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Fire Emblem Mafia - Postgame

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Mekkah, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    About goddamn time eh.

    The game is dead, and the least I can do is give it a proper burial, because when it was alive, I think we all loved it. I'm really sorry for it having no better ending than this.

    Allow me to walk by every player and say a thing or two about them. I'll try to add up their CWC, though take it with a grain of salt, since the game has not finished.

    Greil Mercenaries

    Amelia - Magic Carpet

    This role had some great potential, but it required to get in touch with the main village, and it had to be executed somewhat subtly. Thankfully, Amelia figured he could just copy posts like "Lynch Alice" and be done with it. He saved all his ammo though, and ended up on the wrong end of the Lopt Sect's hired assassin, since the moles in the village didn't want to let this wild card run...wild.

    CWC: 0

    Bass - Balou

    Every main section had a bodyguard that's essentially the same qua custom win condition. It was one of my ways to stop neutrals from what they were in some past games: broken wild cards that have to juggle themselves between factions all the time, trying to see which one will help him win. Making bodyguards survive the game for their CWC is, admittedly, a bit of a cruel move.

    CWC: People drew the conclusion that there were only 5 neutrals that could win. This is wrong. There were 5 neutrals who could win independently, but there were also two wolves. Anyway, technically only Twash won so far, and neutrals did get a severe beating in this game. Of course, the Lopts took Bass out as swiftly as they could.

    Bender - Mickey Mouse

    One of those rather useless roles, but it had to go on someone. The medallion was property of Lehran/Sephiran, the Begnion Senate's killer. They could only kill on even nights before, but with it, they could do it every night. And it had one other nasty property...not the most creative _role_, but I feel that every game should have some "cannon fodder" roles that can be used as bait.

    BlueKirby - Captain Hook

    It was going to be some obscure girl from FE5 with a thief staff, but I knew Blue Kirby wasn't into FE, so I crafted this. For those wondering, BK and I used to play sumo volleyball against each other a lot.

    Anyway, it took some buggering to get BK to send his role PMs in since he was so busy. He didn't end up doing a lot of significant things - ended up being stolen from, but that thief (moot, who was subbed out for pookar) had higher priority, so he burned down his ship before he came home with the money he took from Earthworm. He united with the GMs (including obligatory moles) pretty late, sadly.

    Also, he was the one holding the "stealth vote" item, the Propaganda. Only he didn't know, it was just a piece of paper to him. Elaboration will come!

    CWC: 3. I think.

    Lesm46 [subbed in for Doomsday] - Darkwing Duck

    Yes, DD being DD was totally a coincidence.

    Another role's flavour changed specifically to help out someone who I know isn't into FE. It ended up reviving Shiv-puggy/Danved who was imo a much much worse candidate for revival than Lightwolf/Ike, but at least he did his thing. Lesm46 ended up in touch with the main village island pretty much directly after being subbed in.

    CWC: 10. This one was probably too easy. Then again, it pressured you to use it before you end up killed, maybe on someone who isn't very useful at all.

    billymills [subbed in for Giga Punch"] - Mufasa

    Giga Punch had a job, so I asked billymills to get in. I mean, you could roll on and on and on about him, but he did unite my team in DBZ mafia, so he couldn't be that bad.

    Cell Phone was a pretty hilarious item, if I may say so myself. Kumar, the Begnion Thief agreed and stole it before anyone could do anything with it. I haven't seen any BG piercing going on. This role was the last role implemented, and I thought it was actually a pretty good thing to have. The last thing Ike needed, limited as he was, was his kill blocked by a bodyguard.

    CWC: 0

    GTS - Pocahontas

    A back-up inspector that got killed right away. Poor GTS.

    CWC: 0

    Lightwolf - Quasimodo

    A very limited vigilante, because I thought Vegeta and the ones in the Simpsons were way too easy to pull off. People thought his kill ability stacked, even though I noted it didn't. The poor victim of Jedil's famous FUCK TIGER maneuver.

    Anyway, his CWC could have been more thought out. Maybe 1.5 or 2 per surviving GM. Ike was obviously supposed to have a CWC that really makes him want his fraction to win, both for story purposes and because you don't want a vigilante to switch sides.

