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Gamestop Tournament Aftermath / Hopes Thread

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Mr_Hobo, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Slash


    Jul 8, 2007
    I won mine here in the Bronx,NY.

    My Chomp was unstoppable,It beat about 75% of the pokes I faced....
    Pretty crappy competition though....
  2. celestial_okami


    Jul 14, 2007
    Also somewhat thrown off by the double as opposed to singles, the Wob I bred was rendered less useful, but he had his moments. 4v4 singles became 4v4 doubles, take four and use em became take six choose four. My team was basically Miltank (blissey Lite), flinchax Togekiss, Wob, CB Weavile, Ninetales, and Spinner Hitmontop. I would have taken Slowking instead but doubles kind of rendered surf less useful and I didn't have time to change movesets.

    First two rounds were little kids who did random things not worth remembering, third round was a kid with good pokemon but no idea what he was doing really (like keeping in a Deoxys after it psychoboosted to do other special attacks). Last round came up against Giratina and Kyogre vs my Miltank & 'Kiss. Both of his got T-Waved, but over the course of a few turns it went bad as my Miltank got killed on a crit'd Hyrdo Pump from Kyogre.
    Toge got paralyzed twice by Giratina's Thunder (the first time I Heal Bell'd it off), and never got one of his remaining three turns to finish Kyogre with second Grass Knot. Weavile was not the killer he usually is, and Giratina had a super-effect attack reduction berry anyway so down he went. A Sheer Cold killed off my Wob, who was there to return the rampage of the special legendaries but sadly never got to do it.
  3. Roy

    Roy streetpkmn
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    i won every battle in like 2 moves until the finals. then the pokegods graced me with the worst luck i have ever seen in my life. whatever.
  4. Firestorm

    Firestorm I did my best, I have no regrets!
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    Apr 18, 2007
    God Chozo, that guy you played is an idiot >.>;
  5. Bam


    May 28, 2007
    Besides another Smogoner there, there was nobody else who had a really good grasp on EVs and IVs. The only items I saw being used were Sitrus Berries (lol) and a Quick Claw (lol x2). I one the first two matches easily, making this kid almost cry - he kept on trying to make me feel bad by saying "Check out my Umbreon's defenses! You just got lucky." He then promptly tried to trade me one of the many shiny Arceus-es that he had, probably to get me banned. Lol.

    The second match was easier, Pory2 Charge Beamed up a couple of times and swept the entire game (about 4/6 of the opponent's teams were completely weak to Ice).

    The last match was incredibly easy - that is, until a Groudon used Fissure and killed my only Uber - Palkia. I was then left with only a Metagross, and then my attack missed. I was promptly 2HKO'd by Eruption :-(. Funny, out of the eight or so OHKO moves I saw today, none of them missed at all...

    Overall, I didn't really care if I had won or not. Sure, it would have been nice to have won, but where's the glory? "Oh, yeah, I rock. I beat about fifteen ten-year-olds with my Electivire. Screw you." Lol. But I did find out some things about my team. Pory2, for one, outdid my expectations, only taking about 30% from a Mewtwo's Psychic. Charge Beam, Recover, rinse and repeat.

    Last, the most common Pokemon I saw was Kyogre. It was on every team but mine and the other Smogoner. The organizer at the GS later decided, after I'd been OHKO'd by Groudon with Fissure, that OHKO's should have been banned, along with Ubers.

    Notable moments:
    A kid's Bidoof survived some other kid's Metagross' Earthquake o.0

    Some kid used a Magikarp

    I was in the middle of a trade when I was called to battle, and I was trading a Ditto to somebody for an EQ TM, and I forgot and ended up having that Ditto in my team for that battle, which I won.

    The GS employee didn't check the Pokedexes. I found out later that the kid who Fissured me and some others ARed all their Pokemon. Grr...

    Some kid had an Arceus on his team, but didn't use it, so he didn't get in trouble. Grrr... x2

    Stupid crap like that.
  6. hbdragon88


    May 7, 2007
    Mine was a 3vs3 and later a 6vs6, singles. Ubers were banned, but Latios and Latias weren't on the list, and I devestated my opponents with it. I got a lot of heat for the Lati@s, and the host guy was all, "If I had known that they were that good..." The third round I swept 6-0 with Latios. However, I inadverdently gave my opponent inforamtion - I told him that a Toxic Blissey would beat Lati@s every time - and he changed up his team, used the TM to teach Blissey it. He also negiotated with somoene else for an Expert Belt. I made a mistake (accidentally used Rest on Suicune), he set up a layer spikes and Stealth Rock, got a Swords Dance in on his Garchomp (Timid with 31 IVs in speed), and swept both Lati@s with Dragon Claw. I gave up afterwards and placed fourth.

