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Let me tell you man, the line-art has improved MUCH better than in your previous works with that pencil thin flimsy line (no offense to your past work). You've also gotten much better in cell shading. But like I said, try not to put shadows only on the edge of every line.

Great work though :)
Let me tell you man, the line-art has improved MUCH better than in your previous works with that pencil thin flimsy line (no offense to your past work). You've also gotten much better in cell shading. But like I said, try not to put shadows only on the edge of every line.

Great work though :)
Thanks man! Means a lot to me to get feedback to see how I'm coming along. I appreciate it!

BTW, here's some more work that I've been working on. The first one is for a unit assignment in English I'm doing based off the book, "to Kill a Mockingbird". Here's Jem and Scout.

Was drawing today and made up this crazy horned monster. Thinking of drawing some more made up creatures, with lots of detail in them.

And if you have any pokemon related requests, that'd be cool too, I've been a little bored lately.
Well guys, it's my birthday, and also my 1 year anniversary for working with my tablet! Thanks for sticking with me guys, it's been awesome.

Here's my 1 year anniversary piece.....

And here's a piece I just recently made of Beartic!

I have to say, I feel like I've improved with the tablet. It's been fun doing this guys, and I hope I can continue pumping out more work. A lot of stuff has been happening lately, but I'm hoping I can get cracking down on some good pokemon soon!

Comic wise, I have decided on not doing a comic just yet, as I feel like I don't have it together just yet (nor the dedication to do it right now). But I am constantly having ideas warping around in my head, so maybe you'll see some OC's of mine.

Anyways guys, that's all I have to say. My fifteenth birthday, 1 year anniversary with my tablet, more work to come, and no comic. Signing out everyone, so cheers!
Welp, Ima probably work soon on some art for articles later, but for now, might as well join the bus and make some gen 6 starter evolutions.....

Here's chespin. I might do froakie later when I've got the time.

when you draw the froakie evolution, do the lineart and shading alongside it. it's a great way to keep on practicing. some of the linework you've done in the past is pretty good and it'd be cool if you could develop it even further. :)

i know i'm not really amazing at it, but the shading's a little weird for your beartic piece. the top area of the right arm is shaded, and so is the bottom area of the left arm. that's pretty inconsistent. when you establish colors and try to shade, you also need to establish light sources that will be consistent throughout the piece. is the light source coming from the top left? behind? i can't really explain about how to shade to you, but all i can say is take a look at examples, whether its other art or just looking at what your lamp does to objects under it at certain angles.

it's pretty much what danmire said to you a while ago: don't just go along edges of lines.

anyway, that chespin evolution looks nice. it sort of looks like a cross between a weasel, a mole, and maybe an armadillo. :o


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Been a year already, huh. Good to see that you haven't lost that special spark.

While backgrounds are always nice to have, rather than leaving it all as blank space, it's also good to have them matching in style. What you have there is a drawing in front of a (I assume) a game screenshot, so the difference in quality and appearance is large enough to make things seem weird.

As for the anatomy, it's rarely a good idea to let the eye follow the outline of the face, so if that situation occurs you may need to either change they eye's position , to draw it in a different angle than the right eye, or to adjust the face outline to let it all fit. The overall head shape in this image is unusually narrow towards the chin, as it's okay to have a more rounded edge towards the bottom, or even rectangular for men. And as a last nitpick, it seems that your finger begins at the same point as your thumb, since there's no line to indicate where the palm ends.

Not to say that there's nothing good with it. You picked an interesting stance to give attention towards the name up to the left, the lineart is smooth, you've picked good colors with moderate saturation, and the folds and shades prevents it from seeing flat. Examine how other artists pull off different features, and you'd be improving with each passing drawing.

Pretty cool! His arms could be improved with some grass armor as well, but it's neat as it already. The lineart is all jaggedy though, so remember that you can use the eraser to remove ends sticking out from the main strokes.
Heh, thanks for the feedback guys.

The Chespin evo is sketchy because I was just doing a quick coloured sketch to get the concept pat down. But I will try and improve on it later.

I will do a froakie evo later, and I'll make sure to include shading and smooth lineart however, not to worry. :P

And I will continue to work on shading and anatomy as I go along, thanks for the advice guys, I'll try and improve it in the future.

In the meantime, here's a preview for a pet project I'm working on....

This guy ring a bell?
Aaaaaaaaand, done!

