, money, and balance. You would have seen the return of the Mafia Mafia factions, where some people would have their own agenda even though they are technically alligned with one of the factions. Custom Win Conditions, kind of, but think Mafia Mafia moreso than Fire Emblem I. The factions would've been a little like MGS Mafia (or Tactial Game, whatever you wanna call it), where some people are set up to mole another faction, and some factions have soft alliances with each other.

Then it turned out porygon3 kinda stopped caring about mafia and moving into uni or college or something, so I was without a cohost for a bit. Our first talks were about other games: the Survivor Mafia he was making and later ended up hosting and canceling (guess we had that in common...god, I hate canceled games). Then I had him recruited into the TOYS. On September 7 2010, the idea of hosting a big together emerged. This was before Pokémon TCG Mafia was hosted, mind you, but I was already working on that one back then. When I hosted that, we continued talking about the complex game...then on October 21, the idea of Fire Emblem Mafia II somehow popped up.

[21:04:28] <Mekkah> right now the sheet is just some roles i cooked up
[21:04:34] <Mekkah> but i like this item trade system a lot
[21:04:41] <Mekkah> so we can morph it to another trading game like this
[21:04:53] <Mekkah> it also gives me an excuse to theme it after fire emblem ~___~
[21:04:57] <Mekkah> but i might not do that
[21:04:58] <zorbees> lol
[21:05:04] <zorbees> i would support that
[21:05:04] <Mekkah> sure makes everything easier to design though
[21:05:14] <Mekkah> fe mafia 1 was fun but poorly designed
[21:05:16] <zorbees> i like fe but i'm not a hardcorer
[21:05:22] <Mekkah> ok that is a good thing to hear

So from there we wiped the slate clean and started working on Fire Emblem Mafia. It was pretty much always going to be TCG style from here if my memory serves. Here's an early enemy chain zorbees made, one of the things that affirmed me that zorbees was a good choice for co-hosting this kind of game.

At this point, the game was going to be as balanced as possible when it came to the weapon triangle. He made it so that you never have to kill anyone with the same weapon as you, the same group as you, or anyone with WTD or WTA over you (with the exception of Anima 3, who had to kill Lance 5 and 6). And your enemies would never be of the same group as each other, either.

This is different from the chain we ended up using in one crucial aspect: it doesn't have mutual enemies. The guy you have to kill has to kill someone else. Later, I decided it would be better to go back to mutual enemies like in TCG, the main reason being that I never liked it how you can lose if your mortal enemy's targets just so happen to die. You can argue that "you should have found and killed your target faster" if that happens, but imagine losing to someone randkilling your enemy's targets. We have enough randing problems as it is, let's not make it worse. Plus, the mutual system is more simple.

And simplicity is exactly what I wanted, believe it or not. That sounds very odd, since the game was more complex than any game possibly done before...the best way to explain it is that I thought the game was difficult enough to understand as it was, and therefore, whenever I would have to make a decision between making the game more complex (which often goes hand in hand with more difficult to understand, but also deeper in strategy) or more simple (which might have the opposite effect), I should be choosing the latter. This worked well for me in TCG Mafia.

So from here the game was a lot of brainstorming up characters and roles, adding and removing things, kind of like an artist throws paint at a canvas then randomly starts erasing. I resigned myself to the fact that no matter what I did, this game would have some imbalanced parts that I would overlook or have no reasonable way to fix without giving everyone the exact same role and stats. So instead of giving myself a headache by doing the impossible, I decided to have some fun instead. This is why I put this disclaimer in the sign-up thread:

Warning! This game is complicated, experimental, and quite probably not completely fair. While we've tried to make it as balanced as possible, sometimes the desire to include flavor or hilarity took over. However, if anything past games (especially TCG Mafia) taught us, it's that having the right allies can overcome any kind of starting disadvantage.
Look extra closely at the last sentence, because I'm going to refer back to it quite a few times. The people who won or got close to winning were not necessarily those with good roles, but those who found the perfect balance between sticking their neck out to get allies and trades, and keeping their alias hidden to avoid being piggybacked on early.

Back to the whole brainstorming bit, either we would be like "this character is cool, let's put him in the game" or "here's a funny role idea, let's think of a character to suit it". I tried the best I could to exclude characters that are boring, non-memorable, etc. Saying this is my top50 favourite characters in Fire Emblem would be wrong (needs a lot more Mordecai in there), but you won't find any laughably boring/standard characters such as Noah or Sothe in here. It's a shame this kind of format didn't really allow me to get loose with posting restrictions...

So first came characters with some roles. Then I randomized them over groups and switched things around so that weapons would be somewhat evenly presented in groups (swords and magic being by far the most common, of course). From there I took a while to assign two rows of enemies to characters.

Oh yeah, on those enemies. TCG only gave you one arch nemesis, but I thought adding a second one for everyone would reduce the amount of "waiting wins" in the game. With no mortal enemies, you could just wait for some hard-working guy from your group to eradicate all the others, pray every Night he doesn't get you offed, and when he wins you do as well. Having one enemy helps this problem, but chances are that enemy is caught by his own group as well. So I decided to add an extra enemy to reduce this chance even further. This has the pleasant side effect of allowing you to find someone who has an enemy in common with you, and ganging up on them together. I even (kind of) made it part of Ike and Mist's roles to do this.

This process of giving enemies went pretty slowly, and then zorbees proceeded to magic out a beautiful chain from my beginnings, keeping every intended match-up intact. Where do you view this chain? Well, I suppose this is as good time as any to link you to the various resources you can use to understand this game better.

The Forum, with all private forums open for public
All Role PMs, found in the host forum
Master Sheet, where we kept track of everything
Backup Sheet, where I kept some info I wouldn't need often, so I don't clog the Master Sheet with it
Night 1, a sheet that shows how the game was at the very start
FE10 Music Playlist, for update songs (did anyone click these? who cares, they were fun to listen to again)

It might look like a chaotic mess to you, but I found it orderly enough to work with. Note that generally the comprehensive Master Sheet was all we needed, only using the Role PMs topic when Role PMs had to be put in the update (deaths/wins).

Oh, and if any of them conflict with another source or reality, don't fret. Things were changed around sometimes (up to right before I sent aliases their PMs etc), sometimes I forgot to update something on the sheet...but from what I can tell, little to no mistakes happened, with only around 3 having any effect on the game as far as I can tell, and all of these being extremely very super minor.

So yeah, you can find the enemy chain zorbees made on the Backup Sheet, tab Enemies. And the old chain is there as well. Anyway, the colours indicate groups, and you're next to whoever you need dead. Simple, huh? This made our lives a lot easier.

After enemy match-ups came stats and items, the former being a pain in the ass. The final distribution ended up by making some vague estimates of how many hits I wanted to take people to kill each other, with the variables being Power and Weapon Might versus HP, with promotion impacting both sides of the deal. 15, 18 and 20 were bench marks to hit, allowing people to 2HKO 30, 35 and 40 HP people respectively. For unpromoted characters, the base benchmark for HP was around 30, Pow somewhere between 5 and 10, and Spd was pretty much distributed according to how fast they are in-game (roughly). Characters that were supposed to be a little more frail got a -5 HP reduction (Serra, Ninian, trainees), characters that had to be more buff got a +5 increase (Ike, Hector).

It was easier to finalize stats after distributing all the items, so we did that first. To follow what I'm gonna talk about now, it's prolly best to look at the Weapons/Items tab! At first, people were going to start with ranks between C and S, with Holy Weapons already being in the game. There was always going to be some Triforce-like component in the game (that ended up being Orb shards). I ended up scrapping the S-level completely (other than for those who managed to gather orb shards), a decision I do not regret in the least. Aside from the basic Iron/Steel/Silver weaponry, there were some personal weapons (mostly Swords), effective weapons (Armorslayers, Laguzslayers), some extra effects on tomes (Wind being SE on fliers, a mini weapon triangle), but I ended up scrapping most of those for simplicity's sake, plus the fact that they would fuck over specific characters too much and decrease the predictability of the game even further. I did keep the Reaver weapons, and instead went creative on some staves. I kept stat boosters out of the game other than the 2 Arms Scrolls and the Member Card, since most people would just use them on themselves and be done with them.

So then items were distributed to people. C-level weapons were given to people who could use them immediately, to give them a headstart. Higher end weapons and promotion items were used to set up trades between people (every bolded item in the Characters tab is either a C-level weapon that person can use, or a set-up trade with someone). Some items were deliberately kept "far away" from the people they were intended for (the Lockpick from the thieves, Wolf Beil from Hector), so that they would have to be a little more creative if they wanted to get them early on.

The remaining spots were filled semi-randomly with the leftover weapons and promo items, leaving the more universal things for last. I will go more into detail here on individual character reviews. Stats were distributed according to the benchmarks before and how they would meet them ("___ can 2HKO 35 HP with Steel after promo"), which I felt was the best we could do for varied distribution of stats. Again, I resigned myself to the game being unpredictable. Just make the game, and let it play out. My plan for Gold distribution: give everyone 100G, then make it seem as if it's possible to start with less or more than that. Easy for us, and complicated for them for the first few Nights.

Then came the long task of writing all the role PMs, as well as getting the forums ready. Both of these were done pretty much entirely by me. When that was done, I felt confident letting the floodgates open and posting sign-ups, and used the remaining time for designing a player list, action priorities, randomizing things, and not looking back.

It might seem like a haphazard way of designing a game. But in reality, I set the bar fairly low on this one. All I really, ever wanted, was a finished Fire Emblem Mafia, hosted by myself. Anything after that was a glorious extra. And I've had plenty of glorious extra myself, but how about you guys?

Now, normally this is where I would have put the exhaustive individual player/role reviews that you've gotten so used to over the course of the years we've been playing mafia. Hip was the first to do it for Mafia Mafia, then Zelda Mafia did it, then after that a few games skipped it until it rose back to the surface.