    However, I think I did quite well, given that I had just beaten the E4 yesterday. I had no time to EV train any new Pokemon, so my entire team were old Advance-generation Pokemon.
  7. Rem


    Jun 17, 2007
    Chozo, I LOLed when you said that guy you played accused you of cheating because his team of ubers was swept by a Blissey. Too bad I couldn't go. But then again, I would've most likely went to the same store Jibaku went to.
  8. Amazing Ampharos

    Amazing Ampharos
    is a Researcher Alumnus

    Jul 11, 2005
    I lost in the semifinals (round 4/5) to one of the three people who had a remote chance of winning in the first place, myself included (he won the tournament). It was actually a decent match, but my Rayquaza weak combined with me getting caught off guard that both his Kyogre AND Rayquaza were scarfed was a bit too much for me to overcome. It will be on Youtube, and upon reviewing it, I might war story it (being the first war story ever written by the guy who lost the match). My previous three matches were just utter brutalizations which weren't really notable, unless you find Palkia abusing Cspecs Spacial Rend really fascinating or something.

    Oddly, the tournament was doubles level 50 stadium mode for the first round and then singles open level 6v6 in every subsequent round.

    The tournament itself was horribly organized and took five hours. They really, really needed a second Wii, and they didn't do random pairings which meant that everyone good was in the top half of the bracket (since we moved to get registered first while the others were busy trading Bonsley for Mime Jr., etc.). There were an abundance of little kids who were astounded that I had a Mewtwo and who thought Charizard was a valid Pokemon in this format, etc.
  9. Chozo


    Apr 3, 2007
    I saw a Latios use Fly and a Mewtwo use Strength. To say this wasn't exactly superb competition would be a grand understatement.
  10. HMSG


    Jun 17, 2007
    I have to agree that CScarfkyogre is devastating. I swept most teams with that. The first couple of rounds were single 4vs4 and then semifinals were 6vs6 doubles(wtf!!?!?!). Then I managed to beat him and then finals were 6vs6 singles. Like 14 out of the 30 people there EV trained their pokemon so it was kinda ok
    I won with ubers. Overall it was an ok experience seeing how I won. They didn't have another damn t-shirt so I had to choose with between the game and the t-shirt. I chose the game of course. lol Oh yeh I was in queens,ny in queens center mall if anyone was there >.>
  11. Near


    Mar 4, 2007
    Got second. I should've won first though. >_>

    The first round was fine, but then the leader all of a sudden decided that we can't use the same Pokemon each round, so I basically going through my entire 'Standard Box' in my PC.

    The person running it had the stupidest idea for the last tournament. The two final players have to switch DSes and use the other persons Pokemon so I get stuck with a horrible Kyogre, Suicune, and Rayquaza (They don't even know 4 moves each), while the other guy gets my ReStalk Regice, Outrage DD Rayquaza, and Choice Scarf Dialga. =/

    I got my t-shirt though, which I really wanted. I also got to meet some awesome people.
  12. Lugztina


    Jun 9, 2007
    I won the tournament at the gamestop near my house. It was pretty easy. There was a bunch of kids ages 5-15 and one 17 year old. I beat all of them with Choice Scarf Palkia and Roost Lugia, Kyogre, life orbed Rayquaza, Reflect Jirachi, and Blissey. I was surprized when I was the only one using stat boosting moves. I saw a Lugia using fly, and I thought "wtf?" I think I was the best one there.
  13. Pookaveli