    CWC: probably 10 if you count this as the end of the game, but I'd expect it to be 0 at the real end due to how badly GMs got obliterated

    porygon3 - Abu

    Volke (Gmax) was far and far away my favourite role and I have a lot to say about him, but I'll do that on his own entry. porygon3 was kept from Gmax for some time due to thunda being rejective to him. I think by the time they knew each other Hipmonlee just locked the guy up, and that was about all the action porygon3 got.

    CWC: 0. I could see this one becoming 10, probably, if Gmax managed to keep himself alive and friendly with whoever is in power.

    Rev - Belle

    Died way too early when she could have uncovered so much, especially NPCs. I couldn't help but laugh when she actually put a description of a McDonalds-like meal for Santa (who was Doomsday at that point).

    CWC: 3. Obviously one to have some fun with. I noticed I typo'd this one, and it could have been loopholed all the way to 10 easily, now that I look at it.

    Shade - Alice

    Standard hooker, standard village performance (in the moled village). I did enjoy the flavour.

    CWC: 2, I think. I'd remember if anything important was hooked.

    Shiv/Puggy - Dale (-> Gaston)

    This was one of my favourite Greil Merc roles. It was designed to unite the village more easily and to weed out moles by selecting groups, and also to give a relatively new player with potential a good player to talk to. Sadly, Shiv played pretty terribly, suiciding without even talking to Puggy then hogging the revival that could have gone to Ike. And also collabbed with Jackal like a cunt. It was only natural that they were imprisoned by the Lopt Sect - a major and a party guy (©AwesomeBrainRoles) in one controled by two people is pretty daunting.

    CWC: 3. Meant to encourage village uniting, of course, and to use that Grand Show before dying (which happened).

    Sonuis - The Beast

    Reverse martyr, wanted to try this one out.

    Another person who ended up in the moled village, seemingly working on commands and sometimes deviating, which actually got Devdan imprisoned. Also sent in his PMs in ALL CAPS.

    CWC: 0. I don't think it ever worked out.

    Stoo - Cogsworth

    Sorry Stoo, you got stuck with an item-holder role. The Hot Scale was basically a slightly more powerful Towel (from Apocalypse Mafia), meant to give thieves a harder time. It was already there when I decided to add gold to the game, but either way I thought it balanced out nicely. They did a good job putting it on Ike so his Ragnell didn't get stolen, but it wasn't half as good as it couldn't have been since, you know, everyone in the game knew what and where it was.

    CWC: 5, I guess, since the game ended in a night and the item that was in it previous day was heavily bid on.

    Scubs - Iago

    TAY was subbed out for Scrubs due to the whole New York fiasco.

    The first announcer role. Scrubs needed a wake-up call, clearly, as his idling meant Raikage got to pose as Greil Mercenary for a long time.

    CWC: 5. I guess he survived.

    Thorns - Pinocchio

    Decided to PM moi at night 0 with "I'm a real boi ;)", and acted cocky pretty much all game long. Funny how everyone believed moi's generic inspector false claim despite the village having this inspector, GTS as back-up inspector (who died early, so everyone could see it), and an extremely powerful sherrif. Stupid.

    CWC: 1. I think he inspected a bad guy after Fishin already did it.

    thunda - Mulan (-> Oliver the Kitten)

    Obviously wanted to give him a non-FE related role. He was like an infinite resurrection rogue who only had to stalk the right faction, so unlike other game's rogues he was low risk, low reward (Simpsons and DBZ rogues turned into Vigilante and Kraken respectively). Spent more time trolling than doing really useful things for his team, such as handing out 1G to random people and telling his team he was actually B.A. Baracus, though he got genuinely mad when he found out he was moled.

    CWC: 10. He convinced Fishin to kill him, and in trade removed him and his 2 other aliases from the GM spreadsheet so they wouldn't lynch him. And he was the one to find Fishin out, too.

