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Furai's Work

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Furai, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Furai

    Furai we will become who we are meant to be
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    May 4, 2010
    C&C Analyses:



    - Ubers

    [Rejected.] Sableye [QC 0/3] [GP 0/2]
    [Done......] Terrakion (Ubers Choice Band) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Jynx [QC 4/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Water Arceus [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2] [AF 3/3]
    [Done......] Flying Arceus [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2] [AF 3/3]
    [Done......] Poison Arceus [QC 2/2] [GP 3/3] [AF 3/3]
    [Done......] Zekrom (Substitute + Hone Claws) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Gorebyss [QC 4/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Salamence [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Wobbuffet [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Reshiram (Update) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Venusaur (Update) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Giratina-O (ResTalk Booster) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Reshiram (Substitute) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Giratina-O (ResTalk Shuffler) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Reshiram (Sunny Day) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Skarmory (Revamp) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]
    [Writing...] Arceus Overview Renovation Project
    [Done......] Landorus (Ubers Anlaysis) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    - Little Cup

    [Done......] Houndour [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Vullaby [QC 2/2] [GP 3/3]
    [Done......] Vullaby (Bulky Attacker) [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Abra (Update) [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Houndour (Eviolite) [QC 3/2] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Misdreavus [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]
    [Done......] Drifloon (Update) [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]

    - Articles

    [Writing...] A Guide to Uber Hazards

    Total done: 24
    Total count: 27
  2. Furai

    Furai we will become who we are meant to be
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    May 4, 2010
    The Smog:

    Total done: 8
  3. Snorlaxe

    Snorlaxe 2 kawaii 4 u
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 21, 2009
    Hey Furai, welcome to Smogon!

    This is actually a pretty solid build, so nice job on that. However, something that I can see you having a little trouble with is a well-played stall team. They can easily set up Spikes on half your team, and from there they can force you to switch with a simple SkarmBliss combination, racking up big damage on your team via Spikes. For this reason, I think a Rapid Spinner would make a nice addition to your team. Life Orb Rapid Spin Starmie fits the bill nicely, capable of dealing big damage with her STAB attacks and Rapid Spinning away entry hazards. She can heavily damage most members of stall (bar Blissey) and scares off Pokemon like Skarmory, preventing the opponent from setting up more Spikes. Starmie also helps deal with your slight Mixed Infernape problems. I think that she can fit over Metagross; he seems like the most expandable member of your team imo, and by replacing him with Starmie, one of your crippling Ground weaknesses gets eliminated. For Starmie, try a spread of 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe, a set of Hydro Pump / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt / Rapid Spin, and a Timid nature with the item Life Orb.

    As far as smaller changes go, I would try your hand at Earthquake over Superpower on Tyranitar if I were you. It allows you to hit MixApe harder for a solid OHKO, who otherwise seems like he could be a bit troublesome for your team. It also enables you to hit opposing Wish Calm Mind Jirachi, who will otherwise set up on him for free. You could also try Discharge over Thunderbolt on Rotom-H; the power output is basically the same, but Discharge has a neat 30% paralysis rate which could come in handy when your team is facing down faster threats.

    Overall great team, and the presentation is wonderful; good luck! :)
  4. pokemon


    Nov 7, 2009
    [​IMG] Overheat; Stealth Rock is for the most basic Entry Hazard.

    Um..just a nit pick Overheat=/=Stealth Rock. :/

    Besides that, your team looks great! A bit weak to NP Ape. It NPs on your Choiced Pursuit. And proceeds to own your team, if D-Nite is dead. F-Blast OHKOs Rotom, Jirachi and Metagross. Grass Knot OHKOs Swampert, and +2 Vaccum Wave OHKOs Tyranitar IIRC. So yeah. But thats counting if D-Nite is dead and Nape runs that set, and that your Tar is Choiced into Pursuit. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just that your sweepers are really slow by the standards.
  5. Human


    Apr 25, 2010
    It seems to me that a SD Lucario can sweep through your entire team once it gets a Swords Dance which would not be too difficult with your Tyranitar being locked into one move. After one Swords Dance it will Outspeed your entire team barring your Choice Scarfed Tyranitar and OHKOs them with SR up.

    Also looking at the other comments it seems to me that your Tyranitar is something that lets people set up on you and you don't have anything that can do anything about them setting up. You can use Starmie as they recommended to be able to outspeed most of those pokemon who simply set up on you and sweep through your team.
  6. Metalheadz


    Jul 7, 2010
    A little heads-up that Nasty Plot Infernape can sweep half your Pokemon if Jirachi doesn't calm-mind once or Metagross hasn't used agility yet. Vacuum wave and flamethrower or enough, but since you chose to keep Dragonite safe with Jirachi you could probably kill Infernape with that.