    Jun 27, 2007
    Someone told me that ubers were banned, so I built my team accordingly. Unfortunately, I was misinformed... It was Singles, 4v4 (take 6 in, pick 4), and that's all for the rules. Some little kid got kicked out for having too many Master Balls, because he said his friend used AR to trade him 12 Master Balls. OOPS. R2 I faced some kid with 6 Legendaries, including Groudon, Kyogre, and Latias with Soul Dew that seemed to have like 40000 Speed; it all proved to be too difficult for me to take out. It certainly seemed like the Latias was hacked, seeing as Ice Beam did about 90% to my Togekiss the first time, then I used Roost, and Ice Beam did about 50% the next time. The worst part is that he wasn't even very good (his Ho-Oh had FLY). Unfortunately I don't like using Blissey, so I don't have one trained - it would have helped immensely. Lame day overall, but oh well. Some guy running 6 Eeveelutions (all except Glaceon - wtf?) took second lol.
  14. Chozo


    Apr 3, 2007
    Roost removes any weaknesses/resistances granted by the flying type during the turn it's used, so if Togekiss was going first Ice Beam wouldn't have been SE.
  15. Lugztina


    Jun 9, 2007
    Plus, Latios has 394 Special Attack and with soul dew, it has like 504 special attack, so I am not suprised.
  16. Shynkz


    Jun 13, 2007
    Man, is my store the only tournament that had a no uber rule? The kid I fought still used a Wobbufet, though.
  17. Bouledogue1990


    May 31, 2007
    My tourny ended good, he didnt even check our ds's for hacks...it was 4 on 4 doubles any pokemon (except the three), there were a total of 16 people 5 of my friends, me and 10 whiny little brats. My friends suck horribly so they all lost to the little kids, omfg that was halarious. After beating every single poke with choice spec kyogre using water spout I was accused of cheating and was the only person to get my ds checked. After a parent heard this accusation he confronted me for picking on little kids and junk which really pissed me off, and he kept saying "why are yall battling when yall are twice their ages? . I just replied "why are they battling if they are half my age, who said pokemon was a kid only game?"

    anyway i only had two moves per battle, water spout and water spout, that won me the finals to which I traded the guy my copy of the game for a virtual console controller and a DS case. Lol my 1st opponent was 3'4 literally and he looked at me and his jaw dropped calling me a giant (I'm only 6'3 but to him I guess thats tall) man he looked so much like beonson (SP) from kicking and screaming. I TOOK PICTURES OF THE KIDS FACES.
  18. EnoOn


    Jan 2, 2007
    Went to the Madison, WI Gamestop pokemon tournament today (I'm saying where for a reason, wait a moment). Short version is that I won, and my g/f took 3rd, losing to me in the semi-finals. We got the shirt we wanted, and the person in 2nd place got the Pokemon Battle Revolution game they wanted (we traded). There were 14 people, so we got to play a fair amount of good matches, it was a fun time. (The best moment was in the first round, a Mewtwo OHKOed an Articuno with a Me First Sheer Cold. Purely hysterical)

    There were a couple reasonable players there, but no one who was Smogon-level serious. I consider myself to be a noob compared to most of the people here, but I was way ahead of anyone else at the competition, with the exception of my g/f.

    Rules were 4v4 single, level 50, no sleep clause, no item clause. All they did was checked our bags for master balls. My g/f didn't even get crap for her shiny Kyogre (which was actually NOT hacked.)

    I ran Kyogre, Mewtwo, Giratina, and Blissey, all @ Leftovers. This probably gives you an idea of the low caliber of the competition. None of my matches would be super interesting to anyone here; I mostly won through tanking and slowly grinding away pokemon.

    It was mostly a fun time!

    However, and here come the actual story:

    I hate bad sports.

    There was this pretty cool woman there who was playing in the tournament. Her opponent for a round was, well, a stereotypical scrub.

    Now, you may not agree with what Sirlin has to say about games, and although I agree with him, I can agree to disagree. But there are two things I insist on.

    1) If you are in a tournament, and the rules for the tournament are set, then you should do anything within the boundaries of the tournament rules to win. This does not include unsportsmanlike conduct (I don't advocate kick people in the shins), but this does include anything that's in the game. The way you play on your own time is your own business.

    2) If you lose, you should be a good sport.

    This person, who called himself "Batabii", I believe, had all kinds of things to say about the way people were playing in the tournament. Mostly, he was calling things cheap. Using ubers was cheap (even though it was allowed in the tournament). Using certain items was cheap (even though they were were allowed in the tournament.) Any kind of serious tactics was cheap. Other pokemon's nicknames were stupid, even though he had pokemon named (I kid you not) "Over 9000" and "UrTheMnNow" (on an Arcanine.) You get the idea.