    Begnion Senate

    AvatarST - Simba

    Had a funny false claim going early on, but decided to come out as Begnion later for god knows what reason. Then also got reasonably busy, and also collabbed with Shiv for no reason to make Gmax's life more difficult even though I asked him twice not to do the whole friend collab thing. :(

    CWC: 6. He blocked a thief and a kill with the umbrella song.

    cyzir visheen - Goofy

    Definitely one of my favourite items/roles in the game. Essentially, it allowed him to stealth vote like the Scepter, except it also overturned the vote of whoever was holding the thing. cyzir parked the Propaganda on BlueKirby (Captain Hook), who was completely unaware of what the slip of paper did. And coincidentally, this is the item that got Ike lynched. Jedil posted "..." right after BlueKirby (another total coincidence), which meant there were two totally unseen votes for Ike. So the moment Jedil suicided, he was the one with most votes. Some may disagree with those lynching ethics...well, looking back on it, who would want to miss FUCK TIGER?

    CWC: 10. I can't be arsed to check, but he was definitely alive for long enough for this to be true.

    Jackal - Sarabi (-> Maid Marian)

    A mafia leader that has the option of becoming wolf once he acquires a certain item. Highly experimental, and partly succesful: he did end up using it and no one suspected anything...except he told Shiv, which is gay. I guess the GMs needed a wolf to help them out, but then again they already had Fishin. Couldn't have ended too well.

    CWC: 0. His CWC seems impossible when you look at the start of the game, since he could only kill every even night, which ties with Tibarn and loses to Jerme of the Lopt Sect, but that's because he got to kill every night with the medallion in hands, whereas the Lopt's kill became greatly nerfed if either of the Manfroy/Jerme combo died.

    Actually, his CWC is irrelevant, since he transformed to the following:

    Which was pretty outdated but I forgot to revamp it before it was needed, since the shop now took the role of scavenger rather than Accio *.*. Whatever.

    Jedil - Bagheera

    Standard Silencer + posting restriction. We all know about FUCK TIGER by now which was awesome.

    CWC: 2 at least, 6 if you count Nergal's survival. thunda complained to me in PM, and then someone else complained as well in public. I liked this CWC the most, I think.

    Kumar - Timon

    The best thief in the game, snatching like 100-200G total from people, including his butt buddy Pumbaa. THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM LORD NERGAL, GET YOUR GOLD TO ME.

    CWC: 10. He stole the Cell Phone from billymills and Lehran's Medallion from Bender, so that's 2 points, but I think he deserves more for all the gold he stole. And you could say he survived.

    Raikage - Jetsam

    Best used announcer role which, in combination with Scrubs' lack of initiative, allowed him to mole and ruin the Greil Mercenaries all the way until his lynch. UWEE HEE HEE!

    CWC: 7-8 or something, depending on how often he managed to publish. He did make the post right before he died.

    RB Golbat - Aurora

    I'd hate being back-up killer and having nothing to do in the meanwhile, so I gave Nergal the ability to make believable false claims, a way to level the playing field between FE and non-FE players. And his lack of a vote encourages him to stay undercover.

    CWC: 3. Denning survived, Kishuna didn't, and he didn't get to kill anything at all, iirc. He needed Sephiran dead (or berserked) at some point to fulfill complete CWC.

    tennisace - Ursula

    BG that needs neutrals to lose, just like the others. Sadly he got lynched early. I fucked up at the Lopt Sect inspection that got him, by the way...I pasted Nergal instead of Zelgius. Didn't matter _too much_ because it was an evil guy either way, and Jerme's PM in the Lopt Sect already says Nergal was with the Begnion Senate. So the only info it got them was that Nergal could make false claims. Sorry about either way. But I digress. tennis didn't get to do much at all since he was lynched so early.

    CWC: Technically only Twash won so far, but one of the kids was going to win as well...see Jeigan/Bass, I guess.

    Lopt Sect

    Brain - Scar

    What a madman. Whereas I expected this role to be used carefully, Brain spammed for inspections in the first three nights, identifying one of Fishin's aliases as a non-NPC on night 1 and getting his NPC kill on night 2. He also led the Lopt Sect as a true lion king, threatening to feed his minions to the hyena's if they talked to anyone without his permission. Just look at the Lopt subforum for his plans. I was amazed at the ideas he had with the combination of roles available.

