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Gamestop Tournament Aftermath / Hopes Thread

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Mr_Hobo, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. MacaroniNoodle


    Jun 4, 2007
    She Bangs! She Bangs!

    Wow. Thats really stupid. But yeah, at least you got the shirt and to meet some awesome people. Personally, I lost in the semi-finals so I got no shirt and just got to meet awesome people instead. Which, actually, wasn't all that bad.

    EDIT: Speaking of awesome people I met, take a look-see at this wonderful man who happened to be at the Glendale, CA tournament at the Planet-X in the Galleria.
    Yes, that is the one and only William Hung of American Idol (and me, giddy like a little school girl)! I was anxious to see what William could do with his Pokemon. He had no Legendaries on his team, which put him at a disadvantage in an Uber loaded tourney, but with confidence he would tell me, "It also takes skill." He ended up being placed in the final battle of the first round, the 16th battle in this 32 man tournament, so the wait was long. Unfortunately, he had apparantly used Action Replay to modify his Pokemon and they were rejected by PBR. He admitted to modifying his pokemon to give them all 31 IVs and thought he would be able to get away with it as long as he had maintained legal stats. He accepted his automatic forfeit graciously with a simple, "Ok, I'll accept that."

    As for an actual report of the Glendale Tourney (Im not sure if anyone has covered it yet), here we go.

    The rules were simple:
    4v4 Double Battle

    I used a makeshift team consisting of:

    The opposing 31 teams were mostly made up of combinations of Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Palkia, and Dialga. Other Pokemon were rare. I was unable to handle all these Ubers and lost in the semi-finals. The tournament was finally won after over 4 hours of battling by a man who went with the handle "Psi". He had placed top 4 in a Pokemon masters tournament for the advanced generation in New York (I can't remember the tournaments name). Highlights in the tournament included my younger brother killing 2 Mewtwos with a Metagross Explosion while his Swampert used protect. People tended to cheer the half dozen trainers who didn't use Legendaries, so they went crazy over that. Unfortunately, he still lost when the opposing trainers last pokemon, a Palkia or Dialga, I cant remember which, came in and finished his Swampert with a Draco Meteor, knocking my little bro out in the second round.

    Even though I lost, I didn't really leave empty handed. I got that pic with William Hung that's going to be great as my Myspace default. Oh yeah, and I met a couple of cool guys there too.

    EDIT mark 2:
    The person who beat me, as well as his 3 cousins, were all blatantly using AR. I figured that since William Hung used AR and was not able to battle in PBR, if those four kids had used it to do something fishy they wouldn't be able to play either. I briefly thought about complaining but decided not to. Was I wrong? Could they have changed things in their favor other than stuff I wouldn't mind, like duplicating items and TMs?
  2. Pheonix Gamma

    Pheonix Gamma

    Jun 4, 2007
    Played today. Seeing Pokemon with 2 or 3 moves of the same type was just funny.

    Out of sheer spite towards one of the kids, I had Butterfree set up sleep for PerishTrap Mismaigus and ruined him (we played singles). As for the rest of the matches, I just had Bellyzard ruin everyone. They said I cheated, so I took some scrap paper and showed them all the bonuses Charizard was getting.

    I won PBR, but since I have no interest in the game, I sold it and reserved Metroid. One of the kids was enraged by this.
  3. xcfrisco


    Mar 17, 2006
    Hey that was me, can you send me a pm with full details about the rest of the tourney?

    I only stayed for about an hour cause I had to go to work, but man was this awfully organized or what. I think we had 30 people show up to this gamestop in Vegas. I was lucky enough to get my match in the hour I stayed there. Two Wii's being set-up would've helped alot.

    lol, I really wish I knew it was going to be Ubers for sure. I ended up Ev training a Palkia as my only Uber in the 20mins I had before the tourney started. A LOT of little kids were there, which makes me realize how Nintendo makes a bajillion dollars off of pokemon.