I would have done it, if it weren't for several factors preventing me from getting it done within a reasonable timeframe. First off, it would be more work than for any other postgame, because there are roughly 50 stories to tell compared to the roughly four or so for a normal 2v1 game with wolf. Since most factions act as if they are one player (a rather scizophrenic one if there's disagreements among them), most actions taken are decided on by the group as a whole, or the smart individuals among them. But here, we have roughly 50 people trying to win, on their own or in small groups. In addition, I no longer have access to the sea of free time I used to have, or I would still have done it. So instead, I am going to go through some of this game's highlights, major points of discussion/controversy/whatever. They should be enough to respark your memory and open the floodgates for more points of view.

its (in this section) i defend the roles that weren't very good or downright bad

Let's get the sour out of the way so we can get to the sweet: the roles that were "doomed from the start". First are the Laguz, which suffered greatly from this game's faster-than-expected pace. Tibarn (RaRe), Naesala (StevenSnype), and most of all Dheginsea (porygon3) were unable to attack other than on specific Nights. Tibarn and Naesala had other roles to use while Dheginsea didn't, and they probably had the better gauge overall (2 untrans, 3 trans vs 4 untrans, 4 trans)...Dheginsea was slower but he had around 5 more Atk. In my defense, Naesala had fairly easy access to a Laguz Stone through his role, and there were a Laguz Stone as well as a Laguz Ring (permanent transformation) in the game. I think they probably would've been more effective if they kept hidden some more (they don't need weapons so it could've worked), but each of them was ganged up on and killed. Can't exactly blame people for being active and trying to find trades and stuff though.

Then there's roles like Kishuna, Bramimond, and Merlinus that seemed incapable of doing (significant amounts of) damage. My reason for including these roles were because I wanted to experiment with them. TCG didn't have them. Kishuna suffered from the fact that his original role was really good, and I might have gone overboard nerfing him. I don't know if a "broken" version would have been any better at actually winning, considering he would still have been unable to damage anything. It's worth noting that Kishuna actually came dangerously close to winning had he been able to Fuck Tiger, though he was probably too much in people's crosshairs for that. Oh by the way, I kind of intended the Spectre Card on Forde to be traded for Kishuna's Axereaver so that he could at least do like 5 damage.

Bramimond...well, I would completely concede this being a terrible role if the player behind it actually tried to use what he had. Instead, dak went in with a defeatist attitude, and gave his alias to Lightwolf (who made a fake offer to heal him). Don't get me wrong, this role was really hard to get anything done with...but there were options. First off, he could easily copy Tibarn/Naesala. They both have spare Night roles to use on him, and don't require weapons. Then there's Danved and Oliver who both target a whole bunch of people, so having Bramimond be one of them was a good option. Wallace and I guess Amelia could have exchanged protects with him. Then there's a gazillion of Night roles that could've been used to fuel his transformation without sacrificing much efficiency for either player: Pent and Garcia's teaching, Forde's drawing, Marcia's watching, Karel's stat gauge, etc. Yes, it required Bramimond to find a weapon...but I imagined he would only have one such partner, so he'd really only have to find a weapon once. What I will admit is that his tools for bargaining kinda sucked (a shard and a personal item/weapon), and if I were to do it again I'd probably give him Xane's Silver Card at the very least to give him easy access to, well, anything. But really, the way dak played would have caused even a great role such as Ike to lose. I realize he would not have played like that if he had gotten a better role, but this vicious cycle has got to start somewhere.

Like Kishuna, Merlinus had some kind of method to do damage that was very minor - he could run people over with his wagon after promotion to do 5. The fact that he promoted as early as Day 1 "helped" in this regard...gotta say I really managed to underestimate how much money people were willing to spend: ipl's 200G bid alone was enough to promote him two times over.

Then there's poor Rolf, whose EXP gain was just way too slow to ever become as powerful as he could have been if the game lasted a lot longer. But at least he could attack, and promote with a Master Seal, and create hilariously named NPCs. His polar opposite, Marcus, was of course absolutely ridiculous, especially with the Silver Sword for Silver Bow trade with Louise.

There's also the Trainees Amelia and Ross, who promoted into the first "normal" tier after Night 3. I really liked their first promotion mechanic, and I'm glad the faster time scale didn't really affect them too much...Agape was being overly suicidal (wtf were you doing) and Amelia (the person) got tricked by Lightwolf and killed by IPL (who could kill anything ever anyway). The only thing I would perhaps change is make their stats a little better. I don't consider these "doomed from the start" but I felt they had to be addressed.

The pairing factor

This game had several roles that were supposed to work together, each of them paired in a different way. I wanted to see which ones would stick together, and how tightly.

There was Danved, which was two users with the same role PM including win condition. These two (Gmax and shade) had no reason to betray each other ever. I was pretty pleased with their use of their two users, both trolling billymills (do you enjoy playing flute?) and actually doing serious interrogations, where they would both claim different groups to get a feel of what someone is. I also didn't put their Smogon names in their role PM, so they had to PM themselves to find out who their partner was.

Then there's Ike and Mist, versus Black Knight and Sephiran. This was a pretty elaborate combination, with both of these pairs having some ties together. Ike's personal weapon (Ragnell) was needed for his promotion, and it was in Mist's hands. Mist needed to support Ike to promote. Both Ike and Mist needed the Black Knight dead. To promote, Ike had to hit the Black Knight with the Ragnell...if the Black Knight died before Ike could hit him with Ragnell, he would be able to promote just by obtaining Ragnell, but he would be inferior to what he otherwise would have been. His normal promotion gets him Aether (heals him whenever he attacks, like in the games), while his weaker promotion does not get him Aether. The Black Knight and Sephiran were less connected: they did not share an enemy, however Sephiran had the Alondite which he could trade for the Black Knight's Restore Staff. Which was a pretty useless staff by the way...all it did was ward off Kishuna for magic users, even though its description said it cured status. I think that's the only time I blatantly lied in any role PMs.

Ike and Mist had an even deeper combination. I imagined Mist could be used on Ike to change his priority to whatever is convenient - a little slower if he's at full health, so Aether would heal him back to full. Or really fast if he was not at full health so he could heal before he got hit. In addition to Mist's healing I imagined that'd be pretty powerful. Of course, that's all extremely theoretical and I knew it probably wouldn't happen. But if it did, they would probably win easily, and deserve it.

Obviously, it just wouldn't happen that way. In fact, the Black Knight got ganged up on Night 1 and Day 1, being the second death in the game. In addition, Lightwolf advertised the Ragnell as a Prf sword, and Eo (who wasn't much of an FE player) didn't know what that meant, so when asked if he needed a Prf sword told Lightwolf no. So Lightwolf spent half the game searching for Ike among other players, and Eo just rocked things with like, a Steel or Silver Sword if I recall correctly. At some point they did meet up though, allowing Eo to rock things even more, and Lightwolf to become a centerpiece in the Gmax group, doing things like giving Gmax his guaranteed win and making imperfectluck/Aura_Guardian (Zihark) double everything ever for absurd amounts of damage. I'm glad some part of the combo came through, at least.

Aside from these, there was the pair of Louise/Pent, who had pretty mediocre roles by themselves but a straight up bond through their instant support and knowledge of each other's aliases. I paired up Yeti and crabnebula because I just found the idea of them being married incredibely funny, especially because of both people's past (Yeti being trolled or trolling or whatever it was in that splinter, and crabnebula just being a pain in the ass to negotiate with). Somehow, minus times minus was plus and they worked together 100% from what I could tell, but like a lot of people they were found out and murdered by those who needed them dead (Gmax needed Yeti dead, and billymills needed CN dead...).

But the "canon" pairings were nowhere as powerful as...

The alliance factor

Several people formed alliances, defined in here as "a group consisting of three or more people working together". Most of them didn't really do anything except make information more publically available, such as #talking (mostly #feto people: SevenDeadlySins, Paperblade, Rody, maybe more I forgot). Then there was imperfectluck's "alliance", which encompassed an enormous amount of people, who mostly just ended up helping imperfectluck (Zihark) win. ipl even managed to add Blue_Tornado (Denning) to this alliance, one of his mortal enemies.

But the most successful alliance was easily #agoodalliance. As usual Gmax manages to get the trust of about 500 people at once, and gets to cherrypick the best players and roles for his squad. I'm not completely sure on the order anymore, I think his first partners were LonelyNess and Fishin, then askaninjask, then Bass and LightWolf. He was also close with billymills. askaninjask ended up being in about 500 other alliances at once which got him killed and hated by everyone alike, which he probably did not deserve. It's a long story of information leaks and blackmails, and I'm sure there's no one better to tell it than aska or maybe Crux.

Near the end imperfectluck was added to this team as well as UncleSam, the former of which ended up having some kind of fight with LonelyNess which caused ipl to, of course, turn around and try to get #agoodalliance and everyone associated with it killed. This was around the Night that Gmax was pretty much set up to win along with billymills, which ipl could not prevent. LonelyNess tried to mafiawhiteknight Fishy (who he pretty much shamelessy collabbed with) which ipl thought would be fun to mess up.

imperfectluck's own alliance was mostly a lot of people believing he wanted to help them. I think his only real close partner was UncleSam (Ninian), who he had a rigged trade with (Fila's Might). Zihark's role allowed him to do extra damage equal to the Mt of his weapon if he could "double" them gameplay wise (a Speed advantage of 4 or more), and Ninian allowed him to attack two people or do more damage with Fila's Might. People (LN) dubbed this the most broken role in the game, but to be honest it wouldn't have been even close to powerful if ipl hadn't conned several people into giving him orb shards so that he could make the legendary Broken Bamboo Sword (his own idea), allowing him to do roughly 40 damage to someone.

All of #agoodalliance (except for aska) ended up winning, including UncleSam and imperfectluck. This is one thing I'm very satisfied with. You can argue they got extremely broken roles until you're blue in the face, but I do think that they also played the best.