    CWC: 10. Fuck yeah.

    Earthworm - Peter Pan

    The child that would not grow up.

    <@jyranitar> Earthworm have you hit puberty yet
    <@Earthworm> lol
    <@Earthworm> i think so junior

    Made an awesome false claim as BPV that got CWC for being vulnerable that wormed him into the village forums. thunda even made me turn him into forum leader at one point. A GIANT WALKS AMONG YOU!

    CWC: See other carbon copied BGs.

    eric the espeon - Smee

    Same as Nergal, except more emphasis on needing Manfroy (Hipmonlee) dead. He just listened to his orders and carried them out, like a good minion...yeah, a god listening to orders from a bishop.

    CWC: 5. Sadly he didn't do a lot, if anything with his CWC. Manfroy was about to get lynched though.

    moi - Mrs Potts

    Another one of the Lopt's moles, constantly bragging about it too. It's funny how someone who was so bad in previous mafias (or current ones, heh). Brain had the idea of letting moi revive a NPC, so Merlin ended up walking around like a zombie, and like a klutz I forgot to put that in one of the day topics. Merlin ended up buying the Ragnell, too. In retrospect, this role might have been broken if the game had gone on.

    CWC: 10, if the corpse had survived all the way. 2 if not. we'll never know~

    Hipmonlee - Robin Hood

    I only noticed later how it ended up being Jackal vs Hipmonlee as mafia leaders again, like in DBZ. Hip played really well, getting into the village forum with a "prevent someone from getting hooked" claim, and in conjunction with Jerme killed a crapload of people in the blink of an eye. The place where you could not escape from was hinted at to be the boat that got dak stuck for a couple of hours. I forgot to put a cap on his imprisoning, which jumpluff thankfully put at 3 while I was fighting the Italian mafia. Thank god.

    CWC: 10, as it is now. Could have turned a lot worse.

    pookar just took orders pretty well, it seemed. Didn't do a lot of interesting things and even got stolen from my Kumar, whose alias was Timon, so I found that pretty funny.

    CWC: I thought this was a good example of CWC. A competition for having gold. Sadly, he didn't make it to the top.

    SevenDeadlySins - Dale

    The guy who sliced up people after they'd been trapped on the boat by Hip. Ended up getting lynched, but before then played his part pretty well. Also got inspected by the hawk tribe, and then inspected again by village just to make sure. =/

    CWC: If my calculations are right, he actually made it to highest # kills, though I think someone else might have surpassed him (either Jackal or eric). Only time would have told.

    The speech hasn't been used well at all (the only time he actually announced something, Twash filtered it), but the item sure as hell was. Hip and I agreed later it was broken, but used to full potential. Its most interesting use was probably when pookar was about to get inspected and Hip changed the CV on the same night pookar stole it from him, allowing them to screw up that inspection as well. Shiney himself...just followed orders from them Hips and Brains.

    CWC: 5 max if he survived, I guess. Why he didn't try more often to get CWC is beyond me. Well, I do recall Brain thought it wouldn't do much after it was shown Raikage wasn't exactly a village announcer. Really, the announcer roles didn't play as I imagined at all.


    Twash - Bambi

    As I said, had the announcers played as I expected, this wouldn't have been as easy for Twash as it was. He thought I was trying to trick him when I told him he had the option to suicide (so that he couldn't lose). The idea was that he'd try to work with village to get as much truth out there, or with mafia if they had more to offer to him. Turns out he needed none of it.

    cookie - Genie
    GreenPikachu - Donald Duck

    So cute. Sometimes they would neglect to send in Night PMs which was really annoying. gp would also collab with matamato and moi, which really annoyed me (I told you (BAN ME PLEASE) don't collab in my goddamn game). On someone's spreadsheet, cookie had a note "claims anything gp says is bullshit", which was kind of the thing I was hoping for to see. The other thing was that they'd try to get people they tagged killed by others for their own gain (as killed people couldn't be retagged) but they both just played very lazily.