    Twas fun seeing so many people gathered in one spot for a simple tourney. Meeting Bam was cool, and I met this really buff dude from North Dakota who was the captain of his basketball team; and thinks pokemon is the coolest thing ever. Makes me feel not so weird for playing.
  4. Ortega


    Mar 16, 2007
    NO FUCKIN' WAY! That's so incredibly awesome that of all people, William Hung shows up to a Pokemon tournament. AND he hacked his Pokemon. I heard that if you ask him to sing "She Bangs" in public now, it activates his Guts and he Self-Destructs. Nah, he's a good sport, he'd probably just decline politely.

    As for the AR users, I do use AR for harmless things like TMs, and I think a lot of players do use it for little things like that just because it makes things so much more convenient... but ARing Pokemon for perfect IVs and automatically trained EVs is definitely something that should be called at a tournament, as it directly affects battles. The blatant AR users you mentioned could have done that and PBR might not have detected it if it was made to appear legitimate (location, correct number of EVs, etc.). Hung could have botched EV totals, or the locations, and PBR detected that.

    I'm ashamed for battling someone with Bad Eggs and not explaining it was cheating and calling for disqualification, especially since the Gamestop employee running it didn't know what it meant and I did but didn't speak up enough. If Gamestop does this again in the future (don't see why not, they were getting TONS of business that day just from people seeing the commotion and walking in), then they need to adopt standard tournament rules and give their employees some more info about how to run it and how to detect cheats.

    Anyway... William Hung?! I would've requested to battle him, even with his cheats. When you get to battle a super famous novelty-act celebrity in Pokemon, you're a winner, no matter how the battle ends. Hm... this should be added to Hung's wiki entry.
  5. Nightmare


    Jun 2, 2006
    Serves William Hung right. He has always used his celebrity status since the TCG to get cheap publicity and has always claimed he's clean. I find it very funny and he pulled wool over a few of my friends too.

    Moral of the day: Never believe what you see in person.

    More stuff:

    My warstory:


    Well, lots of rule changes at lots of stores. Howell was ridiculous to the point I wouldn't play. OHKO's and Explosion bans were bad, no trios was even worse, stat cap was out of this world. Bye Howell, hello Freehold.....

    At Freehold, things went clean, not much AR going around except probably the Rare Candy hack in R/S/E: Lv. 50 releveling took care of it. Despite being an uber tourney, only one person used more than 3 ubers (the 2nd place person).

    A lot of "uber counter" game by the older players. Weavile, Milotic, Blissey, Scarfcross, GARCHOMP especially........

    Quite a few people knew how to EV train though. I never want to see that Adamant Orb/Draco Meteor Dialga again.....

  6. Adam_Garcia


    Jul 21, 2007
    wow man im srry about your luck i thought i was going to lose.
  7. Lugztina


    Jun 9, 2007
    Lol, William Hung. Man you are lucky.
  8. Pajamurai


    Jul 22, 2007
    well, I thought it was going to be all little kids, boy was I wrong.

    Team rocket showed up, a team who, two of their members, their boss and prodigy went to the nationals in the journy accross america tournament. I was quickly intimidated.

    As things went on, it reached the third round, up till then I had been fighting little kids, then my first challenge came, a team rocket, going by the name of zatch. We fought, and I landed two lucky hypnosises and won thanks to my gengar and weavile.

    fourth round came, the semi finals, a kid with hacked pokemon who refused to admit it, a kid who was running blissey, fear, and porygon-z, and the boss (also known as visitor) the prodigy wasn't here today, I was dissapointed.

    guess who I had to fight? Visitor! I was frightened, because thirdplace didn't get anything and apparently he hadn't lost since the nationals. He sends out his gallade, I send out my gengar, try to hypnosis and then go from there, hypnosis fails and my gengar is knocked out.

    I send out my weavile, use sword dance instead of attack and he said "you're either really stupid or holding a focus sash" I was holding a focus sash. I then used night slash, and critical hitted, if I didn't I doubt I would've won the rest of the battle.