So, tell me what you guys think? If it's not obvious enough, it's thundurus based off of the genie from alladdin. Man, I'm surprised there's no fanart of these two combined....
yeah, the thundurus/aladdin genie mix is great.

the lines are nice in general; some parts like the chest marking and the "tail" area are kind of rough on the lineart, but it's fairly clean, so that's good. just try to keep it smoother.

just a few suggestions: don't shade with a black/gray color. you can see the color used to shade is a bit harsh because it kind of gives an awkward burnt look on his face. and speaking of the face, the shadow on it shouldn't just start in the "middle" if you understand what i mean. you also shouldn't make the shadow fade out like that. the way it's shaded right now makes it look like it's folded paper. i think doing a solid shading like your professor oak/graveler piece would be best to start off with instead of trying to make it blurred and faded out.

you really got everything else spot-on though. the shapes are drawn nicely for the most part, and the concept of combining a pokemon and a character is executed well. it pretty much just looks like the genie with thundurus's appendages, but i guess that's what you were going for.
Ah, so instead of doing soft shading, you think that cell shading would work better? I might try that with this piece later, and with the chespin and froakie evo. Thanks for the feedback man!
So I took some advice to heart, and here's the fruits of my work!

Started out with a sketch and then used the eraser tool to smooth out the lines a bit more and give a variety in the thickness of the lines, and tried out some cell shading instead of soft burnt shading.

I actually like how this came out much better than the genie thundurus one. Thoughts?
Well, here's a quick pic of Emboar I did, with a slight realistic mix thrown into it. Had some fun drawing this one, might try doing some more realistic pokemon later. But in the meantime, enjoy this!

love the coloring/texture on the emboar and the line art and shading is really clean on the vigoroth and psyduck piece, plus psyduck is super cute!! <3 only thing is vig looks kinda weird with no pupils :3 Another thing that I've found through experience is double shading on both sides of a line looks awkard to me, and that may be just me, but on say the vigoroth if you only shaded on the under/inside of the arm it might look more natural. Again, this is something i've been working around recently, so try it out and see what works. love your stuff, man <3
Haha, thanks for critiquing man, you bring up some valid points. Yeah, I'm still practicing my shading a bit and trying to get better at stuff like that, so I'm game for trying different shading styles, especially if it helps me pick out different light sources, since I seem to stick with only two places. :/

Anyways, finally got into the smog which is awesome! Now I'm one step closer to getting an artist badge.......... of course, that's a completely different story, and right now I'm pretty happy and content with just helping out with the smog, as it felt great to contribute to it. Here's the stuff I produced for it:

The two icons for Zebraiken's interview.

Image for the article about the 15 pokemon that rely on their abilities.

Can't wait for next issue stuff to be brought out, hopefully I can contribute more stuff for them!
Smog stuff is bomb-diggity. Nomination for best Shedinja. Also knight-dude's hand is lookin preeety realistic, I can feel my fingers curling just looking at him :3
Geez.... I feel kinda bad that I'm not submitting pokemon related stuff to smogon, but I've been in such a creative mood lately with my art! I'm also on a website called narutoforums, normally frequenting the bleach section there, and on that section there was a certain fanboy's birthday, so, I drew his favourite character!

Hey, I checked out the link and he looks like a pretty hardcore dude. Any chance you might wanna draw a Golduck and Riolu fencing for me? :)
A barren field of snow spans out as far as the eye can see..... The whole place a crystaline landscape of white..... untouched for years....... maybe even decades.......... All of a sudden, a hand pops out of the snow, and a human wearing a very red fargo hat drags himself up out of the snow.

.......Yeeeaaaaahhhh..... I gotta work on updating more than once a month.

But I've been busy, working for the smog, doing some pieces of art on other forums, and trying to get my schoolwork under wraps. Here are a couple of pieces to pass the time.

Mightyena and Cacturne, two of my favourite dark pokemon! I just had to draw these guys, third gen did the dark types a lot of justice in terms of good design.

And on a more depressing note, here's a pic I drew one day after feeling emotionally depressed.

Rate and review as always guys! Always happy to get some feedback on what I can improve on.

EDIT: Also, here's a comparison to what I was doing a year ago, and where I've ended up now......



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Furosuto, i love your artwork. i especially likes that weather inducers one. i think you should do more in that style.

Can i pls request a Spoink? the most cutest, nicest pig on earth.
Heh, thanks guys. Unfortunately, I'm really busy and can't do requests right now, as I've got lots of schoolwork and other stuff to catch up on, as well as personal projects that I'm working on.

Anyways, here's some of my Smog artwork that got submitted!

A scyther in RBY style for the, "What Moves you? Moves that would have been effective in RBY" article.

And a dusclops for the RU Theorymon article!

Also, here's an update on the team that I'm making, this time, Seviper has filled out a role in my team. Added highlights to the pokemon, although I may have went overboard on Seviper.