    I think everything else is great. But if you want a Pain split on Rotom-H, you'll have to get rid of Will-O-Wisp.

    Good luck. :)
  7. ENZ0

    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 18, 2009
    Hi Furai,

    This looks like a really solid team, and with some changes it might improve in performance.

    First of all, I do have to second using LO Starmie b/c MixApe wrecks and you're lacking speed, with the exception of Scarftar of course. If this change goes through I want to suggest changing Scarftar to DDtar. The set should look like the following: Tyranitar@ Babiri Berry | Jolly Nature | 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe | Dragon Dance / Crunch / Stone Edge / Fire Punch. I could suggest another more interesting version, but I feel this will replace in a sense Agilitygross as a solid sweeper.

    Next, I want to suggest giving Rotom a Scarf, looking like Rotom@ Choice Scarf | Timid Nature | 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe | Thunderbolt / Shadow Ball / Will-O-Wisp / Trick. This change will give you an Agilitygross, DDGyara, and SDLuke check, which your team needs. I suggest Will-O-Wisp in there to catch countless pokemon off guard like all the grounds that might want to switch in for a Tbolt. This cripples potential counter to DDtar and Jirachi. If it doesn't pull its weight then just switch back to Overheat.

    Now for the final and most interesting change, switching Jirachi to a Superachi variant. The set is Jirachi@ Leftovers | Timid Nature | 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe | Calm Mind / Psychic / Grass Knot / Hidden Power Ground OR Thunderbolt. The niche of this set is to catch it usual counters off guard and retaliate with a sweep. Not only does it also provide a second check to SDluke, but gets rid of DDtar counters for an easy sweep. The drawbacks are the lack of Wish and the key choosing of the last moveslot.

    Might seem like a drastic change, which I hate including in my rates, but I feel it gives you that offensive push you are looking for. The team was too slow imo with no entry hazards to support it. Remember, these are just suggestions and leaving what you're comfortable with is probably the best decision.

    Hope this helps you out, and good luck with the team!
  8. Snorlaxe

    Snorlaxe 2 kawaii 4 u
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 21, 2009
    Furai, if you've made any changes to your team (i.e. it seems that you've taken my suggestion on Starmie), edit it into the original post, as it makes it much easier for any other raters to see the changes you've made and how your team looks right now. Otherwise, raters will keep suggesting the same thing.
  9. cmurph


    Jun 11, 2009
    Don't worry about Lucario, TTar revenges it with ease, and if it has bullet punch then Rotom can take it out.

    Anyway I think thunder punch should replace ice punch on metagross. It lets you hit bulky waters way harder and also prevents skarmory from setting up on you. Also consider using life orb because you have no way to boost your power. To help with your mixape weakness you could try scarfing rotom and changing it to a rotom-W. A simple moveset of T-bolt, shadow ball, Hydro Pump and Trick should help with infernape and even stall teams (kind of)
  10. matzemix


    Apr 5, 2009
    i do still prefer reflect over WoW on rotom, it never misses and you won't boost heatran switch ins. it could also help you to set up jirachi or metagross.

    im just no friend of WoW :/ i mean if it fails the first time you probably are raped by some boosted gyarados or sth.
  11. Pokedallax


    Jul 8, 2010
    Ok, I have one suggestion. You may want to add a white herb to Rotom and/or Dragonite to recover your lost Sp. Atk after using Draco Meteor/Overheat. Hope this helps :)
  12. Doctor Who?

    Doctor Who?

    May 19, 2010
    This is actually a pretty solid team, but for Rotom-H, if you are considering Pain Split somewhere the best place would be >>> Overheat, because Overheat makes you complete Pursuit bait to ttar after a sp.atk drop. i know you can burn it but you can't really do anything else and if you miss then you will be screwed.

    I'm looking at ttar to be a threat to this team. It sets up one DD against any of Jirachi's moves after Scarftar is down and it will hurt you a lot. You could phaze it with Swampert but eventually you will lose due to Swampert's lack of recovery. To fix this, I suggest an anti-lead Machamp over your current Dragonite set. You lose the synergy with Jirachi but you still have a hard-hitting anti-lead and you deal with ttar a lot better.
  13. metamega


    Aug 30, 2008
    its a pretty solid team, i made a dragonite team recently, ill upload it when i get round to testing it, all i can say is swampert. as soon as mixpert comes in, or even cursepert with avalanche or ice punch you are pretty screwed, it will decimate your team. ice punch/avalanche/ice beam on dragonite, earthquake on jirachi and tyranitar, or even waterfall against t-tar, a swampert can destroy starmie while resting off damage if it has rest, or it can just curse a couple times and then waterfal will ko rotom aswell of course, against your swampert you can roar it away, but then your team will be pretty damaged, put grass knot on something.

