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First RMT~ The Helmock Patch

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by MontKa, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. MontKa


    Feb 10, 2013
    This is my (near) Mono-Poison team that I have been using for OU Competitive battling and getting surprisingly good results out of them. :) But any help would be awesome!

    Gengar M
    Flame Orb
    EVs 4HP 252SpecA 252Speed
    Ability- Levitate

    Sucker Punch
    HP Fire

    Gengar is my lead. Fast with amazing Spec Offense. I start with a Trick to Burn and take whatever Item they have. Usually living the first hit I follow with protect to get an extra turn of burn in, then either SP or HP Fire. Since most non monos like Steel and Grass as a Lead for hazards and defensive typing HPF just made sense while SP is for priority.

    Venomoth F
    Focus Sash
    EVs 4HP 252SpecA 252Speed
    Ability-Tinted Lens

    Quiver Dance
    Baton Pass
    HP Rock
    Sleep Powder

    This is my closest this I have to Support. She comes in and sleeps them fires off a few QDs and then either HP Rocks them to death or B Passes them Special and Speed off to someone else (Mainly Nidoking but the speed helps ALL of them). HP Rock is to counter Fire Electric and Flying types all of which Venomoth is weak to. It also provides a counter for Ice which nearly my whole team is weak against. The Focus Sash is to keep her alive if she misses Sleeping them or when they wake up and gives me a chance to HP or Pass before death.

    Drapion F
    Air Balloon
    EVs 4HP 252Attack 252Speed

    Night Slash
    Toxic Spikes

    This is my Hazard/Physical Wall/Swapper. I either STAB Night Slash and E-Quake them for massive damage or I stall using Roar and lay spikes while they switch back. This is my only REAL counter against Ghost and Psychic and protects against Fighting with E-Quake. Air Balloon is to Keep from getting hit with a E-Quake right off the bat and live longer. :)

    Muk M
    Black Sludge
    Evs 252HP 252Attack 4SpecD
    Ability-Sticky Hold

    Sleep Talk
    Fire Punch
    Gunk Shot

    This is my Special Wall. Able to take Psychic Ground and Ice type move and live to retaliate. Obviously I take advantage of it's mixed stats, Physical attacker with Special Defending. Gunk Shot STAB deals most of it's damage and uses Fire punch on anything it doesn't cover for normal damage at least. Rest is for recovery in addition to Black Sludge and Sleep Talk is to keep attacking even while recovering. This is my favorite because it has some of the best of all worlds. The only thing it is missing is a counter for Ground types.

    Nidoking M
    Life Ord
    EVs 4HP 252SpecA 252Speed
    Ability-Sheer Force

    Earth Power
    Ice Beam

    This is my power house Sweeper. It's typing gives it resistance to Quake and gives it STAB Earth Power. The Special attacker has MOST typing covered with it's moves. Life Orb for extra power combined with Sheer Force to negate the HP loss. All of it's moves have secondary effects so it gets the S Force bonus as well as L Orb bonus. When mixed with and QD from Venomoth this tank becomes a reusable Atom Bomb thanks to increased Special and Speed.

    Gliscor M
    Toxic Orb
    EVs 252HP 4Attack 252Speed
    Ability-Toxic Heal

    Ice Fang

    This is my clean up guy. Between Quake and Ice Fang it has more then decent coverage. Great Defense, And good typing against most threats my team shares. Except Ice. I have the Toxic Protect Combo thrown in for good measure but Mainly use him Offensively.

    Sorry for the total noob post, don't hold it against me yet-_-
  2. Alexander.

    won the 2nd Official Ladder Tournament

    Jan 24, 2012
    Hey, your team has many problems.

    It hasn't a Stealth Rock user, which is really useful to deal with threats such as Dragonite, Salamence, Volcarona, Thundurus-T, Tornadus and so on, and that's quite bad. You haven't a Choice Scarf user or any check to fast Pokemon too, so if something set up a Dragon Dance, a Rock Polish or another speed boost move, it'll become a big problem for your team to deal with (for example Volcarona after a Quiver Dance can smash your team easily and Landorus can do the same after a Rock Polish). Your team is weak to common threats in the current BW OU metagame too anyway, Keldeo can just spam Surf and 6-0'd you without any problem, Politoed and Tornadus can do the same with Hydro Pump/Surf and Hurricane respectively, Latios can spam Draco Meteor and damage hard your whole team, Calm Mind Latios can use Substitute on Gliscor, Muk and your Gengar without any problem, then she can use Calm Mind and after 6-0'd you very easily. Even Sun teams are a pain for your team, Chlorophyll sweepers such as Venusaur and Victreebell can setup easily on Drapion and then you can't do anything to stop them, you haven't a resistor to Fire-type too so stuff such as Victini and Darmanitan can beat you simple using their Fire-type STAB. Another thing I notice is that you're using some gimmick sets and Pokemon, which can't work fine on the current OU metagame, such as Sleep Talk Muk, Drapion and your current Gengar set which seems totally pointless. For all those reasons, I think I can't rate your team because is impossible to fix without changing too much members of it. However, you should take a look at Battling 101 program, which can help a lot to improve your building and battling skills. Sorry if I sound harsh, I hope to be helpful somewhat even if I didn't rate your team.

    Good luck!
  3. MontKa


    Feb 10, 2013
    Ouch but thanks.

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