It would not have been Fire Emblem Mafia without Volke. At first, he was going to be extremely complicated with lots of different ways to earn Gold. In the end, we dumbed it down to being hired to attack or vote, and only the former was used in the game. I forgot who I was initially going to make Volke, but zorbees recommended Dale and so it happened.

Volke was hurt by undisputed screwing up a contract (instead of sending in "Hiring Volke to hit [alias], he sent "Hiring Volke to hit Soren", lol) and the game lasting shorter than expected. He did get a contract pretty much every other Night though, and at the end only needed 1 more Gold to win, which he got from Lightwolf. An extremely narrow but deserved win that I really enjoyed watching. Sure, no one needed him dead so he wasn't really in danger, but nonetheless it didn't look like an easy win to me.

Random short bits that deserve a mention

- Eo's use of his "zarbon" role to force people to post surveys inquiring information. Still want to know if this got any legit information. Or what the results were, period. I know I filled in "you" and "zorbees" as my enemies.

- Spiffy guessing imperfectluck was Zihark because he was a sword user looking for Laguz

- [00:41:56] <&Fishin> <Nachos> i'm aware of 3 different factions in this game [00:41:56] <&Fishin> <Nachos> ours, and the baharian bruisers

- [01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:14] <Fishin> alright
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:17] <Fishin> 1
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:18] <Fishin> 2
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:20] <Fishin> 3
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:22] <shade> curry courtesans
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:22] <Fishin> lycian lions

- Someone apparently got a message to Volke even though they shouldn't have. Still not sure what happened there but whoever did spread the rumor that in order to hire Volke, you had to go to one of the hosts and tell them "I am looking for a fireman" or something. Might have been Yeti? Really hilarious.

- The Ashera lynch was really funny. The most hilarious part was Fatecrashers' parting gift, negating billymills' vote without anyone knowing. This caused whoever was before him in the chain to not get voted for, in this case Fishy...which could have been her undoing since she was cutting it so close in her duel with Raikage at the end. Also, Agape went apeshit and broke the chain, which caused Lightwolf to stealth switch his vote off him. Agape wtf were you doing anyway?

- Fishin asked me like Night 1 if he could kick someone off the boat (this wasn't mentioned in his role PM). I liked the idea so I allowed him to do it once in the game. He ended up kicking off Mowgli (Amelia) who enjoyed cruising for 5 dmg per Night.

- Like in dude, LonelyNess was very sure of his theories even though they were wrong. Like when jumpluff mixed up the promotion item she needed, and because of that LonelyNess concluded he had found his enemy.

[16:32:40] <LonelyNess> you can say "damn LN was boss he found one of his mortal enemies n0"
[16:32:42] <LonelyNess> in the post game

I hope you're proud of yourself, LN!

- He also found the guy that had the Rapier but decided that must be Oliver, his mortal enemy, when it was really Izuka who did have the Rapier.

Closing Words

There is obviously a lot more to say, but I think it's better if the people who played in the story get to tell it. Please relive your experiences in this thread as much as you like. This could very well be one of the, if not the last (big) games I've ever hosted, at least for a long time (how's that for a vague promise), and I think it was a worthy closer.
Here comes the LightWolf story:

As the game started I first p much went around to gather info on who claimed to have what since I had a Heal staff to start with. The first person I shared info with was jumpluff, who I traded alliances with. She also offered to do an enemy weapon trade, which at that point refused, then I went to ipl and did that trade with him. This was generally due to the fact I trusted jumpluff with my group more, and my enemies were generic enough to be shared with ipl. Later I went ahead and did both with Gmax, which started my working with him.

After those talks I decided to semi-claim my item up to trade, after sharing with Gmax that I'm Mist. And I did explain what Prf meant in my first post about it... Either way, at this point I didn't share everything with Gmax, I told him I had no staff, and p much hinted towards having an orb shard as my other item, nor did I reveal my powers or my way of promoting.

After the first night Gmax suggested I join his alliiance, he said if I didn't want to I didn't have to, but due to there being nothing on the other fronts I opened to, I have decided accept this offer. We did an alias trade, confirmed them, then I was let into the channel and the sheet.

Well things were kinda standard after that bar the whole aska thing, though one other thing happened. Gmax offered me a connection with someone who I shared an enemy with, which I accepted again, getting me hoooked up with billy on getting Agape lynched. From Gmax we got who could have the alias of Agape, which we know we couldn't get out of him, the sheet listed his info as lolagape even(just above lolamelia). Luckly for us one was HD, so I decide to go to him and offer healing, just seconds before the deadline he told me the info and then revealed he would die today, to which I replied that I couldn't heal at day, hooray. Billymills got it checked first so we could make it sure.

The game went on like planned from there, at a point Gmax completed enemy chain I started to make, which for an example told us Fishy was Wallace and not Oswin.

After some discussion ipl was lent into our channel, after I agreed to it since he was in my group after all, so it affected me the most. Tbh I already had plans to off ipl with Fishin the next night, and was going to ally with GTS if anyone...(ipl held the alias of someone Fishin needed dead and there was little chance he would get his hands on it otherwise), but I accepted it since I was a team player, and ipl not being against us helped our team majorly. I got ipl to swear he wouldn't betray me, and made the same promise as long as he doesn't stab us.

But the uniting was sadly shortlived. LN got into a fight with ipl, while ipl was at fault too, he didn't really make no big mistake and went ahead with the right plan to make up for it, alas LN kicked him out, which got ipl overreacted too and led him to go into an al out attack against us, bar Gmax who he couldn't stop, and me who plays ygo. I wasn't online when this happened, Gmax sent me a message about it, and told me the facts on IRC, where to avoid LN I used an alias.

If we think back about what I promised, I'd not hurt ipl unless he stabed us, but alas, ipl never stabed us, it was LN who basically got him to overreact so I decided to side with ipl and work as double agent to protect both sides(bar LN). Basically I talked to ipl on my alias, and then went online normally, and got who was gonna be on ipl and tried to make sure they aren't, by getting ipl to outspeed kill them. Gmax did most of the redirection work too, funny was when LN tried to convince me that there were people sent after me whohe redirected when most people were talked to by Gmax, who p much confirmed they didn't hear about me. I did redirect DLE's kill though, sadly there was a miscommunication and only later did I find out that Fishin wasn't planing on paying, and that Bass was buying him too. Found Eo around then, and made Gmax sure to win at a speed of 4 times 10^23(ipl only got 3 times 10^23), then helped ipl to outspeed.

Ipl was really keen on killing LN though, and Fishy stood in his way, so ipl's first target was Fishy, luckly in the end I managed to convince him to let Fishy win instead, which only took him the same number of kills, but just in case he didn't want to stab Raikage, Fishy protecting Bass came in handy since that meant LN was unprotected. In the end ipl decided to go for winning instead of revenge and didn't hit LN letting him win. I also worked against LN behind the sences during the days(I didn't like how he focused on his own enemies when most of his team mates needed that lynch damage more), sadly I couldn't go against him in the open, so under the aliases "hiUSIamafriend" I tried to convince US to talk to a list of names and what to tell them to convince them to change votes(I blame my hungarian net, too easy to identify me). Also PMed MATAMATO under the alias "shhhhhhhhhhh", that he should vote against LN because he knows his alias and will kill him(as a proof I also wrote his alias down).

So in the end all that was left was me US A_G(subbed in for ipl) and Fishy and DLE kinda. Got in conntact with Fishy, and the through US and DLE I got every info needed to shape the game in the way I wanted it to. Started a fake lynch with US to divert Hip's attention from Fishy, got Amelia to vote with me since LN already tried to get us hooked up, so it wasn't that hard. Through DLE's info I knew Kishuna's role, and convinced Hip's group to change too. The night was a bit more complex, DLE was tricking Raikage out of money, was doing a kill for Kishuna which I used Fishy to block, AG was killing Amelia and Kishuna, I was lowering the prio of Raikage and healing Fishy while getting US to convince Hip's side to hit Kishuna. Went perfectly and AG and me were only a lynch way from winning.

I got lucky that I trusted the right people with my info and that I wasn't trade heavy, also I thank my team for suplying me with a weapon and an Arms Scroll to use.


/me huggles
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I don't really think it is really correct for you to say ipl conned people for the orb shards. I knew perfectly well that ipl could not be fully trusted, but both of my enemies were his enemies too (one being a common enemy of Denning and the other being part of his faction) and I knew that he would use the orb shards better than I could (only being able to attack every other night). I gave him 2 orb shards which I got from Flamestrike (Kishuna) who I had been leading on the entire game and GoldenKnight started with 1 and bought another from the store. GoldenKnight might feel conned, as he died shortly after ipl received the Broken Bamboo Sword, but he wouldn't have traded them to ipl anyways as he didn't trust ipl. It was only through me convincing him that the two of us (who couldn't do much damage by ourselves) needed to find someone with the power to take out our enemies. While ipl was inclined more to help me as our enemies lined up in a way, I was still able to convince GoldenKnight to do it mainly out of my own selfish reasons. Whether GoldenKnight was betrayed or not, I do not believe I was. I actually came extremely close to winning, just needing the other Jehanna Jew dead. However, Quagsires partner attacked me the same night that ipl attacked him, thus making it so neither of us could win.

As for the Bahara Bruisers, that was a dumb little group I made up night 1 as I did not see it fit to give anyone my real role. I still stand by this falsehood, as it did not seem to make me a random target for many people. Although because of it, I was often considered to be a Bern Bears by people. Originally they were the Bahara Bastards because the only factions I had known of at the time were the Nabata (BAN ME PLEASE) and the Jehanna Jews, so I felt Bastards was a more fitting name. I changed it to Bruisers when I realized the names of the other factions to give it more credibility. The only people I told Bastards too were Fatecrashers, Gmax, and GoldenKnight (to my recollection) so the only one I felt like would actually talk was Gmax as I had no idea what to expect from him.