    Anyway, so this woman and Batabii were playing. And it was a pretty close match. She wasn't using ubers, but was using really well IVed pokemon. It was kind of back and forth.

    One of her pokemon had a quick claw on it. Well, in one 6 turn stretch, it went off 4 times, and this turned the tide of the battle. The whole time, this guy is going on and on about how cheap it is that quick claw is going off multiple times, and he'd be wasting her if it weren't.

    So, anyway, the match ends, and she wins, and turns and shakes his hand. "Good game," she says.

    "Bad game," he whines, turning his head.

    WHAT. THE. !@#$.

    Thank goodness she comes back with "maybe for you." I, personally, would have added a choice swear word on the end of it. (well, maybe not, there were a lot of children present.)

    Anyway, other than the worthless scrubby jerk, the tournament was a lot of fun. Met cool people, got introduced to a pokemon radio station, my g/f got the t-shirt she wanted, and I got to play a lot of interesting matches.

    I just hope that the 10 or so kids there took away the lesson of good sportsmanship, and not... well, some other lesson.

    I just hope some day he googles his name, and I got it right and it brings him here, and he gets to read this:

    "Play like a scrub if you want, but don't be a jerk when you lose."

    End of story.
  19. Pookaveli


    Jun 27, 2007
    I realized that right after I posted it, but I could've sworn it kept coming up as Super Effective in the game. Maybe I was seeing things, though, because that does make perfect sense.
  20. Xisiqomelir


    May 13, 2007
    I don't think my story is good enough for its own thread, so I'll stick it here. After calling the store monkeys of Thousand Oaks, CA yesterday to confirm the rules, I was horrified to discover that they were going to run #1-490, since my ubers are just for the dex entries. I quickly pulled together Raquaza (Lax :/), Kyogre (Relaxed :( ) and Deoxys (Rash, praise Tajiri-san) and did some emergency EV training.

    Fast forward to 2'o clock today, and the manager says "no legends". Despite the huge WTF I held in, I made the switch to my OU team. I decided I needed status, physical walling and type coverage most of all, and so I went with Gengar, Starmie, Electivire and Tangrowth+rotaters.

    Since the gf and I had gotten there at 1:30, I was first on the sign-up sheet and first to play.

    Round 1:

    Match 1- Xisiqo vs Little Kid #1

    This match was 3v3 because of a mess-up, but we helped the manager make a 4v4 singles custom ruleset afterwards.
    According to my girlfriend, I was getting reproachful looks from the audience this whole match. :/

    Gengar leads vs his Infernape, Hypnosis hits, it stays in and dies to 2xShadow Ball.
    Probopass (??) comes out, Hypnosis hits, it stays in and is OHKOed by Focus Blast.
    Staraptor comes out, I stupidly decide to reveal my 4th move and Explode it dead.

    Xisiqo advances

    The next set of opponents weren't there yet, so one match was moved ahead.

    Match 2 - Teenage girl vs Little kid #2

    (Girl had Breloom on her select screen, so I was worried about later on, but she came up to me after the match and was despondent after I answered her that (1) Of course I EV train (2) Yes, I read Smogon, so my spirits were buoyed again.)

    Girl leads with Lapras, Kid leads with Monferno (no, not Infernape).
    Lapras gets the drop on the stage 2 evolution and OHKOs with Surf.
    Empoleon is sent out, OHKOed by Thunderbolt
    Dragonite is sent out, OHKOed by Ice Beam.

    Teenage Girl advances

    Next match was the other Smogoner there, jUkes, who decided that the dumb rule he'd exploit was no species clause!

    Match 3 - jUkes vs Little kid #3

    jUkes led with Umbreon, Little Kid led with Salamence.
    Mence used Cut (iirc), and Umbreon used Yawn.
    Mence did some random move, and Umbreon used Mean Look.
    Umbreon BP's to jUke's Mence, Kidmence sleeps.
    jUkes' Mence Draco Meteors and OHKOs.
    Little Kid sent out Dragonite.
    jUkes' Mence Draco Meteors and OHKOs.
    Little Kid sent out Infernape
    jUkes switches to Umbreon, uses Yawn, Toxic and Dark Pulse (at which point I realized he was running 2xUmbreon), kid uses no Fighting moves, Infernape dies to Draco Meteor when 'Mence is out again.

    jUkes advances

    The next match was interesting to me because the long-haired teen had whispered to his gf that he was going to beat me after my match, so I was paying attention to it. At the select screen, there was minor drama since the little kids thought long-haired teen's Lucario was a legendary, but all the players over 14 cleared that up.