    Fishin & Flounder - Flounder, Lumière, Lamp

    The only non-overpowered games in recent mafia history, imo. The idea was, like Devdan, that the more experienced player would keep the other under control, but it wasn't meant to be, and Flounder ended up pasting their forum description ([Where the Hawk King plans his revenge upon the human race.) in a hilarious interrogation convo with moi and thunda. thunda forced Fishin to kill him on the night he stalked him to gain CWC, and in trade removed their info from their spreadsheet and pretended to the village he was dead, which was hysterical as well. When one of the minion hawks died, the other would become able to steal. Like Begnion, they seemed very apt at finding NPCs...they could never have won after they'd been found by Brain's NPC-finding ability (Fishin claimed the alias Flounder was a NPC, which I thought was smart), but I'd like to think Fishin did as well as he could under circumstances.

    matamato - Mad Hatter

    Sorry for the fuck-up :( For some reason this is the only neutral dak likes, while I think it could have been the most harmful one in retrospect.

    Gmax - Ariel

    Far and far away my favourite role in the game. What's better in a game of mafia than a pact maker you CAN trust to keep his side of the deal? Stupid village would have none of it, however, and the only Begnion man who made deals with him (Raikage) died early...though he managed to get quite a lot in later. Even almost made a deal that would've killed off the entire Senate (due to lack of gold), but it was called off. He made some pretty clever pacts, but he was sadly too hesitant to make a long term pact with Lopt. Once Bastian died, he could've chosen his one-time kill himself.

    Toothache - Flotsam

    Toothache the female shaman...Most annoying anonymous poster, probably. The one time Toothache's goal is to actually die, he refuses to. Played it pretty badly, really. He did use the delusional tome to try and start anew, but I doubt he'd have made it. Every faction except maybe Begnion knew of him.

    Cheshire Cat, Gaston, Jasmine, Maid Marian, Merlin, Mowgli, Oliver the Kitten and Sebastian were all NPCs, though most of them have been used and/or inspected throughout the game.

    I liked a lot about this game, but I also disliked quite a few things...so here's some self criticism of things I'd have changed if I were to host the same game again. I'll exclude things I've made up my mind for recently until YCI Mafia is over.

    - Cut out Sophia, or make her only have to die once. The role simply takes too many NPCs to work.
    - Allow Tibarn to kill more often. Still not every night, but say, 2/3 or 3/4 nights.
    - Go back to the normal killing method of sending someone. I liked experimenting with one faction that has an awesome prison-kill that grows into a delayed kill if the people involved in it die (Lopt), and one faction with a somewhat sucky kill that grows stronger when getting medallion (Begn), but in the end I think it's more safe to go with what's balanced
    - Jackal says Lehran is broken...w/e, he shouldn't have collabbed with Shiv
    - Be more careful with things (I fucked up when I really shouldn't have like four times, though one of them technically didn't do much)
    - No more item-mole. That thing was a bit too good.
    - Better thought out CWCs. I think they have a lot of potential, but some are a bit too bland, some are too easy, some are too hard.
    - No more need for bolding lynch votes. This was for the times when it was needed and there was discussion. That's no longer the case. Now all it does is cause stupid "no it shouldn't count" controversy.

    Still, I had fun watching this game, and I hope you had fun playing.
  2. Mekkah

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    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    Also thanks for co-hosting + making banner and stuff jumpluff!

  3. the pugilist

    the pugilist
    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Dec 29, 2007

    Great game guys.
  4. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
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    Aug 22, 2008
    This was very fun to cohost as many hilarious things happened; it was a good game with a good semi-closed theme, and.. well, my only regret, other than the obvious, is that a lot of people I expected better from played less than i expected, to put it lightly. Thank you for letting me, Mekkins, and for not being mean to me even though I deserved it for many things.

    But, enough of that, time to make fun of other people! Mekkah and I kept meticulous records of funny and interesting shit that happened in the game (pity I couldn't keep better records of relevant stuff...) in our admin forum. A lot of the motivation was a) to laugh at then b) to laugh at later in the post-game. Everyone else laugh too!!