Anyways, this was the most fun I have had playing a mafia game. Absolutely amazing.
For those interested, the results are here (tab 4). I got dak's information (and was unable to do much with it). Everyone else is bad at filling out surveys.

Thoughts: I mostly tried to lie low, and I was able to avoid the attention of my enemies early in the game, but I was unable to really form alliances with anyone, especially since my "partner," LightWolf/Mist, was, as far as I could tell from what he told me, tied down to another alliance. We basically just helped each other promote (also, I did not have a weapon before the Ragnell), and I probably can't blame him since it took me awhile and a more visible hint to come to him for the Ragnell.

I wasn't as involved as most in the more complex of this game's schemes, but I still really enjoyed playing, as well as reading the thought process that went into the making of this game. Thanks to Mekkah and zorbees for hosting!
First, I'd like to thank Mekkah and zorbees for letting me sub in. I really did enjoy playing! Unfortunately, my alias was known by everyone in the game by Night 2. :(

Although I probably wouldn't have won either way due to my lack of being able to gather information without being too scared to give out my information in return. ^_^

Congratulations winners, and thanks again to Mekkah and zorbees for hosting!


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I wasn't originally going to play this game, because I didn't think I had the free time, and this game was starting in the middle of my exams. I would probably have regretted this, since it was a game designed by Mekkah, and based on FE, which is one of my favourite game series , and also possibly the last I'd get to play. However, when Mekkah offered me a partnership with shade, I couldn't turn him down! So right when the game started, I got in touch with shade, and explained the situation to him. I told him he'd have to play the main role, and talk to people, and get stuff done while I just popped in from time to time and talked strategy with him. He was like "OK, but I gotta sleep now." and I was like "OK". About an hour after he went to bed though, I realised that this game was all about getting there first since people would NEVER be as open as they would be right around the beginning. And hey, I had five days till my next exam! so I decided to be the frontman.

I decided that it would be best if I could make sure the guy I was speaking to was not my enemy before I associated with him. To do this though I'd have to give up some of my info, which I wasn't so hot on, and I was sure they wouldn't either.

So to check if we were mortal enemies, i went by the principle that

00[04:48] <Gmax> say, if your enemies were a sowrd user and a lance user, and i were a magic user
00[04:48] <Gmax> then i could not be your enemy

so before getting down to business with anyone, we made the enemy weapon exchange which went like this

00[20:41] <&Gmax> first i'll tell you what weap[ons
00[20:41] <&Gmax> one of my enemies uses
00[20:41] <&Gmax> then you'll tell me what oneof yours uses
00[20:41] <&Gmax> the yu tell me what your other one uses
00[20:41] <&Gmax> then i tell you what my other one uses
00[20:41] <&Gmax> then
00[20:41] <&Gmax> if i see a clash
00[20:41] <&Gmax> between what your enemies use andwhat i use
00[20:41] <&Gmax> i say so
00[20:41] <&Gmax> samewith you
00[20:41] <&Gmax> as long as
00[20:41] <&Gmax> we dont both clash
00[20:42] <&Gmax> we're good

Basically, knowing a guy's enemy's weapons isnt' exactly useful unless you know this info about a lot of guys. So I could give up minimal info, turn relatively less useful info into great info by talking to a lot of people, and establish connections as well!

The alliance exchange was a lot less complicated lol, Mekkah's postgame has a good example of it, which is also incidentally, one of shade's best pieces of trolling to date and a high point of the game for me! Also, SCREW Ditto...

So yeah, I spoke to a lot of people that night, got a lot of info. When I hit up LN, he told me had a Silver Lance. However, he needed a sword, and I only had an axe. At his suggestion, I went around looking for an axewielder who had a sword to trade, so that we could set up a three-way trade. And I found big Fishin, holding a sword and needing an axe. Fishin was initially hesitant, but decided it would be worth it, and that stabbing made no sense anyway, so it wasn’t all that risky. So after establishing that all 3 of us were neither mortal enemies, nor of the same group, we created a channel, #agoodalliance, and set up our three way trade. We decided that the basic rules for admittance to our alliance would be

1. Being willing to give up and prove your alias
2. Not being a sworn enemy of anyone in the alliance
3. Not being of the same group as an existing member

I’d also spoken to Aska, and established that he could steal gold, was a Dolphin, and could join our alliance. I had also spoken to DLE, who had told me he was Volke, and exactly how he worked, and that he needed betwee 500 and 100 G to win. We agreed to help each other win, and traded aliases. I also got in touch with billymills and discovered that we were of the same group. We decided to partner up and eliminate the remaining Crimea Crushers together. In the meantime, I continued searching for strong men who met our conditions to join the alliance. LightWolf told me he was capable of healing, and that he was a Gorilla, which made him a suitable addition. He wanted to wait till Day 1 though, which was fair enough. jumpluff and Bass were both Nebata (BAN ME PLEASE), and both appeared willing to work with me, and join alliances and stuff. It would’ve been difficult making a choice here, but LonelyNess thinking that pluff was his enemy, and then, later, jumpluff having to leave for health reasons kind of made that choice for the alliance...

So by the second of 3 days of N1, all 3 of us were talking to people, looking for info, and filling up that sheet with alliances, enemy weapons, trade items and such. Aska told me that he’d traded with StevenSnype for a Lockpick, at whcih point we invited aska to join the group. He agreed, gave up his alias, and was admitted. On joining, he gave me Steven’s alias and told me that he was my enemy, a Crusher. Aska and I were both admitted to #talking which was run by SDS, and we kept channelling info from there to our side. At this point, I suspected that Blue_Tornado was one of my enemies, and had no idea about the other one.

We’d found out that Colonel M, Thorns and HD were Crimean Crushers. I told billymills this, and he conned their aliases out of them. We decided to take out HD the Black Knight asap, because he was the fucking Black Knight. billy got people to attack him, and I contracted with DLE for 50 G, and we whacked HD.

When the day came, shade and I received a PM that stated that someone had fed us an awesome meal that night. If we wanted to attack the coming night, we’d have to post on Smogon just how much we’d enjoyed our meal. This put us in a serious pickle, since this would be giving up our alias. So we had pretty much decided not to attack that night. Our three way trade went off smoothly, pretty much cementing our alliance. I also received a PM confirming that my contract with DLE had been successful, which was a real relief. shade and I decided that we should keep him secret. It's not that we didn't trust the guys in the alliance, it was just that it was probably best to keep shade a secret. It would let us operate independently if needed. I eventually set up a script that sent everything said in #agoodalliance to a chan shade and I occupied so that he wouldn't be bored.

I spoke to Bass, and found out that he had made a trade with Yeti for a Silver Sword, and could do 24 damage in one hit. What a goddamned monster! We concluded that Bass would be a worthy addition, and after listening to a basic description of the alliance and how it worked, and after ensuring that he had no enemies on it, he agreed to join. We did the alias trade, and he joined. After this I approached LightWolf, and told him that the alliance was looking solid, and had no enemies of his, and it was time to join. He agreed, and with that, #agoodalliance was complete. It turned out that LightWolf and billy had a mutual enemy in Agape, so I hooked them up. Having hooked up Agape and HD the previous night, I knew that HD had Agape’s alias, so they had that to work with.

Later that day, shade and I sat and brainstormed. After many attempts to bend the rules, all of which Mekkah quashed, we decided on a your mother battle in which we’d hide our food appreciation. It ended up being quite obvious, but hey, it turns out that Raikage was the food guy, so it barely mattered! Meanwhile, the lynch floundered, with no one having any real targets or wanting to put their aliases on the line. billymills tried to get people to vote HD, spreading the ord that he was a crusher, and the Black Knight, and severely damaged. Ditto voted him for no real reason aside from wanting to get things moving. He counter voted. Steven voted him. So with a minute to go before deadline, LW approached HD promising to heal him, and got Agape’s alias out of him. It turned out that HD had only 5 HP left, exactly as much as the lynch would do. GG. Crimeans Crushed:1

We were still filling up that sheet at an excellent rate, and all of us had at least one mortal enemy’s alias, with Bass having confirmed that Yeti was Louise, and having given me her alias. We decided that we’d whack her the next night, and have her assist Bass OHKO Dheginsea (sorry p3 :( ) on N2 in exchange for Bass assisting her KO Danved on N3. Colonel M, a Crusher, was LN’s enemy which worked out well for me. LightWolf spoke to dak, and discovered his alias/group by offering to ally with him. dak didn’t think he had much to lose, having a shit role with little hope of winning in his opinion, especially with his only partner thus far in jpluff having dropped out due to health issues. With this, billy and I had found all 5 of the other Crushers: Colonel M, Thorns, HD, dak, Steven. We had the aliases of 4 of these 5, but it seemed like we had little hope of getting Thorns’ alias. The answer soon presented itself.

Lesm hit me up, and he was acting like he was resigned to losing. He claimed that his enemy had inspected him N1, and that he didn’t have much of a chance of winning this game anymore. He told me that he was a Nebata (BAN ME PLEASE), and that his enemies were Farina and Oliver. I knew who Farina was, but I didn’t have their alias, and I wasn’t quite willing to give up Farina just yet anyway (more on that later). Luckily for us, he thought that it was Oliver that had inspected him. He offered to help me out by giving me the use of his Watcher ability. He had also approached billymills for this and we decided to use his ability to find Thorns. So I agreed to help Lesm, and told him that I’d help him take care of Oliver (Colonel M). This man was LN’s enemy as well, so it worked well with the group’s plans. I had Thorns attack Simba the Crusher, while Lesm watched him.