    He sent out his porygon-z, I kept weavile out used nightslash thinking he was psychic and not normal, and got him lower than half and then died. I then proceeded to send out electivire.

    I managed to out-speed it and used brickbread, ko-ing it instantly, then he sent out his beast slaking, two brickbreaks and he was down luckily I survived one of his hits.

    the finals were a breeze compared to that.
  9. Frozen_Quinn


    Jun 9, 2007
    yay i won the one i went to but i wasn't ready for double battles at all. i beat my friend in the finals but gave the game to some little kid i knocked out in the semis. i really only went for the t-shirt anyway.
  10. Pwongage


    Jul 16, 2007

    I saw you there at Planet X and I didn't know the purple shirt was Willian Hung the Legendary. Anyways my sister played you in the round before semi-final. I was the guy that said, " We'll shoulda went to the Burbank one" and you started telling me it got full early or something.
  11. Michael112ex


    Jul 23, 2007
    I lost the first round to a focus sash jolteon. Apparently there were only 6 people at my tourney in matteson, IL who knew about IV's and EV's. The person i went against had an Eved trained jolteon in speed and sp. atk. we were both down to our last pokemon. I draco meteored his jolteon with dialga. He survived with focus sash then thunder me cuz i was already paralyzed and both our pokemon were already in the critical range. I remained a good sport and shook his hand. I stayed for the rest of the tournament. Got some cool pokemon and met with two people one of them was from here representing Smogon and the other one was Serebii. I was representing Marriland but i didn't last long in the tournament.
  12. MacaroniNoodle


    Jun 4, 2007
    Yup yup, I remember. Your sister was pretty good and she did it all without Ubers. Choice Scarf Mamoswine really caught my Ninjask off gaurd, haha. I think I only won because I had a Kyogre on my side and she had a water weakness with Mamoswine and TTar.

    And yeah, I would have went to the burbank one too had it not been filled so quickly. But lucky me, I got to meet Mr Hung because of it.
  13. DragonKnight900


    Jun 14, 2007
    Poor Organization

    The tournament started at 2:00 p.m. (by start I mean the manager read the rules for the first time) . . . there were about twenty people there mostly with legendaries . . .

    . . . at 4:30 I left after winning the first battle (the first round hadn't even finished) because I had dinner plans at 5:00 . . . it was upsetting to see the tournament organization go so poorly.
  14. TDS


    Jun 25, 2007
    My friend went to a 32 person tourney. He won with dark void and sd Arceus the whole tourney. It was actually pretty sad when he told be about it. Dark Void, Sd with Arceus, switch to lugia and eq/extremespeed the team to hell
  15. Falkon


    Apr 7, 2007
    Wasn't Arceus supposed to be unusable in this tournament?
  16. MrBubbles


    Jun 3, 2007
    NJ, Rockaway Mall
    EBGames, not Gamestop (I knew people would immediatly go to GameStop and not EBGames, I wanted a free game, being PBR, and my team was hastily put together at the last second).

    I called on Friday to confirm the rules:

    No illegal Pokemon, no restrictions.

    When I got there there were only 4 others there. My cousin also attended and I helped his team a bit. There was an older guy there who did a bit of EV training, he said his brother was at the EBGames on the lower floor of the mall.

    At 2PM we started and I had to face off against the older player (joy).

    I sent out Charizard vs Empoleon. Charizard survived the first attack, then used Sub. I proceeded to use Belly Drum and it didn't work. I lost my sub, got KO, which was disheartening on the first match.

    I was new to the Bellyzard strategy, so work with me. :(

    Out comes Lugia, I calm mind 4 times, then kill his first Pokemon. He sends out Palkia and I hit it for 50% with thunderbolt. He switches to Azelf, I used T-bolt and it survived. Azelf EXPLODED and killed Lugia.

    My Mewtwo comes out vs Palkia. I hit it with Ice Beam, it survives and misses with Space Rend. I go for the win with an Ice Beam. I think I may had lost if that attack went through, *whew*.