    First, here are smaller things.

    D1, as mentioned, Thorns sold himself out entirely to a mole, and here's his PM:

    The funny thing is that while Thorns made his alias very obvious (I mean, you could even find it out from Google), the Lopts didn't pick up on it for awhile, so I was laughing at them too for being :derp:

    This isn't an issue of retardedness so much as just a funny example of Jedil getting someone to complain about being silenced:

    We should have included this in Avy's role PM:

    I am gonna post the Flounder log with thunda/moi; it was probably the most retarded thing that happened in the game (you know, aside from collaborations coughcough). I just had a good laugh about it on irc, so here we go. I saved some threads for everyone, including those who weren't in the game, to see and uploaded them to my own site:

    What not to do when being interrogated

    Really?? Sorry for this, Fifi. Flounder, you're a cool guy and all dw, but gg ruining the game for him......

    A log of Shiv negotiating with the host

    Whatever, I found it hilarious. Shiv is pretty audacious!

    Shiney making good use of his role

    This was one of the most puzzling things in the game. I wonder where Shiney went...

    The most majestic lynch ever


    ~thunda and lightwolf~

    thunda is one of the greatest mafia trolls ever, if not the greatest, and LightWolfy is adorable. Put them together and ~cute~!

    Wash your hair, LightWolf!

    This is the greatest shit ever, lol, poor LightWolfy. LW wanted access to villager stuff and thunda decided to make him work for it...


    Also, collabs are gay, and if I bother thinking of anything else, I guess I'll post it.

    P.S. Oh, yeah, this isn't meant to be mean to anyone, just for fun, so:

    Who was the biggest fuck-up in FE mafia, Scrubs or Thorns? (do NOT say me, shiv!!)
  5. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 26, 2008
    moi can thank me for providing him with a good corpse.

    I enjoyed this game as it was my first experience as villager(though sadly didn't help me too much, experience wise, as I got to the village by getting inspected>_>)
  6. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    o I feel dumb now
    well I can see this was a really good game, no doubt you spent a lot of time on it.

    I think thunda played really well as a side note
  7. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
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    Aug 22, 2008
    HEY. I FORGOT THIS. PC++; EW was kind enough to remind me of this little snippet.

    Forum description of the Lopt Sect:

    Loptous Sanctuary
    Where the Lopt Sect plans their evil deeds. Men around the world are baiting children in their vans as we speak, promising lots of candy. They are sacrificed for the greater good. imperfectluck is in charge of this operation.

    This was a play on the 'ipl is a paedo' running joke.

    Here is our good little Lopt Sect moile's PM to ipl himself:


    Sucks if you have dial-up or are shaped like Thorns.
  8. GreenPikachu

    GreenPikachu pumpkin pieco
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 30, 2006
    this game was a lot of fun. i'm glad i had some people thinking i was sephiran for a while. my "strategy" as it were, was to just cause a lot of mayhem and help one of the mafias get into a really good position (i'm sorry mekkah :() and i definitely think I did that. haha. e
  9. shade

    shade i'm so mean i make medicine sick
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    Mar 28, 2008
    this was a fun game

    it is now fact that i have become unlynchable.
  10. Amelia


    May 18, 2006
    Lol 0 CWC points...
    If i was alive i would have tried to imitate Santa Claus, Serra and probably Devdan, Neimi if Santa Claus was not possible. Well my lesson for this game was if you have a good role, don't claim to the village N1, you're screwing yourself.
  11. GreenPikachu

    GreenPikachu pumpkin pieco
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 30, 2006
    oh, for accuracy's sake: I bought the Ragnell and gave it to Merlin (part of my and moi's plan to be dirty collabers)
  12. Gmax