I spoke to Flounder, thinking that he was Oscar the chef guy, but it turned out that he was actually Nephenee, one of my sworn enemies. I’d been pushing all cycle to recruit a man who needed me dead ._. There was some error in his PM which led us to believe this. shade and I thought at this point that our alias had been compromised, and we were ready to speedrun this shit and go mental, but Mekkah calmed us down. Wonder how the game would’ve gone if we hadn’t stopped... Anyway, I found out his items, and Bass set up a trade with him to obtain his alias, as well as a steel sword for LightWolf to use after promotion. LightWolf and I set up a private sheet to complete our enemy chain. We couldn’t do this on the normal sheet because we’d need to use billy’s info to complete it. Leaving his info alone out wouldn’t work, since that would just maek it obvious... LN told us that he’d spoken to Fishy and that she would go along with him, and was a BG. I contracted with DLE to hit Flounder. That night, we were set to kill 3 men. All 3 of them, i.e. Sephiran, Dheginsea, and Oliver bit the dust, and Lesm got Thorns’ alias (Rafiki). We now had a full set of CC aliases. Crimeans Crushed:2

There had been another death that night though, that of askaninjask. ipl PMed me right after this incident, telling me that he had killed aska for being a double agent, and that he had revealed info regarding our alliance to him, giving as a sample that LN, Fishin and I were working together, stating that he meant us no harm, and wanted us not to work against him.. I didn’t want to stir that pot though, so I thanked him for his “generosity” and moved on...

Im assuming aska will post saying what had happened, but it’ll suffice to say here that aska made a series of bad choices, which culminated in his death. Dipping his hand in too many pockets was one of these... Crux being DAMP didn’t help his cause either though, heh.

It turned out that Sephiran had activated his ability that night though. So the next day was the Ashera’s Wrath lynch. Bass stepped up, and figured out a plan that basically ensured that everyone would have a vote on them, and no one would take any damage. It was all going pretty well until Agape decided to randomly beak the chain. LightWolf, being a smart canine with excellent timing, had placed his vote right after Agape’s original vote, so he removed his vote for Agape at the end, citing Agape’s chain breakage as the reason. It was basically 5 free damage for him.

N3 started with my getting Jackal’s alias from jumpluff’s sub, Fangren. Jackal was someone I’d spoken to on N1, and from what he’d told me, he seemed to have an interesting ability to be hired for attacking/voting. He seemed willing to work with me, but lacked a weapon. He had a tome and needed a lance. So I’d hooked him up with CN who needed a tome, and had a lance. billy and I eventually figured out that his enemy, Pent, was CN. However, it seemed impossible to get his alias. He rejected billy’s offer to trade with him, and gave him false info. Jackal and I hadn’t spoken since N2. I didn’t exactly have high hopes of getting CN’s alias from him. If that trade had gone through, CN would’ve isolated himself from the game, and we’d have had to resort to the process of elimination to get his alias. I didn’t want to just kill Jackal off to stop CN’s trade going through, that seemed cold... But then Jackal and I had a conversation that didn’t exactly end on an optimistic note. He also had all the info he needed to win, which meant he wouldn’t make his attacks available for hire. Jackal was also Fishy’s enemy. LN wanted to hit him because of this. He was also apparently moling IPL, and I was sure IPL would appreciate my returning the favour. So, he was taken out that night.

As were both my mortal enemies in Nephenee and Louise. Billymills damaged Snype, and so did someone else (I still have no idea who, thanks though!) as a result of which he died. Not before he hit Thorns for 15 damage though. I also got dak taken out, taking us another Crimean closer to victory. Other deaths that we organised that night: Amelia(Agape), Roy(Fatecrashers). Crimeans Crushed:4

LN, LW, Bass and I were all free of our mortal enemies. Fishin knew that undisputed was Ilyana, his remaining nemesis. Both of Ilyana’s enemies were axe users though, and the only tradeworthy item she had was an axe, so conning her out of an alias with a trade was pretty much out of the question. Process of elimination seemed the only solution. The trouble though, was that all our impressive info gathering had only filled around ⅔ of the sheet aliaswise. We would need outside help for this.

So when IPL PMed LN, looking to ally, it seemed like a godsend. Well, initially it seemed like the game was about to come crashing down on us, since he PMed LN saying he knew our aliases, and rattled off a couple of them. But then I spoke to him for a whlie, and we seriously considered teaming up with him. Eventually, once everyone had agreed, we allied. It seemed like the right move at that time, since everyone, myself aside, needed to find their faction enemies’ aliases since they did not have an awesome partner like billymills to help them out on that side of things.

Speaking of billymills, with Jackal dead, CN’s alias was still up for grabs. However, there were 3 tomes up for grabs that he could use: Excaliburs #1 and 2, and Lightning #1. I decided that it was time for drastic measures, and contacted Nachos. Nachos also needed CN dead, but I hadn’t established contact with him thus far. I explained the situation to him, and got him ready. I told CN that if he would agree to attack who I told him at night, I’d give him some information that would be of great use to him, i.e. which Excalibur was not being bid on. He told me that he would consider it, and went to check his night results. In the meantime I told Nachos to place a 100 G bid on the Lightning. When CN returned, I told him that other Excalibur was also gone, and like 30 seconds later I told him that the Lightning was still there. He told me that he’d done it the second I’d told him of the Excalibur being gone. YEAH!

So yeah, back to the alliance. We clubbed info with ipl, thus getting Fishin Ilyana’s alias. Now the only things left were faction enemies. They would be dealt with the following night. So, as the day grew to a close, ipl and ln got into an argument over whom would be lynched, ipl wanting to randlynch to force a random to come out, while LN wanted to lynch Altair, one of his faction enemies. Altair ended up taking the big 15 damage hit. On to N4.

Shade and I just needed Thorns dead to seal the deal, while billy also needed to get CN’s alias. We needed to fill the sheet too... So LN and ipl went all out, telling everyone whose alias we didn’t know that we were arranging for 9 deaths that night (which was actually feasible, and would have happened if not for certain events that took place that night) and if they wanted to live, they’d give us their alias, since we didn’t need them dead. They got a large number of the unknown aliases this way, and combined with our existing info, along with the info that I had, which I’d given my word not to reveal, I was able to assemble a full sheet and give billy/nachos cn’s alias, which he was kind enough to confirm for us. On that note, a huge thanks to the amato for helping billy out at this stage. A good man. Even if he was a dick to Mekkah the rest of the game. Getting LN to ask about your day was also hilarious btw.

Anyway, at this point, we ran into some serious trouble. LN and Fishy had been <insert word for working with someone to produce or create something>, and LN trusted us enough to give up Fishy’s alias. He then got Blue_Tornado’s alias for ipl. ipl did not believe that B_T had told the truth, and tried to get B_T to give up his alias separately, giving Fishy’s in the process. Note that this would most likely not have mattered, since both B_T and Raikage were dying that night, who were her last enemies. LN was thoroughly displeased with this though, and he showed his displeasure by kbing ipl. Ipl responded by deciding to fuck over everyone in the alliance except for LW and I. We found out about this when Lesm contacted me and told me about ipl asking him to attack Bass, with whom he’d been working to some extent so far. After this, everyone else pretty much went their own way, trying to placate ipl, and kill off their enemies ASAP. I’ll let them tell their own stories though. As for me, at this point, LW had promised to boost my prio to infinty, to prevent anyone stopping shade and I from winning. We finished off Thorns, and walked off, victorious. billy and nachos took out pent, and billy followed us. Crimeans Crushed:5

Props to shade for being an awesome partner, and hilarious throughout. His best game-related action: going to sleep N1, and his best unrelated action: I can’t pick one, it’s a tie between The (BAN ME PLEASE) List, The log with billymills where he hints that he knows that billy’s alias is Frollo, and his role is Lute, or what is actually my personal favourite to be honest:

[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:14] <Fishin> alright
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:17] <Fishin> 1
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:18] <Fishin> 2
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:20] <Fishin> 3
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:22] <shade> curry courtesans
[01:46:48] <&shade> [00:47:22] <Fishin> lycian lions

Props to billymills for being as great a partner as shade despite not sharing an alias with me, and accepting the two-tiered approach. We crushed many a Crimean.

Props to LN for gathering a shitton of info, and just being really active and involved throughout. It would’ve been nice if that shit in the end had been avoided, but yeah... It was good working with a man willing to put in that much effort!

Props to Fishin for being generally dependable and awesome all game, and being fucking Fargus. I wish you’d won with cyzir though =/ Also the image of you kicking a dude off the boat is hilarious.

Props to Bass for getting both my mortal enemies’ aliases, putting your alias on the line each time! This game is likely a stellar example of why we still try to work together despite all the past incidents, it was a blast!

Props to LightWolf for also being an awesome guy, and convincing ipl to not destroy the rest of #agoodalliance, and making the right decision N1, i.e. trusting me. Also, the HD

Thanks a lot DLE for having faith in me, and huge props for winning with the FINAL piece of Gold in the game!

Also props to Nachos for using his 100 G on the Lightning. Not everyone would’ve been willing to do that, and though it didn’t matter in the end because of CN having requested a sub, it would have been the only way to get his alias. Idk if you disagree, but it would’ve been totally worth it.

Sorry cyzir, p3 and agape...

Also, thank you Mekkah and zorbees for designing and hosting a game as complicated as this. That must’ve been a helluva lot of work, and things may not have panned out as you thought they would, but in the end, I had a lot of fun, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure a lot of others did as well.

P.S. Congrats on making a full recovery jpluff!
i had fun playing
but nothing super interesting i can remember happening

both of my mortal enemies were offed for me, etc.
Gmax's narration covers a lot of what our group did. In the beginning gmax ln and myself made a triangle trade which left all of us ready to act n2, then afterwards I went around talking to nearly everyone in the game and gathering as much group/enemy info as possible, which helped fill out the spreadsheet though not with aliases. Gmax, aska, and I also hung out in #talking which provided some useful info. Afterwards I decided to just play it safe, we had plenty of targets and I was careful to not reveal my alias to anyone outside of #agoodalliance.