    Match 4 - Long-haired teen vs little kid #4

    Wobbuffet, sigh. He countercoated a win in 4 rounds. I made a mental note to maybe use my DDtar when I came up on him.

    Long-haired teen advances

    Match 5 - Little kid #5 vs little kid #6

    Little kid #5 won (this is actually going to be important!)

    Little Kid #5 advances

    Match 6 - Cool teen vs little kid #7

    Little kid #7 missed Close Combat on Dragonite, and I asked Cool Teen "Bright Powder?". He had the decency to look ashamed and told me it was Lax Incense, and that it had saved him many times. Dragonite swept, but I scouted Thunderpunch, Outrage and Flamethrower in its moveset. I also saw Sceptile on his select screen, which worried me because Sceptile outspeeds everything I have.

    Cool teen advances

    Matches 7&8 - Little Kid fest

    Little kids #8 and #9 advance

    Round 2

    Match 1 - Xisiqo vs jUkes

    I decided that I needed 2 pokes carrying Fighting for jUkes' Umbreons, and 2 carrying Special Ice for the Mences (because of Intimidate), so I went with Gengar, Electivire, Starmie and Ludicolo.

    Xisiqo sends out Gengar, jUkes sends out.....Gengar!
    Well, my Gar is Modest and has terrible speed IVs, but maybe his are worse? I go for Shadow Ball.
    jUkes' superior race Gengar goes first!
    (oh noes!)
    Gengar uses Dark Pulse! (no STAB!) (99%)
    jUkes was pretty happy right now, and I think he missed that Gar survived.
    Gengar still has hp! Gengar OHKOs with Shadow Ball!
    jUkes sends out Umbreon #1!
    Gengar uses Hypnosis!
    jUkes had a wtf moment as he realizes that Gengar is still there
    Gengar uses Focus Blast! (55%)
    jUkes sends out Salamence, takes (lol%) from Focus Blast
    Gengar uses Hypnosis!
    Gengar uses Shadow Ball! (65%)
    jUkes sends out Umbreon #2, takes (lol%) from Shadow Ball
    Gengar uses Hypnosis!
    Gengar uses Focus Blast! (55%)
    And sweep on his weakened team.

    Xisiqo advances

    Match 2 - Teen girl vs Little Kid #8

    Lapras sweeps again, I still don't know the 4th move.

    Teen girl advances

    Match 3 - Long-haired teen vs Little kid #5

    lol of the tournament here.

    Long-haired teen sends out Wobbuffet!
    Little kid sends out Infernape!
    Infernape uses Close Combat! (30%)
    Wobbuffet uses Counter (90%)
    Infernape uses Flamethrower! (35%)
    Wobbuffet uses Counter (whiff!)
    At this point I shout out "Go Mixed Infernape!" and start giggling like a madman. Little kid #5's dad asks me what's going on and I start explaining how you have to Counter or Coat physical and special moves appropriately, but the gf was humiliated and made me stop.
    Infernape uses Flamethrower! (35%)
    Wobbuffet faints!
    Long-haired teen sends out Skarmory! (uhh)
    Infernape uses Flamethrower! (100%)
    Skarmory faints!
    Long-haired teen sends out Scyther!
    Scyther uses Swords Dance!
    Infernape uses Close Combat (lol%) (uhh)
    I was going to hiss "Flamethrower" to the kid fiercely, but his dad beat me to it, since he saw that Flamethrower had KOed 2 pokes, therefore in his mind Flamethrower must have = win.
    Scyther uses Baton Pass!
    Long-haired teen sends out Lucario!
    Infernape uses Flamethrower! (100%)
    Lucario faints!
    Long-haired teen sends out Scyther!
    Scyther uses Swords Dance!
    Infernape uses Flamethrower! (70%)
    I ask LHT "Do you have any attacks on that Scyther?" and he gets a D'oh look
    Scyther uses Aerial Ace!
    Infernape faints!
    Little kid sends out Empoleon!
    Scyther uses Aerial Ace! (lol%, even with SD)
    Empoleon uses Surf! (20%)