    Second battle was with one of the little kids. Infernape vs Charizard, I used Belly Drum, he used FIRE SPIN, Charizard is fine. I use Subtitute, and he used something else that got rid of it. Then he KO'd Charizard with Close Combat, I was pissed because Salac berry didn't activate in time.

    I later found out I had stupidly left EXP share on Charizard.

    I sent out Lugia, Calm Mind 3 times then sweep his entire team.

    At this point I was pissed that my IV bred Charizard with 30 HP IV, 28 attack IV, and 25 IV speed was failing due my ignorance so I switched to my Emerald Scizor.

    The last battle I sent out Scizor vs Giratina. I used Sword Dance, he used Shadow Ball. Little damage, I used X-Scissor, missed because he used some dark attack. Then I used X-Scissor and it did little damage. He used another move that almost KO Scizor and I use Night Slash which surprisingly was super effective unlike X-Scissor (seriously, wtf @ it being ineffective).

    I didn't know Dragon negated bug, had I night slash Scizor would had been epic.

    Out of spite, Salac berry didn't activate for Scizor, so Giratina went first for the KO. I sent out Lugia, KO his Giratina without calm mind, then he sent out Rayquaza, I 1HKO it with Ice Beam. Finally his Dialga.

    I used Ice Beam, Dialga used Roar of Time (lol). I used Calm Mind then I recovered to get hit by another Roar of Time (LULZ HAS BEEN RAISED BY 100%). I used Ice Beam twice and I froze it for major LULZ. I killed it with thunderbolt and that was the end of the tournament, main tournament, there was a loser bracket.

    Best VICTOLY EVER. Frozen opponent + unused Mewtwo.

    Can't say the same for my cousins Mewtwo. He was fighting the kid I fought in the second round. His Empoleon died to Close Combat, so he sent out Mewtwo. Mewtwo Calm Mind 3 times and died to a Critical Hit.

    So he sent out Gengar, 1HKO'D Infernape. Then the kid sent out Golem. The kid used Earthquake on Gengar, lol. He killed it on the second turn.

    Then it was Gengar vs Dialga. He was down to half health and wasn't going to KO it, he stupidly didn't use Destiny Bond so he lost.
  17. adman2


    Jun 13, 2007
    I didn't know Dragon negated bug, had I night slash Scizor would had been epic.

    Ghost resists Bug, not Dragon (that's why Spiritomb and Sableye have no weaknesses).
  18. ShadowPuppet


    Jun 26, 2007
    LOL @ the AR in the background.
  19. trialofelements


    Jun 14, 2007
    So, I attended with a good friend of mine. I had bought Harry Potter that morning and was rest of the morning when I realized, "Oh crap! An hour or so till the tournament...AND NINJASK ISN'T FINISHED YET?!" Another good friend of mine had suggested the evil idea to use Ninjask, pass speed boosts to an angry Spore/Focus Punch' ing Breloom and proceed to abuse the sleep clause and sweep the opposition. I also had properly TM'd my Latios with Soul Dew (My very first ever EV trained pokemon from a while ago, makes me so happy ;u;) cause apparently, and I quote, "All Pokemon between numbers 1-490" would be allowed. Thusly, I figured, "Yay Ubers." But yeah, my ninjask wasn't completed and I was freaking out. I finished EV'ing it and I let out a sigh of relief before I realized, "CRAP! I need baton pass!" So I began a run through the Elite Four. Checking the clock, I realized, this was going to be close. My friend came by and picked me up and all the trip there, I continued training my poor unprepared Ninjask for Baton Pass. I asked my friend if he had any Rare Candies and received a negative reply. :(