After we got together with ipl to get the last few aliases we were missing, it seemed like victory was pretty much set in stone. Then the drama with LN and ipl happened, which led to my alias getting out. Despite feeling slightly guilty for leaving a helpless little girl like Lightwolf behind I decided I wanted to win asap before something could go wrong. I had a plan to win n4 but ultimately didn't succeed since I couldn't communicate with Volke in time to use my 138G and Paperblade forgot to attack Ilyana, though ilyana might have had enough hp to survive regardless so idk. I did win n5 though so its all good (except cyzir's death which ultimately could've been avoided but was the best option at the time).

this game was a lot of fun, and I think one of the big contributing factors was that you were out for yourself instead of playing for a team; I'd also like to think this means the winners were those who played well instead of those who happened to be on the right team. I'd definitely like to see more games in this format or something similar, though I think it'll be difficult to find something else that fits as well as Fire Emblem.
To make a long story short, I valued information over, you know, having real allies. I then found myself as someone with enough info to screw pretty much anyone over, but I either can't (ipl) or don't want to (#agoodalliance). The things I did ensured that while I knew a lot about other people, they also knew a lot about me, and my mistake was being Toulouse with my alias.

However, there were motivations to each action I took. To understand those, you're going to have to read the long version.

At first, my game plan was to sidle up to a user I liked and roll as far as possible with that one user. Crux and I had a good relationship from beforehand (I introduced him to mafia and let him into my expert mafia), so I figured there would be some trust between us. We got a lot of information from a lot of users, made a sheet, I got Crux's alias, etc. Then I find Gmax and join agoodalliance. I figure this can't be a bad thing. I'm still undecided though; do I give Crux's info to the alliance or vice versa?

Meanwhile, on our sheet, I added Mekkah and zorbees. Crux, being more idiotic than I thought he was, thinks that Mekkah's gmail is actually Gmax's, and that I've betrayed him to "the Gmax alliance". He goes to ipl and tells him all of my information. Woohoo! This concludes the section where bad things happen to askaninjask for no reason of his own. The rest of what happened to me was fairly directly my own fault.

Ipl contacts me, saying he wants me to join his alliance, and when I refuse, he tells me what he knows about me. I know agoodalliance hasn't leaked my info, and I had only told my items to Crux at that point anyway, so I knew he had leaked. I figure I'll make the best of the situation; join the alliance, get everyone's aliases, tell them to agoodalliance and kill them off.

Then Crux lets ipl know that I'm in "the Gmax alliance". That was a big oversight; for whatever reason, I hadn't made the connection that Crux would definitely be in ipl's alliance. I am already not liking my situation; I'm loyal to one alliance and now I'm stuck to the one I just joined to get ipl's alias (which I did get, but it was definitely not worth the price... and I didn't tell enough people before I died...).

I don't want two alliances to think I'm double agenting the other. I wanted to deal with this on my own, since I'm dumb like that, and built up a network of people to kill ipl. I thought I'd be able to do this because of what Ditto claimed his role was (he wasn't lying to me, but he was mistaken.). If Ditto was what I thought he was, ipl would have died on n2. In case that failed, I also had StevenSnype on my side, who would have killed him with me on night 3 (which, unfortunately, I did not live to see). I joined the SDS alliance with similar logic. Anyway, the two people he needed dead were people whose I needed dead too. Why would he backstab me? I underestimated his douchebaggery.

For whatever reason, when I died everyone thought that I had backstabbed them (which was only partially true; I gave a lot of info to agoodalliance, but none of the iplliance, and I gave ipl's alias to StevenSnype I think, but nothing else). I concealed info from agoodalliance, but the only info I leaked from it was that Fishin and LN were members of it (sorry), and I never gave any other info other than "the gmax alliance doesn't directly conflict with the people who I see in the ipl alliance". No aliases.

StevenSnype, I apologize. You were a fantastically loyal ally, and I would have loved to help you win, but agoodalliance knew I had traded with you. Not giving your alias would have made them kick me out of the alliance, and anyway, I was more loyal to the group of 5 I trusted than to you.

The paranoia and stress from this game probably shortened my life by about 20 years. Man, I fucked this one up. I hope my reputation hasn't been completely tarnished by this game.


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Well, let's see. I don't thing I have as long and complicated of a story to tell like Gmax, but here it goes anyway!

Basically, I wasn't sure what to expect as I didn't play TCG mafia and I haven't really played any of the FE games. Basically, all I knew before getting into the game was this line Mekkah said in a random conversation right before he finished making the game:

<Mekkah> Bass is the type of guy you send at a dangerous enemy

In all honesty, I wasn't sure what to think of this omen, and when I found out I was Marcus, the character who Gmax described as a meatshield in another random chat, I knew I had to act fast. If any of my enemies found me out, I would be a very high priority target due to the shear might of my character. And of course, as cliched as it is (especially for Mekkah), Gmax was the first player to contact me. Naturally, given our past history I wanted to avoid him, and if this was another game like Viva or Big Biggest, I probably would have tried avoiding him as long as I could. But, this game was a little different and I came to realize that if I tried to play solo, I would have almost certainly gotten rolled over. So I decided to agree to exchange a little bit of info with Gmax to determine if he was one of my enemies, and thankfully he was not. Nevertheless, I was still a little cautious due to our past relationship and kept a bit of distance between him and I for a little bit.

After this point, however, many events began to turn heavily in my favor. First, I started to talk to a few others, most notably Crux, who happened to find the alias of one of my enemies (Rody / Haar) right off the bat. I was quite surprised to later find out that he was working with none other than the infamous ipl! They then offered to form an alliance and asked me to join it, but given ipl's nature I still remained cautious. I also found my perfect trade partner in Yeti, who happened to have a silver sword and needed my silver bow, and thankfully Yeti is not the type to play shenanigans on her own. As a result of these two things, my first enemy died and I was capable of dealing 24 damage right after the first night. However, while I felt Yeti was someone I could trust, she wasn't exactly strong enough to be good alliance material by herself (though I didn't know about Pent at the time), so I more or less had to come to a decision on who to ally with: Gmax or imperfectluck. Gmax tried to convince me by stating how imperfectluck has a history of using "alliances" just for his own gain. While Gmax did have a history of screwing me over under the pretense of being recruited into an alliance, I was less worried about it happening this time since my role during both of those games wasn't desireable to him, and who doesn't desire the mighty Marcus? I also had information on one of his potential enemies. In the end, I finally gave up all my info and to my delight, I was invited into his alliance, agoodalliance, for real this time!

Anyway, once I joined, everyone quickly brought me up to speed. While continuing to avoid imperfectluck as long as possible, I was able to find my other enemy rather quickly thanks to Gmax, in exchange for outing Yeti. While I lied a little bit about my enemies to everyone besides my allies up to this point, I don't think I have ever lied in any mafia game before as much as I did in this one, and that started with porygon3. I pretended to want a trade with him under the pretense of needing to be promoted by his Elysian Whip, and Fishin and I even went through the trouble of crafting a fake role PM to do it. There was a crucial typo in the PM that we missed, but thankfully porygon3 didn't notice it and with Yeti's help, his death went very smoothly. I continued to lie to Yeti and also got Flounder's alias (although it was a legit trade this time). Indeed, as I was putting myself on the line to help Gmax kill his enemies, I was living up to Mekkah's words.

I guess I should also talk a little bit about the Ashera lynch. Basically, my allies weren't really sure what to do and wanted to lay low and not stand out (as I am sure many of the other alliances did), but I personally felt that the best way to do this while preventing damage was to have every single player vote instead. So, I came up with my plan to lynch the player above under the pretense that the only people who deserved to be spared from damage that day were the ones who took the risk to vote. While there were several users who tried to break the chain in order to troll me (Fatecrashers, Agape, Raikage), most of the other players agreed with my logic and stuck to the plan, and additionally the alliances were able to prevent themselves from standing out as long as they did not vote too late. Most of the mischievous chain breakers got what was coming to them in the following cycle, so I was also pleased with that.

As the rest of the people in my group were getting wittled down, most of us in agoodalliance were getting close to winning, and Gmax decided to add imperfectluck because he had information on many of the few remaining people we needed dead. Again, I was hesitant about it given ipl's nature, but at first it was working out well for us. There was one sore point of contention for me in that ipl wanted Fangren to win and therefore not Lesm46 (a player who I had previously agreed to work with). However, we were able to be civil about it and worry about it later. But of course as Gmax mentioned, things were about to turn for the worse.

What I am about to say may be inflammatory to some, so please try not to take it personally. No offense to LonelyNess but in my opinion he was being a bit of a (BAN ME PLEASE) in regards to the whole Fishy situation. I was particularly mad about it for a while because I backstabbed many people I was close to previously for the sake of the alliance, and Gmax and the others went through the same thing. I told Gmax earlier in the game that I feared that LN (after askaninjask) would be the weakest link in our chain because he seemed to value collabing with Fishy more than the alliance. Unfortunately, my worries turned out to come to fruition when LN kickbanned ipl out of agoodalliance over a drastic misunderstanding. To make matters even worse, the only one who ended up getting punished for it really was none other than me! Why, you ask? Well in addition to the whole Fishy thing, LonelyNess was also hellbent on not sharing Lesm46's alias with ipl because he wanted him to win much more than Fangren. At that point, I didn't really care and only wanted to take the easiest path to victory, even if it meant sacrificing Lesm unfortunately.

While ipl never stated this as the reason, I feel that this (in addition to ipl just being a dick about it, honestly) played a role in him telling all the other Nebata (BAN ME PLEASE) to gang up on me and attack me the following night. Luckily, I managed to convince Lesm46 not to and so we made our partnership permanent, allowing me to survive the night and kill off Fangren. I did take a lot of damage though, because instead of lynching vonFiedler like I wanted, we lynched Altair (damn you LonelyNess, again!).