    Little kid #5 advances! (rofllol)

    Match 4 - Cool teen vs Little kid #9

    Another Dragonite sweep

    Cool teen advances

    Round 3

    Match 1 - Xisiqo vs Teengirl

    Xisiqo sent out Gengar!
    Girl sent out Tyranitar!
    No I will not mention sandstorm damage
    Gengar used Hypnosis!
    Tyranitar's Lum Berry cured it of sleep!
    lol getting too predictable
    Tyranitar used Crunch! (100%)
    Gengar fainted!
    Xisiqo sent out Tangrowth!
    Tyranitar used Ice Fang! (30%)
    Tangrowth used Sleep Powder!
    groan from the audience here, I was digging it
    Tyranitar is fast asleep!
    Tangrowth used Power Whip! (80%)
    Tyranitar woke up!
    Tyranitar used Ice Fang! (30%)
    Tangrowth used Power Whip! (20%)
    Tyranitar fainted!
    Girl sent out Togekiss!
    I decide to let Tangrowth eat it, she had nothing else on select that I needed him to counter
    Togekiss used Air Slash! (40%)Tangrowth fainted!
    Xisiqo sent out Starmie!
    Starmie used Thunderbolt! (60%)
    Togekiss used Thunder Wave!
    Togekiss used Air Slash! (55%)
    Starmie flinched!
    Xisiqo called Starmie back!
    Xisiqo sent out Electivire!
    Togekiss used Air Slash! (40%)
    Girl called Togekiss back!
    Girl sent out Breloom!
    Electivire used Thunderpunch! (20%)
    Breloom is paralyzed!
    lol hax, more audience groans
    Electivire used Ice Punch (80%)
    Breloom fainted!
    Girl sent out Lapras!
    Electivire used Thunderpunch! (100%)
    Lapras fainted!
    Girl sent out Togekiss!
    Electivire used Thunderpunch! (40%)
    Lapras fainted!

    2-0, the closest match of the tourney.

    Xisiqo advances

    Match 2 - Cool Teen vs Little Kid #5

    Little Kid took down Dragonite at the cost of 3 pokes, but Sceptile cleaned up the rest. I got to see Leaf Blade though, so I knew he was physical ie Tangrowth fodder! Thanks little kid!

    Cool Teen advances


    Xisiqo vs Cool Teen

    Xisiqo sent out Starmie!
    Cool Teen sent out Sceptile!
    Xisiqo called Starmie back!
    Xisiqo sent out Tangrowth!
    Sceptile used Leaf Blade! (lol%)
    Sceptile used X-Scissor! (15%)
    Tangrowth used Stun Spore!
    Tangrowth used Power Whip X 4
    Sceptile used X-Scissor X 4
    Sceptile fainted!
    Cool Teen sent out Charizard!
    Xisiqo called Tangrowth back!
    Xisiqo sent out Starmie!
    Charizard used Flamethrower! (30%)
    Cool Teen called Charizard back!
    Cool Teen sent out Dragonite!
    Starmie used Surf! (30%)
    Starmie used Ice Beam! (70%)
    Dragonite fainted!
    Cool Teen sent out Lucario!
    Xisiqo called back Starmie!
    Xisiqo sent out Tangrowth!
    Lucario used Close Combat! (lol%)
    Lucario used Close Combat! (lol%)
    Tangrowth used Sleep Powder!
    Xisiqo called back Tangrowth!
    Xisiqo sent out Electivire!
    Cool Teen called back Lucario!
    Cool Teen sent out Charizard!
    Electivire used Earthquake! (whiff)
    Charizard used Flamethrower! (70%)
    Electivire used Thunderpunch (100%)
    Charizard fainted!
    Cool Teen sent out Lucario!
    Electivire used Earthquake! (100%)
    Lucario fainted!

    Xisiqo wins!

    Manager was nice enough to give me a chit for Mario Strikers since I already had PBR, and I got the Nintendo guide on running the tournet they disseminated to the stores too.