    We arrived, and Ninjask still wasn't done, but to my relief, I met another friend of mine who happened to have the rare candies I needed, but he was also in the Elite Four doing some training. So by the time I got the rare candies, the tournament had already started, but at least I got them, and Ninjask was ready by my first match. We played with the following rather strange rules:
    - No Legendaries
    I specifically asked the guy, "Can I use a Wobbuffet?" he replies, "A Wobbuffet? Sure, I don't see why not. Why?" he gave me a bewildered look, and I answered, "Oh nothing, Wobbuffet is just a special little pokemon." He said, "You mean YOUR Wobbuffet is special?" of course, a blatant accusation of me cheating >.> How dare he. Of course I responded that no, I didn't cheat, and my friends backed me up, cause apparently we and one other guy were the only ones who knew that Wobbuffet was classified as an Uber. But of course, "No Legendaries" means "No Latios, regardless of what item it has" which made me a sad panda, cause even if they'd banned ubers, I was sure I could at least use Choice Specs instead of Soul Dew on my beloved Latios ((and yes, this might be controversial, but oh well)), so I popped in my not-so-great Rhyperior.
    - 3v3
    This rule reallly bugged me. I wasn't ready for it at all.
    - Lv. 50 All
    Not a problem.
    - No Sleep Clause etc.
    Elation! I could Spore the whole lot of them if I needed to.

    And that was it. So it began while I was fretting about rare candies. The first match made it very obvious (as if all the little kids surrounding me didn't) that this was going to be ridiculous. There was five tournament entrants that knew about IVs, EVs and the like. Two were my friends, one was a friend of a friend, one was this guy who looked cool, and the fifth was me. The cool-looking guy might've been a Smogon'er, I don't know, but besides me and him, the other three were Serebii people. There was one kid who knew the strategy of battling, but his pokemon didn't seem to be EV trained. The rest of the entrants were little kids who didn't know what they were doing, and a lot of their teams seemed to be made for them by their older siblings or made to look cool. There were about half of them I really, REALLY felt sorry for (using Electric attacks on ground types and the like), and others that I felt even worse about because they...well, to be frank, the first person I battled had a Staravia as their strongest pokemon. :( I won the first match (though I felt terrible about it), the second match I fought the friend that we'd met there, and this was where I pulled out the Ninjask+Breloom. He lost by quite a margin, and was not too happy about it at all. The next match was the quarterfinals, and I faced the friend I had come to the tournament with. Without even meaning to, he chose the pokemon that ate my little combo without blinking. Aerodactyl. So yeah, I lost in the quarterfinal to my good friend who knew what he was doing pretty well considering he's never been here on Smogon. He ended up sweeping the competition straight to the top. Where, instead of taking the $50 Gamestop credit, he gave me the PBR and kept the shirt. The other two who seemed to know what they were doing lost to the younger kids because, well at least in my opinion, they overthought it. So yeah, even though I lost, it was a happy ending, cause now I have PBR. YAHOO! Glad all the rest of you had fun using Ubers XD I really wanted to sweep with Latios :( Oh well. I'm glad it was all fun and games and nobody got hurt. :) Even the little kids took the losing like strong people. I was glad.
  20. Ancax


    Feb 24, 2007
    Meh, my opponents were pathetic :/ Their movesets were fine, but one kid FORGOT to take Iron Ball off his Mewtwo, so another kid's Tyranitar and Dragonite were faster. I used Frosslass, Infernape, Sceptile, and Uxie (my favorites) One kid used Mewtwo, which Frosslass nuked with Choice Specs Shadow Ball. Also nuked another kid's Rayquaza with Ice Beam.

    Favorite moment was seeing some kid's Empoleon KO a Swampert with Grass Knot :D
  21. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jan 16, 2007
    Since we already have a copy of PBR, we are hosting a wifi tournament at my son's site and the winner shall receive the PBR my son won at the Gamestop's PBR tournament that was in Trumbull, CT, so this is a good opportunity for those that missed out or lost in trying before.
  22. dtrain


    Jul 31, 2006
    yea at my tourny a few had bad eggs but the judge didn't see it and they still lost any way. They had a confusion Espeon and a swift Lugia LOL

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