Thankfully though with Fangren dead, imperfectluck had no legitimate reason to kill me, though I was worried that he might try to anyway just because he could, so I begged him to spare me, which he thankfully did thanks in no small part due to his new partnership with LightWolf. At this point, the rest of agoodalliance was willing to exclude LN from the victory party, although he still caused some tension by trying to hog the lynch yet again, seemingly to test whether we were loyal to him or ipl, so in the end most of us had to come up with some excuse for not voting. Somehow in the end though all of us managed to win, ipl and LN included.

Now then, for some shout outs:

Gmax, thank you for forming and inviting me into agoodalliance. Despite our past relationship and Mekkah's doubts all game long, we managed to work well together the whole game. While the trade might seem one sided to some onlookers (He gave me the identity of one of my enemies and won early vs the two I gave him which required me to put my alias on the line in all three cases!), it was fair in the end because his efforts indirectly helped me located the rest of my enemies and win. Additionally, he continued to offer words of encouragement during the whole ipl fiasco even after winning early. Nevertheless, I will still probably pick Mekkah over you in future games, if it ever comes to that again.

LonelyNess, you worked really hard to help the rest of the team get info, so I can understand some of the entitlement you felt later in the game for our loyalty, but I said what needed to be said. I am glad that we all won in the end, but I think these are things you should keep in mind for future games, considering that you stated to me that you never regretted your actions.

imperfectluck, I am thankful that you spared me in the end, but I am still disappointed that you took your anger out on me when I did nothing wrong!

The rest of agoodalliance (LightWolf, Fishin). You guys are bros, and it was a pleasure working with you all. I hope that we can have similar opportunities again in the future!

Flounder, Yeti and CN, it is a shame that I had to lie to you guys. If it weren't for the fact that Gmax needed you dead, we probably could have worked together the whole game, although lying to you guys gave me a distinct sense of pleasure (especially you CN because you were so hellbent on turtling!)

Mekkah and zorbees, thank you for hosting this game! I didn't expect much initially given my relatively strong though boring role, but it ended up being a blast! Even though you jokingly still refused to acknowledge me in the end, Mekkah!
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I don't really have much to add, Gmax summed most of the game up on my part, and Lightwolf added a bit too.

I started out pretty quickly, talking most people, and whoever was up for discussion. Not really saying a lot, and expecting a lot said in return. I made up a few items for trade, and asked for a lot of items I really had no need for, until I found GTS. I had his promo item, he had mine. He didn't have a weapon, but I convinced him to exchange promo items n0 anyway. I ended up spending the next 2-3 days looking for an sword to help him out with afterwards =/.

I talked to Gmax pretty quickly, we decided to work together. He found two crimeans Night 0, I got both of their aliases. Trading a wind tome to ColonelM, and Alondite to HD. Gmax was already thinking ahead, so he told HD I didn't actually have alondite, and to trade Agape, so that I could have Agape's alias down the road. What a smart guy!

I set aquilae and BT on HD, attacked him myself, and Gmax set volke on him. BT thought it'd be a better idea to work for his mortal enemy, so he must have backed out.

We found the rest of the crimean aliases shortly thereafter, from multiple sources. Lightwolf found dak's alias from dak, I found it later from Bastian and worked on finishing him off asap. Rare (?) helped us kill Snype, and Thorns was KOed pretty easily thereafter.

I tried helping GTS and Lesm out where I could. Lesm promoted early and got his weapon Day 1, so he was pretty good to go. GTS couldn't do anything, and was eventually scammed for his alias from LN, he then idled the night he was being attacked which cost him the game.

Other than that, I kinda hung on to the coattails of Gmax' alliance for info. Gmax gave me everything I needed, Lightwolf clued me in every so often. The rest of them are lying bastards, except bass who never really said anything.


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Honestly, I found this game quite dull.

I never did anything really, I didnt have a "group" I just talked to IPL and Raikage. I won it because other people wanted me to win it. There wasnt much more to it from my perspective.

Have a nice day.


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askaninjask said:
Meanwhile, on our sheet, I added Mekkah and zorbees. Crux, being more idiotic than I thought he was, thinks that Mekkah's gmail is actually Gmax's, and that I've betrayed him to "the Gmax alliance". He goes to ipl and tells him all of my information. Woohoo!
...I feel bad for laughing but that is a hysterical catalyst for the whole thing :(

And thanks, Gmax! :D

I'm sorry I had to sub out of this, but I don't think I would have won anyway because I wasn't proactive enough to get into the alliance, and I was playing too slowly as far as info went. I didn't realise it'd be quite so fast-paced ^_^;; I thought it was funny that LN got all suspicious of me because of my 'crest' mistake, except I didn't think it was funny that he'd be trying to kill me because of it. Oops.

dak and I had a good plan; I was never gonna find Neph or the other enemy by drawing him, so I'd draw Bramimond, give dak abilities including giving people penises for avatars or whatever, and get gold for getting the character right. Here is what I drew; however I never got to use it because I subbed out that cycle. The text was per request.

I faked a PM as Chad, the only other artistic FE character I could find out about, but I lost it :( oh well. I never used it anyway.

Also, it isn't a proper game of mafia if I don't at least threaten to sub out of it, right?

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Meh, I had work pounding on me left and right, which didn't help my situation. Guess next time I have to keep my lips pursed a bit more. The fake trade slipped me the hardest probably.


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I am not totally sure what happened this game, but I can come away confident that I did not play it properly at all.

It definitely seemed very well done though so props to the hosts.

I also had tons of fun musing with ipl, even though I think this might be the first time I didn't come out on the winning end of our musings.
So I made everyone know I was a bow user from N1, without knowing there were only three of those in the game -_-. That made a lot of people think I was their mortal enemy, including Gmax, who "set up a three-way" between him, Bass and myself, which of course went down the drain fast because they found Yeti (Louise). I thought looking for a trade, when I actually didn't need one AT ALL, was a decent move because of that line in the rules that said that everyone had a fair trade to pull. Of course, I didn't.

The first guy I contacted was Ditto, which obviously had to be one of my mortal enemies. I actually found that out from his own words, telling me he was Xane. Then I had other people (Gmax) telling me the same.. which was a waste. I talked a lot with Agape too, and we thought we'd be a good combo (offense and defense) but he got inactive fast and, well, died.

So I was left pretty much alone, except for the random deals I had with IPL, that made me feel like I was still doing something of worth. I WAS the main reason for Kaa dying N1, as well as assisting killing Tarzan on N2. But I was getting wary that IPL was a Dolphin seeing all those Dolphin targets, so I was extremely wary of giving my alias away, even when I was offered access to their sheet (Crux). I'm sure IPL thought I definitely wasn't Dolphin at one point, but others like Ditto, whom I gave my faction too, must have told him otherwise. So he "confessed" of being Dolphin as well and that we should work together. Of course, when I found out Sam was Dolphin too, I wanted to get him out of the picture so I could force IPL to work with me.

But then, of course, LN had to come by and find out what I was hiding the whole game, my alias. I got Ditto's and IPL's aliases but it was too late, and I actually had hope that LW would lower IPL's speed so that I'd live, but of course that was another big lie. So I died.

I think my role was bad. Why? Yes, it had colossal initial damage, but it was designed to stay stealth. Everything was pointing to that- the fact that I used Bows, the fact I didn't need trades to deal great damage, even my ability, which was anon messages. But, this game unfolded in a way that whoever stayed hidden would get fucked over sooner or later, because the alliances (or alliance) was so powerful they'd simply rand anyone they didn't know about eventually, leaving no real chance. Even in the final stages of the game, whoever stayed hidden was almost surely doomed. I feel that if my role was designed to be a bit more open, I could have done better. Really. But, of course, my role WASN'T the cause of my death, but my own mistakes, so I'm not guaranteeing anything. I did think this game was fun, but I do wish I'd had gotten something else to work with.
i may as well defend my rather disappointing performance in this game

from night 1 i decided i would try and find the lockpick, get rich and try to buy my way to victory. i had gmax and bmills pinned as enemies around night 3 due to some deduction and talking to people, and desperately tried to find a way to kill either of them, since I knew I had done a good job of keeping my head down, and would be the last Crimean to die. I played along with gmax from night 3, trying to find a chink in the armor of that 'winners' circle'. I contacted a few people, offering massive amounts of gold to see either gmax or billy dead, but they were far too elusive.

but what I think sealed my loss was shade - I had never guessed that he was with gmax. I thought he was a jew out to find information, like most other players, but when I discovered that he was danved with gmax, I knew it was over, and of course I was taken out the following night.

things I would have done better
- being more active and aggressive early on instead of hoping to pay people off for favours
- finding some good allies - I had some friends but nothing solid
- using my fake treasure early for a good item

this game ended exactly the same way for me as in tcg mafia - being stabbed by the other two people in my faction still alive
gg~ would rather a return to the normal big mafia format next game


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I thought of this game as an experiment.

I had worked against IPL in TCG and Card Game and lost both games, so I decided that I would follow everything he told me to do and see where it got me, since I had tried doing things the other way and it hadn't worked out so well.

And, well, this time it worked out well. I mainly just did what IPL told me to and gave my occasional suggestions for who to target first and so forth, although after IPL subbed out I took charge of my own and AG's actions with LightWolf.

Overall I really didn't do anything that well this game other than picking allies who didn't betray me. If I hadn't accidentally given my alias to Askaninjask (I c/p'd my role PM below the alias line and, for some reason and even though it wasn't highlighted, it included "From: Walt, To: Goofy" at the top...even though I didn't even highlight the top line of the actual Role PM with my alias name in it) I wouldn't have even needed healing this game. I was randed by Amelia on like Night 6 (which I was surprised at because I didn't think anyone would be randing that late in the game...), which made the late game tenser than it should have been. Fortunately, LightWolf stayed true to his word and convinced Fishy to BG me (or at least he said he did and I won anyway), so I wasn't really in any danger the night I won.