    Gmax kuahahahaha
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 29, 2006
    Yeah, for me, this game went from awesome to awful to awesome to awful to maybe awesome. Seeing that huge PM in my inbox, and just seeing what all that role was capable of was awesome! I claimed neutral inspector who could inspect for money, and needed an unspecified amount of money to win to a few people and got alliance claims before I ran into thunda... I claimed this because I felt like sucking up a lot the money in this game in case I could get my hands on some cool items on the shop that would assist me in my hunt for the nefarious Izuka, and it would help me with a false claim for once Bastian died. Getting nailed by thunda as I ran around as a Felon paying for his crimes, and then basically being made an outcast by the village sucked though, and I wasn't really sure how to go about things, until I was spoken to by Raikage.
    Thorns is a supreme fool who doesn't know how to shut up
    Being approached by Raikage who put me in touch with Porygon3 aka Bastian, and revealed to me that he was mole, was awesome. Before he died, he put me in touch with Cyzir who was my main contact for most of the game (I have ~500 KB of logs with him just discussing this game!) and it was all going well until I was simultaneously PMed my moi, thunda and Brain when N3 or N4 ended, with moi/thunda basically revealing the village knew I was Ariel by PMing me the lyrics of the Little Mermaid opening. Brain offered me a long term pact that involved me getting clearance from them for each of my actions. I declined because I really didn't want to be tied down to any faction during the whole game and I was sure that I would be forced to do something that met with their disapproval eventually, which would mean dead Gmax. No one had my real WC though, inspections didn't yield those, mine aside, evidently so I just decided to tell them to kill off Bastian and change my CWC, allowing us to work more easily together. I knew what it would do but I planned to say something about now no longer needing Izuka dead, and instead just needing to hit my required amount of gold. They decided to just permakidnap Bastian though lol, so I was fucked. P3 was planning on suiciding when the game got cancelled though, so I'd have had my shot at Izuka in the end.
    and just stupidly tried to imitate thunda's Simpsons subforum stuff and failed to make it any good, then claimed that he wanted to store inspections there
    Avatar inexplicably decided to fuck me up by telling Shiv I had been hooking and was capable of hooking, protecting, inspecting, alias checking, thieving and silencing. Shiv browbeat me into a corner after that ._. Fucking Begnion betraying me for no reason when I'd been helping them all game, given them their nightly killer. I should just have gone to Brain at this point and taken up his offer.
    only surpassed in stupidity by Flounder(WHO HAS NO REGRETS).
    I had pacts with Cyzir and Earthworm stating that no player allied with them would target me with any role that would remove items from me (which meant I couldn't be killed by Senate or village (Supposedly BPV villager Earthworm) without them losing a man of their own, and as I found out once the game ended, this saved me from death at the hands of the Lopts since they'd lose their big mole as well as a vote (mine, since the pact said I wouldn't vote someone EW didn't vote).
    Poor Fishin :(
    Anyway, I had gold to kill in the end, so I decided to team up with the Begnion to induce some chaos and keep them alive in the game by bidding 70 G on the medallion for them, contributing 10 G of my own. The Begnion had their info fucked up though and all 4 of them and me were sending this PM. This would have resulted in all of them dying, since Avatar didn't have the money needed to fulfill that pact, but luckily for the Senate he sent in an empty PM accidentally. If he had sent in the c/ped PM all 4 of them would've died in the N7 OP!
    Collab is gay ~_~
    Anyway, as things stood when the game died, RBG would've obtained the medallion and been able to kill every night. So maybe the Begnion would've wreaked some havoc, giving people stuff other than me to deal with! P3 was suiciding that night or during the next day, leaving me with a clean shot at Izuka, and an fc of just needing money to win, and I was going to go the Lopts with the truth once I had killed off Moile. Dunno how that would've turned out, I would probably have killed off moi successfully since the Lopts had bigger stuff for EW to protect, and don't think the village would've lynched a neut like me when they could go for confirmed mafia and believed I was tied down to them votewise because of my pact with Earthworm. That game was set for an exciting finish =/ too bad it didn't end.
    fucking thunda
    Thanks to Mekkah and jumpluff for making and hosting a GREAT game of mafia, and I'm really sad it ended the way it did. This game was awesome, and while I wouldn't say I loved every moment of it, I still enjoyed it a helluva lot overall, and really wish it would have ended just to see what went down!
  13. Flounder


    Mar 1, 2008
    I really did fuck up my interrogation >_>
    I felt worse for Fishin than I did myself, he had to put up with his fair share of screwups
    Though throughout that I was both freaking out and laughing my ass off.