    tyranitar doesnt fit into the team, why on earth would you want to drag dragonite into a sandstorm, get a scizor, when your opponent brings in a late game salamence after your swampert is finished and outrages or draco meteors your draognite, scizor can come in and wreak havoc, same goes for agiligross or empoleon, my team utilises scizor in that manor, other than that, a pretty solid team
  14. Jebus McAzn

    Jebus McAzn

    Apr 11, 2010
    First of all, that's Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, not Stardust Dragon. Regular Stardust Dragon is leagues better than its Assault Mode counterpart. :D

    It looks like a solid team; semi-stall with a wallbreaker thrown in. Have you considered dropping Crunch on T-Tar? With Pursuit and some good prediction, you won't really ever need to use Crunch. That might give you some better type coverage.
  15. Super Mario Bro

    Super Mario Bro All we ever look for

    Jan 2, 2010
    Very nice team. There are not too many weaknesses, and the team seems well balanced. However, you will have issues with Suicune, as offensive versions can OHKO or 2HKO every member of your team with boosted moves, and defensive versions can wear down your team, while healing residual damage in the process.

    A good solution for this is to have a Choice Scarf Rotom with Trick, who can cripple Suicune. Check this spread out:

    Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf
    EVs: 128 HP/164 SpA/216 Spe
    -Shadow Ball

    The EV spread is tailored to guarantee survival against a Life Orb Starmie's Hydro Pump when Sandstorm is not up (41% to OHKO when it is up). 216 Speed EVs always outspeeds SubPetaya Empoleon after an Agility, as well as Jolly Gyarados after a Dragon Dance. The rest is poured into Special Attack.

    As it is never good to have more than one choice scarf Pokemon, I second the idea of a Dragon Dance Babiri Tyranitar (use Enz0's spread). Rotom-H can take on Tyranitar's role as revenge killer against Starmie assuming sandstorm is not up. It's also a good SD Lucario counter.

    Oh ya, and don't use Superachi, as he's better for Spike-stacking offensive teams. CM Wish Jirachi seems like to be a perfect fit for your team.

    One final suggestion is to use a Toxic Spikes Roserade lead over your current Dragonite, as you would love another way to wear down Pokemon who try to counter Jirachi and Tyranitar. It is almost a must when countering Blissey as well, who can sometimes stall out Jirachi using Thunder Wave + Softboiled.

    Good luck!
  16. Doctor Who?

    Doctor Who?

    May 19, 2010
    Oh that is sooo wrong.

    But anyway back to your team consider Flash Cannon on Jirachi, I don't know why you believe you need to worry about Breloom when you have D-nite and Rotom on your team, besides Flash Cannon hits it for neutral damage anyway (I haven't really done any calcs but looking at Breloom's stats (60Hp/60S.DEF) I don't think it is really something to worry about when you are going for a sweep) also this would give you ttar coverage and I already pointed out the damage that tar could do to your team. Flash Cannon could potentially finish off a weakened ttar since Jolly +1 ddtar can only manage 79.2% - 93.6% with an EQ (Adamant sucks coz you can't outspeed a Gengar after a DD) and Scarftar's EQ doesn't even 2hko you.
  17. GaRgAnt


    Apr 26, 2010

    LoL. Dropping Crunch? You've obviously never realized that it's got one of the best side-effects in the game, amirite? Play more plz

    If this team has a problem, it's gotta be Specs/LO Jolteon. Obviously, if Dragonite's still around, it's moot point, but you have nothing to switch into its Thunderbolt. I'm not going to talk about Swampert because a lot of Jolteon carry HP Grass specifically to deal with Swampy.

    I don't understand what role Rotom is playing on this team; entry hazard defense is not important here since you are only setting up Stealth Rock. If anything, I'd replace it with something to alleviate that Jolteon weakness. However, Scarfing it does make it somewhat of a revenger to Jolteon, since Overheat does 50%~ to it, which seems good enough to me. So, yeah, I second that motion.

    ...That's just no. You don't directly counter DDTar, you revenge kill it. Ever heard of Scizor or Scarfrachi? And CM + Wish Jirachi sets up on Blissey all day; Jirachi doesn't care about paralysis and if it's paralyzed it can actually outstall Blissey since on turns where it's fully paralyzed it doesn't have to use a PP. And... I'm not sure what you're talking about when you talk about "Defensive variants" of Suicune. Jirachi wins over Suicune in the long run due to Jirachi having Thunderbolt and can Calm Mind alongside it, so that's really a moot point.

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