Props to Flamestrike for being an elusive final enemy, if LightWolf hadn't found out your "Fuck Tiger" ability we may well have lynched you and you may well have won with that+hiring Volke to off a Lion. Thanks to LightWolf as well for being helpful and true to his word in the late cycles. Of course, my biggest thanks have to go to IPL, who orchestrated most of what went well for me, such as SDS's death or the deaths of several Dolphins.

And finally, thanks to the hosts for hosting a really fun and well-put-together game!
I gave my alias to only two people (one of which was my trade partner) until Night 5 I think where I gave it to Gmax who I trusted (and I knew was going to win or something that night anyway). According to LN, I was the last alias to be known on his sheet. I'd like to thank Snype and Lesm for being good allies on that.

My story is simple: I got the infomation I needed on my enemies and that was that. It meant that I didn't have much to barter, but my targets all seemed to fall into my lap (Gmax and billy told me about CN) so that didn't matter anyway. I found out after the game that aska had tried to get me into #agoodalliance as the only Lycian Lion, which meant I had to give up my alias. I suppose it was a good thing that I didn't....heh.

For my first big game (not counting the one where I died the night I subbed in), this was pretty enjoyable.


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OK, so I’ve already been kinda called out twice. I’m going to start off by saying this log is the sole reason I betrayed askaninjask. He had given Gmax all my info (or so I had thought) without asking me, proving malicious intent. So I sold him out to ipl, my newest ally.

01[06:39] <Crux> you added gmax to our sheet?
[06:39] <askaninjask> yeah

I have spoken with aska, and it turns out he was referring to adding Gmax’s info to our sheet. So the reason aska lost (and me too) was due to this misunderstanding.


Well, where to start?

You all know that I originally allied myself with aska, who then left me for Gmax and co. ipl had already expressed interest in working with me and I knew he did not need me dead. Ipl, Unclesam and high had a kind of three way trade over 2 nights so neither of them could stab me since I had both of their aliases.

At the end of night one, I had made contact with many people, we had heaps of information and we were killing Rody in an attempt to gain Bass’ loyalty, which we did not get anyway. I was very happy with how things were going and quite confident.
Then LN decided for no particular reason to give PaperBlade and SDS my alias, which he had obtained from askaninjask. He threatened to post it and wanted ipl’s alias in exchange. I was at work on my phone and had no access to my sheet so I could not tell him this at the time. I told him this and he got impatient and didn’t believe me or something so he posted anyway. This, whilst annoying, was not what killed Ariel.

With everyone knowing my alias, I gained a distinct advantage; the ability to trade without the fear of having my aliases revealed. This gave me the freedom to make the deals I needed in order to survive. I gained the damaging halving and the healing staves as well as substantial sums of gold. On the night that I died, I was incredibly close to winning, I had the aliases of both my enemies and Bern Bears were dropping like flies.

But then I was randhooked by Kishuna under the guidance of Ditto. This is what killed Ariel. If I had not been hooked I almost certainly would have won. But what is done is done etc.

I really enjoyed this game and am fairly satisfied with how I played. Whilst I did make some mistakes, I have learned from them and wont make them again. Thank you to everyone who helped me and thank you mekkah and zorbees.

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As the only true neutral this game, I figure I should post about how I played.

When I got my role PM, I had no idea how I should play my role. I knew that I probably didn't have many enemies, if any, and that I really did not want to make any enemies. I needed 500 gold to win and to get it before the game ended. Pretty self-explanatory.

But at first, I figured I should try to make some friends of the people PMing me asking for stuff. I think I first talked to askaninjask, and told him that I was looking for money, to which he told me that he could actually get money. I think I told porygon3 the same thing. I essentially told Quagsires my role, since i wanted to have an outlet in case things got rough for me to get some money. Still not sure why I chose Quagsires to first tell, though. If I remember correctly, it was 4/20 or the night before it, so any reasonable explanation probably wouldn't make a whole lot of sense given the context.

But then I started to actually think about my role. I soon realized (still night 0) that I either had to be everyone's friend, or to be 1 person's best friend. Going in the middle wouldn't work, as then I'd be fought over by people, and it could take just 1 person feeling I am "betraying them" or feeling as though my damage could kill them to end my chances at winning.

So gmax PMs me asking me stuff, and I basically tell him everything, although I was being slightly facetious when I said that I had told no one that I was Volke. I hadn't, but Quagsires knew I could contract and would have had to have been foolish not to know that I was Volke, and p3/aska both knew I wanted gold, although I did not explain the context of why to them. We exchange aliases and went from there.

I tell him that I needed 500-1000 gold to win the game, as well as that I could 2hko dorcas on night 0. He felt that was a ridiculous expectation that Mekkah had on me, and I kind of assumed that he figured I had to get either 500 or 600. Still, I was pretty paranoid about someone trying to milk me near the end of the game for hits when I desperately need to get money to win, and wanted the final number of gold to be ambiguous. I also didn't want my damage output to be known, as I felt it would be easier to sell damage from a powerful neutral than one where they know I'm doing "only" 15 a turn, since I didn't know what kind of damage output to expect from people.

So I made a 50G deal with Gmax, not knowing when the game would end. I figured 50 a night would be fair until the later parts of the game, when people are desperate to have people kill for them.

I didn't have anything to trade, but didn't want everyone knowing I was neutral. So I brushed off most people, claimed to have a staff to some people, and claimed to want bows to others.

Most of my play from day 1 until about night 4 was pretty boring. I did a bit of trolling with ginganinja, talking to him on irc under the name abc123 or some such name. He sent me a message night 0 telling me his name as bastian, and I soon found out that his only power was being able to anonymously contact me, which kinda sucked. But he offered me 80 for a hit, which I gladly accepted night 3.

Gmax gave me his sheet night 3 as well, giving me a bit of info to know what was actually happening this game.

I worked almost entirely through gmax, as he kept me anonymous until night 4 with the whole purging thing, where I claimed to ipl after he pressured me into doing so. I didn't see the point in staying anonymous anymore, when I had a full sheet at the time and didn't exactly need people attacking me.

Night 4 was pretty much a mess. I had a deal worked out with Bass for a hit for 100, and then Lonelyness comes up and tells me to take a 138 hit on ipl, which I didn't really want to take but felt scared of the consequences of not doing it. But after assurances that Fishin wasn't even on by Gmax (and due to my knowing what alias Lonelyness was telling me to contract with from the sheet), I didn't take that hit. However, after this and being slightly sleep deprived, ipl asked me if I still needed a contract. I for some reason was afraid Bass hadn't sent it in, or that it was cancelled by me sending in the first PM for Fishin? I don't really know, but I told ipl yes, and he got me in contact with lightwolf. At this point, I felt I had to take the lightwolf hit to not piss off ipl as well as for my own security, since i tried contacting bass a little bit before I caught a plane that day. He got on right around deadline, but by then I kinda had my hands tied, and was just generally stressed out from real life stuff going on, so I kinda bs'ed a bit and said that I had someone else. I felt sorta bad about that; sorry bass =(

So now, I feel pretty safe in knowing i should win comfortably. I have the 100 I started with, 2 nights of 50 g contracts with gmax, the 80 with ginga, 100 with lightwolf, and need 120 to go to win.

Then I worked with ipl again on night 5 and he got me in contact with undisputed, and the next day rolls around with a dead undisputed and no money in my pocket. I should have contacted fishin, but ipl seemed to hint that he probably had the cell phone, which I thought made sense as he had massive amounts of money. So anyway, I flip out, since hardly anyone left had money. Mekkah does tells me that it wasnt my fault so that I didn't go insane, but I didn't know whether it was a failed contract or due to a role I was unaware of, etc. So I went around like mad looking for people with money.

Pretty much everyone tells me they're broke, bar a few people. Raikage told me he had 100 but wanted to spend it all that day. Flamestrike tells me that he has 49. GTS tells me that he has 18. Lightwolf mentioned that he had 1, but he wanted to buy an item with it. And Paperblade ignored me. But sadly, no one had 120+. Not even GTS, who actually had 118 but was buying a steel sword that turn for 100 but didn't tell me. Oh well. So I knew that I either had to rely on someone being nice and just giving me their money, or ripping someone off.

So of the gold i'm aware of, there is 49 from flamestrike and 100 from raikage, since gts seems as though he's about to be lynched. Raikage told me that he was planning on spending 100 on the cell phone, but I told him that I needed gold to win and could help him eliminate fishy. So he asks how much i would need, and I told him that I would need 70 from him, as I was pretty sure someone had to have 50 gold out there (he was the first person I talked to). But then as deadline approached, I realized that there was no one with 50 gold...just flamestrike with 49. So I had to beg lightwolf not to spend his 1 gold and to give it to me that night, and I promised him that I wouldn't screw him over. So lightwolf, being the nice guy he is, agreed.

So night 6 rolls around, and rich GTS gets lynched. So now there's, to my knowledge, only 120 gold left in the game. and I realize that this is basically going to be the concluding night. I had weighed my options around a bit, and realized the only way I could win was to either ensure that flamestrike wasn't killed that night and get his money another night, or to contract with him and rip someone off. Sadly, the person i had to rip off was the person who I couldn't have won without, raikage. I did finally manage to get paperblade's gold amount out of having flamestrike ask him <____________<. Apparently he had 50 gold and I didn't need to go through this. But I was in too deep and the game was probably going to end the next day anyway.

So, basically, I won by having Raikage, instead of contract with me, give me his gold. I had him send 2 PMs: 1 which said "giving 70 gold to timon" with the body of "contract fee" and another which had a contract PM, which in the body stated the hit...or something like that. If you want the exact PM i sent him, I can post that up. Now, this wasn't how my role worked whatsoever, but his sending the giving gold PM meant that...well, he was just giving me his gold as a regular transaction. I then contracted with flamestrike, prayed lightwolf was true to his word, and he was. ps sorry raikage :(

That's pretty much it for stuff that mattered.

Oh, and I never used my power to day vote, nor revealed it to anyone because I didn't think it was necessary. I figured contracting out damage was incentive enough to get people to contract with me.