    Also, fishin and I got totally screwed, our inspects must have found every single npc there was ffs
  14. Gmax

    Gmax kuahahahaha
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    Oct 29, 2006
    Huh what? I thought you had no regrets????
  15. Jackal

    Jackal I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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    Dec 20, 2004
    one of the better games we have seen on this site to be sure, too bad it did not finish!

    as you all can see from my role pm's, i think you would agree my role was broken as hell. I mean everyone thought I was dead, I had access to the Begnion forum / could strategize with them, my kill could not be stopped, i could protect myself/item grab and the entire game knew Maid Marian was an NPC... the Lopt had already found shiv, so they were not inspecting NPCs at all, i could control the BS enough to not inspect Maid Marian and the village inspector was dead. I really think I had that game!

    As for collabs, mekkah you don't know what its like when you have shiv saying he will never talk to you again unless you tell him your role ~__~ In all honesty I would prefer to just play the game out, but whatever. Shiv wasnt even gonna help me too much as he was under attack by the Lopts.

    also posting to say that cyzirs plan/ the whole fuck tiger thing was brilliant and all the credit goes to them I had nothing to do with it.
  16. GTS


    Apr 9, 2007
    fuc you all
  17. pookar

    pookar Banned deucer.

    Dec 26, 2005
    The game ended, or delayed... so quickly that we (lopt sect) had planned to pool the money we had and give it to me for my CWC, except for that wolf guy who needed to kill that villager or something.

    This was a good game that we abused that cv. :)
  18. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    I'd be glad. Shiv is really annoying to talk to in mafia.

    Also as I said, you got the wrong role PM. Accio *.* was a long ditched spell. If I had been there I would have sent you the right one, but I was in Italy. I think you "should not" have won as Shiv figured out the relation between Sephiran and Lehran through story reasons.
  19. Team Aether

    Team Aether

    Jul 8, 2009
    Why didn't the game finish? I was reading this and found it to be pretty interesting.
  20. Scrubs


    Sep 10, 2007
    I deserve much less than a 5 :( I was pretty distracted, wont happen again boss.
  21. porygon3


    Apr 24, 2006
    This game was pretty good except for the fact that my fellow villagers did not tell me anything all game. They didn't want me to find Volke either, although Raikage put us in contact on like n1. After that gmax was pretty much the only person who I was able to talk to and actually get anything from. But he couldn't tell me much either since most of his info was mafia stuff.

    Kinda strange when you're a villager and the only players who helped you are mafia and neutral. Really guys why did you try to avoid me and Volke finding each other?

    Of course, things might have been different if the whole village wasn't mafia

    Also yeah I was planning to suicide eventually to let gmax kill Moi (and also because I was frustrated at everyone anyway), but iirc I was afraid he would be protected once I did that.

    Team Aether, a couple issues came up, mainly Mekkah being on vacation for a few weeks.
  22. Shiv

    Shiv mostly harmless
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    Apr 7, 2005
    firstly, i thought those negotiations with the host were pretty fun actually :)

    also, fyi, jackal never told me his role. he'd told me neutral needing that medallion till i "died", people told me shit, i learned of him being mafia leader who could turn wolf and then i "revived". the biggest reason for my revival was that i had info which i couldn't talk about if dead. plus, i could easily have worked something out with jackal since he was going to be a wolf soon and i saw that as a best way to win for a heavily mole-infested village!

    we had a good shot too, had we not been cheated out of that lynch.

    edit: http://breuleux.net/mafia/temporarypomegranate/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=66 is amazing
  23. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    sorry my lover :'(
  24. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    I would have refused to go if it was vacation, but it was a job actually. One that took 10 more days than they told me beforehand.
  25. AvatarST

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    May 13, 2005
    Nope, all I told him was that you were capable of hooking. And it wasn't because I wanted to fuck you - it was just a dumb dumb move, I assumed he already knew, like I told you all the way back then. I never lied regarding that, I just fucked up.

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