    -Sleep clause abuse
    -Little kid #5 for lasting till semis and scouting Sceptile for me
    -Store manager for switching prizes
    -Little kid torture :/
    -Long-haired teen for losing to a kid
    -Store monkey on Friday for making me EV train 3 ubers for no reason
  21. spooterpot


    Nov 23, 2006
    congrats to all the winners!!! i myself won the tourney in fresno, california.

    it was a 2 on 2 singles. no items. no clauses except species. all the battles were stupid and dumb. except the semi finals, i was against this show offy dude. we both had kyogre and mewtwo.

    Erik sent out mewtwo(this is me)
    Show off sent out Kyogre

    Turn 1
    mewtwo used thunder
    Kyogre lost 95% of its hp
    kyogre used surf, critical hit!
    mewtwo fainted.

    i send out kyogre

    turn 2
    My kyogre used Thunder
    foe kyogre fainted

    show off sent out mewtwo

    here he was trying to play the mind game saying he didnt bring his thunder mewtwo...

    turn 3
    mewtwo used thunder
    kyogre lost 90% health
    kyogre used surf
    mewtwo fainted

    I WIN!

    i thought i was dead, turns out..his mewtwo is gay.

    Finals. it was me vs my bro(8 yrs old) i changed my team to counter his and won. besides, i thought it was right for me to win since i lent him my pokemon. XD
  22. Mikeachu


    Oct 7, 2006
    You know what sucks, breaking your DS a week before a trip ya spent 6 months saving for. I was unable to compete but I showed up to watch.

    3 vs. 3
    No legendaries

    A lot of penguins, 2 kids had 2 penguins EACH on their teams (& in play) O_O
    Store employees were ok, aside from their obcession with getting me to reserve Wii games (I got Kingdom Hearts 2 from there & it was someone else's reserve, I don't exactly see the need).
  23. Lord Gloom

    Lord Gloom

    Jun 10, 2007
    I wasn't prepared to do a 2v2, but luckily, I was able to toss together a working team with Palkia/Deoxys/Suicune/Breloom. In my second round I was up against who I considered the main contender, with Rayquaza/Kyogre/Deoxys/Giratina. I was a bit scared, but my surprise Scarfed Deoxys obliterated his team with Ice Beam, OHKOing both his Rayquaza and Deoxys, and doing a considerable chunk to his CMOgre before Giratina got me with a Shadow Claw.

    My final battle was up against a pretty decent guy with Salamence/Gengar/Tyranitar/Weavile. He surprised me with an Ice berry on his Salamence, so my Deoxys got taken down quick, but his Gengar got one shotted by my Palkia. I switched in my Breloom and tossed out a Surf on Palkia, which didn't finish his now DDed 'Mence and did a mehish amount to his TTar. Breloom took down the Tyranitar before it could do considerable damage with a Seed Bomb, and his 'Mence finished off my Palkia.

    So, It's his nearly dead DDMence and Weavile versus my half dead Breloom and Suicune. He DClaws my Suicune, I Ice Beam back for the kill. I Spored his Weavile, and said good night with a Focus Punch.
  24. Dagger


    Dec 1, 2006
    I'm hoping there will be another one. I couldn't go to this one because my DS broke just a few days before.
  25. VashTheStampede


    Aug 26, 2006
    I won in my Torney. I was relieved that I didn't have to play the the guy that looked like he could do some damage to me. Also, democracy rules: We voted to ban Legends. I wish it was just Ubers, but people had no friggen idea what the difference was.

    The rules were completely FUBAR though. I called on Wednesday, and they confirmed 6v6 Singles. We got there, and the lady couldn't figure out how to do 6p. Apparently, she also couldn't figure out how to put it on Singles, because when we threw our Pokes out, there were 4 on the field. -_- And my Tar and Chomp both had EQ, rofl. Whatever, c'est la vie.

    Complete Dominion. Too bad it was over pretty much complete morons except 1 guy. The other 1 guy I didn't have to play. :)

    I traded in my PBR for for Pearl, which was fine by me. I pretty much did eenie-meanie-miny-mo and picked that over Emerald. If I had a Wii I would have loved to pick up PBR because it is just so sweet.

    Only notable things: We went to the other gamestop that called and begged for people to play in their torney, and when we got there, I was BANNED from playing. Uber?

    Also, my m8 managed to sweep a Dialga, Golem, and Regice with a Torterra (who lived through Roar Of Time and something Regice did). Crit EQ on Regice won him the game, lmfao.

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